AEW Dynamite 08 27 2020

AEW Thursday Night Dynamite Results
August 27, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho
Results by: Mike Tedesco of

The AEW Dynamite video leads us into the show. We see a big pyrotechnics display. We’re kicking off with the Gauntlet Match. The paying crowds, the first they have had since the COVID-19 pandemic began, roar in approval.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance to be on commentary.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match
The Natural Nightmares (#4, 6-1) vs. The Young Bucks (#3, 6-2)

QT Marshall and Matt Jackson start off. Matt goes for a superkick, but Marshall avoids it. They trade pinfall attempts before trading waistlocks. Nick Jackson tags in and rolls Marshall up for a two count. Dustin Rhodes blind tags in and clotheslines Nick. Nick quickly hip tosses him, but Rhodes kicks him away and hits an arm drag. They trade arm drags before Rhodes backs up. The crowd gives them a nice hand. Rhodes pauses to catch his breath. Rhodes goes for a scoop powerslam, but Nick drops down. Matt tags in as Rhodes hits Nick with a powerslam. Rhodes hits Matt with a hip toss and tags Marshall in. They hit a double-team Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Marshall dropkicks Matt down for a two count. Rhodes tags in, poses, and hits an elbow to the arm. Rhodes hits a snapmare and leg drops the arm. Matt grabs his arm in pain. Rhodes wrenches the arm and hooks a side headlock. Matt whips him off, and Nick blind tags in. Nick shoulders Rhodes, and The Young Bucks double dropkick him. They then double dropkick Marshall. Allie runs down and checks on Marshall.

The Young Bucks send Rhodes to the corner and hit him with clotheslines followed by a bulldog/dropkick combo for a two count. Nick tags in and punches at Rhodes. Nick sends him into the ropes, but Rhodes uppercuts him. Matt blind tags in. Rhodes goes for a Canadian Destroyer, but Matt stops him. Rhodes then hits a Canadian Destroyer, which Jericho calls a Texas Destroyer.

Marshall tags in and attacks the Bucks. Marshall hits Nick, who tagged in, with a reverse STO for a two count. Matt tags in, but Marshall cuts them off. Marshall goes for the QT Special, but they avoid it and double superkick him. Nick shakes the ropes wildly. Marshall sends Matt into Nick and rolls him up for a two count. Marshall stuns him with a right hand. Nick quickly kicks Marshall and tags in. The Young Bucks hit double sweet shin music on Marshall and hit a BTE Trigger for the win.

The Young Bucks def. The Natural Nightmares via Pinfall

The Young Bucks vs. Best Friends (#2, 14-4)

Chuck Taylor and Nick start it off. Taylor shoulders him and tags Trent in. They double-team Nick for a two count. Trent chops the chest and punches him. Taylor tags in and punches Nick. Taylor gets sent to the corner, but Taylor slingshots over Nick. Taylor signals that he injured his knee. Nick knocks Trent off the apron, but Taylor cuts him off. Nick takes Taylor down with a summersault X-Factor and goes for an apron moonsault, but lands on his feet when Trent moves. Trent spears Nick down.

Taylor attacks Nick in the ring and Trent tags in. Trent punches away at Nick and hits a splash in the corner. Trent covers Nick for a two count. Taylor tags in and kicks Nick. Taylor hits a double-arm suplex for a near fall. Taylor knocks him to the corner and whips him hard into the corner for a near fall. Trent tags in and comes off the top rope with a club to Nick. Trent kicks Nick and goes for a suplex, but Nick knees him in the head. Nick slides out of the ring and knocks Taylor off the apron. Trent quickly cuts Nick off before he can tag Matt. Trent goes for a piledriver on the apron, but Nick gets out and superkicks him. Nick then hits Trent with a German Suplex on the apron!

Matt tags in and punches away at Taylor. Matt DDTs Taylor, but Trent soon cuts him off. Matt sends Trent hard into the corner, and he rolls up. Matt goes for a piledriver, but Trent gets out. Trent sends Matt to the corner, but Matt boots him back. Matt hits a diving cutter for a near fall. Matt punches Taylor off the apron. Matt hits Trent with a trio of northern lights suplexes, but Trent comes back with a big tornado DDT!

Taylor tags in and clotheslines Nick, who also tagged in. Nick hits Taylor and Trent with knees, but Taylor hits a big spinebuster. Taylor’s knee is still hurting. Trent tags in, and the Best Friends hit a Sole Food/Half-and-Half Suplex before hugging. Trent goes for a double-team, but Nick rolls him up for a near fall. Matt held Taylor’s leg during that. Trent punches Matt off the apron. Trent avoids an enzuigiri from Nick, but Nick soon kicks him anyway. Matt holds Trent with his legs hanging on the apron, creating a body bridge. Nick then hits a summersault senton, and Trent crashes into the floor! Wow!

Matt tags in and hangs Trent on the ropes. Nick hits a 450 splash off the top rope. Matt covers, but Trent barely kicks out. The Young Bucks set up for a Meltzer Special, but Hangman Page holds Nick’s feet. Trent then rolls Matt up for the win!

Best Friends def. The Young Bucks via Pinfall

Hangman Page cannot even make eye contact with The Young Bucks. The Bucks are stunned and stare at Page as he walks off.

Best Friends vs. FTR (#1, 6-0) w/ Tully Blanchard

We come back from the break and join this match in progress. Cash Wheeler is working on Taylor’s injured leg. Dax Harwood tags in and shoulders Taylor in the back. Harwood drops a falling head-butts and hits a vicious leg drop. Harwood goes for a submission, but Taylor rolls him up for a two count. Taylor kicks Harwood into Wheeler. Taylor rolls Harwood up, but the referee takes forever to start counting. Blanchard gets on the apron, but he’s admonished by the referee.

Wheeler attacks Trent and hits him with a suplex on the floor. Taylor grabs Wheeler, but Harwood chop blocks the injured knee. Wheeler goes to the second rope and hits a diving stomp to Taylor’s knee. Harwood tags in and applies a reverse figure four leglock. Taylor screams in pain and then just taps out.

Winners by Submission: FTR

FTR will battle Kenny Omega and Hangman Page for the AEW World Tag Team Championship at AEW All Out. FTR celebrates in the ring with Tully Blanchard.

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Video Package: Darby Allin is shown walking on a country road, climbing to the top of an old metal bridge, and jumping over 100 feet to the water below!

Darby Allin and Lance Archer are confirmed for the Casino Battle Royal at All Out. The winner gets an AEW World Championship shot.

Lance Archer makes his entrance with manager, Jake Roberts. Archer goes to ringside and attacks one of the people in the crowd.

Lance Archer (12-1) w/ Jake Roberts vs. Sean Maluta (0-0)

Archer wipes out Maluta and sends him out of the ring. Archer attacks him outside the ring and gets him in. Maluta tries to fight back, but Archer chops him down. Archer grabs Maluta and hits a vicious release suplex. Archer hits a trio of running elbows to the head in the corner and hits a wild chokeslam. Archer covers, but lifts his shoulders before the pin. Archer connects with a Blackout before applying a Claw and bashing his head off the canvas a few times for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Lance Archer (13-1)

We’ll hear from Jake Roberts, next.

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Jake Roberts says 20 men think they have a good chance of winning the Casino Battle Royal. The winner damn sure better be Archer. Archer has been waiting to wipe that one blemish off his record. That blemish set them back a bit. Does Lance Archer think he can eliminate 20 men? Archer says as fast as they can enter the ring. Roberts says Archer is like a wood chipper: he eats him up and spits them out.

FTW Champion Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Taz interrupt him. Roberts says this looks like The Flintstones. Taz says he’s never crossed paths with Roberts, but Archer doesn’t have a chance. It’s going to be someone from Team Taz. Roberts says they should be in chicken suits because they’ll get plucked at All Out. Taz says he’s trying to keep this civil.

Darby Allin skateboards into the ring and attacks Ricky Starks. Starks and Allin brawl to the back. Roberts tells Archer to step back because they’ll do this on their time.

We go backstage to see MJF in a neck brace and using a walker. MJF gets in a security guards face, accusing him of laughing. MJF keeps walking and hits a bump in the floor, wincing in pain as he does.

Video Package: AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa at AEW All Out

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Contract Signing for the AEW World Championship match at All Out

MJF makes his way to the ring in his walker. Wardlow and the rest of the posse accompany him to the ring. There is a long conference table in the ring.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring to a nice reception from the 10% capacity, socially distanced crowd. The commentators talk about how Moxley is the #1 Wrestler on the PWI 500.

MJF’s lawyer says this contract will ban the Paradigm Shift in the AEW World Championship match at All Out. MJF quickly signs the contract. MJF says it’s easy to sign. We’ve all seen contract signings in wrestling and they always end in physicality. As much as he’d love to slap Moxley for trying to end his career, he won’t do that. Unlike “Jonathan,” MJF is not an animal. MJF can separate business from emotion. MJF tells Moxley to practice social distancing, just like his hairline. Moxley says MJF will get there one day… he just has to hit puberty first.

MJF says Moxley speaks well for someone from Middle America and is as sharp as a marble. Everyone wants to see this match, but MJF never got the hype around Moxley. MJF thinks Moxley is a one trick pony doing crazy things. MJF was wrong about him. Moxley is good, real good. That’s why the people love Moxley because he’s a badass. MJF recalls “Iron” Mike Tyson saying he wouldn’t want to be in a dark alley with Moxley. MJF wouldn’t want to be in a dark alley with Moxley either. On September 5 at All Out, they won’t be in a dark alley. That’s where Moxley is in danger. MJF says he is a pro wrestling prodigy. On September 5… MJF tells the crowd to be quiet. On September 5, he will take Moxley apart systematically and concisely. MJF will use the ring to his advantage with the same steady hands and consistency as a brain surgeon. Moxley will panic because he’s not a wrestler. Moxley is a glorified goon. Moxley will try to get him to do what every schmuck has done and get him outside the ring into his territory. Moxley wants MJF by the chairs, tables, and guardrails. All Moxley ever did was idolize guys like Sandman, New Jack, John Zandig, and Onita… hot garbage. MJF idolized wrestlers like Buddy Rogers, Ernie Ladd, and Tully Blanchard. MJF has a high ring IQ and won’t play into Moxley’s games. MJF will beat him like the dog that he is. The fanboys out here will want to call ASPCA, but it will be too late. At the end of All Out, he’ll be wearing pretty platinum holding the most important title in professional sports, the AEW World Championship. MJF says we deserve better.

If Moxley does think he’s so good and a better wrestler, he can’t wrap his head around the thought that he needs one move to beat him. MJF doesn’t get it… unless Moxley isn’t man enough to beat him without the Paradigm Shift. If that’s the case, Moxley can tell his hot little wife that he’s single. Moxley angrily gets up, but the lawyer threatens to sue him if he touches him. Moxley calls the lawyer a “dickwad” and tells him to sit down.

Moxley asks the crowd if he should sign the contract… does he need the Paradigm Shift to beat MJF? Does he want to dump MJF on his head and give him permanent neck damage? Kinda, yeah. He doesn’t like MJF. MJF wants to take away his most dangerous weapon, but it’s forcing Moxley to be creative. Moxley is thinking of all the ways he can snap his tendons and choke him out. That’s what makes this so interesting. Moxley doesn’t want to get sued because his public defender is in jail. Moxley says he’ll sign the contract, but MJF has to remember two things: nothing MJF says matters, and nothing Moxley signs matters. On September 5, MJF is a dead man.

Moxley signs the contract, and MJF shouts in celebration. MJF calls Moxley an idiot. The lawyer shakes hands with Moxley. Moxley thanks them for adding their thing on Page 17. MJF says there’s only 16 pages. Moxley tells them they need to read any contract they sign. Next week he’ll have a tuneup match against MJF’s lawyer… and the Paradigm Shift is legal. The lawyer cries. Moxley says if the lawyer doesn’t show up, MJF doesn’t get his title shot. The lawyer better wear a helmet because he’s going for a ride. Moxley leaves the ring.

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Santana and Ortiz talk about how stupid Best Friends are. All they want is an apology to their mother. It’s time for them to pay their dues.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Joey Janela, Sonny Kiss, Griff Garrison, and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. The Lucha Bros, The Butcher, and The Blade w/ Eddie Kingston

Garrison starts against The Blade. Garrison gets the better of Blade and avalanches him in the corner. Everyone gets in the ring and a brawl ensues. Fenix and Pentagon take out their opponents with summersault sentons. Eddie Kingston likes what he’s seeing. The Butcher hits a gutwrench suplex after Blade dropkicks Garrison. Blade runs into an elbow from Garrison. Garrison forearms Blade back, but Blade cuts him off. Garrison big boots him down. Sonny Kiss tags in and hits a hurricanrana. Kiss does a handspring slap before doing a matrix under a clothesline. Blade cuts her off and punches her down. Janela tags in, and Kiss and Janela hit a double-team hip toss. Kiss then hits a split kick. Janela sends Blade to the corner, but Blade gets out. Butcher tags in and avalanches. The Lucha Bros tag in and hit some double-team flips.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Pentagon attacking Janela. Fenix and Kiss tag in. Kiss hits a hurricanrana and goes for a diving split kick, but Fenix moves. Fenix goes for a springboard arm drag, but Janela hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Pentagon then hits Janela with a Package Piledriver on the apron. Pillman tags in and attacks The Butcher and The Blade. Pillman gets the better of them before hitting the ropes and hitting a clothesline. The Butcher and The Blade hit a suplex/powerbomb combo. The Lucha Bros then hit a dropkick/double arm DDT combo for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Lucha Bros, The Butcher, and The Blade

Eddie Kingston gets in the ring and demands the referee raise his team’s hands. Kingston says at the Casino Battle Royal, all five of them will be in it and one of them will win it.

Replay: Mr. Brodie Lee viciously takes Cody out after beating him for the TNT Championship this past Saturday on AEW Dynamite

The Dark Order comes out dancing with a casket on their shoulders. Evil Uno says he’s never been this happy. Stu Grayson made big purchases. The Exalted One bought six of the best lawn mowers known to men. This is a celebration for this. Uno points at the casket. They’ll bid farewell to the man known only as Cody. Where is Cody? Uno has them open the casket. 10 is laying in the casket with a fake Nightmare Tattoo on his neck. They put Cody’s jacket in the casket. The casket has been closed on the Nightmare Family. They have buried the prince to make way for a new king, the TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee.

TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee comes out with Anna Jay. Colt Cabana is also there. Lee hugs Cabana. They put things in effigy on top of the casket. The Dark Order gets in the ring. Tony Schiavone follows them in. Schiavone says he can’t see anyone taking the title from Lee, especially with this group around him. Lee tells Schiavone to look back to December after all these men in the ring were laughed at by people like the ones here. Lee was at home in jail watching this. Lee said this beautiful piece of gold is coming home with him, but he still gave the belt back to Cody. The Dark Order chants that Cody sucks. Lee says they buried the Nightmare Family. There isn’t a soul in the locker room that can stand up to him. The open challenge is over. All the independent wrestlers… it’s over. Cody will never, ever get this back. The Dark Order chants, “You deserve it.”

Lee tells The Dark Order to shut the hell up. Lee introduces us to the newest member of The Dark Order, #99 Anna Jay. One of the members says Lee is the man, so Lee lays him out. Lee says they are the hottest thing in professional wrestling.

Dustin Rhodes runs down and punches away at The Dark Order. QT Marshall comes out holding his neck, but The Dark Order quickly overwhelms them. Marshall eats a spinebuster. Scorpio Sky runs down and throws some punches. Sky clotheslines Uno out of the ring and stands off against Mr. Brodie Lee. Anna Jay turns Sky around and slaps him. Lee attacks Sky from behind and leaves the ring with her. The Dark Order quickly beats on Rhodes, Marshall, and Sky. Lee angrily shoves Uno on the way back.

Matt Cardona hits Evil Uno with a leg drop clothesline. Cardona gets in the ring and gives one of The Dark Order a back body drop out of the ring. Rhodes, Marshall, Sky, and Cardona clear the ring of The Dark Order. Mr. Brodie Lee returns and stands tall with The Dark Order on the ramp.

-Commercial Break-

Dasha catches up with Hangman Page, but The Young Bucks come up to him. They’re furious with Page. They say all they wanted was a friend. Page is having confidence issues. They called him a jobber a long time ago, but it wasn’t true. Tonight, he acted like a jobber. They throw a shot of whiskey in his feet. Matt Jackson says this is what Page wanted – he’s out of The Elite. The Young Bucks leave and slam the door so hard a mirror breaks. Page looks at himself sadly in the broken mirror.

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Dr. Britt Baker, Reba, and Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian vs. Big Swole

Baker says if Big Swole can win, she can have a singles match against her. Ford hits Swole with an extremely sloppy slam. Swole head-butts her, but Ford sends her into the ropes. Reba tags in, but Swole soon cuts her off. The commentators aren’t sure if he name is Reba or Rebel. Big Swole hits a hurricanrana, and Reba takes the bump with a huge delay. Swole takes Sabian out at ringside. They attack Swole, and Reba hits a moonsault for a two count. Ford tags in and clubs away at Swole. Reba takes one of Baker’s crutches. They comically do a spot where Reba hits Ford in the face with the crutch by accident. Swole picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Big Swole

Dr. Britt Baker will face Big Swole at AEW All Out. Baker is not happy.

Next week, Dynamite returns to Wednesday night. Santana and Ortiz will take on Best Friends. Chris Jericho will battle Joey Janela. Private Party and SCU battle Young Bucks and Jurassic Express. The winning team will face each other at AEW All Out.

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and Anna Jay come out to ringside. Uno has a “Join Us” Folder. Tay Conti is at ringside. They hand Conti the contract… and Conti joins The Dark Order.

Replays are shown of The Inner Circle pouring champagne all over Orange Cassidy this past Saturday.

Sammy Guevara will take on Matt Hardy in a Tables Match, next.

-Commercial Break-

Tables Match
Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy comes out of the gates blazing, punching away at Guevara. Guevara kicks back at him, but Hardy sends him out of the ring. Hardy sends him into the crowd and punches him down on a chair. Hardy sends him into the barricade, but Guevara leaps over. Hardy throws a chair, but Guevara avoids it. Guevara then knees him in the head.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Guevara bleeding from his head. Guevara jumps over Hardy, but Hardy hits him with a Side Effect on the apron. Hardy puts Guevara on a table and goes for an elbow drop off the apron. Guevara moves, and Hardy goes through the table. Since Guevara didn’t put Hardy through the table himself, the match continues.

Guevara brings a chair into the ring, and Hardy puts it around his neck. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate with the chair around Guevara’s neck. Guevara took a nasty landing on that! Hardy gets a table in the ring. The table has “DELETED!” spray painted on it. Hardy puts it on top the chair that is already set up in the ring. The point of the top is under the table. Hardy goes to the top rope, but Guevara cuts him off. Guevara gives Hardy a superplex through the table and chair for the win!

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Orange Cassidy’s music hits, and he runs over to commentary and viciously attacks Chris Jericho. Referees run out to regain order, but Jericho and Cassidy continue to brawl. They brawl as the show comes to an end.