AEW Dynamite 11 18 2020


Baby, I’ve been breaking glass in your room again. Listen… Don’t look at the carpet, I have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The show opens into the intro video.

Top Flight (“Air Wolf” Darius Martin & “Angel Dorado” Daunte Martin) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Nick and Darius to start, fast-paced off the ropes from the jump, sunset flip, hang on, knucklelock into a lucha arm drag but Wolf lands on his feet! Enzuigiri connects, tags made! Top Flight running double-teams, drop down, leapfrog, Daunte nails Matt with a dropkick! Whip to the corner, big lariat into the tag, quick tags as they take control!

Bulldog dropkick combo on Dorado! Sharpshooter applied, Martin reaching, crawling, but he can’t get the ropes and Darius has to make the save! Nick comes in as well, the match breaks down… A BUCKLE BOMB PUTS DAUNTE INTO HIS BROTHER! Double leg, catapult gamengiri sets up a double stomp lungblower! Tree of Woe lungblower takes Air Wolf out!

Meltzer Driver blocked, tornillo tijeras, tag to Darius! Slingshot in, off the ropes, drop Matt with a lariat, double chop, single chop, whip reversed, go-behind, standing Spanish Fly… NICK BREAKS IT UP! Both Jacksons on the floor, Wolf dives on them and Daunt follows with a tope con giro! Jockeying for position, back and forth, Angel Dorado with a front flip into an avalanche Frankensteiner!

Bucks take control, Shiranui / powerbomb combo… NOT ENOUGH! More Bang For Your Buck countered into a crucifix… MATT KICKS OUT! The Bucks recover…

Young Bucks win by pinfall with the BTE Trigger on “Angel Dorado” Daunte Martin.

Post-match, Jack Evans and Angelico attack Top Flight until the Young Bucks run them off!

Commentary hypes tonight’s card up for us

Our look at the Inner Circle’s trip to Las Vegas follows. Sammy Guevara gets bamboozled, Chris Jericho and MJF regret trying to outdrink one another, Konnan shows up to kick things up to “the next level” by hotboxing them in a limo, they see a man in a dragon suit, Wardlow and Jake Hager get into a “who can punch more dudes out” contest, an Elvis impersonator joins their entourage, and we cut away with the promise of more later.

We go to break on a Director X video package entitled The History of A Revolution that kicks right off with Nyla Rose talking about being transgender and continues with various members of the roster talking about AEW trying to be its own thing, so that’s really cool.

Back from commercial, Jon Moxley cuts a promo from a room with some gay lighting.

He gives his dad credit for his title reign and tells a story about being picked up from a police station and being told that no matter what happens, he’s one of the good guys. He always knows what to do and he always has. He talks about having a pregnant wife at home, challengers for two titles on two continents, but he knows what to do, because we’re the good guys.

So tonight he’s gonna go out there and sign the contract and shake Kenny Omega’s hand and let him know in no uncertain terms that he is the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, his father’s son, and Jon goddamned Moxley, and that is never going to change.

Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy

Sabian with a right hand, Orange ducks it, puts an elbow sleeve on, but when he goes to put both hands in his pockets, Kip grabs a headlock and takes him down! Reversed, Sabian reverses back, Orange reverses again and grounds the Englishman! Cassidy again trying to put his hands in his pockets, blocked, Kip switches gears to an armbar!

Orange counters with a headscissors but Sabian drops him with effectively a pumphandle slam for two! Drop toehold blocked but Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and walks off! Off the ropes, dropkick misses, evade a kick, dropkick connects on the second try! Back body drop to the floor, Orange off the ropes, suicide dive!

Back inside but Penelope Ford runs interference and gets a high ten for her trouble. Kip with a triangle dropkick, fireman’s carry gutbuster and the nearfall sends us to break!

Back from commercial, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Cassidy knocks him down and hits a diving crossbody! Tornado DDT follows… NOT ENOUGH! Diving DDT blocked, whip reversed, back body drop puts Orange on the apron but he ducks a gamengiri and smashes Kip into the turnbuckles! Diving DDT connects this time… SO CLOSE!

Jockeying for position over a suplex, Sabian is the one that gets it, follows it up with the Penalty Kick but Cassidy kicks out! Cross-leg fisherman driver… NO GOOD! Looking for the dragon screw neck whip, Orange counters into a small package but eats a knee to the face and an elbow strike! Cassidy counters the neck whip again…

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall with the mousetrap pin.

Post-match, Miro attacks but Best Friends almost immediately make the save!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Schiavone is in the ring to host the contract signing between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.

Kenny Omega makes his entrance but Jon Moxley does not, and we cut backstage where road agent Jerry Lynn, referee Mike Posey, referee Rick Knox, and a doctor are checking on Mox, who has been laid out in a hallway.

Tony asks Kenny for comment and he says last time it was a bad elbow, this time it’s a bloody nose, but Jon’s not ducking him this time. He says he’ll see him in two weeks no matter what and he signs the contract.

We go back to Las Vegas for the second and final video package covering the Inner Circle’s trip.

Elvis Presley has joined the Inner Circle, so that’s cool. MJF talks about being a lone wolf in search of a wolf pack and says he loves them like blood brothers, which gets Sammy Guevara waving a knife around and Elvis warning him not to be cruel. The peace kept, the camera cuts and Jericho wakes up in bed next to Elvis.

MJF wakes up in a bathtub, Sammy Guevara wakes up in a fountain and he and Max bicker as the camera pans to show that Guevara has drawn “SOFT” all over MJF’s face in Sharpie. Sammy realizes from some potraits that he got married three times, and Ortiz is elated because he’s always wanted to be friends with a Mormon.

Jericho and Santana hear sobbing from behind a door and it’s Hornswoggle wearing a diaper and crying.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Eddie Kingston joins us on commentary.

PAC vs. Pepper “the Blade” Parks

PAC hot out the gates, beating the hell out of Parks, action to the floor and into the barricades! Back inside, up top, missile dropkick into a kip-up! The Bastard fired up but he gets distracted by the Butcher and Pepper dives on him! Throwing him into the barricade, laying big chops in, going back inside and the Blade puts him into the ropes with wicked release suplex!

Kind of an awkward DDT from PAC, hammer whip, laying kicks in, off the ropes, Bunny interferes and the Bastard chases after her only to get dropped by a forearm from the Butcher! Back inside, Blade with a Doctor Bomb… NO DICE! Parks presses the attack as we go to break.

Back from commercial, PAC backing him into the corner with forearms, kicks, but Parks catches him with a snap scoop powerslam for two! Up top, the Bastard hits a superplex that’s worth a nearfall! The match breaks down, PAC superkicks the Butcher, Blade with a schoolboy and a handful of tights… NOPE!

The Bastard lays him out and goes up top, shooting star press into the Brutalizer… IT’S OVER!

PAC wins by submission with the Brutalizer.

Post-match, PAC gets on the mic and calls Eddie Kingston out, but before he can get to his point, Andy Williams lays him out and beats him down! Eddie gets in the ring while both Butcher and Blade continue to beat him down. Kingston mocks him for being out for eight months and plays the world’s smallest violin just for him.

He tells the Bastard he’s gonna put him through the gauntlet and see if he really is a big tough bastard— REY FENIX MAKES THE SAVE FOR PAC AND BRAWLS WITH HIS FORMER TEAMMATES! Eddie and the boys manage to overwhelm Fenix, Penta el Zero M comes down wearing a Lucha Brothers hoodie and holding a chair.


We cut backstage where Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero are holding referees back while Jade Cargill stomps a proverbial mudhole in Brandi Rhodes! Red Velvet and Serena Deeb and “Big Swole” Aerial Monroe make the save but the damage is done and Brandi’s arm is Pillmanized.

And so we go to break.

Serena Deeb (c) vs. Thunder Rosa (NWA Women’s World Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, my mind goes completely blank when Jim Ross asks if AEW Heels does bake sales. When I regain consciousness, Rosa is trying different submissions on, Deeb countering them, back and forth on the mat they go. Deeb with a headlock takeover, slugging it out, Thunder with a slam and a senton for two!

Hanging Serena on the middle rope, slingshot senton across her back, but Deeb regains control as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rosa making her comeback, big leaping clothesline in the corner, snap suplex, her knee giving out on her a little, to the apron, shoulder thrust caught into a guillotine choke and then a hangman’s neckbreaker over the middle rope as Deeb fights back into it! Overhead elbows from Thunder aren’t enough and Serena spears her on the apron!

Back inside, cover for two, Rosa gets a German suplex and some breathing room! Missile dropkick off the top and Serena rolls to the floor! Rebel is at ringside for the distraction and Britt Baker hits the fisherman neckbreaker on Thunder Rosa on the stage! Referee Aubrey Edwards doesn’t see it, Deeb capitalizes… THE TENRYU POWERBOMB ISN’T ENOUGH TO FINISH IT!

Hammerlocks, countered into a jackknife, not enough, trading pins, Deeb grabs a Spider Twist! In the middle of the ring, nowhere to go, Rosa reverses and hits a short double stomp! Trading elbows, Rosa hits some kind of back to back slam for two! Again trading pins to no avail, backslide denied, trap the arms…

Serena Deeb wins by pinfall with an arm-trap facebuster to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship.

Post-match, Thunder Rosa pulls Dr. Britt Baker, DMD out of the crowd and beats her down to get revenge for her interference! Referee Aubrey Edwards tries to pull her off, other referees swarm and break it up!

We get a Dark Order video package where John Silver is giving Anna Jay a pep talk about all the Dark Order has done for her, resulting in her being ranked in the top five and earning a title match next week.

Jay cuts a promo at Hikaru Shida, Silver offers some more hype, and the segment is over.

Commentary hypes up some action for next week’s show.

Team Taz make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get another Darby Allin promo where he’s perching on a church with the TNT Championship like some kind of gargoyle and setting himself on fire for… reasons.

Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin vs. Team Taz (Brian Cage & Ricky Starks)

Allin and Starks to start, circling, collar and elbow, Darby with a front chancery, Ricky reverses to a waistlock takedown. Grappling continues, shifting into gear for lucha libre, Allin turning the heat up with a hammerlock and Starks gets the ropes for the break. Trading slaps, brawling on the mat, tags made and it’s Rhodes on Cage.

Side headlock, shot off, left hands get a solebutt, hip toss backbreaker and the Machine is running things! Off the ropes, leapfrog, Cody with a dropkick, corner forearm, whip reversed, pass Brian into the turnbuckles, moonsault takes him down but only gets one! Taz leaves the commentary booth and heads to ringside to cheer his boys on as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Team Taz in control, working Rhodes over but he’s able to make the tag! Allin in hot, jackknife pin on Starks for two! Tag made, Cage German suplexes both Darby and his own partner! Cody gets in Taz’s face, Brian powerbombs Allin but eats a Yoshi Tonic after, no dice and both men are down and out!

Into the “everybody do something cool” part of the match, Cody with Cross Rhodes, Cage with a discus lariat and a high-angle Olympic Slam! Brian draws Darby up and sets him up top… DRILL CLAW OFF THE TOP! IT’S OVER!

Team Taz win by pinfall with an avalanche Drill Claw from Brian Cage on Darby Allin.

Post-match, Starks attacks Allin, Cody makes the save but Team Taz beat him down, too! Will Hobbs makes the save with a steel chair in hand! He sets the chair down and picks the FTW Championship up, holding it high… AND SMASHING CODY ACROSS THE FACE WITH IT! BRIAN CAGE GETS BACK IN THE RING AND HUGS HIM! WILL HOBBS IS WITH TEAM TAZ!

Will gives Cage the FTW title and stands tall with the heels.

Taz jaws at Cody, warning him never to disrespect them.

That’s the show, folks.