AEW Dynamite 02 19 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
February 19, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Mike Tedesco of

We go live into the arena to see a pyrotechnics display. We’re kicking off with the Tag Team Battle Royal with the winning team getting a chance at the AEW World Tag Team Championship at AEW Revolution.

Tag Team Battle Royal

Participants: The Young Bucks, SCU, Private Party, Jurassic Experience, The Hybrid 2, Best Friends, The Butcher and The Blade, Alex Reynolds and John Silver, T-Hawk and CIMA, Santana and Ortiz

The bell rings, and all the teams get in the ring. A giant brawl breaks out, and the crowd chants, “AEW.” Scorpio Sky soon goes to the top rope and wipes everyone out with a cross-body block. Jack Evans tries for a summersault senton, but everyone catches him and dumps him out of the ring. Angelico has to be eliminated for The Hybrid 2 to be officially eliminated. The Jurassic Experience is hanging out on the apron. Marq Quen is nearly eliminated, but he hangs on. Private Party then gets rid of T-Hawk. SCU takes some of the teams down. Alex Reynolds and John Silver of The Dark Order attack SCU from behind. The Dark Order distracts SCU and says the exalted one is near. Reynolds and Silver eliminate Kazarian and Sky. SCU is totally out. The Young Bucks then double superkick Reynolds and Silver over the top rope. The Dark Order is out. Sky dives over the barricade and takes out Stu Grayson.

In the ring, Angelico attacks Matt Jackson before low blowing Nick Jackson. Trent and Cima get into a chop battle before Cima slams him. Santana and Ortiz get in the ring and attack Cima. They put Jungle Boy and Cima on the apron. Cima goes for a German Suplex on Jungle Boy off the apron, but Luchasaurus kicks him off the apron. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus run wild in the ring on all the teams. The Bunny gets on the apron to distract. The Butcher and The Blade blindside Jurassic Experience. Evil Uno hands Cima a mask, which he takes. Cima walks off with the mask and thinks about it. Angelico sends Nick to the apron, but Nick avoids a leg sweep. Nick then hits a springboard sit-out facebuster on Angelico. Nick wipes out everyone with kicks and flips through a Luchasaurus chokeslam. Nick hits some knee lifts on Butcher and Blade. They then eliminate him. Matt goes for an avalanche on Butcher, but her misses. Butcher puts Matt and Private Party in the corner before tossing Jungle Boy onto them.

Butcher and Luchasaurus go face-to-face. They trade punches and chops with the crowd super into it. Luchasaurus kicks Butcher, who is stunned, and he hits Luchasaurus with a clothesline to take him down. Santana puts Quen on the apron. Cassidy goes for Silly String, but he’s thrown off. Santana and Ortiz eliminate Private Party. Jungle Boy gets rid of Angelico. Santana and Ortiz knock Jungle Boy off the apron. Everyone teams up to get Luchasaurus out of the ring, and the crowd is upset with the elimination of the Jurassic Experience.

Butcher  and Blade go under the ropes and attack Trent. Trent fights them off and spears Blade on the floor. Taylor gets in the ring and takes Santana down with Trent. They then take Ortiz down with a double-team. The Best Friends go for a hug, but Butcher eliminates Chuck. Blade sends Trent over the top rope, but Orange Cassidy catches Trent. Trent gets in the ring and hits a swinging DDT. Blade tries to skin the cat, but Matt and Trent dropkick Blade off.

We’re down to Santana and Ortiz, Matt Jackson, Trent, and the Butcher. Santana and Ortiz attack Trent and Matt. Matt and Trent hit a counter before kicking Butcher down. Matt and Trent stare at each other and hug in the ring to a huge reception. Butcher then annihilates them with a double clothesline. Butcher puts Trent in the corner and chops the chest. Butcher turns him inside out with a whip to the corner and clotheslines him on the apron, but Trent holds on. Trent pulls Butcher over the top rope and onto the apron. Butcher fights Trent off and forearms him on the apron. Orange Cassidy goes to catch Trent just in case. Trent and Butcher trade chops on the apron. Bunny walks up to Orange Cassidy and kicks him in the groin. Trent is pushed off the apron to officially eliminate the Best Friends. Matt spears Butcher off the apron to eliminate The Butcher and The Blade officially.

Sammy Guevara walks up to Matt, but he gets in the ring. Matt tries to fight off Santana and Ortiz. Matt hits them with a double northern lights suplex. Santana is nearly eliminated. Matt hits the ropes, but Guevara sweeps the feet. Santana and Ortiz hit a Street Sweeper. They toss Matt of the top rope and celebrate, but Matt rolls into the ring. They pick Matt up and throw him, but Matt stays in the ring. Matt superkicks Ortiz out of the ring, superkicks Guevara out of mid-air, and clotheslines Santana out of the ring!

Winners: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks will face either AEW World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Hangman Page or The Lucha Bros based on tonight’s title match at AEW Revolution on February 29.

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Cody, Brandi Rhodes, and Pharaoh walk into the arena.

The commentators talk about Cody taking on Wardlow in a Steel Cage Match. We’ll also see the AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line with Kenny Omega and Hangman Page taking on The Lucha Bros. Jon Moxley also faces Jeff Cobb. Coming up next, it’ll be Kris Statlander vs. Shanna.

Dr. Britt Baker is on commentary for the next match.

Shanna vs. Kris Statlander

The bell rings, and Statlander touches the referee on the nose. They lock up, and Statlander applies a side headlock. Shanna twists out and wrenches the arm. Statlander fights out and wrenches Shanna’s arm. Shanna turns it around and yanks on the arm. Statlander takes her down, but Shanna kips up and twists out. Statlander starts doing cartwheels and hits a head-scissor takeover. Statlander crawls toward Shanna and touches the nose. Shanna pokes the nose, and they go back and forth touching noses. They push each other, and Statlander starts chopping the chest. Statlander uppercuts Shanna and kicks her down for a near fall.

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We come back from the break to see Statlander avalanche Shanna before hitting a running knee in the corner. Statlander hits a spinning powerbomb for a near fall. Statlander goes to the top rope, but Shanna sweeps the feet and kicks her in the spine. Statlander falls into the tree of woe. Shanna goes to the top rope and double stomps Statlander down for a near fall. Shanna soon connects with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Shanna cannot believe she couldn’t put her away.

Shanna viciously dropkicks her in the face for a near fall. Statlander soon attacks and hits the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kris Statlander

Video Package: Nyla Rose defeats Riho to win the AEW Women’s Championship

We’ll hear from AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose, next.

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AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose comes out. Tony Schiavone comes up and congratulates her. Rose is not happy with the reception she got from the Atlanta crowd. She wonders if that’s the greeting a champion deserves. Rose says they sound like a bunch of annoying little bees buzzing around. This title is justice. She should have been the first champion and the highest paid woman in the locker room. Her face should be on the posters. Waiting made her hungry. When she gets hungry, she breaks bitches. She broke Riho.

Schiavone says Riho showed courage, but Rose asks where that got her. Rose represents unbridled power. All the little bees can sit out there and say what they will, but at the end of the day the fact remains that she’s the queen bee in this hive. She’ll be a one-time champion because nobody out there can stack up to her or beat her. Nobody is a beast like her.

Kris Statlander walks out and puts a finger on the AEW Women’s Championship. Big Swole also walks out and gets in Rose’s face. Security quickly runs out to prevent a big fight from breaking out.

A replay is shown of Jeff Cobb debuting to attack Jon Moxley at the behest of The Inner Circle.

Taz joins the commentary team.

Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Cobb

Before the match begins, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho comes out with Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara come out with front row tickets and take a seat.

The crowd is singing, “Judas” as the match begins. Cobb quickly connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Cobb chops the chest and knocks him out of the ring. Cobb follows him out, and Moxley attacks. Cobb quickly knocks him back and slams the head off the ring steps. Cobb gets Moxley in the ring and gets on the apron. Moxley dropkicks Cobb off the apron and hits a plancha. Moxley adjusts his eye patch. Jericho is watching intently at ringside. Moxley chops Cobb’s chest and puts him in the ring. Moxley charges, but Cobb shoulder blocks him down. Cobb elbows Moxley in the head and drops a head-butt. Cobb head-butts the lower back and stands on the ribs. Moxley chops Cobb back, but Cobb soon sends Moxley sternum-first into the corner. Cobb drives the knee into the back and applies a chin lock. Moxley fights up and hits the ropes, but Cobb elbows him down. Moxley gets up on the apron, so Cobb knocks him off into the barricade.

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We come back from the break to see Moxley elbow out of a waistlock. Cobb goes for the Tour of the Islands, but Moxley gets out. Moxley ties the leg around the ropes and dropkicks the limb. Moxley pulls Cobb to the ring post and slams the leg off. Moxley repeats the move two more times. Jericho is not happy with what he’s seeing. Moxley gets Cobb in the ring. Cobb quickly attacks Moxley and hits a vicious back suplex. Cobb lifts the shoulders before the three count. Cobb goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Moxley ducks and applies a sleeper hold. Cobb quickly backs him to the corner. Moxley soon takes him down and applies a heel hook. Cobb grabs the bottom rope and gets out of the ring. Moxley goes to the top rope for a diving elbow drop to the floor, but Cobb catches him and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor! Cobb gets him in the ring and slams him into the corner before hitting a running powerslam for a two count. Cobb lifts him up, but Moxley gets off and hits a flying knee to the head. Moxley hits another knee strike, but Cobb hits him with a German Suplex. Moxley quickly gets up and clotheslines him down. Both men are down.

They get up and trade blows before Cobb clotheslines him down. Moxley gets out of the Tour of the Islands and goes for a Paradigm Shift, but Cobb gets out and uppercuts him to the apron. Cobb goes to the second rope and powers him up for a superplex. Moxley immediately catches him with an inside cradle for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Jon Moxley

Jericho, Hager, and Guevara immediately get in the ring and triple-team Moxley. Dustin Rhodes runs down for the save. Rhodes punches away at Hager in the corner until Guevara, Jericho, and Cobb take him down.

The lights all of a sudden go out. Darby Allin makes his way to the ring to a big reception! Allin rides his skateboard down and gets in the ring. Allin hits Jericho with the skateboard before taking Guevara down with it. Cobb attacks Allin before going for a German Suplex, but Allin flips through and hits him with the skateboard. Moxley then hits Cobb with a Paradigm Shift. Allin goes outside and sends Guevara into the ring steps.

Jericho and Moxley circle the ring. The crowd is really buzzing. They start to brawl in the ring before Moxley sends him into the ropes. Jericho quickly pulls himself out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

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AEW World Tag Team Championship
The Lucha Bros vs. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c’s)

Hangman Page starts against Fenix. Fenix punches and applies a side headlock. Page whips him off, but Fenix ducks a big boot. Fenix goes for a hurricanrana, but Page powers out. Page hits a big boot and puts Fenix in the corner. Kenny Omega tags in. They send Fenix into the ropes and kick him. Omega hits a Kotaro Krusher for a near fall. Omega picks Fenix up for a backbreaker for another two count. Page tags in and kicks Fenix in the ribs. Fenix fights back and chops the chest. Page then viciously chops him down. Page lifts Fenix up for a fallaway slam, but Pentagon breaks it up. Omega gets Pentagon out of the ring. Fenix puts Page in the corner, but he runs into an elbow. Omega comes in and hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Page hits a standing shooting star on Fenix, and Omega follows up with a moonsault. Page clotheslines Pentagon while Omega gets a near fall on Fenix.

Fenix quickly superkicks Omega and jumps on Page. Pentagon tags in and knees Omega. The Lucha Bros chop Omega and Page in the corner. Omega and Page reverse a whip, but The Lucha Bros fight back. Page is taken out, and The Lucha Bros hit a double-team monkey flip into Omega. Fenix then dropkicks him in the corner.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see The Lucha Bros trying a double-team on Omega, but Omega fights back. Jim Ross thinks Adam Page is in the ring. Pentagon taunts Omega and sends him into the ropes. Omega comes back with a tornado DDT.

Page tags in and clotheslines Pentagon in the corner. Page punches and chops Pentagon before having a whip to the corner reversed. Page quickly pops out with a shoulder block before big booting Fenix off the apron. Page hits a fallaway slam on Pentagon and catches Fenix with a plancha on the floor. Page hits Pentagon with a low dropkick for a two count. Omega tags in and whips Pentagon to the corner. They send Fenix into Pentagon. Pentagon fights back with a superkick on both Omega and Page. Page soon German Suplexes Pentagon. Fenix comes back with a cutter on Page. Pentagon then kills Omega with a destroyer!

The crowd is going wild for this match. Omega and Pentagon chop each other on the apron. Omega takes Pentagon down. Fenix then walks on the top rope to kick Omega in the face! Pentagon goes for a package piledriver on the apron, but Omega gets out. Fenix then hits Omega with a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor! Page then wipes out Pentagon with a moonsault off the top rope to the floor! Page gets him in the ring and hits a discus lariat for a near fall.

Omega tags in, and he looks like he’s still trying to get his wind back after a tough bump on the floor. Pentagon kicks Omega and hits Page with a Sling Blade. Omega kicks Pentagon, and Fenix hits Omega with a missile dropkick. Pentagon charges Page, but Page powerbombs him down. Omega follows up with a knee to the head of Pentagon. Fenix charges and goes for a handspring back elbow, but Omega catches him. Page goes for a Buckshot Lariat, but he hits Omega when Fenix moves! Fenix dropkicks Page out of the ring. Fenix superkicks Omega before hitting a corkscrew plancha on Page. Pentagon hits a Pentagon Driver on Omega for a near fall!

An “AEW” chant fires up. Omega hits a snap dragon suplex on Pentagon before hitting a V-Trigger on Fenix out of mid-air. Omega hits a Tiger Driver ’98 on Fenix for a near fall! Fenix gets out of a One Winged Angel. Page blind tags in and hits a Buckshot Lariat on Fenix while Omega hits a V-Trigger! Page covers Fenix for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

The Young Bucks come down to the ring. They’ll face Hangman Page and Kenny Omega for the AEW World Tag Team Championship at AEW Revolution on February 29.

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PAC takes on Kenny Omega in an Iron Man Match next week. We’ll also see The Butcher and The Blade take on the Best Friends.

Coming up next, we’ll see Cody take on Wardlow in a Steel Cage.

Video Package: MJF gives his stipulations for a match at AEW Revolution against Cody

The Steel Cage lowers over the ring and looks really impressive. The main event is next.

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Steel Cage Match
Wardlow w/ MJF vs. Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes and Arn Anderson

The bell rings, and the crowd is absolutely buzzing for Cody. Cody quickly kicks Wardlow in the face, and he isn’t impressed. Cody applies a waistlock and applies a side headlock, but Wardlow pushes him off and poses. Cody hits the ropes, drops under Wardlow, and hits a Rhodes uppercut. Wardlow knocks him back and puts him on the shoulder, but Cody slides off. Cody hits a Disaster Kick and punches him in the corner. Cody hits the ropes, but Wardlow turns him inside out with a clothesline. MJF is happy with the results. Wardlow sends Cody into the cage wall. MJF gives Wardlow some advice.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Wardlow throw Cody across the ring. Cody is busted wide open. Cody comes back with a delayed front suplex. Cody’s blonde hair is red. Cody hits a springboard cutter and punches his own cut. Cody punches away at Wardlow in the corner. Cody goes to send him into the cage wall, but Wardlow puts the brakes on and low blows Cody. Wardlow picks Cody up and spins him before releasing him. Cody rolls around in pain.

Cody goes to the apron, and Wardlow grinds the head on the cage wall. Wardlow bounces Cody into the cage door, and it opens. Arn Anderson grabs the door while Cody is hanging out of the cage. MJF tells Anderson to hit Cody, but Anderson slams the door in MJF’s face.

Cody hits Wardlow with two clotheslines that don’t take him down. Cody hits the ropes and takes him down with a third clothesline. Cody knocks Wardlow to the apron and hits him with a scoop powerslam for a two count. Cody goes to the top rope, but Wardlow punches him. Wardlow powers him up in a military press and throws him into the cage wall. Wardlow goes to the top rope and hits a senton bomb for a near fall! MJF cannot believe it.

MJF gives Wardlow the diamond ring. Cody low blows Wardlow and takes the Dynamite Diamond. Cody puts it on. MJF angrily climbs the cage, but Brandi hits MJF with a chair. MJF angrily gets down and threatens her. Anderson throws MJF into the crowd. Cody hits Wardlow with Cross Rhodes for a near fall. Cody now climbs to the top of the cage! Cody hits a moonsault block off the top of the cage to pin Wardlow!! UNREAL!!

Winner by Pinfall: Cody

Cody will officially face MJF at AEW Revolution on February 29. Cody climbs to the top of the cage and stands tall. Cody shouts at MJF from the top of the cage. MJF is stunned and does not look happy at all. Cody waves at the crowd.