AEW Dynamite 07 07 2021

AEW “Road Rager” Dynamite Results
July 7, 2021

Miami, Florida (James L. Knight Center)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

This special “Road Rager” episode of Dynamite in Miami, Fla. opens up in the ring.

South Beach Strap Match
“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/Arn Anderson vs. QT Marshall w/Aaron Solow

To win this match you must touch all four corners. QT Marshall didn’t get a TV entrance, so I’m sure that bodes well for him. Cody nails Marshall with a Tope Suicida to open the match up. In the irng, Cody hits an Uppercut and chokes Marshall with the strap. Cody falls through the ropes and uses the strap to pull Marshall into the ropes causing a whiplash effect.

Back in the ring, Cody pulls Marshall into a Snap Powerslam and whips Marshall with the strap. Marshall fights back and goes for a Diamond Cutter but Cody shoves him into the corner. Marshall elbows Cody and goes for a Springboard Moonsault but Cody moves and hits Marshall in midair with the strap.

Cody manages to touch two corners but Aaron Solow hits him from behind causing Dustin Rhodes to run out and jump Solow. Marshall uses the strap to low blow Cody and then flips him with it. Marshall chokes Cody with the strap and drags him along as he starts touching the corners. Every time QT touches a corner, Cody touches it right after. As Marshall went to touch the fourth corner, Cody jumped on his back and put him in a headlock. They both get tangled up in the strap and Marshall hits a German Suplex.

Cody rolls to the floor and QT tries to pull Cody into the ring post but Cody blocks it and pulls Marshall into it. Cody rolls back into the ring as Marshall’s head is busted open. Cody touches two corners but the lights go out and when they come back on Cody touches the third corner only to eat a Backbreaker and Flatliner from QT.

QT whips Cody with the strap and then stands not the top rope and chokes Cody with it. Cody hits Marshall with the strap and climbs up with Marshall where he chokes him. Cody goes for a Frankensteiner but Marshall counters into a Super Bomb! Marshall touches two corners but Cody stops him from getting the third only for Marshall to wrap Cody up in the strap and then lift him to the top rope. Marshall hits a Tower of London Nigel McGuinness style on Cody out of the corner!

Marshall touches three corners but Cody stops him from getting the fourth and Marshall whips the hell out of Cody with the strap. Cody gets fired up and dares Marshall to hit him again and then hits a series of strikes including a big Pump Kick. Cody hits a Headscissors Takeover and whips QT with the strap.

Cody leaps to the top and hits the Cody Cutter! Arn does the “throat slash” symbol and tells Cody to end it. Cody touches three corners and when Marshall tries to stop him from getting the fourth Cody low blows him. Cody goes to touch the fourth one again but Marshall stops him and spits on him. Cody gets pissed and hits three straight CorssRhodes before touching the four corners to win the match.

Winner: Rhodes via touching all four corners
(I’ve never been a fan of Strap Matches and I’m still not. They worked hard and pulled off some cool sequences with the stipulation but it was just okay. I’ve very much over this feud and that was pretty resounding as far as wins go. **)

Backstage, Shawn Spears says he told Sammy Guevara he would get him and he did but he then eats a chair shot from out of nowhere. “Got ya bitch,” as Sammy walks into frame. Sammy says it’s far from over between them.


Tony Schiavone welcomes Kenny Omega to the ring and Don Callis takes the microphone away from him and banishes him to the corner to stand alone. Callis says that he and Omega have made history over the last several months as fans chant “you got fired” much to Jim Ross’ amusement. “Real men don’t quit, they get fired,” Callis says.

Callis runs down all the challengers that Omega has vanquished and tells the fans they are in the shadow of the God of Pro Wrestling. Callis says that he and Omega have a problem right now because Omega has beaten everyone and there is no one left for him to beat. The fans start chanting for Adam Page much to Omega’s annoyance. Callis says that Omega has no challengers left for Fight for the Fallen and they start chanting “we want Hangman.”

The Dark Order comes out and Evil Uno calls Don Callis, Omega’s “weird uncle” and tells Callis to step back so the men can talk. He asks Omega why he is ignoring the crowd and ignoring who the No. 1 ranked single’s wrestler is. He asks Omega why he is so afraid of Hangman as the fans begin chanting “Cowboy shit.”

Omega asks Uno what the capital of Thailand is and then kicks Uno in the dick. The Good Brothers and Michael Nakazawa attack the rest of The Dark Order. Hangman hits the ring and cleans house. Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat on Omega but stops himself and gets in the ring and gets in Omega’s face. DOC Gallows gets on the apron and the distraction allows Omega to escape.

Jim Ross sits down with Darby Allin and Ethan Page and says he finds it sad how they both keep talking about each other’s careers. Ross asks what could have happened between them to cause that sort of animosity. Allin says that the fact that he did more in one year as a rookie than Ethan Page did in 12 years ate Page up.

Allin says it isn’t fault that Page got married, had kids and never left his hometown. He says he dropped everything to be able to make it in a place like AEW, while Page was happy being the big fish in a tiny pond. Page says he didn’t lie but he skipped a line and says that if it wasn’t for him Darby would still be living in his car and broke.

Page says he plucked Allin from obscurity and made him. He says that everyone told him how much of a star he would be one day and then he saw a guy that he brought into the business become the star he should have been eats him up. Page says he will end Allin in the Coffin Match.

Trios Match
The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz & Jake Hager) w/Konnan vs. The Pinnacle (Wardlow, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) w/Tully Blanchard

Dax and Santana start the match off against each other and take turns getting in strikes and shots at each other. Santana hits the Three Amigos and caps it off with a Release German Suplex. Ortiz tags in and Santana hits a Moonsault off Ortiz’s back. Ortiz hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for two. Cash tags in and hits a Powerslam on Ortiz for two.

Wardlow tags in and the heels beat on Ortiz in the corner. Wardlow hits a Powerbomb for two and then Dax tags in and attempts a Slingshot Suplex only for Ortiz to counter with an STO. Dax goes for a Rana but Ortiz counters into a Powerbomb and Hager tags in and hits the Vader Bomb. Cash comes charging in but gets Suplexed out of his boots. Hager cleans house as we go to a break.


Santana makes the hot tag to Ortiz and he is a house afire with shots for all the Pinnacle members. Cash manages to cut him off but then eats a Splash from Hager after Hager blind tagged Ortiz. Santana hits a Cannonball on Wheeler and then PNP throw Cash into a Spinebuster from Hager for two. Wardlow broke up the pin attempt.

FTR double teams Ortiz and hit a Powerbomb into a Dragon Suplex and then Dax rolls through into a Jackknife for two. Dax attempts a Brainbuster but Ortiz counters into one of his own and tags Hager back in. Hager hits a series of clotheslines and goes for a hager Bomb but Cash gets his boot up only for Hager to put in a Jake Lock. Dax breaks it up but then eats a Big Boot from Hager.

Hager dares Wardlow to get in the ring and Wardlow obliges him by tagging in. The two hosses exchange strikes until Wardlow attempts a Backdrop only for Hager to roll him up and lock in a Jake Lock. FTR runs in after Tully distracted the referee and hits the Big Rig on Hager! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Pinnacle via pinfall (Big Rig)
(Decent trios match. Both teams worked well together but it didn’t get a ton of time. I hope the injury to Konnan isn’t a way to write him off. I really enjoy him with PNP. **)

Konnan hits Wardlow with a slapjack after the match and Tully responds by chop blocking Konnan’s knee and taking it out.

The Good Brothers cut a promo about Jon Moxley and the IWGP U.S. Championship. Footage of them in Japan is shown and Karl Anderson says he will be returning to New Japan and the fact that Moxley has that title makes them sick. Anderson says he is taking that title from Moxley next week and the only thing they are concerned about is “beating up Jon Moxley.”

MJF is pissed at the fans singing Jericho’s theme and a fan attempted to jump in the ring an attack MJF as Jericho was coming out. Jericho actually decked the guy. MJF dares any of the other “fat inbred hicks” to jump in the ring and do something to him. Jericho says he should have let “the fat bastard” kick his ass. MJF calls Jericho pathetic but says he doesn’t blame him because everyone wants a piece of the King of AEW.

Jericho says he will do anything to face MJF including have sex with MJF’s mother…again. MJF reminds Jericho that he made Jon Moxley face every member of the Inner Circle to earn a shot at Jericho and called that brilliant and says he is going to give MJF a taste of his own medicine.

MJF says Jericho will face four opponents of his choosing with different stipulations and he has to beat them back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back and if he gets through those four he will get a shot at MJF. Jericho says he will accept those stipulations and says if he doesn’t get through his stipulations then he doesn’t deserve another shot.

Jericho signs the contract and starts to leave but MJF says it isn’t over yet. MJF says the deal isn’t sealed unless they shake hands. Jericho shakes MJF’s hand but doesn’t let MJF go and pulls him into a Judas Effect.


Earlier today, Tony Schiavone interviewed Britt Baker and Rebel (not Reba), who is pissed off about last week. Baker says Rebel got injured for unsafe working conditions and Baker says that Tony Khan gave Vickie that match in return for her getting Andrade to come to AEW. “Enjoy your bloody money, maybe we can do a show in Saudi Arabia next,” Baker said.

Andrade el Idolo w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal and Andrade mat wrestle to start off and Sydal manages to spin around Andrade for a quick nearfall only to eat a Corkscrew Brainbuster from Andrade. Andrade goes to the top but Sydal cuts him off only to eat a series of elbows. Andrade goes for a Moonsault but Sydal rolls out of the way and Andrade lands on his feet and hits a Standing Moonsault for two. He used to do that move weekly as La Sombra.

Sydal comes back with a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault of his own and goes for a Sunset Flip but Andrade counters into a rollup for two. Sydal attacks the legs of Andrade and then hits a Spinning Back Kick. Sydal goes to the top but Andrade shoves him off the top to the floor.


During the break, Andrade hit the Three Amigos on Sydal. Sydal and Andrade exchange elbows and Andrade misses a Flying Knee allowing Sydal to hit one of his own. Sydal hits a series of kicks but Andrade comes back with a series of elbows. Sydal hits a Hook Kick and rolls Andrade up for two. Sydal hits a Leaping Knee and goes for another one but Andrade ducks and hits a huge Lariat.

Andrade climbs to the top but Sydal leaps up to the top with him and attempts a Frankensteiner. Andrade blocks it and Sydal gets caught in the ropes. Andrade goes for a hanging Ghetto Stomp but Sydal manages to avoid it and then hits a Meteora off the top for two.

Sydal charges at Andrade but Andrade tosses him into the turnbuckles and then hits Flying Knees to Sydal in the turnbuckles. Andrade hits El Idolo (Hammerlock Flatliner) for the pin.

Winner: Andrade via pinfall (El Idolo)
(Solid debut for Andrade, Sydal got some offense in but Andrade was the spotlight. **)

After the match, Andrade continues to attack Sydal.

A video package highlights the feud between Christian and Matt Hardy. They will face each other next week.

Arn Anderson is in the ring with Tony and the lights go out again. This time, though, they come back on and Tommy End (Aleister Black) is in the ring! He kicks Arn’s face off! Cody runs out and eats a kick from End! They are calling him “Malachi Black.”


Earlier tonight, Ricky Starks came out right before the show started with his own security. He says he has to have security because he’s not medically cleared and he can’t trust someone like Brian Cage not to attack an injured man. Taz walks out and is pissed off at Ricky. He says this is embarrassing and says Ricky doesn’t need security.

Starks says Cage is the embarrassing one and he has to do what he has to do to ensure his match with the FTW Title. He makes a comment about screwing Cage’s wife and Cage comes out and destroys Starks’ security as Starks retreats.

Mixed Tag Team Match
The Hardy Family Office (Allie & The Blade) vs. The Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander)

The referee checks The Blade before the match and finds brass knucks on him. OC hits a Shotgun Dropkick on Blade and goes for the Beach Break but Blade escapes and OC goes for a Satellite DDT only for Blade to counter into a Sidewalk Slam. OC hits Stun Dog Millionaire and tags in Statlander.

Allie hits a Running Knee on Statlander but then runs right into a Powerslam from Statlander. Statlander hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex but misses a Flipping Senton. Blade trips Statlander from the outside and Allie hits a Forearm Smash to her back.


Statlander hits a Michinoku Driver on Allie for two. Statlander goes to the top but Blade and OC fighting on the floor distracts her allowing Allie to hit a German Superplex. Blade tags in but as OC is laid out on the floor he goes after Statlander only for OC to hit a Flying Cross Body and a Satellite DDT for two. OC goes up top but Allie shoves him to the floor.

Statlander knocks Allie to the floor and then hits a 450 Splash on Blade! OC covers Blade but Allie pulls him out. Allie slides the brass knucks to Blade and he decks OC with it as the referee argues with Allie. Blade tries to cover OC but Stalander managed to tag OC first. Statlander shoves Allie into Blade and hits the Big Bang Theory for the pin.

Winners: Statlander & OC via pinfall (Big Bang Theory)
(Solid action with a good finish. The 450 Splash from Statlander was awesome. Pretty much all of the in-ring stuff tonight has just been sort of “okay” so far, while nothing has been bad. **1/2)

Earlier today Jungle Boy was presented an award for being the first AEW wrestler to earn 50 wins.

Tony Schiavone interviews the guys from American Top Team at ringside but Dan Lambert takes the microphone away from him and bitches about being asked to do an interview. Lambert gets in the ring and says he was skeptical of even coming here in the first place because AEW sucks. Lambert says if he wanted to enjoy a night of professional wrestling he would have to take out a VCR and hear Gordon Solie call matches of “real” wrestlers.

Lambert says professional wrestling has gone nowhere but downhill since the 90s and AEW is unwatchable. Lambert says that Tony Khan tried to convince him that AEW is great and talked about how great their roster was and how great the fans were. Lambert says the AEW fans suck, too and Lance Archer comes out and kills Lambert with a Forearm Smash and a Blackout.


AEW World Tag Team Championships
Street Fight
The Young Bucks (c) w/Brandon Cutler & Don Callis vs. Eddie Kingston & Penta el Cero M

Kingston wore a Terry Funk shirt and bandana tied around his head Funk style to the ring. The Bucks take out Kingston and Penta early with Flying Dropkicks to the outside. The Buck try Double Superkicks but they duck and the Bucks hit Michael Nakazawa instead. Penta and Kingston throw The Bucks into the barricade and Kingston chases Cutler into the ring. The Bucks hit Kingston and Penta from behind with chairs.

Penta and Kingston drop toe hold The Bucks into the chair and then dropkick their faces into the chair. Kingston puts the chair on Nick Jackson’s balls and Penta dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick to the chair! Penta and Kingston both pull out tables and set one up at ringside and the other in the ring. Kinston ends up breaking the legs off the table in the ring by accident and then tries to Superplex Matt Jackson on it.

Nick cuts Kingston off and Powerbombs Kingston onto the broken able. Penta hits a Mexican Destroyer off the apron on Matt through the damn table at ringside! Penta is a MAD MAN!


Nick hits a Swanton Bomb on Kingston who had a trashcan laying on his chest. Penta rolls Nick up from behind and then kicks him in the face and follows up with a pair of Slingblades on the Bucks. Penta hits a Codebreaker/Senton combo on the Bucks and then goes for a rollup on Nick but Nick rolls him into a German Suplex from Matt.

Matt hits a Cannonball on Kingston as Nick also kicked him in the back. The Bucks attempt More Bang for Your Buck but Penta cuts them off and kicks Matt in the face. Kingston hits an Exploder on Matt and then Penta dives off his back into a Tornado DDT on Matt. Kingston puts Matt in a Rear Naked Choke but Nick 450 Splashes the damn referee just as Matt taps!

Nick breaks up the submission and The Good Brothers make their way to the ring. The GB attack Pent and Kingston and beat down Kingston only for Penta to hit a Somersault Plancha over the top onto the Good Brothers! Penta goes for the Fear Factor on Matt but he blocks it and Spears Kingston. Cutler tries to spray Penta in the face but Kazarian grabs Cutler and Powerbombs him through a table!

Penta hits the Fear Factor on Matt and rolls him into the Backfist From The Future from Kingston! The referee is still down, though! Another referee runs out, 1…2…NO Nick pulls him out! Kazarian attacks Nick and throws him to Kingston. The Good Brothers jump Kazarian and hit a Magic Killer on the floor!

Kingston grabs a back and pours thumbtacks on the mat! Kingston tries to Piledrive Nick into the tacks but Matt throws a handful of tacks in his face. Penta throws a trashcan at Matt and kicks Nick in the face. Penta climbs to the top but Nick cuts Penta off. Nick hits a Super Rana on Penta right into the tacks! 1…2…NO Kingston literally throws Matt on top of his brother to break it up!

Kingston is a house afire on both Bucks but then eats a Superkick Party. Superkick Party for Penta and then Nick sticks a bunch of tacks in Kingston’s mouth and Matt Superkicks him for the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: The Bucks via pinfall (Superkick)