AEW Dynamite 01 01 2020

AEW Dynamite: Homecoming Edition Results
January 1, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Taz
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

The first “Dynamite” of 2020 opens up with an awesome video package highlighting 2019. Former ECW World Champion and longtime WWE and Impact commentator Taz is standing in for Tony Schiavone this week.

A vignette hyping up Darby Allin finally getting his rematch against Cody Rhodes airs.

The venue they are in has a unique setup with a ramp – like the old WCW/Impact one that goes all the way to the ring – and pretty neat entrance set with the big video screen actually set up off to the side that gives off a cool visual as the wrestlers come into the ring.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (6-3-1) w/Arn Anderson vs. Darby Allin (5-4-1)

A guy wearing a weird mask accompanies Darby to the ring, Taz says he is from a rock band. Sorry kids, not my type of music I’m sure. This is a rematch from Fyter Fest where Allin took Cody to a time limit draw.

Cody and Allin start off with some chain wrestling with neither man able to gain an advantage. They exchange numerous pin attempts in a cool spot but again neither is able to get the clear advantage. Darby attempts a Coffin Drop but Cody catches him in midair and attempts the Crossrhodes. Allin escapes and they stare each other down.

Cody hits an Uppercut and then tosses him through the turnbuckles and into the ring post causing Allin to crash to the floor. Allin is able to sweep the legs out from under Cody as he set up for a dive and then he gets in Anderson’s face.

In the ring, Allin hits a Springboard Back Elbow that sends Cody to the floor. Allin follows him out with a Tope Suicida sending Cody into the guardrail. Allin slams Cody’s arm into the ring post and rolls him into the ring. As Allin tries to climb back in, Cody dropkicks Allin off the apron. Allin comes back and shoves Cody arm first into the turnbuckles as he has targeted that arm since slamming him into the ring apron earlier.

Cody sweeps Darby’s legs and locks him in the Figure Four quickly. Allin manages to reverse the hold but Cody rolls right back over only for Allin to reach the ropes to break the hold. Rhodes goes back to the Figure Four but Allin kicks him in the arm and then dropkicks his arm into the turnbuckles for another nearfall.

Allin transitions into a Fujiwara Armbar as he continues to work on that arm. Allin reaches back and pulls back on Cody’s other arm until Cody is able to reach his leg out and break the hold by grabbing the bottom rope with it.

Allin stomps Cody’s arm into the mat and then rips off the top turnbuckle. Allin tries to toss Cody into it but Cody tosses him over the top rope. Allin lands on the ramp and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body. Cody rolls through for a nearfall and then destroys Allin with a Snap Powerslam!

Cody hits a Pump Kick and follows up with a series of right hands in the corner. Cody springs off the ropes with the Cody Cutter and then starts to go back to work on Allin’s knee. Cody crotches Allin on the top rope and climbs up with him. Rhodes hits a Reverse Superplex for a close nearfall.


During the break Cody worked over Allin for much of the time but Allin was also able to counter another Superplex attempt with a Super Code Red for a nearfall. Allin hits a Flipping Stunner and then goes to the top for the Coffin Drop, but Cody rolls to the apron to avoid him. He is not safe there, however, as Allin hits a Coffin Drop on Cody onto the apron!

Allin rolls Cody back in the ring and blocks an attempt from Cody at another Cody Cutter. Allin goes for another Flipping Stunner but Cody counters it into a Crossrhodes! 1…2…NO Allin kicks out!

Cody charges at Allin but he moves and Cody hits the exposed buckle. Allin climbs up top and goes for the Coffin Drop again but Cody gets his knees up – as Arn was on the apron screaming at him to do it – and Rhodes rolls him up to get the pin!

Winner: Cody via pinfall (rollup)

Backstage SCU are cutting a promo when Sammy Guevara approaches them and taunts Christopher Daniels about not having it anymore. Daniels responds by challenging him to a match for next week.

AEW World Women’s Championship
Fatal 4-Way
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (4-3) vs. Hikaru Shida (4-3) vs. “Adam Cole’s Girlfriend” Britt Baker (7-4) vs. Riho (c) (8-2)

This is Nyla’s first match back after being suspended for attacking a referee a few weeks back. Originally, this was set to be Riho vs. Kris Statlander but Statlaner had to pull out of the match due to a schedule conflict. As a result, Riho defends against the No. 2, 3 and 4 ranked women. The winner of this match faces Statlander next week.

Rose attacks Riho as she makes her entrance and then she lays out Baker. Shida lays Rose out with a big Flying Knee for a nearfall.

Riho goes for a Armdrag but Shida blocks it only for Riho to come back with a dropkick. Shida hits Riho with an armdrag but Rose pulls her out to the floor. Rose pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. Rose slams Shida into the ring apron but Riho dives off the top with a Plancha! Rose moves and Shida eats the Plancha.

Rose lays Riho out on the table but Baker cuts her off and pulls her off the table.


During the break, the four brawled out on the floor and then Rose started killing everybody in the ring. Rose attempts to Powerbomb Shida but Shida counters with a big backdrop. Shida attempts a Suplex but Rose blocks it and drapes her over the top rope. Rose dives off the top with a Guillotine Knee Drop on Shida!

Shida crashes to the floor and Rose follows to lay her across the table. Rose then hits a Backsplash Senton off the apron slamming Shida through the table! That’s a whole lot of woman coming down on you, right there!

As Rose tries to roll back into the ring, Riho dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp! Baker then hits a Hanging DDT on Rose for a nearfall. Baker locks in the Lockjaw on Rose but Rose fights it off with elbows. Rose tries to roll over into a pin but Baker locks her in a Triangle Choke. Rose deadlifts Baker up into a Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Riho breaks it up.

Riho rolls Rose up and rolls right into another Ghetto Stomp! Riho climbs up top and hits yet another Ghetto Stomp! 1…2…NO Baker kicks Riho in the head! Baker hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for a nearfall of her own.

Baker climbs up top but Shida cuts her off and Superplexes her. Rose goes for a Corner Splash on Shida but she moves and then Suplexes Riho into Rose in the corner! Shida hits a Gutbuster on Baker for a nearfall but Rose deadlifts her into a German Suplex.

Rose slams Riho and then stacks her on top of Shida. Rose climbs up top and attempts a Swanton Bomb but they both move out of the way. Shida goes for a Fling Knee but she moves only for Riho to hit a Flying Knee of her own for a nearfall.

Shida hits a Michinoku Driver on Rose! 1…2…NO she kicks out! Shida goes for the Flying Knee again but eats a Superkick from Baker! Baker hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Shida and puts her in the Lockjaw! RIho breaks it up and rolls Baker up with a Jackknife for the pin!

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Riho via pinfall (Jackknife)

Rose attacks Riho after the match and lays her out on a table. Rose hits a Frog Splash through the table!

Backstage Joey Janela is low blowed by Penelope Ford as he tried to cut a promo. Kip Sabian walks up and smiles.


A Dark Order vignette airs with Evil Uno saying that “The Elite has fallen and soon you shall see the true reach of The Dark Order.”

Trent Baretta (6-8) w/Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. “The Death Rider” Jon Moxley (5-1-1)

Trent takes Moxley down with a side headlock but Moxley comes right back with one of his own. Moxley puts Trent in a wristlock and takes him down again before transitioning into a Hammerlock. The two continue to exchange chain holds until Trent slaps Moxley.

Moxley answers with a series of kicks and chops capped off with a clothesline attempt. Trent ducks it and then hits a Double Knee followed by a Roundhouse Kick. Trent hits the ropes but runs right into a nasty Forearm Smash.

Moxley slams Trent across the top rope and lays him out on the ramp.


Moxley is assaulting Trent on the outside as we return from break. He whips Trent into the guardrail but Trent bounces right off with a big Spear! Mox rolls back into the ring and Trent follows. Trent hits a Half-and-Half Suplex after ducking a clothesline attempt from Moxley.

Moxley rolls to the floor and Trent flies with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Moxley! Back in the ring, Trent hits a Tornado DDT for a big nearfall. Trent goes for a Shining Wizard but Moxley moves and hits a Flying Knee followed by a Wheelbarrow Facebuster for a nearfall.

Moxley goes for a Powerbomb but Trent counters into a rollup. Moxley counters with one of his own and Trent comes right back with another one. Moxley gets back to his feet and kills Trent with a Lariat. Moxley goes for a Suplex but Trent blocks it and hits a nasty Lariat of his own for a nearfall!

Orange Cassidy climbs in the ring and distracts Moxley long enough for Trent to catch him with a Flying Knee and then a Spike Piledriver! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out!

Moxley rolls to the ramp and Trent dives off with a Plancha only to eat a boot followed by the Paradigm Shift on the ramp! Moxley rolls Trent back in the ring and hits the Paradigm Shift again for the pin.

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)

After the match Sammy Guevara comes through the crowd and reminds him that The Inner Circle has a big surprise for him tonight. Chris Jericho appears on the big screen standing out on the street. Jericho says that Moxley is the premier wrestler in the world and that is why they want him in The Inner Circle.

Jericho says that there are other factions in the company looking for new members but he says he wants Moxley to lead The Inner Circle alongside him. He offers him 49% of The Inner Circle, LLC and then shows off the Ford GT and says that if he joins their group it’s his. The license plate on the car says “Mox” on it already. “Think about how dominant we can be,” Jericho says. “We can take control of AEW.”

Moxley says he’s always considered Jericho a friend and mentor and out of respect for him he will give him his answer in person next week. “The whole world is going to find out what’s in store for 2020 live on ‘Dynamite’ next week,” he says before leaving.


“The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (4-6) vs. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes (3-3)

Rhodes comes in through the crowd and attacks Guevara from behind. Guevara spent the entire commercial break mocking Rhodes and the way The Inner Circle injured him previously.

Rhodes beats Guevara all around ringside with chops and slaps. Rhodes hits a Side Suplex and then clotheslines him to the floor. Rhodes hits a Somersault Senton off the apron onto Guevara on the floor.

Back in the ring, Dustin climbs up top but gets distracted as Jake Hager walks onto the ramp. Guevara walks right into a Snap Powerslam on the floor as Rhodes was about to go after Hager. Hager and Rhodes stare each other down but then Guevara comes flying out of nowhere with a Flying Dropkick through the ropes.


Guevara has Rhodes in a headlock and then puts him in a Bridging Headlock as we return from break. During the commercials Guevara hit an Asai Moonault. Guevara goes for a dropkick but Rhodes avoids it and rolls him up for a nearfall. Guevara comes right back with a clothesline for another nearfall.

Guevara goes up top and attempts a Shooting Star Press but Rhodes moves and hits a Snap Powerslam. Rhodes hits a clothesline and then drops down and hits the Goldust Uppercut followed by an Atomic Drop. Rhodes hits a sloppy Spinebuster for a nearfall.

Rhodes goes for the Final Reckoning but Guevara blocks it and hits an Enziguri followed by a Running Shooting Star Press for another nearfall. Guevara goes for a TKO on the apron but Rhodes blocks it and hits an American Destroyer onto the apron!

Back in the ring, Rhodes gets a nearfall before Hager got on the apron to distract Dustin. Dustin then backdrops Guevara over the top onto Hager! Rhodes rolls Guevara back in the ring and hangs his legs up in the corner. Rhodes attempts the Shattered Dreams but the referee cuts him off and won’t let him do it. Hager kicks Rhodes in the balls as the referee was getting Guevara untangled and Guevara pins him.

Winner: Guevara via pinfall (Hager nut shot)

Private Party are partying backstage when an annoyed Adam Page walks up and pours himself a drink. They tell Page they are worried about him and Page says they should be worried because he could kick both of their asses.

MJF and Wardlow saunter their way down to the ring to give MJF’s stipulations for taking a match with Cody. MJF taunts the crowd and then starts taunting Cody, as well. MJF says that if Cody wants a match with him it has to happen on PPV at Revolution, but if Cody even touches him before that they will never face each other.

MJF says that Cody has to go one-on-one with an opponent and beat them to get the match, which will be Wardlow in a Steel Cage! Also, Cody will have to allow MJF to whip with a belt 10 times on live TV. He says the scars his belt leaves will be a reminder that MJF is better than him.


Footage of Jungle Boy’s draw with Jericho from a couple of weeks ago is shown. Jenn Decker cuts an interview with The Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy says it was the biggest match of his career and he did exactly what he said he would do. He says this will be a big year for them.

Adam Page is joining commentary – still drinking – for the main event. Next week, a number of Memphis legends will be honored during “Dynamite.”

Riho – still selling her injuries from earlier – starts to cut a promo when Britt Baker walks up and taunts Riho for never being around. She says that Riho stole her win tonight, too. She says that Riho only shows up when she feels like it and that she doesn’t deserve the belt.

The Nightmare Family will face The Lucha Brothers next week and Private Party will also face Omega and Page.


Main Event
The Elite (2-1 trio) vs. The Lucha Brothers (5-4 tag team) & “The Bastard” PAC (5-3-1)

Pentagon and Omega kick the match off. Pentagon and Omega exchange strikes and a shot from behind by PAC allows Pentagon to catch Omega with an Enziguri. Fenix tags in and the Lucha Brothers eat a double Sliding Dropkick followed by a Leg Lariat/Bulldog combo from Omega.

Omega goes for the One Winged Angel on Fenix but Fenix blocks it and Nick Jackson tags in. Nick and Fenix exchange shoulder blocks and Nick bounces off the ropes with a Monkey Flip and then an Armdrag. Nick hits a Dropkick that sends Fenix to the floor and then attempts a Sliding Dropkick but Fenix sidesteps him and Pentagon kicks Nick in the head.

Back in the ring, Fenix hits a Rolling Dropkick that sends Nick to the floor and then attempts a Sliding Dropkick of his own only for Nick to move and hit a Superkick. Back in the ring, both men attempt Roundhouse Kicks and hit each other. They do the same spot and both connect again laying each other out.


During the break, Fenix dove off the shoulders of Matt into a rana on Nick. Omega goes for a dive onto the Lucha Brothers but PAC trips him and slams him into a wall. PAC then hits a Fosburry Flop onto Omega!

Omega rolls over PAC and attempts a tag but PAC stops him and goes for a Back Suplex. Omega blocks it and tags in Nick Jackson.

Nick hits a Superman Forearm and then a Roundhouse Kick to PAC. Nick hits a series of strikes followed by a Bulldog. Matt tags in and rolls him into a Code Red on PAC! The Lucha Brothers storm the other brothers but eat Double Springboard American Destroyers!

Omega tags back into the match and dares PAC to hit him. They exchange forearms and chops. Omega eats a Bicycle Kick from PAC and then a Snap German Suplex! PAC goes for an Enziguri but Omega moves and hits a Shining Wizard followed by the Snap Dragon! Omega hits a Waistlock Powerbomb for a nearfall before Pentagon breaks it up with a kick to the head.

Pentagon hits a Slingblade on both of the Young Bucks and then goes for one on Omega but Omega blocks it and tosses Pentagon into the ropes only for him to hit a Floatover Backstabber. Fenix tags into the match and goes for the Ghetto Stomp combo but The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on Pentagon. Fenix hits a Rolling Double Cutter on The Bucks but walks into a Snap Dragon from Omega! Fenix pops back up and hits a Rolling Cutter on Omega!

PAC tags in and hits the Black Arrow on Omega! 1…2…NO The Bucks break it up! PAC locks in The Brutalizer on Omega as The Lucha Brothers hold The Young Bucks back. Finally Matt breaks free and kicks PAC in the head.

The Bucks hit a Superkick Party on Pentagon. Fenix tags PAC and then goes for a Springboard Spinning Enziguri only to eat a Knee Strike in midair from Omega followed by the One Winged Angel for the pin!

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (One Winged Angel)

Cody Rhodes comes out to celebrate with The Elite and they all try to get Hangman to join them but he refuses.