AEW Dynamite 03 18 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
March 18, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

The episode of “Dynamite” that is surely to be the strangest in AEW’s brief history opens up with Cody standing in the ring alone. He says that recent events have put into perspective how small we all are and how big and how important the “service” they provide is. Cody says he is about to ask three of the best athletes in the world to put aside their petty differences and stand together because us as human beings have to stand together.

“For many of us that will mean standing at a distance,” Cody says as the camera pans to the empty arena. Cody says that we need to be informed and take precautions but we also can’t stand in fear.

Cody turns his attention to the other members of The Elite. He says he needs Hangman and The Bucks to get over their issues with each other and their issues in general. He tells Hangman that if he doesn’t want to be seen as the “other guy in the Elite” then don’t be. He tells him to be THE reason that The Elite win Blood & Guts.

Cody says that Blood and Guts will take years off of their careers and he needs the “real” Kenny Omega in this match. He says he needs the “Best Bout Machine.”

“In short I need The Elite to be Elite,” Cody emphasizes. Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega walk out and Kenny grabs the microphone and admits that he and Cody hasn’t seen eye-to-eye at times and as the world seems like it is falling apart around them. Omega says they don’t even know if they will have a “Dynamite” right now and he wants to go out the way they came in, as The Elite.

Matt Jackson says that his brother is out indefinitely after what The Inner Circle did and asks where Hangman is. Page walks out and Matt says that he knows that things have been strange between them and says he isn’t saying they can fix it right now, but he asks Page to stand with them. Page nods and toasts his drink at them before walking away.

Omega says they are going to do their best on the best damn show possible tonight.

A vignette hypes up The Death Triangle.

Tony Schiavone stands by with MJF and he says that he is going to refuse to wrestle tonight and sit back as the “undercard talent kills themselves.” MJF and Shawn Spears nearby seem to be gambling on the upcoming matches and MJF gets pissed when Schiavone asks him what they are doing.

A bunch of wrestlers and staff are actually sitting around ringside. Orange Cassidy joins commentary for the next match.

The Lucha Brothers (0-2) vs. Best Friends (3-2)

Trent and Fenix kick the match off with some stiff strikes that Trent caps off with a Meteora. Trent tags Chuckie T and The Best Friends hit a Double Shoulder Block to take the high flying luchador down. Taylor connects with a Back Suplex for a nearfall.

Trent tags back in and connects with a Running Back Elbow. Chuck tags in again and connects with a dropkick for another nearfall. Taylor and Trent isolate Fenix in their corner and make a bunch of quick tags as they work him over. Fenix pokes Trent in the eyes and connects with a series of martial arts kicks.

Pentagon tags in and destroys Trent with a Spinning Back Kick followed by Double Superkicks from the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon tags Fenix and they connect with a series of kicks followed by a Wheel Barrow into a Somersault Splash from the brothers.

Fenix is distracted by Orange Cassidy standing up at the announce table. Trent dives onto Pentagon on the outside with a Tope Suicida but Fenix follows him out with a Somersault Plancha. Taylor then lays Fenix out with a clothesline.


Pentagon and Fenix worked Trent over throughout the commercial break. Pentagon goes for a Fear Factor but Trent blocks it and answers with a Tornado DDT before tagging Taylor. Taylor hits a series of clotheslines on Fenix and then eats an uppercut from Pentagon. Taylor knees Pentagon in the face and then Best Friends hit a modified 3D on Fenix.

Best Friends start to hug but give each other a tap on the elbow following social distancing. Pentagon and Fenix set up for their finisher on the ramp but Cassidy distracts them again. Taylor knocks them off the apron and then OC dives off the announce table onto Luha Brothers as Taylor distracts the referee. Taylor hits a Piledriver on Pentagon for a nearfall.

Trent tags in and goes for a Reverse Piledriver but Fenix Superkicks him. Pentagon low blows Trent as the referee was sidetracked with Taylor and Fenix on the other side. Lucha Brothers hit the Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp combo for the pin.

Winners: Lucha Brothers via pinfall (Ghetto Stomp/Fear Factor)

Tony Schiavone interviews Best Friends on the stage. Taylor says that since they like to kick his friend in the “dick” and says next week they don’t even need a ring because they want a Street Fight. Baretta says they don’t need a street either and challenges Lucha Brothers to meet them in the parking lot next week.


Penelope Ford (2-0) w/Kip Sabian vs. Riho (3-3) vs. Kris Statlander (3-3) vs. Hikaru Shida (5-2)

Sabian gets involved early and pulls Shida and Statlander out to the floor only to eat forearms from them. Ford goes for a dive but they move out of the way. Riho then hits a Plancha off the top onto them all!

In the ring, Statlander counters a Riho Spinning Headscissors into a Backbreaker. She hangs Riho up in the corner and then Suplexes Shida on top of her. Shida pokes Statlander in the eyes and then rolls her up for a nearfall only to eat a coheslines.

Ford botches a diving Rana on Statlander but Riho catches Ford with one. Shida goes for a Double Suplex on Ford and Riho but they block it and Suplex Shida. Riho and Ford exchange forearms and then Riho hits a Sliding Dropkick to Sabian on the floor.

Ford hits a Handspring Back Elbow on Riho in the corner and then goes for a DVD but Riho counters into a rollup. Sabian grabs Ford and saves her but then Riho dives off the back of Ford into a Flying Knee knocking Sabian off the apron. Shida levels Riho with a Flying Knee.

Statlander hits Shida with a Roundhouse Kick and then a Front Suplex and Electric Chair Drops Riho on top of Shida! Ford hits a Springboard Reverse Rana on Statlander!

Ford goes for a Handspring Back Elbow but eats a dropkick from Shida in midair followed by a Falcon’s Arrow for a nearfall. Shida follows up with a Flying Knee for the pin.

Winner: Shida via pinfall (Flying Knee)

Ringside Schiavone interviews Colt Cabana. Cabana calls himself the Bruce Springsteen of AEW and jokes that he has a great record. Cabana says that Ford would have done much better if she wasn’t scheming with her boyfriend. Sabain gets pissed and shoves Cabana. Cabana slaps Sabian and taunts him as he retreats.

Jon Moxley is on the “do not enter list” for tonight’s show and Schiavone approaches a pissed off Moxley before he leaves. Moxley says he doesn’t need to cause anymore problems by punching out a security guard tonight but promises The Inner Circle that he will be at Blood and Guts and they better be ready.

The Butcher & The Blade (2-2) vs. The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (1-0)

Jungle Boy catches Blade with some chain spots and gets a nearfall early followed by a Springboard Luha Armdrag. Blade cuts him off with a knee to the gut as Jungle Boy hit the ropes. Luchasaurus tags himself in and the Express hit a series of kicks and then Lucha tosses Jungle Boy into a Tornado DDT on Blade for a nearfall.

Lucha tags in Jungle Boy and then hits a Mushroom Stomp. Jungle Boy hits an Imploding Senton before Blade retreats to the floor. Jungle Boy attempts a Plancha but Blade and Butcher catch him and throw him into the barricade. Butcher and Blade slam Jungle Boy onto the apron repeatedly and roll him back into the ring.

Btucher tags in and puts the boots to Jungle Boy in the corner. Blade tags back in and they work Jungle Boy over in their corner. Someone at ringside keeps telling Jungle Boy to “tag the big guy.”


Blade hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on Jungle Boy for a nearfall. Blade goes for a Back Suplex but Jungle Boy blocks it and hits a big Lariat. Blade stops Jungle Boy from making the tag and tosses him to the floor. Butcher slams Jungle Boy into the ring apron and tosses him back into the ring. Jungle Boy fights out of the corner and dives over the top of Blade and makes the hot tag.

Lucha knocks Butcher off the apron and kills Blade with a series of kicks. Lucha then hits a Moonsault off the apron onto Butcher on the floor! Lucha follows up with a Headscissors Driver followed by a Roundhouse Kick. Lucha hits the Extinction Event for a nearfall but Butcher breaks it up.

Jungle Boy goes for a rana on Blade taking him to the floor but they botch the spot and both just fall out of the ring. Butcher and Lucha nail each other strikes and Lucha gets the advantage with a Leaping Back Kick. Lucha goes for the Chokeslam but Blade hits him from behind. They hit a series of clotheslines in the corner.

Butcher and Blade hit an Assisting Swinging DDT for a nerfall before Jungle Boy breaks it up. Butcher hits a Backbreaker on Jungle Boy and then they go for their finish as MJF screams for them to do it but Lucha saves Jungle Boy and hits the Tailwhip on Blade. Jungle Boy dives off Lucha’s back and dropkicks Butcher to the floor. Jurassic Express hit an Assisted Cutter for the pin.

Winners: Jurassic Express via pinfall (Assisted Cutter)


The Dark Order make their way to the ring and Evil Uno and he says that he hopes that the AEW production team are as smart as they think they are and concentrate right on his eyes as he talks to his “people.” Uno says that the Exalted One is near and when he arrives he will breathe new life into the ark Order.

Uno says that the rest of the Dark Order will see what he sees because he has promised them the arrival of the Exalted One and he never lies. “Evil Uno never breaks his promises because Evil Uno cares about you,” he says. “We are one and the Exalted One is near!”

Chris Daniels yells at them to stop and both he and Frankie Kazarian come to the ring. Daniels tells Uno to stop running his mouth and he says that he is sick of his lies. Daniels says that Uno hasn’t made anyone’s life better and all he’s done is wasted time and everyone is sick of it. He again reitirates that there is no Exalted One but then a creepy video appears on the screen.

A man is shown in a robe and says that in a short time people will be brought up to date on who he is. He says that the Dark Order do what they want when they want to and if he wants something he takes it. He takes down the hood and reveals himself to be Brodie Lee.

Lee says that when he knocks on the door you better answer it or he will kick it in. Lee says that Daniels is not the first out of touch old man to not believe in him but he will make damn sure he is the last. When the video ends Lee is in the ring behind SCU and destroys Daniels with a Big Boot.

Lee kills Daniels with a Lariat and then stands tall with the rest of his group in the ring as they scream “WE ARE ONE” behind him.

Trios Match
The Inner Circle (PNP & Jake Hager) w/Sammy Guevara vs. The Elite (Cody Rhodes, Adam Page & Matt Jackson) w/Arn Anderson & Kenny Omega

The winning team gets the man advantage in Blood and Guts next week. MJF taunts Cody about his tattoo from ringside. Santana attacks Cody from behind as he was preoccupied by MJF. Cody catches Santana with a Snap Powerslam.

PNP hit a Double Back Suplex as Ortiz tags in. Ortiz goes for a Snap Suplex but Cody counters it into a Release Vertical Suplex. Cody tags Jackson and holds Ortiz as Jackson dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle. Cody tags in and hits a Flying Axe Handle of his own. Jackson tags in again and he and Cody break out some nice double team moves.

Page comes in and hits a Big Boot on Ortiz but doesn’t give Jackson a high five. Ortiz catches Jackson with an Enziguri and tags Santana back into the match. Santana whips Jackson into the corner but Jackson explodes out with a Spear. Jackson sets up for a Superkick but Page blind tags him.

Page whips Santana into the corner and connects with a Running Clothesline followed by a Tornado Lariat. Page hits a Pump Handle Bridging Fall Away Slam for a nearfall. Page tags Cody but Santana clotheslines Cody to the floor and tags Hager. Ortiz holds Cody as Santana Superkicks him.


Inner Circle take turns passing Cody around in a Delayed Vertical Suplex before Ortiz finally slams him for a nearfall. On the outside, Ortiz slams Cody into the barricade repeatedly. Jackson attacks Ortiz but Hager pulls him off.

In the ring, Santana tags in and puts Cody in a weird submission hold, kind of a combo of an STF and an Armbar at the same time. Santana rolls Cody up for a nearfall and then hits him with an Enziguri. Hager tags in and reigns down a series of right hands.

Hager puts Cody in a Top Wristlock but Cody counters into a Front Facelock until Hager backs him into the heel corner where he gets tripled teamed. Inner Circle continue to quick tag and take turns beating on Cody in their corner.

Cody is able to fight his way out of the corner and connect with a Crossrhodes but can’t make the pin. Cody tosses Hager to the floor as Hager tagged himself in. Santana knocks The Elite off the apron before the hot tag can be made.


Page makes the hot tag and hits a Springboard Clothesline on Ortiz followed by a Fall Away Slam on Santana. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Hager on the floor and then a Sliding Lariat on Santana in the ring for a nearfall. Ortiz broke up the pinfall attempt. Cody hits a Tope Suicida onto Ortiz on the floor and then tosses him into the crowd on top of MJF. Wardlow goozles Cody but Arn hits him with his clipboard.

In the ring, Jackson blind tags Page as Hager pulls him to the floor. Jackson hits the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes and goes for one on Hager but he blocks it. Page runs in and he and Jackson hit a Double Northern Light Suplex on the bigger Hager. Page and Jackson go for the Indy Taker but Hager pulls Page down and Santana rolls Jackson up for the pin.

Winners: Inner Circle via pinfall (rollup)

Jericho says that he is banning all fans from future AEW events until he says so because he likes it better this way. Jericho says that the Inner Circle will not only have the man advantage in Blood and Guts but they will have the numbers advantage in general because of what they did to Nick Jackson.

A drone appears in the arena and Jackson says that they won’t have the numbers advantage because he made a call to a friend that owes him a favor! A piano begins playing and Matt Hardy appears in the balcony! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!