AEW Revolution 2021

AEW Revolution Results
March 7, 2021
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Buy-In Pre-Show
Excalibur runs down the card for tonight and then cuts to a video package highlighting the feud between the Young Bucks and MJF/Jericho.

Dr. Britt Baker has a doctor’s note saying that Rebel can’t compete tonight. Rebel comes out with a crutch, too. Baker says that Tony Khan agreed to allow Baker to pick a new partner. Baker’s new partner is Maki Itoh from the Japanese bracket of the recent women’s tournament.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Maki Ito w/Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa & Riho

Riho and Baker start off against each other and Riho connects with a series of dropkicks to take Baker off her feet. Riho hits a Spinning Headscissors. Ito and Rosa both tag in and Ito flips off the crowd. Rosa tries to take Ito down but Ito counters only for Rosa to take her down and put her in a Crossface. Ito breaks the hold and the two continue to mat wrestle until they exchange shoulder block attempts.

Rosa and Ito chop one another until Rosa levels Ito with a number of elbow strikes. Ito stomps on Rosa’s foot but Rosa just takes her down again with a shoulder block. Ito hits a sloppy Bulldog and mounts Rosa in the corner with punches only for Rosa to put her in an Electric Chair before dropping her on the top turnbuckle.

Riho tags in and Rosa hits a Snap Suplex on Ito before dropping Riho down on Ito with a Splash for two. Riho hangs Ito up in the ropes and hits a 619 for another nearfall. Rosa tags in and works on Ito’s neck as Riho knocks Baker off the ropes. Riho and Rosa work over Ito with quick tags and take turns beating on her. Baker trips Riho and throws her into the barricade.

Ito attempts a Diving Headbutt but Riho moves and Ito tags Baker. Baker hits a series of knees and then a Butterfly Suplex for two. Ito and Baker utilize quick tags now working Riho over. Ito puts Riho in a Chinlock but misses a Splash in the corner. Riho dives off thet op with a Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. Rosa and Baker tag in and Rosa takes Baker down with a series of clotheslines.

Rosa hits a Corner Clothesline followed by a Slingshot Knee Drop in the corner and a Hesitation Dropkick. Rosa hits a Butterfly Suplex and hits a Backsplash Senton for a nearfall. Rosa goes for the Falcon Arrow but Baker blocks it and Ito tags her. Ito hits a Flying Elbow and tosses Rosa into a Slingblade from Baker.

Ito hits the Diving Headbutt for two. Rosa comes back with a Stunner out of nowhere and tags Riho. Riho knocks Baker off the apron and nails Ito with a Flying Knee. Baker Superkicks Riho but then eats a Thrust Kick from Rosa. Ito hits a Swinging DDT on Rosa. Ito goes up top and attempts a Flying Headbutt but Rosa moves and Riho attempts a Flying Knee only for Ito to drop back and grab Riho’s leg and lock her in a Half Crab!

Riho reaches the ropes to break the hold but Ito goes right back after her with strikes. Riho answers with strikes of her own. Baker tags in and hits an Air Raid Crash on Riho for two but Rosa broke it up. Riho kicks Baker and tags Rosa. Rosa rolls Baker up for two but Baker then rolls Rosa up and then puts her in a beautiful Backslide for two of her own. Baker destroys Rosa with a Spike DDT for two but Rosa counters into a Crucifix for two.

Rebel gets on the apron to distract Rosa but as Baker tries to her from behind Rosa moves and Baker hits Rebel. Rosa hits the DVD on Baker but Ito breaks up the pin attempt. Rosa throws Ito the floor and Riho dives onto Ito. Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver but Baker blocks it and hits a Superkick. Baker shoves Rosa into the ropes where Rebel hits her with her crutch and rolls her up for the pin.

Winners: Ito & Baker via pinfall (rollup)

A video package highlights the Moxley-Omega match.

Revolution Main Card
AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Young Bucks © vs. The Inner Circle (MJF & Chris Jericho) w/Wardlow

MJF is wearing a ring jacket that looks like a cross between the scarf that he always wears and a Young Bucks jacket. It has blue tassels all over it. “What a tool,” Tony Schiavone says about MJF. Jericho takes one of the belts from the referee and raises it in the air to taunt the Bucks. Nick and Jericho start things off with Nick immediately jumping him and laying into him with right hands. MJF tries to pull him off but Nick tackles MJF sending both Inner Circle members to the floor.

The two teams brawl at ringside and the Inner Circle gets the advantage by throwing the Bucks into the barricade and then running them into each other. They toss the Bucks back in the ring but they immediately dive onto them with Double Suicide Dives. The Bucks toss Inner Circle back in the ring and then both hit Double Sunset Flips and put them in Double Sharpshooters!

Jericho reaches the ropes to break the hold and Nick puts the boots to him before tagging his brother. Matt Spears Jericho and then Backflips into a Headscissors on MJF and holds him in place as Nick hits a Dropkick sending MJF to the floor. Matt hangs Jericho up in the ropes and Nick dives off the top with a Somersault Senton for two.

Nick goes for a dive onto MJF on the floor but MJF holds his foot allowing Jericho to hit a Springboard Dropkicking knocking Nick off the apron. MJF chokes Nick as Wardlow stomps on him with Jericho distracting the referee. Jericho hits a Back Suplex on Nick and tags Maxwell Jacob Friedman. They whip Nick into the ropes and connect with a Double Flapjack. They both step on Nick and then do the Young Bucks pose.

MJF and Jericho go for a Double Suplex but Nick blocks it and makes the hot tag to his brother. Matt lays into MJF with chops and right hands and then fakes a Superkick and nails MJF with a DDT as he flinched. Matt goes to hit the ropes but Wardlow pulls the top rope down causing Matt to crash to the floor where Jericho then Suplexes him.

MJF rakes the back of Matt Hogan-style and holds him as Jericho chops him. Jericho tags in and hits a Vertical Suplex and tosses him into the heel corner. MJF tags in as the two start utilizing a quick tag to beat Matthew down. Jericho and MJF hit a Double Delayed Vertical Suplex on Matt and MJF gets a nearfall. MJF slams Matt to the mat by his hair and flips Nick off.

MJF drop toe holds Nick and then floats over into a Front Facelock. Matt fights to his feet and hits a Northern Lights Suplex but Jericho slams Nick into the apron just as Matt reached for a tag. MJF throws Matt into Jericho’s boot and the two continue to double team him in their corner. They whip Matt into the ropes and attempt a Double Backdrop but Matt counters into a Double DDT. Matt dives to his corner and makes the hot tag to Nick. Nick his a house a fire with kicks and chops to MJF and Jericho.

Nick hits a Bulldog/Clothesline combo on MJF and Jericho and then Punt Kicks Jericho in the face before hitting a Slingshot X-Factor onto MJF. Nick then rolls backwards into a Moonsault onto Jericho on the floor. Nick hits a Slingshot American Destroyer on MJF! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out!

Nick hangs MJF in the corner and Superkicks him in the head before hitting the Made In Detroit MCMG style for two! Matt hits a Hurricanrana on Jericho and attempts a Flying Forearm, but Jericho takes him down and goes for the Liontamer. Matt couotners with a rollup for two and then goes for a Superkick. Jericho blocks it and goes for the Judas Effect only for Matt to Superkick his arm!

The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but MJF grabs Nick’s foot. Jericho counters into a Tombstone on Matt for two. Nick goes for a Springboard move but Jericho moves and locks Nick in the Liontamer! Nick tags Matt and goes for a Superkick but Jericho blocks it and puts him in the Walls! Matt rolls over and spins Jericho with a Body Scissors to break the hold.

Jericho attempts a Bulldog but Matt crotches him only for MJF to tag in. MJF catches Matt with a Backslide for two and then counters a Rana attempt with a Sitout Powerbomb for two again. MJF gets pissed off and starts taunting Matt by kicking him in the face repeatedly and does crotch chops. Matt grabs him for a Tombstone as Nick comes in only to eat a Codebreaker from Jericho. MJF rolls Matt up for two.

Matt sets up for a springboard move but Wardlow distracts the referee and Jericho hits Matt with the bat! MJF hits the Heat Seeker! 1…2…NO Matt kicks out! MJF tags Jericho and they beat on him in their corner. MJF whips Jericho into Matt but he moves and Nick hits him with an Enziguri! Matt sends MJF to the floor and tags Nick.

Nick goes up top and this a Flying Cross Body on Jericho as Matt hits a Plancha onto MJF on the floor. Nick gets two on Jericho and then Wardlow climbs on the apron. He grabs him from behind and Jericho goes for the Judas Effect but Nick moves and he hits Wardlow! Nick rolls Jericho up for two.

Jericho elbows Nick and goes for the Lionsault but the Bucks catch him in midair with a Superkick Party! They hit the BTE Trigger! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out! Superkick Party for MJF as he tried to hit Matt with the diamond ring. Jericho gets a Superkick Party, too! The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver for the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Young Bucks via pinfall (Meltzer Driver)

Casino Tag Team Royale
The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) vs. The Dark Order (Pres10 Vance & Alan Angels) vs. Proud-n-Powerful vs. The Sydal Brothers vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. The Gunn Club (Austin & Colton Gunn) vs. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi vs. Varsity Blonds vs. Bear Country vs. The Butcher & The Blade vs. SCU vs. Private Party vs. PAC & Rey Fenix vs. The Beaver Boys 

A new team enters every 90 seconds, elimination occurs by both feet touching the floor. Both members of a team must be eliminated. The Natural Nightmares and Vance/Angels are the first two teams. Dustin kills Vance with a Powerslam and Angels hits a Slingshot Lung Blower. Vance hits a Fall Away Slam on Marshall followed by a Springboard Moonsault. Rhodes hits a Double Bulldog from behind.

The next team in is PROUD-N-POWERFUL! Santana and Ortiz hit a DVD/DDT combo on Marshall and then Angels shows off some nice kicks on both. Angels hits a Flying Cross Body on Santana but walks into a Diamond Cutter from Marshall. Marshall eliminates Angels.

The Sydal Brothers enter the match and get some shine with kicks and strikes on everybody. They hit a Double Lightning Spiral on Vance. The next team in is Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. Dark Order beat everyone but Vance down and then Santana and Ortiz eliminate Mike Sydal. The Dark Order triple team Santana and Ortiz with some crazy offense.

The next team to enter the match is The Gunn Club. The Gunn’s show off their athleticism with dropkicks. Austin hits the Quick Draw on Grayson but eats a Spear from Vance. Santana eliminates Matt Sydal to eliminate the Sydal Brothers. Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi enter the match and get shine for about 10 seconds before getting destroyed.

The Varsity Blonds come in and are on fire with double team moves. Austin Gunn hits a Fameasser on Avalon and eliminates him. Colton hits a Fameasser on Bononi and tires to thorw him out but QT dumps them both over. Bononi and Avalon have been eliminated. Dustin and QT argue so QT just says “F it” and eliminates him and spits at Dustin. The Bear Country enter the match.

Boulder hits a Front Slam/Powerbomb combo on Uno and Grayson at the same time! Bear Country eliminates Grayson and Jurassic Express enters the match.

Jungle Boy is all over the place with ranas and kicks. Luchasaurus Double Chokeslams Varsity Blonds. Jungle Boy with a Spinning Headscissors on Ortiz and then eliminates Ortiz! Luchasaurus eliminates Griff Garrison and Jungle Boy Rana’s Santana to the floor eliminating PNP. Marko Stunt comes out and hits a Rana off the top on Uno eliminating him.

Butcher and Blade enter the match and immediately eliminates Pillman and Vance with the help of Jack Evans who was interfering. Allie helps Butcher and Blade eliminate Dustin. Private Party enters the match and they double team Jungle Boy with Spinning Enziguris. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian enter the match and hit some nice double team moves. They try to eliminate Luchasaurus and then Bear Country comes over and dumps Lucha to the floor to eliminate him! Butcher comes from behind and eliminates Bear Country.

PAC and Fenix hit the ring and show off all their kicks before eliminating Marq Quen. Daniels hits an STO on Fenix and tries to eliminate him but Fenix hangs onto the ropes as The Beaver Boys enter the match. Reynolds and Silver go nuts as Reynolds hits a Tombstone on Daniels on top of Jungle Boy. They hit a series of kicks on Kassidy and then connect with a Flipping Double DDT! They eliminate Isaih Kassidy to eliminate Private Party. Butcher has been eliminated.

Fenix Rana’s Daniels over the top eliminated him. Jungle Boy and Reynolds brawl on the apron and Jungle Boy backdrops Reynolds over the ring post to the floor to eliminate him. PAC backdrops Kazarian over the top to the floor eliminating SCU.

Fenix hits a Flying Forearm on Silver but he hangs onto the bottom rope to save himself. Fenix attempts the Springboard Spinning Enziguri but Jungle Boy moves sending Fenix over the top only for Fenix to hang on to the bottom rope, as well.

PAC and Silver square off and kill each other with some vicious strikes. Silver hits a series of round kicks to PAC but then gets destroyed with a Snap German. PAC tosses Silver over the top but Silver hangs ona gain only for Fenix to walk the ropes into a Punt Kick to Silver knocking him to the floor to eliminate the Beaver Boys.

PAC and Fenix hit a series of kicks but Jungle Boy was able to drop down and send PAC flying over the top leaving just Fenix and Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy attempts a Rana but Fenix blocks it only for Jungle Boy to counters into an Armdrag. Jungle Boy rolls to the floor and Fenix follows him out with a Tope con Giro THROUGH the ropes, not over. Back in the ring, Fenix goes for a springboard move only to eat a Superkick in midair!

Jungle Boy kicks Fenix with a Lariat and then a Poison Rana! Jungle Boy tries to eliminate Fenix but he hangs onto the ropes and whips himself back in with a Hook Kick and clothesline eliminating Jungle Boy!

Winners: Fenix & PAC

Paul Wight gives a hint about who the new signing is saying that “no one can outwork him.”

AEW World Women’s Championship
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Ryo Mizunami

Mizunami won the recent Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament to earn this shot at the title. A terrific video package highlighting the history between these two women before the match. Mizunami takes Shida down with a series of shoulder tackles and then a series of chops in the corner. Shida comes back with a series of chops and elbows of her own.

Mizunami comes right back with her own chops and then taunts Shida only to eat a Rana for her troubles. Shida hits a Flying Knee and then drapes Ryo on the apron. Shida hits a Running Knee Lift causing Ryo to fall to the floor. Shida pulls a chair out and dives off it only for Ryo to catch her in midair and throw her into the front row.

Ryo goes for a Leg Drop in the ring but Shida catches her leg and puts her in a Brock Lock only for Ryo to get out and hit a series of Snap Leg Drops for two. Ryo whips Shida into the corner but Shida catchers her with a knee and then puts her in a headscissors and sends her into the corner. Shida hits a Missile Dropkick off the top for two.

Ryo clotheslines Shida over the top onto the ramp but eats a Roundhouse Kick from Shida as she charged at her. Shida pulls Ryo up on her shoulders and drops her with a Reverse Tombstone onto the stage! Ryo tries to climb back in but Shida pulls her in with a Superplex for two.

Shida dares Ryo to hit her and when she does she shrugs it off and lays Ryo out with a Forearm Smash. Shida tries to pick Ryo up but Ryo traps her arms and starts beadbutting her. Ryo destroys her with a series of Lariats. Ryo hits the Hot Limit! 1…2…NO Shida kicks out! Ryo goes for it again but Shida counters into a series of Flying Knees! Ryo gets back up and Lariats Shida only for Shida to fire back up and hit the Flying Knee only for both women to not be able to get back up.

Shida and Ryo both get back to their feet and trade strikes. Ryo gets the best of the exchange and caps it off with a beautiful Uranage Suplex followed by a Spear. Ryo goes to the top for the Guillotine Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Shida kicks out! Ryo goes for a Michinoku Driver but Shida counters with a rollup but can’t cover her.

Ryo charges into a knee from Shida followed by an Enziguri and then a Straight Jacket Suplex! Ryo gets back to her feet and Lariats her in the back. Shida counters a suplex attempt into the Falcons Arrow! Shida goes for the Flying Knee but Ryo blocked it only for Shida to kick her in the face and then elbow her followed by the Flying Knee and then the Falcon Arrow! 1…2…NO Ryo kicks out!

Ryo goes for the Flying Knee again but runs into a LARIATOOOO! Ryo goes for another one only to run right into a Flying Knee from Shida. Shida pokes Ryo in the eyes and rolls her up for two. Shida hits the Flying Knee but Ryo rolls her up for two! Shida hits an Enziguri for another two. Shida hits a Sidewalk Slam and then the Flying Knee again! 1…2…NO Ryo kicks out again. Shida hits a Spinning Knee Strike and then rolls her up for the pin.

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Shida via pinfall (Spinning Knee Strike)

Nyla Rose, Britt Baker, Maki Ito, Vickie Guerrero and Rebel come out and attack both Shida and Ryo before Thunder Rosa hits the ring and the heels retreat.

Miro and Kip Sabian attacks Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Miro slams Taylor’s face into a window busting him open. They drag Taylor to the ring and Miro says that Taylor can stop this by just quitting right now but Taylor says to ring the damn bell.

Miro & Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

Miro and Sabian destroy Taylor for several minutes until Taylor is about to catch a charging Kip with a knee to the face. Taylor tries to get to a tag as OC finally stumbles down the ramp. OC falls down on the ramp, though, and as Miro goes to grab him OC hits a Diving Orange Punch! OC makes the hot tag and goes for the Orange Punch on Sabian but he ducks and rolls to the floor.

OC hits a Tope Suicida and then rolls him back in the ring and hits a Diving DDT off the top for two! OC goes for the Beach Break but his back gives out and Sabian hits him with a Popup Knee Strike and then a Gutbuster. Sabian hits a Punt Kick for two.

Sabian hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Sabian goes for the Deathly Hallows but OC blocks it and hits a Spinning DDT as Taylor blind tags him. Taylor goes up top and they hit a Ghetto Stomp/Beach Break combo! Taylor hits a Jumping Piledriver! 1…2…NO Miro breaks it up! OC and Miro come face to face and OC does the lazy kicks and then surprises Miro with the Stundog Millionaire and the Orange Punch!

OC goes to hit the ropes but Ford distracts him on the apron. Miro shoves OC into Ford and then kicks his head into the balcony followed by a Black Hole Slam! Taylor hits a Mafia kick but Miro shrugs it off and hits a nasty Lariat! Sabian is on the floor checking on Ford but Miro screams and him and throws him back in the ring to tag him. Miro kills Taylor with an Enziguri and a Thrust Kick before putting him in the Accolade and Taylor taps.

Winners: Miro and Sabian via submission (Accolade)

Alex Marvez interviews Jericho and MJF backstage and Jericho says they are better than the Bucks and they know it but the Inner Circle has been through so much the last few months. Jericho says that this Wednesday they will make some changes. MJF says he has been thinking about this and it is definitely time for a change.

A video package highlights Adam Page’s history with Matt Hardy. Jim Ross humorously says “I’ve tried to sign a lot of talent but I don’t think I’ve ever got one drunk before trying.”

Big Money Match
“Hangman” Adam Page vs. “Big Money” Matt Hardy

The winner of this match gets the others “first quarter earnings.” Page hits Hardy with a Back Suplex and then a Fall Away Slam. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Hardy rolls to the floor. Page dumps Hardy over the barricade and then onto the barricade. Page climbs up onto a railing and dives off with a Savage Flying Axe Handle.

Page rolls Hardy back in the ring but Hardy immediately rolls back out. As Page climbs out Hardy garbs him and slams his arm into the ring post. Hardy wraps Page’s hand around turnbuckle and pulls back on it before slamming his arm into the post again and then repeatedly slamming it into the ring steps.

Hardy wedges Page’s hand between the stage and the ring steps and kicks the steps. Hardy drags Page back into the ring and puts him in a Wristlock on the injured arm and then starts biting the hand. Hardy slams Page into the turnbuckle. Page tries to fight back but punches Hardy with the injured hand allowing Hardy to go for the Side Effect. Page counters into a rollup and then a DVD for two.

Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Hardy off the apron and then goes for the Slingshot Plancha but Hardy moves out of the way and then he hits the Twist of Fate on the floor. Page almost gets counted out but rolls back in right before the 10. Page climbs up top but Hardy crotches him and tries to German Suplex him off the top but Page hangs onto the ropes until his injured hand gives and Hardy hits it for two.

Page and Hardy clothesline each other but Page comes back with a Roaring Elbow. Page then clotheslines Hardy over the top to the floor. Page goes to the top and hits the Golden Moonsault onto Hardy on the floor! Page hits a Diving Cross Body for two.

Page hits a Sliding Lariat and then goes for the Dead Eye but Hardy blocks it and hits a Neckbreaker. Hardy hits an Avalanche Splash Mountain for two. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Page counters into the Dead Eye. Isiah Kassidy gets on the apron to distract the referee and Quen distracts Page. Hardy goes for a clothesline but Page ducks and then knocks Private Party off the apron. Page hits a Tope Suicida onto Kassidy and goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Hardy counters into the Side Effect and then the Twist of Fate! 1….2…NO Page kicks out!

The Dark Order runs out and attacks Private Party. Hardy knocks Page off the apron but Dark Order catches him and Page hits the Buckshot Lariat for the pin!

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Page celebrates with the Dark Order after the match.

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match
Max Caster vs. Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts vs. Cody Rhodes w/Arn Anderson vs. Penta el Cero M vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Ethan Page

The winner of this match will get a shot at the TNT Title. There is a literal brass ring hanging above the ring that has to be retrieved to win. Cody has his shoulder taped up and Jade Cargill is shown sitting at ringside. The mystery man is former Impact star Ethan Page.

Lance Archer cleans house and drags Cody up the ramp. Archer attacks Cody’s arm with the ladder and then throws it at Page and Sky. Archer hits Penta with the ladder but Penta manages to kick it into his face and then hits a Slingblade onto the ladder.

Penta tries to hit Scorpio with the ladder but he ducks and German Suplexes Penta. Caster comes in and dropkicks Sky. Caster calls for Jack Evans to bring his boom box but Preston Vance runs out and Spinebusts him. Caster grabs the boom box but eats a Disaster Kick from Cody. Page sets up the ladder in the ring and climbs up it but Cody climbs up the other side only for Archer to pull them both down. Page and Cody slam Archer into the ladder.

Caster hits Cody with the boom box and Penta dives off the ladder with a Somersault Plancha onto Caster and Rhodes! Archer dropkicks Penta off the apron and goes to pick up the ladder only for Page to hit a Cutter onto it. Page wedges Archer between the ladder legs and slams him with it repeatedly. Sky grabs Page and goes for a TKO but Page blocks it and then botches a side slam. Page makes up for it with an Outsiders Edge onto the ladder.

Page climbs up the ladder but Archer shoves the ladder over and Page falls into a Backstabber from Penta! Penta climbs up the ladder but Cody hits a Springboard Dropkick knocking Penta off. Cody eats a Superkick from Cody and then Penta goes for the Fear Factor onto a ladder at ringside, but Cody blocks it and goes for a DVD. Penta blocks it and hits a Mexican Destroyer on Cody onto the ladder!

Caster climbs up the ladder as Cody is helped to the back by trainers. Sky pulls Caster down but Caster dumps Sky to the floor. Sky and Caster set up side-by-side ladders as Cody is refusing to go to the back. Archer climbs up the ladder and grabs Caster and Sky by the throat. Page climbs up on the other side of Page’s ladder. Page and Sky slam Archer’s face into the ladder knocking him off.

Sky grabs the brass ring, literally, as Caster knocks Page off the ladder. Sky knocks Caster off and grabs the ring before Penta pulls him down. Penta Superkicks Sky and climbs up the ladder but Sky cuts him off. Sky hits a sloppy Neckbreaker off the ladder.

Page climbs up the ladder but Caster climbs up the other side and hits a Sunset Bomb off the ladder on Page. Sky slams Caster into the ladder and then lays it flat on the mat. Sky slams Caster onto the ladder and goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash! Sky sets up another ladder but Archer catapults him into it only for Sky to catch himself on the ladder and reach up for the ring.

Archer pulls Sky down and knees Sky off the top rope through a ladder at ringside! Penta Superkicks Archer and then hangs Page up in the corner. Penta backdrops Caster into Page and then hits a Slingshot Sling Blade on Archer. Penta climbs up the ladder but Page climbs the other side and they exchange strikes. Caster knocks Penta off the top and here comes Cody Rhdoes.

Cody whips everyone with his weight belt. Cody hits the CrossRhodes on Page and sets the ladder up in the corner. Cody climbs up the ladder but Archer climbs up with him and Caster climbs on the top rope. Archer Superplexes Cody off the ladder and then Caster dives off the ladder with a Flying Elbow Drop onto Cody’s shoulder!

Caster climbs up the ladder but Penta quickly climbs up with him and slams Caster’s head into the ladder until Archer shoves the ladder over. Archer Chokeslams Page and then Chokeslams Cody! Archer Chokeslams Penta! Archer hits the Blackout on Caster onto a ladder! Archer climbs the ladder but Page cuts him off only for Archer to come back down and lay him out again.

Archer climbs up again and this time Page low blows him and then hits an Outsiders Edge! Roberts grabs Page and clotheslines him! Penta Superkicks Roberts! Penta climbs up the ladder but Cody pulls him down and goes for the Cody Cutter but misses completely and Penta still sells it. Cody climbs up the ladder but Penta hits him with a chair.

Penta climbs up the ladder but Sky hits him with the chair, too. Sky and Cody climb up opposite sides of the ladder and exchange punches. Sky punches Cody’s arm and shoves him off the ladder. Sky grabs the ring and pulls it down to win the match.

Winner: Sky

They don’t bullshit or tease it anymore, Christian Cage makes his entrance! Christian signs his AEW contract in the ring and then takes his jacket off to reveal a shirt that says “out work everyone.”

Street Fight
Sting & Darby Allin vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks & Brian Cage)

Cage and Starks pull up to a warehouse where a ring is set up. An army of “hoodlums” walk into the warehouse draped in robes as Sting arrives in a truck with Starks holding on the back on his skateboard. Sting and Allin are both wearing facepaint that combines their looks. The hoodlums surround the ring as Sting and Allin climb in.

Sting throws Allin into Cage and then jumps Starks. Allin springboards off the ropes and then dives off the wall onto Cage but Cage catches him and Suplexes him! Cage attacks Sting and puts the boots to him. Cage starts throwing around the hoodlums as Starks beats on Sting. Cage catches a diving Allin in midair and slams him into the ring post.

Cage slams Allin into a fence and chokes him with his shirt. Sting clotheslines Starks in the ring and then hits the Stinger Splash. Sting Snake Eyes Starks on the turnbuckles. Cage tries to Powerbomb Allin through a window but Allin blocks it and chop blocks him. Cage catches Allin and throws him through a set of doors!

Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Starks and clotheslines him over the top rope. Sting grabs a bat and chases Starks with it. Starks says Sting is nothing without the bat, so Sting throws it away. Sting slams Starks into a wall repeatedly.

Cage is dragging Allin up some stairs and lifts him up in a Suplex and walks up the stairs still holding Allin before Suplexing him onto a trashcan. Sting attacks Cage from behind and slams him into a ladder. Allin hits a dropkick to Cage sending him into the ladder. Sting and Allin double team Cage until Starks finally shows back up to even the odds.

Starks slams Allin into a wall and he hits Sting with a pipe and then slams a big barrel into him. Starks rakes Sting’s eyes and then Cage goes to hit him with a trashcan lid but Sting moves and Cage hits Starks. Allin jumps on Cage’s back but Cage still shoves Sting into some containers and then throws Allin off. Cage lifts Allin up but Sting sprays a fire extinguisher into his face.

Allin hits Cage with a bottle and then they both slam Cage through a table. Starks hits Sting with a 2×4 and then he and Allin start punching each other. Starks knees Allin in the gut and runs at him but Allin moves and Starks slams into a post. Allin climbs up the post and dives off with a Coffin Drop! Allin covers Starks but a man in an orange mask runs up and Powerbombs Allin into the post. It’s Will Hobbs. Hook runs in and they beat on Allin.

Cage grabs Sting and slams into the wall and then into a post. Cage and Hobbs swing Allin into a damn pane of glass! Hook, Cage and Hobbs drag Sting down the stairs back towards the ring. Cage this Sting with a shovel and Allin is shown getting back up and he throws a bat down to Sting. Sting hits Team Taz with the bat.

Sting breaks the bat over Cage’s back and hits him with the shovel. Sting rolls Cage onto a sort of like bridge that hanging over two sides and Allin dives off the damn window putting Cage through whatever that was and down to a lower level!

Starks and Sting are back in the ring. Starks slams Sting into a bare turnbuckle and Spears Sting for two. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but Starks low blows him and goes for a Powerbomb but Sting counters into a Sunset Flip for two. Sting blocks an elbow and hits the Scorpion Death Drop for the pin!

Winners: Sting & Allin via pinfall (Scorpion Death Drop)

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis vs. “The Death Rider” Jon Moxley

Omega and Moxley start off just trying to shove each other’s faces into the barbed wire – and remember being thrown into the barbed wire on three sides will set off an explosion – for the first few minutes. Moxley hits a Backdrop Driver but Omega hangs onto a headlock. Omega bites Moxley and throws Moxley towards the barbed wire. Mox blocks it and Omega charges at him but Mox moves and Omega stops himself.

Moxley tries to throw Omega into a barbed wire board but Omega uses his foot to save himself. Omega then picks Moxley up and tries to throw Moxley into the board but Moxley blocks it. Moxley and Omega exchange right hands and then hits a series of Mafia Kicks but Moxley shrugs it off and clotheslines Omega onto the stage.

Moxley throws a bunch of weapons – including a chair wrapped in barbed wire – into the ring and then hits Omega with a bat wrapped in barbed wire. Moxley uses the bat to hit a Russian Leg Sweep onto the stage. Moxley whips Omega with a kendo stick as the fight spills back in the ring.

Omega throws powder in Moxley’s face and Moxley starts swinging wildly with the bat. Omega throws Moxley into the barbed wire and explosions go off! Omega covers Moxley but he still kicks out at two. Omega hits Moxley with the kendo stick and beans him with a trashcan. Omega drops Moxley down on the trashcan with a Kneebreaker.

Omega hits the Kotarro Crusher onto the trashcan. Moxley has been busted open as Omega puts him in a Figure Four. Moxley grabs the chair wrapped in barbed wire and starts raking it across Omega’s arms and legs to break the hold. Moxley charges at Omega but he moves and sends Moxley crashing into the barbed wire board!

Omega hits a Moonsault off the middle rope for two. Omega goes for another Figure Four but Moxley kicks him into the barbed wire setting off explosions! Moxley then dropkicks Omega into the barbed wire again with more explosions! Moxley hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then T-Bone Suplexes Omega into a board wrapped in barbed wire!

Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift onto the chair wrapped in barbed wire but Omega blocks it and goes for the One Winged Angel. Moxley blocks it and hits a German Suplex and then a Sidewalk Slam onto the chair wrapped in barbed wire!

Moxley wraps barbed wire around his arm and goes to hit Omega with it but Omega hits him with a series of strikes only for Moxley to kill Omega with a Lariat wrapped in barbed wire! Omega goes for it again but Omega ducks and hits a pair of Snap Dragons and then a V-Trigger! Moxley gets back to his feet and hits a barbed wire covered Lariat!

Both men are down as the fans chant “this is awesome.” Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Omega runs Moxley into the barbed wire and the explosion goes off on both of them. Omega pours water in his eyes and rolls around in pain. Omega and Moxley roll onto the apron and start punching and elbowing each other.

Omega tries to throw Moxley into the barbed wire platforms on the floor but Moxley blocks it and starts biting him. Moxley Paradigm Shifts Omega off the apron onto the barbed wire platform as explosions go off. Omega is bleeding now. Moxley rips off a bunch of barbed wire from the platform and rolls Omega back in the ring. Moxley punches Omega with the barbed wire and a warning goes off revealing that they are nearing the time limit for the explosives all around ringside to go off.

Moxley hits a Piledriver for two. Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Omega low blows him and hits a Powerbomb for two. Omega hits a V-Trigger and then a second one followed by the One Winged Angel! 1….2…NO Moxley kicks the barbed wire causing an explosion to go off and breaks up the count!

Moxley grabs the barbed wirebat but The Good Brothers run out to make a save. Moxley lays them out with the bat only for Omega to hit Moxley with a barbed wire covered bat that also had an explosive on it! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out and Omega freaks out on the referee!

Omega hits a One Winged Angel onto a chair and gets the pin.

Winner & STILL World Champ: Omega via pinfall (One Winged Angel onto a chair)

The Good Brothers handcuff Moxley and continue to beat down Moxley. Omega rakes the barbed wire bat across Moxley’s face and then hits him with it in the back repeatedly. Omega and Good Brothers leave the ring. Eddie Kingston runs out and tries to free Moxley and then literally covers him as the explosions go off.