AEW Dynamite 02 03 2021

AEW Dynamite: “Beach Break” Results
February 3, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Beach Break opens up with the Tag Team Battle Royal.

AEW Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Battle Royal
The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs. Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager vs. MJF & Chris Jericho vs. Proud-n-Powerful vs. The Beaver Boys vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Top Flight vs. The Acclaimed vs. The Young Bucks vs. Private Party

If the Bucks win this match then they get to pick their opponents for Revolution. FTR was originally going to be in this match but after what they did last week they have been pulled and replaced by the Beaver Boys. The Bucks hit stereos Somersault Planchas off the stage onto all the other teams right off the jump. They then start Superkicking everyone’s heads off.

Kassidy attempts a dive off the top but everyone moves and he crashes in the ring. All 20 guys start scrapping now with action all over the place. Dante Martin is eliminated by Private Party.

Hager and Reynolds fight on the apron and Reynolds is flipped off the apron to the floor by Hager to eliminate him.

Grayson attempts to eliminate Hager and Silver hits a Mafia Kick to Hager knocking him off the apron to eliminate him.

Matt Jackson is backdropped over the top by Luchasaurus on the stage to eliminate him. Bowens is tossed over the top by MJF and Jericho to eliminate him, as well.

Luchasaurus hits Tail Whips and headbutts all over the place and tosses Sammy and Darius Martin across the ring. Nick Jackson springboards at Lucha but gets caught in a Chokeslam onto Martin! Grayson avoids a clothesline and hits a Pele Kick on Lucha. Grayson attempts to Suplex Lucha over the top rope but he blocks it and Chokeslams him over the top onto Bowens on the floor to eliminate Grayson.

Silver and Uno clothesline Luchasaurus over the top to eliminate him. MJF tosses Uno over the top to eliminate him and Grayson as a team. Darius blocks the Silly String and eliminates Marq Quen. Quen saves Kassidy from being eliminated, though.

Silver hits a Double Suplex on PNP but PNP come back and toss him over the top to eliminate Silver and Reynolds as a team. Nick Jackson goes nuts on PNP and tosses Ortiz over the top to eliminate him and then Superkicks Santana over the top to eliminate PNP.

The Good Brothers come in and pull Kassidy over the top to eliminate him. Nick argues with them allowing MJF to toss him out eliminating Nick and the Bucks as a team. We are down to Jericho, Guevara, MJF, Jungle Boy, Max Caster and Darius Martin. MJF and Jericho are the only complete team left.

All three Inner Circle members try to eliminate Jungle Boy but Darius Martin and Caster attack them from behind. MJF tosses Jungle Boy over the top eliminate him and Jurassic Express.

MJF and Sammy argue but Caster comes from behind them and attacks MJF. He holds MJF and Sammy attempts to Superkick him but MJF moves and Sammy hits Caster. Caster then backdrops MJF over the top as he charged at him eliminating MJF. Martin tosses Caster over the top to eliminate he and The Acclaimed as a team.

Darius hits a Spike Double DDT on Jericho and Sammy. Sammy goes for a Rana on Darius over the top but he blocks it. Jericho comes from behind and knocks Sammy to the floor to eliminate Sammy and Hager as a team. Jericho tosses Darius over the top to eliminate he and Top Flight as a team.

Winners: MJF & Jericho

A pissed off Sammy walks to the back as MJF and Jericho celebrate.

A vignette highlights Jade Cargill.


Sting and Darby Allin come out to talk about Revolution. Darby will defend the TNT Title against Joey Janela next week but Team Taz interrupts themon the screen before they can say anything else. Taz says they aren’t allowed in the building tonight because they beat up staffers last week. Taz says they are keeping an eye on Allin next week and they make get up close and personal. Ricky Starks says that he doesn’t think Sting is the Icon he claims to be and he will get hurt playing in their jungle. Starks tells Allin he’s definitely going to need luck next week.

Sting says he will be here next week to make sure the match is one-on-one, too. He says that Ricky claims he doesn’t see the Icon when he looks into Sting’s eyes but says maybe he should take a closer look and stares into the camera.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD w/Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa

Rebel distracts Rosa as she comes into the ring allowing Baker to take her down and go for the Lockjaw, but Rosa rolls her over into a two count. Rosa puts in an Armbar but Baker gets to the ropes pretty quickly to break it. Rosa lights her up with chops but Baker cuts her off with a knee to the gut and chops of her own.

Baker hits a Rolling Armdrag and puts her in a Hammerlock. Baker rolls her again and holds onto the Hammerlock. Rosa fights back to her feet and backs Baker into the corner with elbows. Rosa hits a wild Shotgun Dropkick into the turnbuckles and then a Rolling Cannonball in the corner for another two. Rosa goes for a Splash in the corner but Baker moves and hangs Rosa up in the ropes.

Baker kicks Rosa in the head as she was hanging in the ropes and then drags her arm to the ring post and wrenches her arm around the post. Baker slams Rosa into the barricade but Rosa comes back and tosses Baker into the barricade, as well.


Baker attempts a Swinging Neckbreaker on the ramp but Rosa counters into a DVD onto the ramp. Rosa hits a Running Clothesline in the corner and then a Diving Knee Drop off the top. Rosa hits a Shotgun Basement Dropkick on Baker in the corner and pulls her into the center of the ring for a nearfall. Rosa puts Baker in a Bow and Arrow but Baker counters into a rollup for two.

Baker hits a Sling Blade and then a Superkick to a kneeling Rosa for a nearfall. Baker lifts Rosa up and drops her with a Kryptonite Krunch for two. Baker puts her glove on and goes for the Lockjaw but Rosa fights it off and manages to get her foot on the rope to break the hold. Rosa rolls Baker over for another two.

Baker hits a Curb Stomp and then rolls her up with a Crucifix for two and Baker transitions right into the Lockjaw! Rosa rolls Baker over for two but Baker rolls back over into the Lockjaw! Rosa rolls over again but Baker rolls through only for Rosa to lift her to her feet and drop her with a Backdrop Driver! Rosa hits the DVD again! 1…2…NO Baker kicks out!

Rosa puts Baker in an Armbar but Rebel rips off the middle turnbuckle pad. Rosa kicks Rebel allowing Baker to roll her up for two. Rosa kicks Baker and then charges at her only for Baker to sidestep her and then slam her head into the exposed turnbuckle. Baker puts Rosa in the Lockjaw and she is out cold.

Winner: Baker via KO (Lockjaw)

Last week Tony Schiavone interviewed Adam Page and Matt Hardy backstage. Hardy says he has known Page for a long time and he has no ulterior motive. Page says he isn’t interested in teaming with Hardy or signing one of his talent contracts. Hardy says what happened last week with Chaos Project trying to ruin Brodie Jr.’s birthday party. He suggests that team together for one night only against Chaos Project and kick their ass. He says that should make things right with the Dark Order.

“Hangman” Adam Page & Matt Hardy vs. The Chaos Project

Page and Hardy isolate Serpentico for the first several minutes. Luther finally tags in and takes control on Hardy with clotheslines. He Scoop Slams Serpentico on top of Hardy for two. Serpentico goes for a Swanton Bomb off the top but Hardy moves and tags Page. Page hits a diving Serpentico with a Spinebuster for two.

Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Luther knocks him off the apron. Luther goes for a Cannonball off the apron but Page moves and then hits the Buckshot Lariat on Serpentico. Hardy blind tags Page and steals the pin.

Winners: Hardy & Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

The Women’s World Title Eliminator is highlighted as matches will be held from Japan and U.S. as Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Veny, Emi Sakura, Ryo Mizunami, Mei Suruga, Rin Kadokura and Maki Itoh will represent Japan. Serena Deeb, Riho, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Tay Conti, Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose, Anna Jay and Legit Layla will compete on the U.S. side.


MJF and Jericho are trying to celebrate their win but the rest of the Inner Circle is annoyed. Jericho says the others losing was collateral damage but Sammy asks why they are always the collateral damage. He says that Jericho always talks about them being in this together but sometimes he’s not so sure. Sammy leaves and MJF follows. MJF tells the others it is time for them to have a conversation and Wardlow kicks the camera man out.

Tony Schiavone interviews Kip Sabian and Miro – with Chuck Taylor – backstage and they make fun of Chuck. Vickie Guerrero walks up and tells Sabian it’s time for the wedding. Vickie is walking Kip down the aisle. Father James Mitchell is the pastor.

Jerry Lynn is walking Penelope Ford down the aisle. I’m not sure if she is wearing lingerie or a wedding dress or both. Sabian says from the first time he stared at Ford’s boobs he knew they were meant for each other. Ford starts to say Kip has the “biggest” something but Sabian cuts her off before she finishes it.

They exchange rings and Miro stops Mitchell from asking if anyone objects and says we aren’t going there. They kiss and Miro gives a toast to the newlyweds. Chuck Taylor hands out champagne and Miro says that his knowledge, viciousness and power is Kip’s wedding present. Miro points out a huge present and asks what the hell that is. Taylor says it is from him and Miro says he has been to many weddings and he has seen surprises and attacks the present but there was nothing in it.

Miro realizes that Taylor has shackled Miro’s foot to the ring ropes. Taylor decks Kip and knocks Ford into the cake. Miro grabs Taylor and Sabian tries to hit him but Taylor ducks and Kip hits Miro! Ford jumps on Taylor’s back and Sabian beats him down. Orange Cassidy pops out of the cake and Taylor breaks a plate over Sabian’s head. OC hits the Beach Break on Sabian.


A video of Shaq accepting Cody’s challenge and it will go down March 3 on Dynamite. Shaq and Jade will face Cody and Red Velvet.

Lumberjack Match
“The Mad King” Eddie Kingston vs. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer

As Kingston is making his entrance Archer springs to the ring and jumps him. Butcher and Blade trip Archer and drag him to the floor where the heels attack him. Archer breaks away from them and tries to attack Peter Avalon but he moves and Archer slams into the ring post. Back in the ring, Kingston tries to toss Archer back out but Archer counters and tosses Kingston out. Kingston hits Austin Gunn and all the babyfaces jump him. Archer hits a Plancha over the top onto everyone!


The heels are beating on Archer when the babyfaces run over allowing Archer to return to the ring where Kingston goes after him only to eat a Full Nelson Slam from the MurderHawk Monster. Archer hits a Suplex and hits a Twisting Vader Bomb out of the corner for two. Archer lifts Kingston up to the top rope and Allie climbs in the ring and jumps on Archer’s back. Archer goes for the Blackout on her but Kingston kills Archer with the Backfist To The Future!

Archer rolls to the floor and as Angelico was going to attack him Jake Roberts jumps on him! Back in the ring, Kingston hits an Exploder Suplex for one. Blade sets up a table in the corner but Bear Bronson of Bear Country Spears him through it! Boulder comes in and attacks Butcher.

Archer hits a Uranage Suplex for two. Kingston hits a big Lariat and then goes to the top but Archer catches him and drops him with the Blackout for the pin.

Winner: Archer via pinfall (Blackout)

Earlier today FTR bitch about being pulled from the tag team battle royal because of what they did to Jurassic Express. Tully says that everyone is scared of FTR and what they’re going to do. Tully says all they want is a title shot and asks what it will take. Dax says that they aren’t bad guys but sometimes they have to ask themselves what would bad men would do. He pulls Marko Stunt, who is tied to a chair, into frame.


Earlier tonight Joey Janela cut a promo about Darby Allin. He says that they have a long history of mangling each other but the stakes have never been as high as they will be next week. Janela says he is back and is the future TNT Champion.

Main Event
Trios Match
Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/Don Callis vs. Jon Moxley & The Death Triangle (PAC & Rey Fenix)

Don Callis joins the commentary table as Death Triangle make their entrance. Moxley has new gear, black jeans looking pants with “Mox” written on the left leg. PAC and Karl Anderson start off against each other and exchange strikes. PAC hits a beautiful Rana after Anderson leapfrogged him. Gallows tags in and Moxley follows.

Moxley levels Gallows with forearms but Gallows comes right back with an Uppercut. Gallows goes for a Cannonball but Moxley moves and hits a series of kicks. Moxley hits a Flying Knee and an Elbow Drop for two. Anderson and PAC tag in .Fenix hits a Stanidng Moonsault on Anderson followed by a Standing Moonsault from PAC for two. PAC goes to the top but Omega grabs him allowing Gallows to kick him and toss him off the top.

The Good Brothers and Omega put the boots to PAC in their corner. They utilize quick tag as they beat PAC down. PAC counters a Brainbuster attempt from Omega and hits a Snap German Suplex. Moxley and Anderson tag in and Moxley beats Anderson down in the corner. Moxley charges into a boot but comes right back with a big Spinning Elbow. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex for two.

Moxley elbows Gallows as he tries to get in the ring and then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto him on the floor. Moxley trips Anderson and throws him to the outside before hitting a Tope Suicida onto the Good Brothers. Omega grabs Moxley and tosses him into the barricade.


Gallows goes for a Powerbomb on Moxley but Mox sweeps his legs and goes for a Figure Four only for Anderson to cut him off. Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer but Moxley blocks it and sends Gallows to the floor before hanging Anderson up in the corner. Fenix and Omega make the hot tag and Fenix hits a Springboard Rana ou to the corner. Fenix hits a series of lightning kicks to Gallows and then a Springboard Flyign Headbutt on Anderson! Omega grabs Fenix for a Powerbomb but Fenix blocks it and Superkicks him! PAC hits a Springboard Missile Shotgun Dropkick to Omega and Fenix and PAC hit stereo Golden Moonsaults out of the corners onto the Good Brothers on the floor!

Fenix hits a Moonsault off the top and lands on his feet and then rolls into a Fenix Cutter on Omega for two! Fenix springs to the top but Omega crotches him on the top and hits a Snap Dragon off the top! Gallows tags in and hits a Mafia Kick for two. Fenix ducks a clothesline and PAC blind tags Fenix and hits a series of kicks to Gallows. PAC hits a Sliding Dropkick for one. PAC walks into a Superkick from Gallows as Omega distracted him.

Omega tags in and The Elite hit Corner Strikes and Splashes capped off with a Triple Neckbreaker. Moxley breaks up a pin attempt and the Good Brothers drag Fenix and Moxley to the floor where they fight. Omega hits a Liger Bomb on PAC for two.

Omega hits the V-Trigger and goes for the One Winged Angel but PAC escapes it and Fenix catches Omega with a Spinning Back Kick followed by a clothesline from Moxley. Fenix hits a Pump Kick and Moxley hits a German Suplex followed by a Bridging German Suplex from PAC for a nearfall!

Moxley tags in and puts Omega in a Rear Naked Choke but Anderson gets on the apron causing Moxley to break the hold and knock him off. Omega and Moxley exchange elbows and forearms and Omega goes for the Snap Dragon but Moxley blocks it. Omega comes back with a Knee Strike only to eat a huge Lariat from Moxley! Fenix this a Missile Dropkick on Gallows as he comes in the ring and kills Anderson with a Hook Kick! Fenix this a Tope Con Giro onto Anderson the outside!

Moxley goes for the Paradigm but Omega blocks it and counters into one of his own! 1…2…NO PAC break sit up with a 450 Splash! Omega tags Anderson and he walks into a Diamond Cutter from Moxley! Fenix tags in and hits a Double Spring Diving Moonsault for two! Fenix springs to the top and dives right into a Spinebuster from Anderson!

Gallows tags in and Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer! Omega hits the V-Trigger on PAC as he tries to break it up and Gallows gets the pin.

Winners: Omega & Good Brothers via pinfall (Magic Killer)

Omega and Good Brothers put the boots to Fenix and Moxley after the match. Archer hits the ring and starts beating the hell out of the Good Brothers. Moxley stalks over Omega but before he can attack a masked man hits the ring and attacks Moxley. The man removes his mask revealing it to be NEW JAPAN’S KENTA! KENTA is even wearing a Bullet Club shirt!

KENTA hits the Go 2 Sleep on Moxley as Excalibur reminds us that KENTA is the No. 1 contender for the IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Title held by Moxley. Omega stands over Moxley’s body as he and KENTA stare at each other.