AEW Dynamite 06 24 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
June 24, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We are welcomed to the show.

Luchasaurus vs. Wardlow in a Lumberjack Match

20 minute time limit. Luchasaurus opens up with offense.  Wardlow quickly comes back on the offense.  Luchasaurus sends Wardlow outside the ring and the lumberjacks attack Wardlow.  Back in the ring, Wardlow comes back on the offense slamming Luchasaurus on the mat. Luchasaurus tries to come back, but Wardlow counters with a slam.  Luchasaurus comes back with chops to the chest and clothesline, leg sweep and a moonsault press. Luchasaurus attempts a chockeslam, but Wardlow blocked it.  Both men are on the second rope.  Wardlow superplexes Luchasaurus.  Warldow goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Both men then exchange right hands.  Luchasaurus counters an attempted slam by Wardlow, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. The fight goes outside the ring and Wardlow body slams Luchasaurus on the steps.  Both men are outside the ring on the stage and continue to exchange blows.  Brad Cutler attempted to bring Wardlow back in the ring, but was thrown into the other lumberjacks.  As other lumberjacks attempt to get Wardlow in the ring, he throws the lumberjack into the other lumberjacks.  Luchasaurus then does a shooting star press into the other lumberjacks.  MJF tried to get involved, but Jungle Boy knocked him off the ring apron.  Both men are back in the ring, Wardlow then lowblows Luchasaurus and does the F-10 for the three count.

Winner by pinfall: Wardlow

After the match, the lumberjacks enter the ring for a big brawl.  It was then announced that Tony Khan said it will be MJF vs. Jungle Boy at Fyter Fest.

Britt Baker is shown behind a plexiglass shield drinking on her roll model trailer drinking a beverage.


Hikaru Shida vs. Red Velvet

Shida and Penelope Ford exchange words at ring side and Shida attempts attack Ford.  Shida puts Red Velvet in a Falcon Arrow and get the three count.  Shida then goes to ringside, jumps the guardrail and attacks Ford.  Both women brawl as the talent try to break it up.  It looks like Ricky Starks got his eye poked as he kept putting his hand up to it.

Winner by pinfall: Hikura Shida

2020 Fyter Fest Press Conference with Cody and Jake Hager.  Hager had not shown up.  Arn Anderson takes questions from the wrestling media.  Arn gives his take on Jake Hager and how it’s not his time, then says Cody is ready to face Hager and can beat him.  Cody is asked how it feels to be the first TNT Champion. Cody says it feels like hope and then gives praise to Ricky Starks.  Cody said he very much goes by the American Nightmare but still very much believes in the American Dream and that is hope.  He said he likes professional wrestling, not play wrestling.  He said the service they provide is the hope for the viewers at home.  He then talks about the incomplete TNT Title and is interrupted by Jake Hager showing up with his wife.  Cody and Hager face-off. Hager puts his fist up to Cody. Hager walks away and Hagers wife picks up a glass of water and throws it in Cody’s face.  End of Press Conference.

We then go to a video package with Sonny Kiss out driving with Joey Janela. Kiss says he understands Janela better than most and sometimes you just lose yourself. They pull into a gas station.  Janela goes in for snacks, and then a group of guys comes up to Kiss, and Kiss starts fighting with them. Janela comes out and sees what’s happening. He start fighting and they end up taking out the group. In the car, Kiss says he could get used to this, and Janela both agree.


Colt Cabana and Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

Brodie Lee locks up with Sonny Kiss.  Sonny Kiss goes on the offensive, but Brodie Lee counters and tosses Sonny.  Janela is tagged in and is hit by boot to the face. Cabana is tagged in.  Janela puts Cabana in an arm bar and tags in Kiss.  Lee comes in with a big boot to the face of Janela.  Outside interference from The Dark Order with a kick to Kiss on the back of head gives back Cabana and Lee the advantage. Cabana did not see the kick.


Kiss tags Janela who does a cross body on Cabana.  Janela slams Cabana with a death valley driver and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Janela climbs the top rope and does a moonsault on Lee.  Kiss then climbs the top rope and does a moonsault on Cabana.  Kiss goes for a three count, but it is broken up by Lee.  Cabana then goes for a roll up on Janela, but only gets a two count. Kiss is on the top rope again and takes out Cabana.  Lee then gives a boot to the face on Janela.   Back in the ring, Lee gives Janela a discus lariat and then Cabana goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner by pinfall: Colt Cabana and Brodie Lee

Lance Archer then shows up and attacks Sonny Kiss.  Janela tries to go for the save, but is taken out by Lance Archer.



FTR comes to the ring in their pickup truck.

Cash Wheeler and Frankie Kazarian are locked up.  Both men lock up again after a brief breakup.  Christopher Daniels is tagged in and drop kicks Cash Wheeler. All four men then enter the ring and all four men brawl.  All four men then take each other over the top rope and onto the floor.


During the match, the commentary team noted that FTR was originally schedule to take on the Nature Nightmares but due to QT Marshall coming in contact with a non-wrestling acquaintance who tested positive for COVID-19, it was best that he stay safe at home. 

Frankie Kazarian slams Cash Wheeler who is able to make it to the corner to tag in Harwood.  Daniels is then tagged in.  Harwood gives Daniels a sling shot suplex and only gets a two count.  Wheeler then gives a body block on Daniels as both members of FTR are in the ring.  Wheeler goes for the inside cradle on Daniels, but only gets a two count.  As Harwood is on the floor, Wheeler and Kazarian exchanges offense.  Kazarian goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.  Cash Wheeler is tagged in and they double team on Daniels for only a two count.  Kazarian is tagged back in.  SCU doubles teams Harwood and only gets a two count. Daniels gives Harwood an angels wings, goes for the two count but only gets the two count.  FTR comes back and gives the Goodnight Express on Daniels and gets the three count.

Winner by pinfall: FTR

Post match, Cash Wheeler gets on the mic and to give themselves praise and address the tag team division and put them all on notice.  The Butcher and The Blade are then shown in FTR’s truck and threaten to trash the truck.  The Butcher and The Blade challenge FTR to an eight man tag at Fyter Fest. We then go to the ring and the Lucha Bros attack FTR in the ring.  The Young Bucks them come to the ring for the save on FTR.  The Lucha Bros and then The Butcher and The Blade take off in FTR’s truck. It will be FTR and the Young Bucks vs. Butcher and Blade and their partners Rey Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. at Fyter Fest. 

We go to a Kenny Omega and Hangman page and Best Friends video package building up the Tag Team Championship Match at Fyter Fest.


Video package with Jon Moxley and Brian Cage building up to the AEW Championship Match at Fyter Fest.

Brian Cage with Taz vs. Joey Cruz

Cage picks up Joey Cruz who was already in the ring and tosses him around in the ring. Cage and Cruze are outside the ring, and Cage tosses Cruz back in the ring.  Cage makes quick work of Cruz and gets the three count.

Winner by pinfall: Brian Cage 

Taz takes the mic and badmouths Jon Moxley and that Fyter Fest is coming and says that Moxley’s championship is in jeopardy.


Backstage Mr. Brodie Lee is backstage giving praise to Colt Cabana and makes a challenge to SCU for Lee, Stu Greyson and Cabana at Fyter Fest.  Cabana seemed hesitant.

The commentary team then goes through the card for night one and night two of Fyter Fest.

Tony Schiavone is handed a note by Britt Baker badmouthing Big Swole who then comes out and dumps garbage onto Baker.

Santana with Ortiz vs. “Broken” Matt Hardy

NEO 1 comes over the ring.  Santana takes Hardy to the corner.  Both men lock up at the corner of the ring again and Santana slaps Hardy and then Hardy throws some punches, but Santana fires back. Santana has Hardy in the corner and throws punches to the gut of Hardy and then puts the boots to Hardy.  Both men are outside the ring.  Hardy pushes Santana against the ring post. Hardy throws Santana against the guardrail.  Hardy then bites the hand of Santana.  Back in the ring, Ortiz distracts Hardy who then takes out Hardy.


Santana attempts a kick, but misses.  Santana then grabs Hardy and slams him in the ring. Santana then goes for a pin, but only gets the two count.  Santana misses a frog splash.  Hardy slams Santana’s head on the turnbuckles.  Hardy then attempts a bulldog.  Hardy then gives Santana two side effects and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Hardy again goes for a pin, but still only gets a two count.  Santana slams Hardy and goes for a three count, but only gets a two count.  Hardy then counters and pins Hardy.

Ortiz then attacks Hardy with the sock filled with the baseball.  Both men then attack Hardy with a Street Sweeper.  Private Party then come to the ring to try to save Hardy.  Santana and Ortiz then leave the ring.  It was noted that the locker rooms are in the TIAA Bank Arena which is why it took Private Party so long to get to the ring.


Face Off with Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho

Orange Cassidy comes to the ring first.  Chris Jericho then comes out to the ring next without the Inner Circle. Jericho then has the mic and asks why the did the chicken cross the road – to get to the other side.  He says the joke is dumb and annoying like Orange Cassidy and he is the chicken that crossed the road joke.  He says Cassidy’s name is stupid and his wrestling is a joke.  He then says when he found out that AEW signed Cassidy, he asked Tony Khan, Cody and The Young Bucks why they signed him.  He then started to praise Cassidy a bit, then went back to calling him lazy and a slacker that says he doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top.  Jericho says that at Fyter Fest he will make sure Orange Cassidy will run out of juice.  Cassidy then grabs the mic and then puts it down.  He then touches Jericho’s shins with his feet and puts his hands in his pockets.  Jericho then takes Cassidy’s sunglasses.  Cassidy then takes down Jericho and the sight spills to the outside.  Jericho gives Cassidy a hard right hand and then punches Cassidy in the gut.  Both men then fight into the stands near the fans that appear to be friends and family of AEW staff.  Both men then go to the upper level of Daily’s Place.  Jericho slams the remote camera into Cassidy.  Jericho then has Cassidy on a crate.  Cassidy counters and slams Jericho’s face on the rail.  Cassidy is bleeding from his right ear.  Cassidy then runs into Jericho and Jericho then goes backwards into a table.  A bloody Cassidy stands tall as his music plays while the commentary team hypes Fyter Fest as the show goes off the air.