AEW Dynamite 06 04 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
June 4, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of “Double or Nothing” a second straight week of “Friday Night Dynamite” opens up with tag team action.

Non-Title Match
The Death Triangle (Penta el Cero M & PAC) vs. The Young Bucks w/Don Callis, The Good Brothers, Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler

The Bucks successfully defended the tag titles against Moxley and Kingston at the PPV in a thrilling match. PAC failed to win the World Title in a 3-Way, as well. Fenix and PAC unsuccessfully challenged for the tag titles against the Bucks a few weeks back in one of the best tag matches of the year, as well. Excalibur reveals that The Bucks attacked Fenix and injured him earlier this week (Fenix is recovering from a legit injury).

Kazarian attacks Michael Nakazawa at ringside and beats him down until the Good Brothers chase him to the back. PAC and Penta hit stereo dives onto The Bucks as they are distracted by what just went down with Kazarian. PAC slams Nick Jackson into a wall and then he and Penta – dressed in his Joker influenced gear – hit stereo backdrops on the floor on the Bucks.

The Death Triangle singles Matt Jackson out in the ring and double teams him. Penta rolls Matt up and puts him in a crazy rollup for a nearfall until Nick breaks it up. Nick tags in but eats a Superkick from Penta only for Matt to tag himself in and eat a Superkick of his own.

PAC tags in and hits a Diamond Cutter and a Standing Shooting Star Press for another nearfall. Penta catches a charging Nick with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. PAC hits a Pump Kick on Matt and goes to the top but Matt rolls out to the floor. PAC chases Matt and he holds Cutler as a shield. Nick then Punt Kicks PAC in the face and Matt teases a dive but stops and rolls out to the floor and clotheslines PAC to a chorus of boos.

Nick rolls PAC in the ring where Matt gets his shoes shined by Cutler and then turns around into a Lariat from PAC. Penta tries to tag in but Nick kicks him out and hits a Moonsault off the apron. Matt hits a Spear after PAC kicked Nick. The Bucks double PAC in their corner but they miss a series of splashes and PAC hits a Snap German on Nick. Penta tags in and catches Matt with a Slingblade and then one for Nick. He hits a Codebreaker/Senton combo on the Bucks and then a Backstabber to Nick.

Penta picks Nick up but eats a Jawbreaker and tags in Matt. Matt walks into the Penta Driver but Nick breaks up a pin attempt. PAC tags Penta and hits a series of kicks on Matt and then a Pop-Up Liger Bomb for two. PAC tags Penta back into the ring and then holds Matt’s legs open as Penta hits a Missile Dropkick to his nuts.

Nick blind tags Matt and dives into a Double Superkick from the Triangle. They go for a Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp but Nick counters it only to eat a Mexican Destroyer from Penta off the back of PAC. Matt hits an American Destroyer on Penta and then trades forearms with PAC. Nick German Suplexes PAC on the apron, while Penta hits a Fear Factor on Matt on the apron at the same time!

Nick and Penta trade kicks in the ring and then Nick pulls the referee in his way and low blows Penta nad pulls off his mask only for Penta to reveal he had another mask on underneath. Penta kicks him in the balls and hits the Fear Factor! PAC tags in and hits the Black Arrow! 1…2…NO Matt breaks it up!

PAC goes back to the top but this time Cutler hits him with a camera as Matt distracted the referee allowing Nick to roll PAC up for the pin.

Winners: The Bucks via pinfall (rollup)

The Bucks attack PAC and Penta after the match and are about to hit Penta with a BTE Trigger but Eddie Kingston hits the ring and chases them off. Excalibur points out the history between Kingston and the Death Triangle.


Tony Schiavone welcomes Mark Henry out to the ring with no entrance music, which really sucks. Henry talks about how much he loves wrestling and he says he isn’t here to fix AEW because it isn’t broken. He says he’s here to tighten the screws. Schiavone asks Henry if he will wrestle again and he says he won’t say ‘yes’ but he has a lot left in the tank.

Vickie Guerrero interrupts them and screams at Henry and Tony to get the hell out of the ring. She introduces Andrade Almas aka La Sombra! She introduces him as “Andrade el Idolo” (or The Idol Andrade) and he comes down to the ring. Sombra says that he used to say that he is the Face of Latinos but today he says he will be the new face of All Elite! Andrade is wearing a necklace with his La Sombra mask on it. Andrade didn’t have music either, what the hell is going on? Let’s not forget Andrade will challenge Kenny Omega for the AAA Heavyweight Championship at TripleMania.


The Nightmare Family (Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson) w/Arn Anderson vs. The Factory (QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo)

Ogogo lost to Cody in his PPV debut on Sunday. Marshall mushes Johnson’s face and taunts him but Johnson and Cody double QT in their corner. Cody trips QT as Johnson hits a Sting-like dropkick for a nearfall. Ogogo tags in and says he wants Cody but when he tags in QT distracts him allowing Ogogo to hit a suplex.

Ogogo and Marshall isolate Cody in their corner. Cody fights out with a Flatliner on Marshall and tags Johnson. Johnson hits a series of clotheslines and a Hanging Neckbreaker. Marshall tosses Johnson over the top but he skins the cat and takes QT out tot eh floor with a headscissors. Johnson goes for a Plancha but Marshall moves and Ogogo lays Johnson out.


Johnson hits Marshall with a dropkick and Cody tags in as Marshall rolls onto the ramp. Cody tosses QT back in the ring and hits a Flying Clothesline followed by a Release Vertical Suplex. Cody hits a Monkey Flip and connects with the Disaster Kick on Ogogo. Cody hits a Snap Powerslam on QT and puts him in the Figure Four. Ogogo throws Johnson into the barricade and then hits a Frog Splash on Cody to break up the submission.

Marshall hits a Diamond Cutter but Cody kicks out at two as Johnson was late trying to break up the pin. Ogogo clotheslines Johnson to the outside and spills out with him. Aaron Solow runs out and distracts the referee as Ogogo hits Cody with the KO Punch allowing Marshall to pin him.

Winners: The Factory via pinfall (KO Punch)

After the match, QT says he just shocked the world like he said he would.

Highlights from Stadium Stampede II are shown. The Inner Circle makes their way down to the ring to celebrate their win and Jericho reveals all the fans have free Inner Circle shirts under their chairs. Sammy talks about doing the 630 Splash off his mom’s garage roof and now he closed out the show at Double or Nothing doing it to keep his group together.

They all hug in the ring but Santana says they still didn’t accomplish what they want because The Pinnacle is still around in AEW. He says the real accomplishment would be having them laying in a ditch somewhere. Santana says FTR tried to end he and Ortiz’s career and that doesn’t sit right with him. He says this Inner Circle-Pinnacle shit is far from over.

Jake Hager says that The Pinnacle tried to end them and they don’t get to say when this war is over. He says they are going to have to man up and take an ass whooping again and again until THEY say it is over. Hager says he is pulling Wardlow’s man card and talks about the match they had last year. He says Wardlow beat him in a wrestling match but Hager has never lost an MMA fight and he challenges Wardlow to face him in the cage in two weeks.

Jericho says the war between the two groups is not over and he says that MJF tried to end his career and he thinks about that moment every single day. Jericho says he has to settle that score and beating the hell out of them at Stadium Stampede wasn’t enough. Jericho says he won’t be enough until he ends MJF’s career the way he tried to end Jericho’s. Jericho says The Inner Circle never forgives and never forgets.


Footage of the World Title 3-Way at Double or Nothing is shown as Best Friends brag about Orange Cassidy having Omega beat until Callis interfered. Trent calls Callis a useless conman and OC says this isn’t over between them.

Omega and Callis are watching highlights from the match when Alex Marvez walks up to ask about what OC just said. Callis says it was a conspiracy to try and get the belt off and they will break the lid off this conspiracy next Friday. Marvez asks about the title match with Jungle Boy but Omega dismisses him and says there is a big difference between a Jungle Boy and a Jungle Man.

Jungle Boy & Christian Cage vs. Private Party w/Matt Hardy

Private Party are wearing slacks and button-up shirts to the ring. Jungle Boy and Christian work together on Isiah Kassidy in the early going but Quen catches Jungle Boy with a Jawbreaker to put Private Party in control. Jungle Boy hits a Double Springboard Armdrag on Private Party and they retreat to the floor. Jungle Boy goes to the top but Kassidy grabs his foot allowing Quen to hit a dropkick in midair as Jungle Boy dove off the top.

Jungle Boy rolls underneath Private Party and tags in Christian. Christian clotheslines Kassidy and stands on his back as he was draped over the middle rope. Christian hits a Diving Corkscrew Uppercut on Kassidy and goes for the Unprettier but Kassidy shoves him into the heel corner. Quen slams Christian down across the top rope as Hardy distracted him.


Private Party mocks Christian by doing the “5-second pose” thing that he and Edge used to do. Christian hits them with a Double Reverse DDT as they were taunting him more and then he tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy hits a series of elbows and a dropkick to Private Party. Jungle Boy hits a series of elbows on Quen and a Rebound Lariat! Jungle Boy hits a Brainbuster for two.

Jungle Boy hits a Springboard Tornado DDT on Quen for another two. He puts Quen in the Snare Trap but Kassidy breaks it up. Christian knocks Kassidy to the floor and goes for a Plancha but Hardy pulls him out of the way. Kassidy pokes Jungle Boy in the eyes and Quen rolls him up for a nearfall.

Quen lifts Jungle Boy up to the top roe and Private Party goes for the Gin and Juice but Jungle Boy blocks it and takes Quen down with the Snare Trap as Christian takes out Kassidy and Quen taps.

Winners: Jungle Boy & Christian via submission (Snare Trap)

Matt Hardy attacks Christian from behind and hits the Twist of Fate on the ramp!

Taz talks about the Cage-Page match at Double or Nothing and says Page got one over on them but they already had one over on Page. He says next week Page is going to pick a partner of his own to face Hobbs and Cage next week. An annoyed Starks just walks away as Taz says they are going to tear through Page and the Dark Order.

Schiavone calls Sting out to the ring and he makes his way down alongside Darby Allin. Sting calls Double or Nothing a night he will never forget. He says that night stands up to anything else he’s done in wrestling as the fans chant :”you still got it” and Allin urges them on. Sting thanks the fans but Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page appear on the screen to mockingly applaud him.

Sky says that Sting was incredible at the PPV and now he knows why Sting he is called “The Icon.” Sky says he was so good that he was even able to drag someone as bad as Allin over the finish line. Page says Sting has carried Allin through his entire AEW career and all he sees is a spineless codependent bitch. They challenge Allin to find any partner other than Sting and see if he can prove them wrong.


Schiavone introduces Britt Baker as a bunch of other AEW wrestlers stand in the ring and a table is sitting in the ring with hamburgers and something else covered in a cloth. Baker says she was gifted 1,500 burger coupons and she wanted the fans to get off on it and says all the fans have burger coupons taped under their chairs but then laughs at them when they start looking. She removes the cloth and says all the coupons are there because she is the only one that did the work and the only one that should be able to celebrate it.

Baker says that she promised this is the start of a new era and she was right. Baker says she will elevate AEW to a whole new stratosphere. She invites Rebel and Schiavone to celebrate with her with burgers but Nyla Rose slaps it out of her hand and tosses the rest of the burgers around. She pops all the balloons, too.

Backstage, Eddie Kingston is approached by PAC and Penta and they scream at him to keep his nose out of their business and says they don’t need his help. Kingston says the enemy of my enemy is my friend and tells them to let that marinate and think about it.

“The Bunny” Allie w/The Blade vs. Red Velvet w/KiLynn King & Big Swole

Velvet hits Allie with a Flying Knee and then a Standing Moonsault for a quick two count. Allie rolls to the floor where she eats a Tope Suicida and Velvet nearly died. Allie didn’t catch her at all and Velvet sort of rotated as she dove and damn near landed on her face/head.

Velvet climbs up top but Allie crotches her and hits a Superkick knocking her back out to the floor. allie throws Velvet into the corner and hits a Sliding Forearm Smash for two.


Velvet hits a series of kicks and then a Flying Knee and a Stunner for two. Velvet hits the ropes but runs into a Superkick. Blade hands Allie brass knuckles but Velvet ducks and kicks her in the face with the Just Desserts for the pin.

Winner: Velvet via pinfall (Just Desserts)

The Dark Order wish John Silver a Happy Birthday and says that Tony Khan was going to gift a TNT Title shot but since he isn’t cleared to wrestle yet he is giving the shot to Evil Uno.

Miro shouts out his wife for being hot and laughs about Evil Uno challenging him. Miro says that he realizes Uno comes from an emotional place but that is going to get him hurt because he has no feelings and he will use this as a teachable moment for the rest of the locker room. Miro says you only come after someone like him when you are sure you can survive, not when you think you might be able to win.


Main Event
Bullrope Match
“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto

I had some technical difficulties during this one (my wife unplugged the DISH receiver by mistake).


Comoroto is busted open. Solow sets up a table at ringside as Comoroto attempts to slam Dustin through it. Rhodes blocks it and hits him with the cowbell. Rhodes goes for a Punt Kick but Comoroto blocks it and Powerbombs Rhodes through the table. Comoroto tosses Rhodes back in the ring and gets a nearfall.

Solow rips off one of the turnbuckles but Colby Gunn attacks him and brawls with him to the back. Rhodes hits a Bulldog and the Final Reckoning for just a one count. Rhodes hits Comoroto with a series of forearms and clotheslines and then he hits a Snake Eyes onto the exposed turnbuckle. Rhodes hits Comoroto with the cowbell followed up with a Diving Bulldog off the top for the pin.

Winner: Rhodes via pinfall (Diving Bulldog)