AEW Dynamite 04 07 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
April 7, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Earlier today, The Inner Circle is shown arriving in a bunch of trucks, SUVs and sports cars.

“Hangman” Adam Page (9-0) vs. Max Caster (9-3) w/Anthony Bowens

Page drops Bowens with a Cowboy Kick as they are making their entrance and then slams Caster into the turnbuckles repeatedly and stomps him down in the corner. Page hits a Running Clothesline and goes for a Suplex but Caster lands on his feet only to eat a Fall Away Slam from Page. Page follows up with a Snap Suplex for just a one-count.

Caster fights back with a series of elbows and forearms but Page answers with a Cowboy Kick. Page hits an Arm Breaker and then just stomps on Caster’s knee before hitting a Backsplash Senton for two. Caster rolls to the floor and Page follows him out before tossing him into the barricade and then back in the ring. Page and Bowens talk trash to each other, which allows Caster to hit Page with a Baseball Slide as he tried to get back in the ring.

Caster tries to whip Page into the ropes but Page tosses Caster over the top. Caster lands on the apron and Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Caster to the floor. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Caster on the floor and tries to toss Caster into the barricade but Caster reverses it. Caster charges at Page but Page counters and crotches him on the barricade. Page hits a Lariat diving off the barricade on Caster.

Page rolls Caster into the ring and tries to pull him crotch-first into the ring post but Bowens distracts him allowing Caster to use his legs to pull Page into the ring post. Caster distracts the referee and Bowens slams Page’s arm into the barricade. In the ring, Caster goes to work on Page’s arm with a Shoulder Breaker and then he hits a series of Knee Drops onto the arm for two. Bowens takes Page down with an Armbar and locks in a Crossface at the same time.

Page fights out of the hold and hits a series of right hands – the left was the one Caster was going after – followed by a Spinebuster. Page hits a Running Clothesline in the corner and an Exploder Suplex for two. Page rolls Caster onto the apron and attempts a Dead Eye there but Caster blocks it and kicks Page. The two exchange forearms until Page Sidewalk Slams Caster onto the apron.

Page climbs up top but Bowens distracts him allowing Caster to recover. He leaps to the top but slips and then climbs back up and hits a Superplex. Caster puts Page in a Kimura on the injured arm but Page is able to get the ropes to break the hold. Caster goes for a Springboard Clothesline but eats a Lariat from Page. Page goes for the Dead Eye but Bowens slides the boom box in the ring. Page catches it and drops Caster, but as he is distracted with that Bowens slides his chain to Caster. Caster hits Page with the chain and covers him for two.

Caster goes for the Mic Check up top but Page rolls out of the way and goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Bowens grabs his foot. Page kicks Bowens away and then nails a charging Caster with a Cowboy Kick. Page hits a Moonsault off the apron onto Bowens and then connects with the Buckshot Lariat on Caster for the pin.

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Page grabs a cooler after the match and shares some beers with fans.

Tony Schiavone calls the Death Triangle out to the ring and Schiavone announces Fenix and PAC get their shot at the Tag Titles next week. Before PAC can say anything else The Best Friends interrupt them. Orange Cassidy says it’s nice to see Death Triangle in the ring again and shows footage back at Revolution 2020 – before the pandemic – when Death Triangle took him out.

Chuck Taylor says it may have been awhile but they haven’t forgotten. Fenix laughs at them and Penta starts to freak out but PAC stops him. PAC says that Best Friends see the writing on the wall and want to get in the front of the line for a shot at the next tag team champs. PAC says they have a lot of work to do and they are far from worthy of that shot.

Trent says he knows they have to work their way back up but says that he and Chuck have more wins than any other team in AEW. Trent says they are only out there to give them a heads up because the boys are back in town and they have an alien with them too, Kris Stalander.

Mike Tyson is shown talking to Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer earlier today.


The Inner Circle comes and Jericho says that they are “back in black.” Jericho makes fun of The Pinnacle by calling them the “pineapple” but says that the beat down they received gave them a lot to think of. Jericho says that they made a lot of bad decisions and hurt people and they apologize for that, including to the fans. Jericho says a lot of that is a result of MJF.

Jericho says he isn’t smart at a lot of things but he is smart at pro wrestling, which is why he brought MJF into the group. He says he didn’t do it to take him under his wing but he did it to put him under his thumb because he knows how talented he is. He says that they knew MJF would eventually show his true colors but they never thought MJF would outsmart them.

Jericho says that MJF is not as good as he thinks he is and he’s bought into the hype and calls him a “mark.” Jericho says they are going to change that to being a “Max” instead. Jericho says MJF will never be as good as him.

Jericho calls Tully Blanchard a third rate member of the Horsemen and ranks him between Ole Anderson and Paul Roma. Jericho makes fun of FTR and says he doesn’t even know their names. Jericho says that everyone says how much upside Spears has but he’s never seen it. Jericho says that the Inner Circle will once again dominate and they will shove the Pinnacle’s heads up each other’s asses and form a human centipede.

Jericho says that they have been waiting for a particular match since last year, so why wait anymore? May 5 The Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle in Blood & Guts! Jericho says that the worst is yet to come and God help The Pinnacle for it.


Dasha interviews Christian backstage and he says last week was a culmination of an entire year of him scratching and grinding to finally get back in the ring and taking back what was taken from him seven years ago. Christian puts Kazarian over and says that he pushed him last week and he loved every second of it. Christian says he has always known what Kazarian is all about and he makes other wrestlers level up. Taz interrupts Christian and says that he has a team of men that can help Christian get where he wants to be. He offers Christian a stop in Team Taz but before Christian can answer Taz tells him to sleep on the offer.

Jurassic Express (5-0) w/Marko Stunt vs. Bear Country (6-1)

Bear Country shoves Jurassic Express but Jungle Boy dropkicks Bronson and Lucha kicks Boulder. Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicida onto Bronson on the outside and then hits a second Tope before going for a Somersault Plancha only for Bear Country to catch him! Lucha then hits a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto Bear Country!

Luchasaurus rolls Boulder in the ring but Boulder slams him into the corner. Bronson tags in and Bear whips him into a Splash on Lucha. They work Luchasaurus over in their corner for several minutes but Lucha fights out and tags Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy goes for a Diving Rana on Boulder but he catches him. Lucha dives off the top but Boulder shrugs him off. I don’t know if that was a botch or what. Boulder Powerbombs Jungle Boy.


Boulder backdrops Jungle Boy and tags Bronson. Jungle Boy uses his speed to escape Bear Country and tag in Luchasaurus. Lucha lays out both big men and connects with a Pump Kick on Boulder and then a German Suplex on Bronson. Lucha hits a Tail Whip and a Lariat on Boulder. Lucha goes for a Double Chokeslam but they fight him off only to eat a Double Tail Whip from Lucha. Lucha headbutts Boulder and climbs up top. Boulder crotches Lucha and climbs up with him and hits a Superplex for two before Jungle Boy broke it up.

Jungle Boy hits a sloppy Springboard Torando DDT and then Lucha hits a Spinebuster on Boulder. 1…2…NO Bronson slams Jungle Boy on top of Lucha to break it up. Boulder puts Bronson on his back and hits a Rolling Double Cannonball on Lucha in the corner for two. Boulder lifts Bronson up on his shoulders but Jungle Boy dropkicks Boulder’s knees. Jungle Boy and Lucha clothesline Boulder to the outside and then Lucha Chokeslams Bronson followed by a Standing Moonsault for the pin.

Winners: Jurassic Express via pinfall (Standing Moonsault)

QT Marshall and his crew are standing in the ring in the Nightmare Factory. He says that all he’s ever done is work for Cody and for nothing in return. QT says that while Cody was playing second fiddle to “Ted Jr.” and when Cody was wearing facepaint, while he was busting his ass on the indies and training the next generation. QT introduces his crew. Ogogo says that he is a star already and he knocks people out for pleasure. “All you silly yanks are going to learn soon enough, the hard way,” Ogogo says. “Cody, this is my fucking Factory,” QT says as Nick Camoroto throws paint on the Nightmare Factory logo.


Sting comes out for an interview but Jake Roberts interrupts him before he can say anything. Roberts asks Sting where his “little gerbil friend” is and says that insanity is when you do something over and over again and expect different results. Lance Archer walks up and snatches the microphone from him and says he is sick and tired of the AEW agenda. He says he works Main Events and then goes away for too long. He says he is tired of it and the world will pay attention to him. Archer says that Sting will pay attention to him. Archer says this is his time, not Sting’s but Sting snatches the microphone from him. Roberts holds Archer back as Sting tells him to shut his mouth.

Sting says he doesn’t understand why Archer disappears for weeks on time and he gets in Roberts’ face and tells him to teach Archer “how to do it” instead of whining. Sting says that Roberts needs to help Archer channel all of his anger into the right direction and possibly even to the World Title. Sting tells Archer he has it in him and to go do it. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are shown watching from the balcony.

TNT Championship
Darby Allin (c) (5-0) w/Sting vs. JD Drake (2-3) w/Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi

Drake tosses Allin around early but Allin uses his speed to escape him only to eat a big chop sending Allin to the floor. Drake tries to follow him out but Allin quickly rolls in the ring and dropkicks Drake followed by a Tope Suicida. Allin goes up top but Nemeth distracts him. Allin dives off the top but eats a Shoulder Block in midair from Drake.

Sting gets in Nemeth’s face and Nemeth retreats as Drake hits a Backsplash Senton in the ring. Sting chases Nemeth to the back.


Drake sets up for a Vader Bomb but Allin rolls out to the floor. Drake chases Allin and throws him into the ropes and Lariats the piss out of him as he bounced off. Drake goes for a Cannonball but Allin moves and Drake slams into the barricade. Allin dives off the top with a Somersault Plancha onto Drake and Bononi. In the ring, Allin goes up top again but this time Drake sweeps his legs.

Drake hangs Allin up in the corner and beats the piss out of him as he hangs there before hitting him with a Cannonball. Drake goes to the middle rope and hits a Vader Bomb for two. Drake goes up top and attempts a Diving Moonsault but Allin rolls out of the way and goes back to the top. Drake again cuts him off and goes for a Superplex but Allin bites his hand and then hits a Super Code Red! Allin hits the Coffin Drop off the top for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

Butcher and Blade jump Allin on the stage and are about to throw him off the stage when Sting and the Dark Order chase them off. Tay Conti attacks Allie and they start brawling.


A video package highlights the drama between the former Elite members.

Alex Marvez tries to interview Chris Jericho backstage but The Pinnacle attacks him. They drag Jericho into the ring and commence to beating his ass. They hit a Spike Piledriver on Jericho and the Inner Circle’s locker room is shown bolted shut. They are breaking the door but Wardlow gets ready to Powerbomb Jericho through a table but Mike Tyson hits the ring and beats the shit out of Shawn Spears with body shots until The Pinnacle pull him to safety. The Inner Circle hits the ring and Jericho shakes hands with Tyson.

Earlier today, Dr. Britt Baker asks for a title shot but Tony Schiavone tells her that she is in fourth place in the rankings. Baker says that the rankings should be based on ratings, merchandise, etc. She says she will fix the broken system and get her wins up on Dynamite, Dark and Elevation.

Allie (1-0) w/HFO vs. Tay Conti (9-2) w/The Dark Order

Allie and Conti go back to throw blows at each other with Allie getting the better of the exchange as she slams Conti into the turnbuckles. Allie goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Conti catches her leg and hits a T-Bone Suplex. Conti hits a Pump Kick in the corner followed by a Facewash. Allie rolls to the floor and Conti tries to follow her with a Punt Kick from the apron but Allie catches her foot and sweeps her leg onto the apron. Allie Snap Suplexes Conti on the floor. Allie dropkicks Conti into the barricade.


Conti hits a Swinging Backbreaker on Allie but Allie comes back with a Superkick after dodging a Splash in the corner. Allie goes for Down the Rabbit Hole but Conti fights out and hits a series of elbows. Hardy gets on the apron to distract Conti but she sidesteps Allie and hits a Gory Bomb for two. Dark Order and HFO fight on the outside as Allie hits Shida – who came out during the break – and grabs her kendo stick. She hits Conti with and climbs up on the top but Shida distracts her allowing Conti to hit a Superplex followed by the DDTay for the pin!

Winner: Conti via pinfall (DDTay)

Next week, Darby Allin faces Matt Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TNT Championship. Also, the Bucks defend the Tag Titles against Fenix and PAC. Anthony Ogogo will also make his AEW in-ring debut. Jade Cargill faces Red Velvet, too. Dax Harwood will also face Chris Jericho with Mike Tyson as the guest enforcer.


Main Event
Trios Match
Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (3-0 as trios) w/Don Callis vs. Jon Moxley (6-3) & The Young Bucks (2-0)

Callis taunts Matt Jackson from the outside and then Omega and Matt get in each other’s faces. They start shoving each other and Matt tags Nick. Nick puts Omega in a wristlock but Omega quickly reverses it and the two former friends trade chain holds for the first two minutes. Omega runs Nick down but Nick pops back up and catches Omega with a Rana. Anderson tags in and eats a Springboard Lucha Armdrag and then a dropkick from Nick. The Bucks come in and hit Double Dropkicks to Gallows. Moxley and The Bucks dive onto Omega and GB on the outside.


Anderson hits a Running Clothesline on Moxley but Moxley ducks another one and hits a German Suplex. Moxley hits Omega and then Gallows with German Suplexes. Moxley puts Anderson in a Sleeper but Anderson catches him with a Jawbreaker and tags Gallows. Gallows hits a series of Elbow Drops on Moxley for two and GB choke Moxley in their corner.

Gallows hits a Roundhouse Kick on Moxley but Moxley comes back with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Nick tags in and hits a series of strikes on Gallows and then sidesteps a charging Anderson. Nick hits an Enziguri on Gallows followed by a Ghetto Stomp on Gallows and Backstabber on Anderson. Nick goes for a Slingshot X-Factor on Anderson but gets caught with a Spinebuster in midair.

Matt and Omega tag in and Matt tosses Omega around with Hip Tosses and then a backdrop. Matt goes for a Superkick but when Omega ducks Matt DDTs him. Matt hesitates going for a Superkick and Omega slaps him. Nick Spears Omega and punches away at him. Gallows Superkicks Matt but eats a Missile Dropkick from Nick. Moxley clotheslines Gallows but east a knee from Anderson. Matt Superkicks Anderson and then walks into a Snap Dragon from Omega.

Omega hits another Snap Dragon and as he goes for a V-Trigger he runs right into a Lariat from Moxley! Matt hits a Piledriver on Omega! 1…2…NO Omega kicks out! Matt asks Omega if he is okay but then picks him up and the Bucks hit the More Bang For Your Buck on him! 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up. The Bucks toss Anderson to the floor and Nick hits a Springboard Tornillo onto GB.

Matt hesitates from hitting Omega again but Nick convinces him to go for the BTE Trigger. Matt hesitates again and Moxley gets in his face. They go for the BTE Trigger again and again Matt hesitates. Moxley tags Matt and shoves him away. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Omega and then hits a second one and locks him in a Rear Naked Choke! The Bucks Superkick Moxley! Eddie Kingston limps out but the Good Brothers jump him on the stage.

Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Kingston on the stage. Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Moxley and then they drape Omega on him for the pin.

Winners: Omega & Good Brothers via pinfall (Magic Killer)

Matt and Nick keep looking down as Good Brothers celebrate. Good Brothers pick Moxley up and Omega tells them to kick him. The Bucks Superkick him again! The Bucks, Omega and Good Brothers do the “too sweet” in the middle of the ring. Schiavone wonders if this means the Bullet Club is back.