AEW Dynamite 09 30 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
September 30, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

As Ricky Starks makes his entrance to open up “Dynamite,” rapper JPEGMafia introduces Darby Allin and says it will take more than some thumbtacks to kill Darby Allin and says that Darby will prove how much of a bitch Starks is tonight.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks (8-1) vs. Darby Allin (9-5)

Starks immediately goes for his Spear but Allin catches him in a Guillotine! Allin transitions into an Armbar as Starks tries to fight out of it. Allin Superplexes Starks onto the apron and then connects with a Tope Suicida on the outside. Brian Cage comes down to the ring but Will Hobbs jumps him before he can interfere.

Allin tries to drag Allin back in the ring but Starks pulls him off the apron and slams him into the floor. Back in the ring, Starks goes to work on Allin beating him down. Allin goes for a Dropkick but Starks catches him in a Half Crab in mid-move. Allin reaches the ropes to break the hold only to eat a Back Suplex for a nearfall.

Allin catches Starks in a Code Red for a nearfall and then locks him in a Fujiwara Armbar. As Starks almost reaches the ropes, Allin grabs his other arm and puts it in a Chicken Wing. Starks still manages to crawl to the ropes and break the hold. Allin connects with the Flipping Stunner and then goes for a springboard move but eats a Spear in midair from Starks! 1…2…NO Allin kicks out!

Starks drags Allin up top for an Avalanche Roshambo but Allin blocks it kicks Starks off the ropes. Allin hits the Coffin Drop for the pin!

Winner: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring as we head to a break.


Dasha interviews Cody in the ring and asks Cody how he is feeling and talks about a lesson he learned from Al Snow when he was training about never wrestling injured. He said that wrestlers, pre-pandemic, shook hands constantly and it was always believed that it was for respect, but he said it’s because wrestlers need each other. Cody talks about the shame he felt from losing the TNT Title in three minutes and then talks about working on the new TBS show he is going to be a part of.

Cody says he started asking himself who he was and says, “I’m the guy that got beat in three minutes.” Cody says that while he was gone heard the typical wrestling promos from people claiming to be the “future” and the “ace” of AEW. Cody says the only people with a claim to being the “ace” of AEW is the World Champion, the TNT Champion and the Women’s Champion.

Cody refuses the Dog Collar Match and says the optics of a match that bloody and violent, as Executive Vice President of AEW, he has to turn it down. Cody starts to walk away but comes back but says his “no” is actually “no regrets” and says it will go down next week!

Brodie Lee comes out and starts brawling with Cody as wrestlers and officials separate them. The Dark Order comes out and Brandi Rhodes ends up running out and hitting a Somersault Plancha over the top onto the Dark Order. Anna Jay attacks her from behind and they start brawling. Nyla Rose randomly pops another wrestler at ringside and they start brawling, too. Every time wrestlers separate Brodie and Cody they break away and start fighting again.


Tony Schiavone interviews FTR backstage and they say they did Best Friends a favor last week by not accepting their challenge because they’re just backyarders that aren’t ready for that. Cash says that SCU are a different story because they are world class athletes. Tony asks about The Young Bucks but Dax says every show they’ve had they blew it. “If it’s because Dave Meltzer loves them and throws them all the stars then yeah they deserve it,” Dax says of the Bucks getting a shot. Matt Jackson then kicks Tony in the face and walks away!

Dasha is with SCU and they say it’s time for them to get back their titles and they guarantee a win. As they walk away Shawn Spears stops and wishes them luck.


AEW World Tag Team Championships
20-Minute Challenge Match
FTR (c) (9-0) w/Tully Blanchard vs. SCU (7-7) w/Christopher Daniels

Adam Page joins the commentary booth for this one. This version of SCU were the first ever tag team champions in AEW. Kazarian and Dax kick things off against one another and mat wrestle for a few minutes before their partners tag in. Page questions that Kenny Omega really wants to go on a singles run.

Cash and Sky chain wrestle some and then they speed things up and both run the ropes. Cash hits the mat hard and acts like Daniels tripped him causing the referee to throw him out. Sky hits a beautiful Flying Cross Body out of the corner for a nearfall and then tags Kazarian back in. SCU hits a Double Backdrop and clothesline to Dax sending him to the floor. They backdrop Cash over the top on top of Cash after that.

Kazarian goes for a Sliding Dropkick but FTR moves out of the way only to eat a Somersault Plancha from Sky! In the ring, Sky gets a nearfall on Cash but Dax pulls him out and baits him into a clothesline from Cash as he came around the corner.


Sky is double teamed in the heel corner but manages to catch Dax with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Sky hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Cash after he tagged in and then makes the hot tag to Kaz as Dax tags in, as well. Kazarian hits a series of clotheslines and a spinning heel kick. He nails Cash with a Guillotine Leg Drop in the ropes and then a HBK Flying Forearm on Dax. He catches a charging Cash and back flips him into a Moonsault on his own partner!

Kaz rolls Dax up but Cash blind tags him and walks right into a Bridging Northern Light Suplex from Kaz for a nearfall. Kaz hits a Fisherman’s Suplex for another nearfall. Kaz goes for a German Suplex but Dax stops his partner from going up and then hits a Diving Sunset Flip off the top capped off with a Dropkick at the same time from Cash for a nearfall.

Dax goes for a Backslide on Kaz but Kaz kicks Cash causing him to flip over and tag Sky. Kaz hit as German Suplex on Dax allowing Sky to stack him up for a nearfall. Sky hits a Flying Cross Body on Dax for a nearfall and then he and Kaz hit Stereo Slingshot Cutters on both members of FTR for another nearfall.

Kaz and Cash tag in and then Kaz eats a series of forearms from FTR and then a Powerbomb from Dax and a Dragon Suplex from Cash for a nearfall. Cash goes up top put Kaz shoves Dax into his partner causing Cash to crotch himself on top turnbuckle. Kaz goes up with him for a Superplex but Cash counters into a Sunset Flip attempt. Kaz blocks it but then Dax dives off the top with a Cross Body at the same time only for Kaz to reverse it into a Powerslam in midair for a nearfall!

Sky tags in and rolls Cash up for a nearfall and then a La Magistral Cradle for another nearfall. Sky rolls Cash up a third time but Tully grabs Cash and keeps him from being rolled up. The referee kicks his hands away and Sky gets another nearfall. Sky hits a Vertical Suplex but Cash rolls out to the apron to get away. Sky attempts to Suplex him back in but Tully trips him and then holds his leg down as Cash gets the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: FTR via pinfall

Excalibur announces that an eight-man single-elimination tournament will begin soon with the finals taking place at Full Gear. The first three entrants are announced as Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy and Kenny Omega. When Omega is announced, Page gets pissed and storms off from the announce table.


Isaiah Kassidy (0-0 singles, 8-13 overall) w/Matt Hardy & Marq Quen vs. “Le Champion” Chris Jericho (4-3) w/The Inner Circle

Kassidy attacks Jericho from behind to start off and runs Jericho over with a series of shoulder blocks. Kassidy sweeps Jericho’s legs and connects with a series of punches. Kassidy slides under the legs of Jericho and then hits a Hurricanrana and an Armdrag. Kassidy catches Jericho in a La Magistral Cradle for a quick nearfall.

Jericho gets pissed and lays Kassidy out with a forearm. Jericho goes for a clothesline but Kassidy ducks and then Kassidy catches a dropkick attempt and catapults Jericho over the top rope to the floor. Kassidy goes for a Baseball Slide but Jericho moves and sends Kassidy into the barricade. Kassidy backdrops Jericho over the barricade where he lands on Luther. Jericho shoves Luther which pisses him off and Luther clotheslines him. Kassidy then hits a Tornillo onto all of the Inner Circle! In the ring, Kassidy hits a Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Kassidy hits a series of strikes and then bounces off the ropes right into a Gorilla Press from Jericho.


Jericho hits a Vertical Suplex and then he distracts the referee so that Hager can attack Kassidy from the outside. Jericho goes for a Running Bulldog but Kassidy hangs him up in the corner. Kassidy hits a series of clotheslines and then a Spinning Enziguri. Kassidy hits a Springboard Flipping Stunner for a nearfall. Jericho backdrops Kassidy over the top to the apron and then goes for his Springboard Dropkick but Kassidy sidesteps it and hits a Springboard Stunner for another nearfall.

Kassidy hits a series of forearms but then eats a Forearm Smash from Jericho. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Kassidy gets his knees up and hits his own Lionsault for a close nearfall! Kassidy hits a Codebreaker on Jericho for another nearfall. Kassidy goes for a springboard move but flies right into the Judas Effect for the pin!

Winner: Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)

The Inner Circle swarm Kassidy after the match but Matt Hardy chases them off with a chair. Jericho attacks Luther at ringside and Hager attacks Serpentico as Excalibur talks about Jericho and Luther’s history together in Japan.

Miro and Kip Sabian are hanging out at an arcade when that doofus Billy Mitchell – who claims to be the world record holder in Pac-Man – starts playing Miro in a game and offers to help him with the Bachelor party.

FTR tells Best Friends that the midcard has a spot for backyarders like them but not the top of the card where they reside. Best Friends act like they are going to punch them and FTR flinch causing Orange Cassidy to call them “weenies.”


“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (8-5) w/The Best Friends vs. “10” Pres10 Vance (2-2) w/The Dark Order

10 catches Cassidy with a Fall Away Slam to start things off for a nearfall. He whips OC into the corner and connects with a Running Clothesline followed by a Delayed Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. OC rolls 10 up but then eats a Spinebuster.

OC rolls to the apron and 10 Big Boots him to the floor and then tosses him into the barricade. As the Dark Order mocks Best Friends, OC hits a Plancha onto them on the outside. Back in the ring, Cassidy goes for a Flying Cross Body but 10 catches him in midair only for OC to connect with a Satellite DDT and the Orange Punch! OC hits the Beach Break for the pin!

Winner: Cassidy via pinfall (Beach Break)

MJF comes into the Inner Circle’s locker room with a gift for Jericho and it’s a bunch of jackets for the members but leaves Sammy out. MJF says it wasn’t intentional but Sammy asks him what the hell he is doing and Jericho reiterates it. MJF says he is just there to congratulate Jericho on his win. Jericho asks MJF if he wants to join the Inner Circle but MJF asks Jericho if he wants him to join. They do the Bugs Bunny thing back and forth until Wardlow and Hager get annoyed with each other. Jericho thanks MJF for the gifts and MJF congratulates Jericho on 30 years in the business. As MJF leaves, Sammy starts to call him a loser but Jericho cuts him off and says, “perhaps he’s not.”


Dr. Britt Baker DMD (4-6) w/Rebel vs. Red Velvet (0-7)

Baker takes Velvet down early on but Velvet comes back with an Armdrag only for Baker to use a Headscissors to counter and put Velvet in a Butterfly submission. Baker goes for a Hip Toss but Velvet counters with an Armdrag only for Baker to reverse into an Armbar. Baker transitions into a Hammerlock and then catches Velvet with a Back Elbow.

Baker hits the ropes but eats a Leg Lariat from Velvet. Velvet hits a Mysterio-like Wheelbarrow Bulldog for a nearfall. Baker forearms Sky and then hits a Hammerlock Clothesline. Baker hits a Butterfly Suplex and then Curb Stomps her into the ropes. Baker chokes Velvet in the ropes and then hits a Slingblade. Baker hits a Superkick followed by a Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Baker hits a Curb Stomp for the pin.

Winner: Baker via pinfall (Curb Stomp)

After the match Baker puts Velvet in the Lockjaw.


Eddie Kingston brings a referee out with he and the Lucha Brothers to the ring. Kingston talks about his match with Moxley last week and reminds everyone that he didn’t tap out last week. Kingston says that they pissed Moxley off so bad that he agreed to face anyone that Kingston wants him to. Kingston says he already beat Moxley up and he isn’t feeling up to do it again.

Kingston turns his attention to the referee and asks him what gave him the right or the balls to ring the bell last week considering he didn’t submit. The referee says that Kingston was unresponsive and talks about how they go way back together but in the ring they are at work and his job was to protect Kingston from himself. Kingston agrees and then the Lucha Brothers swarm him but Moxley’s music distracts them.

Moxley walks out with a barbed wire bat and chases Kingston’s crew off. Butcher appears behind Moxley and Kingston reveals that he is Kingston’s challenger!

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“The Death Rider” Jon Moxley (c) (17-0) vs. The Butcher (0-0 singles, 16-6 overall) w/Eddie Kingston & The Lucha Brothers

Butcher attacks Moxley from behind and kills him with a Big Boot and a Sidewalks Slam. This is Butcher’s first singles match in AEW. Butcher hits a series of clotheslines and then chokes Moxley in the ropes.


Butcher is still beating Moxley’s ass as we come back from the break. During the break, Butcher caught a diving Moxley with a Forearm Smash. Moxley manages to come back with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker and a Punt Kick for a nearfall. Moxley locks in a Cross Armbreaker but Butcher counters into a Half Crab. Moxley tries to roll through but Butcher beats him down.

Butcher hits a Running Powerslam for a nearfall and then immediately goes into another Half Crab. Butcher releases the hold so he can stomp on the knee and then choke Mox in the corner. Moxley fights him off and goes for the Paradigm Shift but Butcher blocks it and tries to put him in a Brock Lock but can’t put it on so instead he just puts him in Kneelock. Butcher hits a big Lariat and then tosses him to the floor. Butcher charges at Moxley but he moves and Butcher crashes into the barricade. Back in the ring, Butcher and Moxley exchange strikes and Butcher hits a Cross Body Block for a nearfall.

Butcher hits a Pump Handle Slam for a nearfall. Butcher climbs up top but Moxley gets back up and hits a Forearm Smash. Moxley hits a Superplex but Butcher catches him in a Kneelock as they hit the mat. Moxley rolls through sending Butcher into the turnbuckles. Moxley hits a Spike Piledriver but Butcher still kicks out. Moxley lifts Butcher up to the top rope and then goes for another Superplex but Butcher shoves him off and hits a Flying Cross Body Block for a close, close nearfall.

Butcher goes for a Lariat but Moxley counters into the Paradigm Shift and then locks in the Bulldog Choke for the submission.

Winner & STILL AEW World Champ: Moxley via submission (Bulldog Choke)