AEW Dynamite 05 19 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
May 19, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage (2-0) vs. “New Bourne” Matt Sydal (7-2)

This is the first time these two have faced each other in a one-on-one match. Taz is on commentary. Christian and Sydal feel each other out in the early going and go back-and-forth with some mat wrestling. Sydal hits a rana and then goes for a Quebrada but Christian kicked the middle rope causing Sydal to crash and burn to the floor. Christian follows up with a Flying Dropkick through the ropes to Sydal on the floor.

Christian gets a two-count and then connects with a Backbreaker for another nearfall before putting Sydal in a chinlock. Christian goes up top and hits a Corkscrew Flying Uppercut for another two count. Christian hits a Diving Headbutt to the back and another Backbreaker. Christian steps on Sydal’s back and stomps it.

Christian goes for anther Backbreaker but Sydal counters with a Spinning Headscissors and a Spinning Back Kick. Sydal goes up top but eats an elbow from Christian. Christian attempts a Superplex off the top but Sydal counters and knocks Cage off the top. Sydal hits the Meteora for two. Sydal hits a series of kicks and a big Lariat for two.

Sydal hits a Spinning Heel Kick and as Christian rolls into the corner Sydal hits a Flying Knee for another nearfall. Sydal goes for Lightning Spiral but Christian counters into another Backbreaker. Christian goes for a Spear but Sydal leapfrogs him and catches him with a rollup for another nearfall. Sydal puts Christian in a Grounded Straight Jacket but Christian gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Sydal misses a Spin Kick and Christian hangs Sydal up in the ropes on his back before going for a Diving Cross Body. Sydal moves and attempts a Moonsault but Christian moves out of the way and hits a huge Spear for another two. Christian goes for the Unprettier but eats a Leaping Knee from Sydal. Sdyal goes for a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault but Christian gets his knees up and hits the Unprettier for the pin.

Winner: Christian via pinfall (Unprettier)

Taz and Christian talk trash to each other after the match before Ricky Starks makes his way onto the stage. Starks says he is his own man and he and Christian have some business to take care of. Starks tells his boys to come out and take care of it but Team Taz appears behind Christian and Sydal and beat them down. Adam Page walks out and hands his drink to Starks and cleans house! He goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Brian Cage catches him and they exchange forearms. Hook takes out Page’s knee form behind and Brian Cage Powerbombs the hell out of him.

Brian Pillman Jr. cuts a promo backstage and says that his father is the reason he stayed away from wrestling for the longest time because all he knew was the “dark side of the ring.” He says that he met the Young Bucks later on his life and he saw the good in wrestling. Griff Garrison talks about running the Bucks’ merchandise table in 2015 and how great they were. He says that they realize the Bucks in 2021 are not the same team or the same people anymore. Pillman says it is a shame that the Bucks reverted to their Bullet Club days and says they won’t stop until they achieve their destiny of becoming tag team champions.


Earlier today Moxley and Kingston cut a promo about their match with The Acclaimed. Kingston says one is one of them a rapper when Moxley asks who they are. Moxley says they are about to beat the breaks off them.

The Acclaimed says they are pissed about having to face Moxley and Kingston. They say to get to the tag titles you have to go trough them.

The Acclaimed (7-2) vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston (4-0)

Moxley and Kingston are coming out to their new Major League Wild Thing theme. Caster makes a reference to Rene Young, Moxley’s wife, which results in Moxley punching him in the face. Kingston beats Caster down in the corner, while Moxley tosses Bowens into the guardrail on the outside. They then double team Caster in the ring.

Kingston hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex on Caster and then starts biting him. Moxley tags in and eats Caster up with some nasty chops. Kingston and Moxley take turns beating Caster down in their corner until Caster manages to grab Kingston’s leg, as Eddie went up top, and pulls him off with a Dragonscrew Leg Whip.


Back from the break Bowens twists Kingstons’s legs up in the Price of Fame (Reverse Cloverleaf) until Moxley breaks it up. Caster tags in and goes up top but Kingston manages to shove Bowens into Caster causing him to crash and burn.

Kingston makes the hot tag to Moxley, who goes nuts on both of the Acclaimed members. He tosses Bowens to the floor and then destroys Caster with slaps and chops. Bowens hits a Release German Suplex followed by a King Kong Lariat and a Funk Piledriver! Moxley puts Bowens in a Sleeper and then dumps him back out to the floor.

Moxley goes to the top and pulls Caster up with him but Bowens cuts him off. Caster hits a Superplex and tags Bowens. Caster lifts Mox up in a Vertical Suplex as Bowens dives off the top with a Cross Body onto Mox at the same time! 1…2…NO Kingston breaks it up! Kingston drags Caster to the floor and throws him into the guardrail.

Bowens hits a series of rights and lefts on Bowens but Moxley ducks one and puts him in a Sleeper. Kingston blind tags him and they set up for a double team move but Caster pulls Moxley out and throws him into the barricade. Bowens hits a Jawbreaker on Kingston and Caster throws a chain to Bowens. The referee sees the chain and goes to take it away as Caster comes in with the boom box. Moxley hits Caster from behind and Kingston hits him with an Enziguri. Kingston and Moxley hit an Assisted Wheelbarrow DDT on Bowens for the pin.

Winners: Moxley & Kingston via pinfall (Assisted Wheelbarrow DDT)

Alex Marvez approaches Chris Jericho, who is talking to Dean Malenko backstage, and asks if the Inner Circle will accept the challenge tonight, but Jericho says he will have to wait like everyone else to figure out.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Sky says that Sting was everything he loved about wrestling when he was a kid and he wanted to be just like him. Sky says that something happened and that was time. Sky says that Sting is not the same man he once was and Sky is no longer a child. He says he is a grown man warning Sting to step aside or he will put him down.

Page kicks Schiavone out of the ring and says that Sky already proved he could put Sting down. Page says that he hopes Sting was watching when they threw Darby Allin down a flight of steps. Page says he knows how much the TNT Title meant to Allin and he is here to take everything away from him. Page says he is a man of his word and he promises that he will be the nail in Allin’s coffin.

The lights go out and Sting and Allin hit the ring. Allin lays Sky and Page out with a skateboard and Sting hits them with Stinger Splashes. Page retreats to the floor as Sting puts Sky in a Scorpion Death Lock. Sky and Allin start to retreat but The Dark Order come up both tunnels stopping them causing Sky and Page to retreat through the crowd.


Earlier today The Pinnacle is shown eating at a table. MJF is pissed off and mocks Jericho. Dax Harwood says that they should be chasing every title in AEW, not wasting their time with the Inner Circle. Dax says that is it is embarrassing that Jericho is still in a wrestling locker room. Dax makes it clear Stadium Stempede won’t be funny or a joke and that they will be destroying the Inner Circle. Spears freaks out on the waiter and is about to hit him with a bottle when Tully calms him down. MJF says that if the Inner Circle agrees to Stadium Stampede it will be their last match together. “When you are in the Pinnacle, you are always on top,” MJF says.

AEW World Women’s Title Eliminator Match
Hikaru Shida vs. Rebel w/Britt Baker

If Rebel wins she gets a shot at the Women’s Title. Shida goes for the Lockjaw and even puts a glove on her hand. Britt Baker grabs the title and distracts Shida allowing Rebel to hit her with a crutch. Rebel hits a Release Vertical Suplex for two. She goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Shida catches her leg and hits a series of knees to it and then connects with a Knee Breaker. She puts Rebel in the Brock Lock and Rebel taps.

Winner: Shida via submission (Brock Lock)

Baker attacks Shida after the match and Curb Stomps her on top of the title belt.

Footage of Omega and Callis approaching Orange Cassidy after the match last week is shown. They replay footage of the PAC Powerbomb that injured Cassidy’s shoulder and Omega mockingly says that AEW needs Cassidy to be their mascot not a main eventer. Omega tries to get Cassidy to sign an agreement to remove himself from the match at Double or Nothing and then receive a shot at Omega at a later date. OC rips up the paper and throws it in the floor.

Omega tells OC to think about that Powerbomb last week and then asks him what is going to happen when Oemga drops him on his head with the One Winged Angel. Omega says that the damage he is going to do to OC is worst than the Powerbomb that PAC hit ever could. Callis pulls out another copy of the agreement and tries to get OC to sign it again and tell him to think about it before leaving.


The Inner Circle comes out with his left elbow in a gigantic brace. Ortiz says at this point talk is cheap and he wants to fight. Sammy Guevara agrees and says as long as they are in the same company this feud will never end. Guevara says every single week this won’t end until they get their rematch. Guevara says The Pinnacle are nothing more than a bunch of clowns and last week they looked like a “bunch of dumbass fishes flopping around in their cheap suits.”

Jake Hager says that they have said from the beginning they are the baddest and if they don’t accept the challenge then that would make them just like The Pinnacle. He says that while The Pinnacle tries hard to be like them they are nothing like them and the last thing they want is to be a bunch of school yard bitches like The Pinnacle.

Jericho says they did the Bubbly bath last week to get the Pinnacle’s attention and they got it. Jericho says he wonders if Blood and Guts was worth it with the toll on their body and he wonders if it is worth it to risk having to break up. Jericho says none of them will forget Blood and Guts because they will never be the same again, especially him. Jericho says that MJF hurt him – not just physically but also mentally – and he can’t get the image of MJF throwing him off the top of the cage out of his head.

Jericho says when he thinks of the revenge he will get on MJF he realizes it was definitely worth it. Jericho says the answer for Stadium Stampede is yes. Jericho says you will have to kill them to beat them. Jericho says you have to kill them to beat them and hell is coming for The Pinnacle and they will piss on their graves.

NWA World Women’s Championship
Red Velvet (15-2) vs. Serena Deeb (c) (7-3)

This is Serena’s return from a knee injury she suffered during the Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament. Serena throws her shirt at Velvet at the bell and attacks her. She hits a series of European Uppercuts and a Spinning Neckbreaker for a quick two.

Deeb goes for the Deebtox but Velvet escapes and goes for a Leapfrog, but Deeb stops and kicks her. Deeb hits a Running Back Elbow followed by more uppercuts. Velvet fights back with a series of body shots and kicks. Sky chokes Deeb in the corner but Deeb hangs Velvet’s legs up in the ropes and kicks it before hitting a Hanging Dragonscrew Leg Whip.


Velvet hits a Flying Cross Body off the middle rope and connects with a series of clotheslines. Velvet hits a Drop Toe Hold sending Deeb into the ropes before connecting with a Flying Knee and a Standing Moonsault for two. Sky goes for a shoulder block to Deeb in the ropes but Deeb sidesptes her and goes for a Neckbreaker only for Sky to toss her to the floor.

Velvet hits a Moonsault off the apron and her knee looked like it caught Deeb FLUSH on the side of the head. Velvet hits a Spinning Enziguri for a nearfall. Velvet goes for a Pump Kick but Deeb sidesteps her and attempts the Deebtox again but Velvet counters with a backdrop and then sits down on top of her for a nearfall.
Deeb attempts a clothesline but Velvet catches her with a Uranage Suplex. Velvet climbs to the top and attempts a Diving Moonsault, but Deeb gets her knees up and hits a vicious Powerbomb! 1…2..NO Velvet kicks out! Deeb puts Velvet in the Serenity Lock but Velvet almost gets to the ropes. Deeb drags Velvet back to the center of the ring and then goes to transition into a Figure Four but Velvet rolls her up for two.

Deeb gets back up and hits a chop block before slamming her knee into the mat repeatedly and then locking in the Serenity Lock for the submission.

Winner & STILL NWA Champ: Deeb via submission (Serenity Lock)

Backstage, Marvez interviews PAC backstage and PAC says that he finally gets his shot and there is nothing that “Don, Omega or any of those Elitist pricks can do about it.” PAC asks Marvez who would dare bet against The Bastard now.

Austin Gunn (10-0) w/Cody Rhodes & Arn Anderson vs. Anthony Ogogo (1-0) w/The Factory

Gunn attacks Ogogo at the bell and hits a Rolling Jawbreaker before Ogogo stops his momentum with one body shot. Gunn gets back up but eats another body shot as Gunn spits blood out. The referee is about to stop the match but Gunn stops him. Ogogo hits a Popup KO shot and the referee stops the match.

Winner: Ogogo via referee stoppage

Ogogo grabs the American flag after the match and throws it but Cody catches it. A bunch of referee’s run out and get between them.

Marvez interviews SCU backstage. Marvez asks Daniels about a cryptic Tweet he made last week but Daniels shvoes him away, hugs Kazaria and walks off. Kazarian says he doesn’t have the words or time to explain what Daniels has meant to him both professional and personally. He says that whatever path CD chooses to take he deserves it. Kaz says that something special to him was taken from him last week and he blames all of the Elite for it. Kazarian says he will hunt down every member of The Elite and they will learn what it’s like to lose something. RIP to Frankie’s dad.


Miro comes out and thanks Jesus for giving him the power to destroy everyone. Miro says that after the crap Darby Allin spoke he took what Allin said couldn’t be taken from him. Miro tells Allin to go home and make another one of his “stupid gritty videos” and then raises the title up in the air and tells the fans “here’s your Darby right here” as they chant for Allin.

Miro says next week he is going to offer someone a shot at his title but Lance Archer comes out and tells Miro to shut the hell up. Archer says he was the best of All Elite long before Miro got there. He talks about facing Cody to crown the first champion and says he didn’t win it that night but he will walk out of Double or Nothing as the new TNT Champion. He says they will give the fans a fight they haven’t seen since Godzilla vs. Kong. He says he is going to make Miro his Bulgarian Bitch.

Miro says that Archer calls himself a monster yet he always comes out with the “old man” to hold him back but nothing could hold Miro back. He says there isn’t enough Yoga in the world to save him from Miro. Miro says that Archer always says “everybody dies” and he agrees but he insists Archer will die first.

Excalibur announces that Sting and Darby Allin will team up to face Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky at Double or Nothing.


Main Event
AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Young Bucks (c) (5-0) w/Don Callis vs. The Varsity Blonds (11-3) w/Julia Hart

Nick Jackson and Garrison start off against each other but Matt tags in after Garrison lays Nick out with a Big Boot. Pillman tags in and Varsity Blonds hit a Double Dropkick on the Bucks and taunt them with their own pose. Nick trips getting back in the ring and eats a clothesline back to the floor. Matt eats a series of arm drags and hip tosses from Pillman.

The Blonds hit a Dropkick/Spinebuster combo for two. Garrison and Pillman work on Matt’s arm in their corner. The Bucks get back the advantage with a Double Dropkick and then Matt walks the ropes with the help of his brother and hits a Springboard Ghetto Stomp onto Pillman on the ramp and a Plancha onto Garrison off the stage. Nick hits a Jawbreaker on Pillman onto the top rope.


Pillman hits a Springboard Cross Body but sells his back as he lands and doesn’t go for the pin. Garrison and Matt Jackson tag in. Garrison is a house afire with backdrops and hip tosses to the Bucks. Garrison hits a Stinger Splash on Matt and then one on both of the Bucks. He hits a Double Spear!

The Bucks roll to the floor but Garrison hits a Plancha over the top onto them. Pillman hits a Springboard Flying Clothesline on Matt back in the ring for a close nearfall. Pillman goes up top but Nick cuts Pillman off and Matt hits a Rana on Garrison. Nick kciks Garrison in the face and Matt hits a Superplex on Pillman off the top.

The Bucks take turns kicking Pillman in the back repeatedly but he gets fired up and causes Nick to kick his own brother rand then Superkicks Nick for two. Pillman rolls Nick up but Matt blind tagged him and then Sunset Flips Pillman and locks him in a Sharpshooter. Pillman tries to get to the ropes but Nick sprays something in his face. Garrison breaks up the Sharpshooter but then etas a Superkick.

Matt grabs the can of spray but the referee sees it after Julia Hart points it out. HE takes it away but Brandon Cutler tosses him another can and Matt sprays it in Hart’s face. Pillman rolls Matt up for two! Pillman attempts a Superkick but Matt catches his foot and trips him before putting him in a Sharpshooter again. Nick hits a Springboard Facebuster on Pillman as he is still in the Sharpshooter and then rolls back to the apron and hits a Moonsault onto Garrison on the floor. Pillman taps.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Young Bucks via submission (Sharpshooter)

Moxley and Kingston come out and attack The Bucks. They both choke out the Bucks and then steal their shoes.