AEW Dynamite 12 23 2020

AEW Dynamite “Holiday Bash” Results
December 23, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Top Flight vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & MJF)

“Holiday Bash” goes right to the ring for this tag team match set up on last week’s Dynamite. Darius Martin and Jericho start the match off and Martin shows off his speed early on with some dropkicks and counters to Jericho. Top Flight break out some nice double team moves together as Dante Martin tags in. MJF tags in and tries to slow Dante down and taunt him with slaps and stomps, but Dante leapfrogs him and connects with a Sting-like dropkick.

MJF rolls to the floor where Jericho tries to calm him down. They get back in the ring and all four men square off against one another. Top Flight lay into Jericho and MJF with punches in the corner and then Stereo Dropkicks that send MJF and Jericho to the floor. Jericho hits a big right hand on Martin as he charges after him on the outside. The heels beat Top Flight down on the outside for several minutes as the referee tries to get them back in the ring.

Jericho hits a Back Suplex on Dante and tags MJF as they hit a Double Flapjack and then both walk on top of him while taunting Darius.MJF throws Dante head first into Jericho’s boot and then steps on his throat after tagging Jericho. Jericho catapults Dante into the bottom rope guillotining him before Hager and MJF take turns beating on Dante as Jericho distracts the referee. Jericho gets a nearfall by putting his feet on the middle rope.

Jericho lifts Dante up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Dante shoves him off and then hits a big Flying Cross Body Block for two. MJF and Darius both tag in and Darius is a house afire with elbows and kicks to the heels. Darius hits a Standing Spanish Fly on MJF and then a Tope Suicida onto Jericho on the floor. Darius hits a Shotgun Missile Dropkick on MJF off the top for a two count.

Darius hits a Buzzsaw Kick on MJF and then a Tornado DDT while kicking Jericho at the same time for another nearfall. Dannte tags in and Darius hangs MJF up in the ropes as Dante hits a Leapfrog Cannonball onto MJF and then rolls him up for a nearfall. Dante goes for a Hurricanrana but MJF Powerombs him and then Jericho hits the Lionsault for a nearfall for the heels.

Jericho goes for the Liontamer but Darius blind tags his brother and hits a Sunset Flip sending his partner flying onto MJF on the outside. Jericho clotheslines Darius and the heels beat him down in their corner. Jericho and MJF attempt a Double Backdrop but Darius counters into a Double DDT. Darius clotheslines MJF to the floor and Dante throws Jericho into the crowd. MJF distracts the referee so that Hager can slam Darius into the ring apron. MJF hits the Heat Seeker for the pin.

Winners: Jericho & MJF via pinfall (Heat Seeker)

Jake Hager grabs the microphone and says that everyone in The Inner Circle except Wardlow who he mocks for being away on “family business” because AEW is their family business. Hager says that that MJF and Wardlow wanted to join the Inner Circle because they are the dominant force in AEW. He says that he understands Wardlow is an asset but he is also an asshole. Hager says that he asked Tony Khan for a match with Wardlow next week and he agreed.

A music video from The Acclaimed airs and it is as absolutely awful as you could ever imagine.


Tony Schiavone invites Sting out to the ring and Sting says that he has come full circle in wrestling and talks about being a key part in building wrestling on TNT. Schiavone asks Sting why he is in TNT but he says he can’t answer that in a few words. He says that he has to go back in time to answer it and talks about when he was young watching through the curtain with Dusty Rhodes. He talks about Rhodes being the one that initially put him in the colorful tights and paint and put him in the ring with Ric Flair for the first time.

Sting says when he looks and sees Dusty’s son Cody in the ring he just had to be a part of it. Sting points up at Darby but before he can say anything else Taz interrupts him. Taz and Ricky Starks say that no one gives a shit about Sting and Taz says that they are about to rip his damn head off for sticking his nose in their business over and over. The lights go out and when they come back on Sting is holding his bat and Darby Allin is in the ring holding his skateboard. Taz says that is fine because they will take care of Darby Allin on Jan. 6 when he defends the TNT Title against Brian Cage.


In the back MJF walks in the cafeteria where PNP are playing cards. MJF offers condolences to Santana for the loss of his father and talks about his grandfather passing away recently, too. MJF says he knows how hard it is and that he is here for Santana. Santana gets in his face but then tells MJF to keep his head up and daps him up and hugs him. Ortiz shakes MJF’s hand, too.

Trios Match
The Jurassic Express vs. The Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Alan Angels & Pres10 Vance)

Cabana taunts Marko early but eats a Diving Rana off the top and a dropkick. Angels tags in but eats an armdrag from Stunt and then Jungle Boy tags in and they hit a series of double teams on Jungle Boy for a nearfall. Jungle Boy hits a dropkick for two and then tags Marko back in. Marko hits a dropkick and then Jungle Boy Powerbombs Stunt on top of Angles while also hitting a Leg Drop at the same time for a nearfall.

Cabana kicks Stunt and tags Angels but Luchasaurs tags in, as well. Lucha lays Cabana out with a chop and then chops the hell out of Vance, too. Marko tags in and Lucha Wheelbarrow Slams him on top of Vance and then lifts him up into Senton. Jungle Boy tags in and hits a Diving Senton for a nearfall.

Jungle Boy goes for a Wheelbarrow but Vance blocks it and shoves him into a kick from Cabana on the apron. Vance hits a Slingshot Wheelbarrow Suplex for a nearfall.


Vance and Angels hit a Dropkick/Fall Away Slam combo on Jungle Boy for a nearfall. Vance goes for a clothesline but Jungle Boy ducks and hits a big Lariat of his own. Angels tags in and prevents Jungle Boy from tagging out only for Jungle Boy to roll under him and tag in Lucha. Lucha kills Angels with a bunch of strikes and then a Deadlift German Suplex. Vance comes in and nails Lucha with a Pump Kick but Lucha shakes it off and hits a Tail Whip.

Lucha hits Angels with a Chokeslam followed by a Standing Moonsault for two before Vance breaks it up. Marko tags in and climbs on Lucha’s shoulders and hits a Flying Cross Body onto Colt Cabana. Lucha hits a Tail Whip on Cabana and then Stunt goes for a dive but eats an uppercut from Vance. Cabana shoves Lucha into the ring post as Vance tosses Marko into the heel corner. Vance hits a Spinebuster and Angels hits a Frog Splash for a nearfall. Jungle Boy made the save.

Stunt dropkicks Angles into his partners and tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy dropkicks Cabana and Vance to the floor and then Stunt tosses Stunt onto them on the floor. Lucha tosses Angles to Jungle Boy for an Assisted PowerBomb for the pin.

Winners: Jurassic Express via pinfall (Assisted Powerbomb)

Tony Schiavone tries to interview Jurassic Express after the match but FTR and Tully Blanchard appear on the big screen and cut them off. Tully says that they are the best there is and he understands that Jurassic Express wants to make a name for themselves. FTR challenges Jurassic Express to a match on Jan. 6 and Tully says that things in AEW used to be business but now it’s personal. He says that they areo on a quest to capture the Tag Titles again. Tully tells Marko that if he sticks his nose into the match Tully might have a flashback to the 80s.


Alex Marvez tries to interview Kenny Omega at his hotel but Don Callis cuts him off. Callis asks how Tony Khan can just let wrestlers run around running his business. Callis says that Omega is the World Champion and he doesn’t get dictated to by the talent. Omega says reminds Fenix that he has choked every time they’ve faced each other. Omega mocks Fenix for having to pull out of the tournament for a “little bump” on his head. Fenix says he beat Fenix’s brother’s ass in the tournament and asks him what he thinks he will do to Fenix. He says he may put Fenix out for good but he’s sure Impact Wrestling might want him back. Callis says he’s a bit injury prone but they could probably call Konnan and get him a job somewhere else. Omega says that guys like Fenix trip over their own feet and get hurt, guys like Omega get championships.

“The Bastard” PAC w/Penta el Cero M vs. Butcher w/Blade & Allie

Eddie Kingston is on commentary for this one. Schiavone said that Fenix is training for his match with Omega and not here tonight. PAC lays into Butcher with a series of kicks capped off with a Sliding Dropkick. PAC hits the ropes but eats a nasty Cross Body Block from Butcher. Butcher chokes PAC in the corner and then tosses him across the ring with a Hip Toss. Butcher throws PAC hard into the corner and continues to beat him all around the ring for a long period. PAC rolls to the floor to get away from Butcher but eats a Big Boot on the floor for his troubles.


PAC hits a series of kicks that gets Butcher to his knee and rocks him with a Superkick. PAC goes to the top and hits a Shotgun Missile Dropkick. PAC goes back up top but Blade shoves Penta into the ring post which stumbles PAC. Butcher kills PAC with a big kick and then a Sidewalk Slam. Butcher hits a Liger Bomb for a nearfall. Butcher argues with the referee and then goes to pick him up as Kingston screams at him to finish him off. Lance Archer comes out distracting Butcher and allowing PAC to kick him in the face. PAC hits the Black Arrow for the pin.

Winner: PAC via pinfall (Black Arrow)

Lance Archer gets in the ring and gets in PAC’s face.

Backstage Jade Cargill congratulates Brandi Rhodes on her pregnancy but says it’s really convenient that suddenly she’s pregnant after Jade shows up. Jade says that AEW better find her a worthy opponent because she is tired of this shit.

Tony Schiavone interviews Miro and Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford on the stage. Miro scream at Tony to smile and at like he’s happy for Penelope and Kip. Kip says this is the first ever wrestling wedding on TNT and it’s going to be a huge deal for everyone. Kip starts to announce the wedding date but Best Friends’ music interrupts them. They act like they are ready for a fight but then start laughing because they were trolling and Trent Baretta is shown being loaded in an ambulance backstage. The wedding is announced for the Feb. 3 “Beach Break” episode of Dynamite.


“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes w/Lee Johnson vs. Evil Uno w/Stu Grayson

Uno slaps Dustin in the face as soon as he climbs in the ring and beats him down in the corner. Rhodes fights back with a series of clotheslines and rains down punches in the corner. Dustin goes for an uppercut but Uno sidesteps him and hits a dropkick knocking Rhodes to the floor. Uno whips Rhodes into the barricade and then tries to chop him but Rhodes moves and Uno hits the ring post. Rhodes slams Uno into the post repeatedly.

Rhodes works over Uno’s hand in the ring and puts the boots to him. Uno comes back with a Big Boot and then climbs to the top and this a Swanton Bomb for a nearfall.


During the break Rhodes hit a Code Red and Flying Cross Body for nearfalls. Uno hits a Piledriver for a nearfall of his own. Uno and Rhodes exchange punches but Uno’s hand injury costs him as Rhodes gets the better of the exchange. Rhodes hits a Big Boot but Uno comes back with a Spinning Back Kick. Rhodes hits a Bulldog after Uno misses a Splash and gets the pin.

Winner: Rhodes via pinfall (Bulldog)

Uno offers Rhodes a handshake but he refuses and kicks Uno. Stu Grayson jumps Rhodes and Lee Johnson. Grayson hits a Rackbreaker on Rhodes and QT Marshall hits the ring only to get laid out by the Dark Order, too. Lee Johnson hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Grayson and Uno.

Tony Schiavone interviews Shawn Spears backstage and says that he bet on himself when he “left New York.” He says that he changed the three letters but not the glass ceiling. He says that he is better than 90% of the entire roster but “management” keep putting him into the same spot. He says that he sees himself going right back down the same path as he was before. Schiavone cuts him off and asks if he ever wondered that his real problem is himself. Spears says that he hasn’t thought about that for a godamn second and Tony is a piece of shit for saying it. He says that Tony can tell Khan and everyone else that he’ll come back to AEW if he feels like it.

Dasha interviews Hikaru Shida backstage but Abadon immediately attacks Shida resulting in security getting between them.

Hikaru Shida vs. Alex Gracia

Shida throws Gracia into the corner and misses a Splash allowing Gracia to hit a dropkick only for Shida to shake it off and hit one of her own sending Gracia to the floor. Shida hits a Running Forearm and tosses her back in the ring where she gets a nearfall. Gracia plays possum and then rolls Shida up for a nearfall. Gracia hits a Running Hip Attack in the corner followed by a Running Face Wash for a nearfall.

Gracia hits a series of elbows but Shida kicks her and hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Shida drags Gracia onto the apron and hits the Running Knee Lift. Abadon appears at ringside and Shida kicks the barricade into her. Shida puts the boots to Abadon and then kicks her head into the barricade. Shida rolls back into the ring and misses the Flying Knee allowing Garcia to roll her up for a nearfall.

Garcia goes for a Spinning Headscissors but Shida counters into a Backbreaker and then the Falcon’s Arrow for the pin.

Winner: Shida via pinfall (Falcon’s Arrow)

Shida grabs her kendo stick and starts poking Abadon with it but Abadon grabs it and throws her into the barricade. Abadon bites Shida’s neck causing her to bleed.

Main Event
AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Acclaimed

Max Caster and Matt Jackson start off and Jackson takes him out with a dropkick and armdrag early. Nick and Anthony Bowens tag in but the Bucks lay Owens out with double team moves. They then Suplex Caster on top of Bowens. Matt lifts Nick up in the air into a dropkick sending The Acclaimed to the floor. The Bucks hit Stereo Flying Dropkicks through the ropes onto The Acclaimed.

Caster tries to whip Nick into the barricade but he leaps over it and then forearm smashes Caster into a Spear from Matt. The Bucks hit Risky Business on Caster on the floor. In the ring, Matt Catapults Bowens into an Enziguri from Nick and then holds him over his own knees as Nick hits a Slingshot Elbow for a nearfall.

Matt gets tripped up by Caster on the outside and The Acclaimed double Matt now. They hit Stereo Superkicks for a nearfall. Caster tags in and they miss Double Clotheslines allowing Nick to blind tag his brother. Nick hits a Springboard Cross Body onto Bowens and then hits a Slingshot X-Factor followed by an Asai Moonsault onto Caster on the floor. Nick goes for a Swanton off the top on Bowens but he got his knees up. Caster Suplexes Nick onto the apron.


Matt Jackson hits a series of strikes on The Acclaimed and then connects with a Double DDT after faking them out on a Superkick tease. Matt sends Caster to the floor where Nick punts his face into the balcony. In the ring, Matt hits the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes on Bowens and then locks in the Sharpshooter. Caster throws Nick into the barricade and then rolls in and tries to break the hold only for Nick to pull him out and lock him in the Sharpshooter on the floor! Bowens manages to get to the ropes to break the hold, though.

Matt lifts Bowens up on his shoulders and Nick hits a Springboard Doomsday Device for a nearfall after Nick tagged in. Nick goes to the top but Caster crotches him and then throws Matt over the barricade. Caster Superplexes Nick off the top and then rolls him into a Suplex at the same time as Bowens dives off the top with a Cross Body for a nearfall. Matt broke up that pin attempt.

Matt tags in and Superkicks Caster. Bowens hits a Roaring Elbow on Matt but eats a Superkick from Nick. Nick goes for a Superkick on Caster but he ducks and the referee eats the boot. Csater kicks Nick in the nuts and then Bowens hits him with the Bluetooth speaker! A new referee runs out, 1…2…NO Nick kicks out!

The Acclaimed go for an Indy Taker but The Bucks stop it and then Matt Powerbombs Bowens through a table on the outside. Nick hits a Shining Wizard on Caster followed by the BTE Trigger from the Bucks for the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Young Bucks via pinfall (BTE Trigger)