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AEW Dynamite 07 15 2020 Fight For The Fallen

AEW Dynamite Results – Fight for the Fallen Special
July 15, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Taz
Results by: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

Taz is on commentary for Tony Schiavone, who is sick.

AEW TNT Championship
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (14-1) (c) w/Arn Anderson vs. Sonny Kiss (0-3)

Jaguars cheerleaders accompany Sonny Kiss to the ring. Cody shows off some big moves and taunts Kiss, which pisses Arn off. Arn yells at Cody to get his “head out of his ass.” Kiss catches Cody with a Roaring Elbow and a series of kicks followed by a T-Bone Suplex. Kiss hits a Diving Rana off the middle rope and then Matrixes out of a clothesline attempt from Cody before flipping backwards into a Headscissors Takeover.

Kiss attempts a Splitting Leg Drop off the top but Cody moves and goes for the CrossRhodes only for Kiss to counter it into a CrossRhodes of his own for a nearfall. Kiss hits a 450-Splash off the top for another nearfall. Kiss attempts another Spinning Headscissors but Cody blocks it and tosses Kiss over the top rope onto the ramp.

Cody hits an Alabama Slam on Kiss onto the ramp and rolls him back into the ring for a nearfall. Cody hits a Copa Killa on Kiss but still only gets a nearfall. Cody lifts Kiss up to the top rope and hits a Superplex for another nearfall. Cody argues with the referee after that nearfall, which is further pissing Arn off as Kiss rolls Cody up for a nearfall.

Cody counters into a Crossface but Kiss gets to the ropes to break the hold. Cody goes for a Back Suplex but Kiss counters into a Body Scissors Takeover and then a rollup for yet another nearfall after Cody had exposed the steel ring on the top turnbuckle. Cody and Kiss exchange strikes but Cody managed to catch Kiss with the CrossRhodes for the pin out of nowhere.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Rhodes via pinfall (CrossRhodes)

Cody hugs Kiss after the match and they raise each other’s arms but Arn looked unpleased the whole time.


The Lucha Brothers (1-2) w/Butcher & Blade vs. #FTR (2-0)

The Lucha Brothers and Butcher and Blade come out to the ring in FTR’s stolen truck again. Pentagon and Dax start the match off and Pentagon lights Dax up with a bunch of chops, but that just pisses Dax off and he responds with chops of his own. Pentagon and Dax exchange some forearms and then Pentagon lights Dax up with a Superkick.

Fenix tags into the match and Lucha Bros connect with some double team action capped off with a Wheel Barrow Splash combo for a nearfall. Fenix goes for a Suplex but Dax counters and then gets a blind tag from Cash. Dax holds Fenix in place for a Guillotine Slingshot Elbow Drop from Cash for a nearfall.

Dax tags back into the match and FTR connect with some more double team action of their own as they isolate the smaller Lucha Bro in their corner. FTR just blatantly mugs Fenix in their corner and take turns tagging in and out as they stomp Fenix out. Cash goes for another Suplex but Fenix escapes it and tags his brother. Pentagon hits a Diving Sunset Flip and Fenix kicks Cash in the face as he lands! Fenix and Pentagon hit a Double Superkick on Cash and then Fenix hits an unreal Shotgun Dropkick off the apron onto Dax on the floor!


Dax lays out Fenix and Pentagon with rights and then connects with a series of Snap Suplexes on Fenix before Suplexing Pentagon on top of his brother. Dax hits a Shortarm Lariat on Pentagon and then Alley Oops Fenix into the turnbuckles followed by a Back Suplex and a Sliding Uppercut for a nearfall. Dax’s chest is actually bleeding from the chops Pentagon hit him with earlier in the match.

Cash tags in but eats a Roundhouse Kick from Fenix. Pentagon tags his brother and then the Lucha Brothers hit a series of kicks followed by an Assisted Splash from Fenix off his brother’s shoulders and then a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop from Pentagon for a nearfall. Fenix tags back in and they set up for their finish but Cash sends Pentagon to the floor and then catches a Fenix rana attempt and holds him up as Dax hits a Steiner Bulldog off the top for a nearfall broken up by Pentagon.

Pentagon drags his brother to their corner and tags him before climbing to the top. Dax cuts Pentagon off and hits a Superplex but as he went up Fenix blind tagged his brother. Cash goes for a Splash on Pentagon but Pentagon got his boots up and then Fenix came off the ropes for a Splash on Dax only to eat some knees, too.

The two sides break down into a brawl with Fenix and Dax falling out to the floor. Pentagon hits a Slingblade on Cash and then drags him to the apron where he goes for a Fear Factor, but Cash blocks it and then the two chops each other. Cash goes for a Brainbuster on the apron but Pentagon blocks it and Cash tosses him back into the ring. Pentagon hits an Enziguri on Cash and then goes for a dive but Cash moves and Cash hits a Diving Tornado DDT onto Pentagon on the floor!

Fenix hits a Plancha off the top onto Cash and then back in the ring hits a Hook Kick but as he went for another one Dax pulls off his mask and rolls him up for the pin as Fenix went to cover his face for the pin!

Winners: FTR via pinfall (rollup)

The Young Bucks destroy Butcher and Blade with Superkicks and then grabs the key to FTR’s truck. The Young Bucks give the keys back and Kenny Omega also comes out with a cooler of beers to offer them as a peace offering. FTR instead pours the beer over Kenny’s head and Kenny goes after them but Young Bucks hold him back.


Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring alongside Jack Hager and Proud-n-Powerful. This is Hager’s first appearance since getting suspended after attacking a referee a few weeks back. I’m sorry but I miss Sammy. Jericho and Hager are carrying jugs of orange juice. Jericho says he had one of the best matches in AEW last week but not only did he win but he also won the ratings war just like he does every week. Jericho says the 18-49 demographic is the most important one and Jericho has never been beaten in that demo.

Jericho says he is the “demo God” and that he made Orange Cassidy look like a star last week just by being in the ring with him. Jericho says he understands the idea of drawing money and the network and advertisers want a rematch. He asks the fans if they want a rematch but Jericho says they aren’t getting one and starts laughing. Jericho says OC had his chance and he was good but not good enough.

The people in the crowd chant “you scared” at Jericho and he says that he is never scared of anyone. Jericho tells OC to enjoy the fact that he got to stand in the ring with “Le Champion” for one night and then takes a swig for OC and his dead career.

Orange Cassidy comes out as everyone in the crowd chants “you scared” at Jericho again. Jericho says that OC showed the world he could really go but he just doesn’t have what it takes. He calls OC a “sloth” and says he is lazy and entitled. He tells OC again that there will never be a rematch and then tells him to take his sunglasses and shove them up his ass. Jericho calls OC a “piece of shit” and yells at him to get out of his arena.

OC does a thumbs down directed at Jericho and then a ton of orange juice spills down from the ceiling on top of Inner Circle. Jericho freaks out and starts screaming for a towel but when someone hands him one it has a huge picture of OC on it.


Alex Marvez interviews Jurassic Express backstage where Marko Stunt is laughing and making fun of Chris Jericho, but Jurassic Express cuts him off and says The Elite has to wrestle them next and that is not a joke.

Trios Match
Jurassic Express (5-2) vs. The Elite (2-0)

Nick Jackson and Jungle Boy start things off with some nice chain wrestling. Nick hits a gorgeous Springboard Lucha Arm Drag but Jungle Boy comes back with one of his own. They exchange pinfall attempts and then a series of kicks. Nick attempts the Slingshot X-Factor but Jungle Boy does a headstand to block it. Adam Page is shown watching backstage.

Marko and Omega tag into the match. Omega slams Marko to the mat repeatedly but then offers him a handshake and when Marko goes to accept Kenny pulls it away. Omega lights Marko up with chops but Marko catches Omega with an armdrag for a nearfall. Marko this a Springboard Headscissors Takeover and Omega gets pissed off at him and Marko immediately tags in Lucha. Matt Jackson also tags in.

Matt goes for a Rana but Lucha shoves him off and hits a Spinning Roundhouse Kick for a nearfall. Marko tags back in and Jurassic Express hits a crazy triple team move. Jungle Boy hits a Sliding Dropkick onto Matt outside and then Marko hits a Diving Rana. Nick hits a Punt Kick to Marko but Lucha knocks him to the outside. Omega knocks Lucha out to the floor and then hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha onto the pile of humanity outside.


Jungle Boy rattles Omega with a Lariat on the floor and then catches Matt with a Springboard Tornado DDT in the ring. Lucha tags in and hits a series of kicks on the Bucks. Lucha hits as Chokeslam on Matt followed by a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall before Omega broke it up. FTR approach Page at the bar and watch the match with him.

Omega and Lucha exchange forearms and Lucha headbutts Omega as he went for a Raoring Elbow. Omega comes back with a V-Trigger followed by a second one. Omega hits a Snap Dragon and then catches a diving Stunt with one, as well. Jungle Boy also eats a Snap Dragon for his troubles. Omega goes for another V-Trigger but Lucha elbows him and then tosses Stunt into a Rana on Omega!

Jurassic Express hit the Extinction on Omega for a nearfall but the Bucks broke it up. Lucha goes for the Tailwhip but Omega ducks and The Bucks hit him with a Superkick Party. Omega hits a Spike Tiger Driver on Lucha for a nearfall.

Nick and Stunt tag in and Nick lifts him up to the top rope only for Jungle Boy to come over and hit a Frankensteiner followed by a 450 Splash from Marko with a nearfall. Nick backdrops Stunt over the top rope onto Jurassic Express on the ramp. As Matt was on the top rope Marko jumped onto Lucha’s shoulders and dove into an insane American Destroyer off the top onto Matt for a nearfall!

Omega tags Matt and kills Marko with a Snap Dragon and then a Mafia Kick. Omega attempts a V-Trigger but Lucha pulls him away only to eat it himself. Omega hits a V-Trigger on Stunt and an attempt at the One Winged Angel but Stunt counters it into a rollup for a nearfall. Omega kills Stunt with another V-Trigger and then the One Winged Angel for the pin.

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (One Winged Angel)

Omega actually attacks Stunt after the match until The Bucks pull him off.

Alex Marvez interviews Hikaru Shida backstage and she says that she is always ready for Nyla Rose but she is ready to face anyone.

Earlier today, a pissed off Jon Moxley says he gets to take out all of his frustrations against Brian Cage. Moxley says tonight we fight for the fallen and he has a hell of a challenger in front of him. Moxley laughs at the thought that he couldn’t hit the Paradigm Shift because he is too swole. Moxley says maybe he won’t even try and instead he’ll just rip Cage’s recently surgery repaired bicep off the bone.

The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes) (3-0) w/Dustin Rhodes vs. Kenzie Paige & MJ Jenkins (0-0)

Brandi hits a Pump Kick on Kenzie to start the match and then a Running Back Elbow. Allie tags in and hits a Sliding Clothesline. Allie hits a series of elbows and a Running Knee Lift. Brandi blind tags her and hits a Superkick. Kenzie tries to fight back but eats a Bulldog.

Allie and Jenkins tag in and Allie connects with a clothesline and then an Uppercut. Allie hits a Running Bulldog followed by a Spear from Brandi. Allie hits a Reverse DDT for the pin.

Winners: Nightmare Sisters via pinfall (Reverse DDT)


Dasha welcomes Nyla Rose out to the ring and she says she won’t tell Dasha anything after referring to her as a “former champion.” Nyla says she isn’t going to tell anyone anything because she is going to let her manager say it for herself. Vickie Guerrero then comes out.

Vickie screams at Dasha for asking what her strategy will be. Vickie says that Nyla will go after the women’s title at the perfect time. She says from this moment on the women of AEW need to admit to themselves that they cannot beat Nyla and that she is going to steal every opportunity they want.


AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“FTW Champion” Brian Cage (6-0) vs. “Death Rider” Jon Moxley (13-0)

Moxley attacks Cage as he gets in the ring but eats a big Lariat. Cage slams Moxley into the corner and lays into him with shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Cage picks Mox up and starts doing curls with his body before dropping. Cage hits a Running Back Elbow followed by an Enziguri.

Cage goes for a German Suplex but Moxley blocks it and then hits a Missile Dropkick off the top. Mox hangs Cage’s arm up in the ropes and pretty much catapults it into the middle rope. Moxley goes to work on the arm stomping on it and slamming it into the mat. Mox hits a Running Knee for a nearfall and then locks in the Cross Armbreaker!

Cage punches Mox until he releases the hold but Cage catches Mox with a Suplex. Cage attempts to Suplex Mox off the apron but Mox slams his arm on the top rope and then into the ring post. Moxley hits a Tope Suicida and locks him in an Armbar but Cage tosses him into the barricade. Cage and Moxley brawl into the crowd where Moxley wedges Cage’s arm in between two barricades and then kicks it.

Moxley props a barricade up against the ring apron and then tries to Suplex Cage on it but Cage German Suplexes Moxley onto it!


Cage has Moxley in a Torture Rack and transitions into a Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Cage knocks Moxley off the apron sending him into the barricade and then Suplexes him onto a steel chair. Back in the ring, Moxley surprises Cage with a rollup and then sends him into the ring post as he kicks out. Mox hits a series of forearms and then charges right into a Snap Powerslam.

Cage goes for a Diving Moonsault but Moxley moves and hits a Flying Knee. Moxley hits another Flying Knee and a Running Clothesline. Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Cage blocks it and goes for a Spinning Clothesline only for Mox to duck it and connect with Paradigm Shift! 1…2…NO Cage kicks out!

Moxley lifts Cage up to the top rope and hits a Superplex for another nearfall. Moxley transitions right into a Kimura Armlock. Cage manages to counter into a Buckle Bomb! Cage Superplexes Moxley from the apron into the ring and then goes for the Drillclaw but Moxley blocks it and rolls Cage up and right into the Cross Armbreaker! Cage rolls Moxley over and almost escapes but Moxley manages to roll back and hold onto it and then transitions into a Rings of Saturn before going right back to the Cross Armbreaker.

Cage refuses to give up but Taz eventually throws in the towel and Moxley retains.

Winner & STILL World Champ: Moxley via corner stoppage (Cross Armbreaker)

Cage hits Moxley with the FTW Title but then the lights go out and when they come back on Darby Allin is standing on the top rope. Allin dives off the top and hits Cage with the skateboard.