AEW Dynamite 03 04 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
March 4, 2020
Denver, Colorado
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s “Dynamite” kicks off with highlights from the PPV on Saturday and then we cut to the arena where new AEW World Champion Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring. A massive “Moxley” chant greets him as he grabs the microphone.

Moxley says the AEW World Championship is beautiful because of what it represents. “These letters – A-E-W – represent professional wrestling,” he says. “The sport I love and the sport that I have dedicated my life to. This belt never belonged to Chris Jericho. Hell, it doesn’t even belong to me. This belt belongs to you. Each and every one of you (fans) in this building tonight and every AEW fan watching around the world that helped will this company into existence.”

Moxley says that he will defend that title with his life and that there isn’t a single wrestler in the world that can pry it out of his hands. Moxley says he is open to all challenges and that he knows things aren’t over between him and the Inner Circle. He says they’ve been trying to take him out for months and he has an army coming after him.

“I have a message for the whole Inner Circle,” Moxley continues. “I dare you!” Inner Circle doesn’t make Moxley wait, either, as they walk out onto the stage.

Jericho says he doesn’t need a belt to still be “Le Champion” and the fans chant “yes you do” at him. Jericho says that The Moxley Era has begun and asks the fans if they like that. They affirm that they do and he says it sucks ass.

He says that Moxley’s championship win was based on a lie and calls him a cheater because he spent the better part of three months training for a man with one eye and the fact that Moxley could see out of both is not an action worthy of a champion.

Jericho says that Moxley has turned The Inner Circle from a group of nice guys into a hit squad. He says that The Inner Circle is putting the entire AEW roster on notice right now. “We are going to tear everybody apart,” Jericho says. “We are going to hurt some people and Mox, we’re going to start with you.”

Jericho says that Moxley will not walk out of tonight’s Main Event on his own two feet and he is so sure of that he will take a 60-day leave of absence if Moxley manages to walk out on his own two feet tonight. Moxley says that he is going to do exactly what he did at “Revolution” and this time he’s going to send Jericho packing for 60 days.


8-Man Tag Team Match
The Dark Order (Evil Uno (5-0), Stu Grayson (5-0), Alex Reynolds (0-0) & John Silver (0-0)) vs. Colt Cabana (0-0) & SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels (1-1), Frankie Kazarian (3-3) & Scorpio Sky (3-3))

Colt Cabana made his AEW debut at “Revolution” when he helped out SCU against Dark Order. Cabana starts off with Grayson and sidesteps a series of attacks from Grayson. Cabana rolls Grayson up for a nearfall and then catches him with a Spinning Headscissors.

The Dark Order all jump in and attack Cabana before knocking his partners off the apron. Uno tags in and connects with a series of strikes along with Grayson. Silver tags in and eats a Scoop Slam from Cabana. Daniels tags in and hits a slingshot Elbow Drop followed by a Slingshot Elbow Drop from Kaz and then a Slingshot Splash from Sky!
SCU take turns with charging attacks in their corner on Silver before Sky tags in and hits a Sting-like dropkick for a nearfall. Daniels tags in and backdrops Silver over the top rope and clotheslines him. Uno grabs Daniels’ foot and Grayson clotheslines him. Uno pulls Daniels out to the floor and slams him into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Silver tags Uno and the heels work Daniels over in their corner making quick tags and just stomping him down.


Kazarian gets the hot tag and takes out The Beaver Boys with elbows. Kaz with a Flying Elbow on Reynolds and then a Hanging Guillotine on Silver. Kaz hits a Scoop Slam on both Beaver Boys and then a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop on both of them! Uno attacks him from behind and a huge brawl breaks out with everyone.

The babyfaces toss all of the Dark Order members to the floor except for Uno. SCU jumps on Uno and beat him down in the corner. Grayson and the Beaver Boys come in for the save but they get cleared out again. Daniels hits a Mushroom Stomp off the top on Reynolds and then a Tope Suicida onto Grayson on the floor!

Kaz hits a Slingshot Cutter on Reynolds for a nearfall. Uno kills Sky with a Big Boot and then he and Silver go for a Double Suplex on Kaz. Kaz blocks it and tags in Cabana! Cabana with a little Shake, Rattle and Roll only to eat a poke to the eyes from Uno. Cabana hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault onto Reynolds and Uno for a nearfall.

Sky hangs Reynolds up in the ropes and Cabana goes to the top as Sky hits a Somersault Plancha onto the other members of the Dark Order on the outside! Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline for the pin!

Winners: Cabana & SCU via pinfall (Chicago Skyline)

Evil Uno says this is not how this was supposed to go and the Exalted One will be furious. He says “heads will roll” when he arrives.

A great video package highlights the Bucks-Omega/Page match from Revolution and features some of the praise that it received from the wrestling media, as well.

Dr. Britt Baker joins commentary.

Big Swole (2-2) vs. “The Librarian” Leva Bates (0-0) w/Peter Avalon

Swole snatches Bates’ book away from her and throws it away. Bates slaps Swole and then hits her with a Backstabber. Swole comes right back with a Back Suplex and then a Knee Strike. Swole charges at Bates but gets backdropped to the apron.

Swole lands on her feet and hits a Leaping Enziguri followed by a Slingshot Cutter and then Dirty Dancing for the pin.

Winner: Big Swole via pinfall (Dirty Dancing)

Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring as we head to a break.


Cody says wrestlers work their entire career to get on a PPV career and when you win your match you get a bigger payday. Cody says that his issues with MJF have gone from simply person to now business because he also got screwed out of a payday.

Cody says that this thing with MJF can be over if he comes out to the ring and looks him in the eyes and tells him that he beat Cody fair and square. Jake Roberts comes out instead!

“The Snake” says he hates to spoil the party but he got tired of hearing Cody cry and bitch. “I never cried about a match my entire life,” Roberts says. “Are you going to let that little punk bitch make you cry?” Roberts says he isn’t here to praise Cody, he’s here to slay him.

“The only reason I’m here is I have a client,” he says. “The dark side will be coming to AEW and once our roots have taken hold it will be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and soaring to the sun.”

Roberts says it has been a 20-year journey for him to get clean and get right and he’s earned it. “If you think for one minute that I’m going to be a nice boy and play right,” he continues. “My man, you have another thing coming.”

Roberts talks about the mind games he played as a wrestler and he says that he will be on the outside of the ring when his client faces Cody, so he has to think about that. Roberts calls Cody “Caesar” and says what a snake wants, he takes. He says he isn’t in AEW to take the whole pie, just Cody’s share. “A wise man once told me never turn your back on someone you respect or you’re afraid,” Roberts says as he turns his back on Cody and walks away.

“The Bastard” PAC (2-3) vs. Chuck Taylor (3-3) w/Trent Baretta & Orange Cassidy

Jim Ross and Excalibur reveal that neither Nick Jackson nor Kenny Omega were cleared to be here tonight after the injuries they suffered at “Revolution.” PAC and Taylor exchange chain holds for the first several minutes of the match.

PAC rolls underneath Taylor and then sends him to the floor. PAC sets up for a dive but a distraction from Trent takes him to the floor. Taylor comes back in and hits a Sliding Dropkick to PAC on the floor. Back in the ring, Taylor hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall.

Taylor hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and then goes to the top. Taylor dives off and over a charging PAC but then eats a Running Elbow from PAC sending him to the floor. PAC follows Taylor out and tosses him into the railing.


Back from the break PAC has Taylor in an Armlock. Taylor counters with an Armdrag and then a clothesline. Taylor charges at PAC but PAC moves and connects with a forearm. PAC goes for a springboard move and as Taylor goes for a dropkick in midair PAC stops in mid-air.

PAC hits the ropes but eats a dropkick from Taylor anyone knocking PAC to the floor. Taylor hit a Slingshot Plancha and then rolls him back into the ring after hugging Trent. Taylor hits a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall.

Taylor charges at PAC but PAC moves out of the way and then hits a Slingshot Cutter. PAC charges at Taylor but Taylor catches him in The Awful Waffle! 1…2…NO PAC kicks out! Taylor goes to the top and attempts a Moonsault but PAC moves and locks in the Brutalizer! Taylor taps!

Winner: PAC via submission (Brutalizer)

PAC teases that he is going to continue to attack Taylor after the match but Trent gets in his face. OC then gets in PAC’s face, but Lucha Brothers run out and destroy both of them with kicks!

PAC says that they are “Death Triangle” or “Triangular de la Muerte” and that AEW did this to themselves and no one in the company is safe. Pentagon and Fenix absolutely murder OC with a Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp!

Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard say that they will be picking a wrestler to be his partner. He says that they are going out to search for the perfect partner for Spears and will be taking submissions from Indie wrestlers all over the world.


QT Marshall (1-3) w/Brandi Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes vs. “The Big Hurt” Jake Hager (1-0) w/PNP

Hager takes Marshall down immediately with a Waistlock Takeover and then just stands on his back before tossing him into the corner. Marshall slaps Hager and then connects with a dropkick but as he goes for a Springboard Body Block he eat a Shoulder Block from Hager.

Hager hits a Powerslam and then slams him into the corner before hitting a Running Powerslam. Hager shoves Marshall into the ropes and connects with a Running Knee followed by an attempt at the Hager Bomb. Marshall gets his feet up and then connects with a series of uppercuts.

Marshall hits a Handspring Enziguri and then sidesteps a charging Hager in the corner. Marshall goes to the top and connects with a modified Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Marshall goes for a Swinging DDT but Hager blocks it and destroys him with a Hansen Lariat. Hager locks in the Standing Arm Triangle for the submission win.

Winner: Hager via submission (Standing Arm Triangle)

Rhodes attacks Hager after the match but PNP attack him from behind. Cody hits the ring and cleans house! Ortiz hits Cody in the back with a chair to cut him off. Matt Jackson hits the ring and deliver several Superkicks but eats a Suplex from Hager.

Adam Page walks out with a beer and attacks The Inner Circle! Page hits the Buckshot Lariat on Hager! He flips off Matt before leaving.


MJF says he went from protégé to prodigy at “Revolution” and proved that he is the final chapter of Cody’s career. MJF says that his legacy will be known as the greatest World Champion in the history of wrestling. MJF says that Moxley heard him right and he will become the No. 1 contender no matter who gets in his way.

MJF takes off his jacket to reveal a shirt that says “I pinned Cody” and says that he knows it’s annoying and distracting, “like a neck tattoo,” he says before walking off.


Main Event
“No F’s Given” Jon Moxley (7-0) & Darby Allin (2-3) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho (2-1) & Sammy Guevara (2-4))

As Moxley makes his entrance, three masked guys attack Moxley and drag him outside. They take their masks off to reveal that it’s PNP and Hager. They beat the hell out of Moxley. Hager knees Moxley in the balls and then slams him into a concrete wall.

Moxley keeps getting back up to fight back but every time he does Inner Circle beat him down again. Hager puts Moxley in a Triangle Choke to put him out. Allin decides to start the match out on his own.

Allin hits a Springboard Back Elbow on Guevara and then a Shotgun Dropkick into the corner. Allin comes out and slams Guevara into the barricade and then dropkicks Jericho into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Guevara dropkicks Allin on the knee and gets a nearfall as PNP and Hager make their way out to the ring. Jericho tags in and hits a Back Suplex. Jericho hits a Running Clothesline on Allin in the corner and hangs him up in the Tree-of-Woe in the corner.

Jericho goes for a Running Shoulder Block but Allin lifts himself up and then hits a Diving Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Allin hits a Springboard Moonsault for another nearfall but Jericho sweeps his legs and locks in the Walls of Jericho.

Allin claws his way to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Jericho hits a Baseball Slide Dropkick sending Allin to the floor.


Jericho hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex on Allin and taunts him before lighting him up with chops. Guevara tags in and the heels whip Allin into the ropes to connect with a Double Back Elbow. Guevara gets a nearfall on Allin as a “f*** you Sammy” chant breaks out.

Jericho tags himself in and starts slapping Allin. Allin slaps Jericho back hard and lays into Jericho with forearms. Allin clotheslines Jericho over the top and then hits the Tope Suicida sending Jericho into the barricade!

Allin roll Jericho back in the ring but Guevara tags himself in and runs Allin into the corner. Guevara lifts Allin up into the air and right down into a Punt Kick for a nearfall. Jericho tags back in and hits a Running Back Elbow. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Darby gets his knees up!

Jericho tags Guevara as Allin also reaches for a tag only for no one to be there. Guevara misses a clothesline and runs right into a series of strikes and then a Code Red! 1…2….NO Guevara kicks out! Allin flips Guevara over the top rope onto The Inner Circle and then hits a Coffin Drop onto everybody on the floor!

In the ring, Allin hits a Running Back Elbow and then a Flipping Stunner! Allin hits the Coffin Drop! 1…2…NO Jericho breaks it up! Allin backdrops Jericho over the top and then attempts a Tope Suicida right into the Judas Effect in midair! Jericho tosses Allin back in the ring and Guevara covers him for the pin.

Winner: Guevara and Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)

Moxley hits the ring with a chair and thorws it at Hager! He clotheslines Jericho to the floor and then destroys Guevara with a Paradigm Shift! Hager comes back with a Lariat to the back and PNP drag Moxley up the ramp where Hager then chokes him again.

Hager Powerbombs Moxley off the stage and through a table! They all stand over Moxley and flip him off.