AEW Dynamite 08 25 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
August 25, 2021

Milwaukee, WI (UWM Panther Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Dynamite opens with footage of CM Punk’s debut at Rampage last week.

Orange Cassidy vs. “Big Money” Matt Hardy

Both Hardy and Cassidy come to the ring without their respective groups. Cassidy taunts Hardy as he climbs in the ring and starts doing his lazy kicks, which causes Matt to respond with his “delete” chant with the crowd. Matt pulls out a bunch of money from his own pockets and then swings at OC but OC ducks and hits a dropkick causing the money to go flying. Hardy rolls to the floor and OC follows up with a Tope Suicida but Hardy catches him in midair and hits a Side Effect.

Hardy slams OC’s head against the ring post and starts biting his hand before wrapping his body around the post and stretching him. In the ring, Hardy hits a series of Back Suplexes before picking up the rest of his money and taunting OC more. Hardy hits a Scoop Slam and an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Hardy works on OC in the corner punching and choking him. Hardy hits a Vertical Suplex and a Leg Drop for two.

Hardy puts OC in a submission and then knees him in the back before throwing him hard into the turnbuckles. Hardy throws OC into the corner again but this time OC flips over it and punches Hardy. OC goes for a Flying Cross Body but Hardy moves and OC lands on his feet. OC goes for the Beach Break but Hardy blocks it and hits a Splash Mountain for another nearfall.

Hardy keeps calling for the Twist of Fate but each time OC rolls away from him. Hardy grabs OC but OC tosses him to the floor and hits the Tope Suicida sending Hardy into the barricade. Back in the ring, OC hits a Flying Cross Body off the top and a Satellite DDT for two. Hardy has a busted nose as OC climbs to the top. Hardy cuts OC off and goes for a Superplex but OC shoves Hardy back to the mat and hits the Swanton Bomb with his hands in his pockets! OC goes for a Twist of Fate but Hardy shoves him into the corner and hits a series of shoulder blocks. Hardy goes up top and hits a Flying Elbow Drop for another nearfall.

Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but OC counters into one of his own for a close nearfall. OC goes for the Orange Punch but Hardy moves and goes for the Leach, but OC counters into a cradle where he hooks Hardy’s legs and puts his hands in his pockets to keep the legs trapped for the pin.

Winner: Cassidy via pinfall (Cradle)
(Really fun match from Cassidy and Hardy. Hardy really worked his ass off and that bloody nose looked brutal, I would be shocked if isn’t broken. ***)

In the back, Malakai Black cuts a promo on Brock Anderson and tells him that he is in over his head. He says he will give him a way out and offers a Brock chance to roll out the minute the bell rings and get counted out. He says Brock will have to apologize to him and think about the idiocracy he was about to commit himself to by getting in the ring with him. He says he is a man of his words and if Brock doesn’t do that he will take it out on Brock’s dad and anyone associated with the Nightmare Family.


Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and says that this has been one of the biggest weeks in AEW history and says that everyone has been celebrating this week, everyone except for him. He says he had the chance to end the Five Labours of Jericho by beating MJF, he lost to MJF for the third time and even worse he tapped. Jericho says that it’s been driving him crazy all week because he has always strived to be better and being on top even if it meant being hit with light tubes or powerbombed 15 times in the ring. Jericho says the fact he beat MJF is driving him insane and calls it an “ear worm” in his brain. Jericho says until this end he’ll just keep attacking MJF every single week no matter where it is until it’s over. He says he doesn’t give a shit, he’s going to beat MJF.

Jericho challenges MJF to one “final fight” at “All Out” and says if he can’t beat MJF then he doesn’t belong in AEW. He says if MJF beats him he will move over to the commentary full time and will never wrestle in AEW again.

MJF walks out with a “MJF: 3, Jericho: 0” shirt with a nice throwback to Jericho’s WCW days. MJF says that he sees through Jericho and knows that Jericho realized years ago that if he was going to stay relevant he needed to get a rub from the fastest rising young star in wrestling. MJF says Jericho’s “cash cow” is all out of milk and he says that he made a promise to himself after tapping Jericho out “faster than someone listening to a Fozzy CD” that he would never face Jericho again.

MJF says saying that he tapped Jericho is cool but getting to say that he ended Jericho is legendary. MJF agrees to the match and tells Jericho to reconsider it because he is the man that has mopped the floor with him three times.

Tag Team Eliminator Tournament Semifinals
The Varsity Blonds w/Julia Hart vs. The Lucha Brothers w/Alex Abrahantes

The Young Bucks & Good Brothers come out to watch this match on the stage. Fenix and Garrison start off against each other and Garrison shows of hiss strength advantage early but Fenix uses his speed to avoid Garrison and connect with some beautiful high spots. He does a gorgeous matrix dropping back when Garrison went for a Big Boot and then nips right back up.

Penta and Pillman tag in and Pillman hits a nice Hurricanrana but Penta comes right back with a Slingblade.


During the break, the Blonds double teamed Fenix in their corner. Penta hits a series of Ranas on both Blonds and makes the hot tag to Fenix when we come back from break. Fenix hits a Superkick and a Double Spring Missile Dropkick to Pillman. He then hits a Springboard Spin Kick to Garrison knocking him off the apron. Fenix hits the Rolling Cutter on Pillman for two but Garrison broke up the pin attempt.

Penta drags Garrison onto the apron and goes for a Fear Factor but Pillman hits a Springboard Dropkick knocking Penta to the floor. Fenix tosses Pillman outside and LB hit Double Superkicks on the Blonds. Fenix hits a gorgeous Tope Suicida where Penta actually sort of caught him on the floor and flung his brother into the Blonds! Back in the ring, Fenix attempts a Diving Rana but Pillman catches him and hits a Powerbomb for two.

Garrison hits a Springboard Flying Forearm on Fenix and Pillman covers him for a nearfall until Penta breaks it up. Penta Superkicks Garrison and then LB take turns with Superkicks to Pillman. They hit the LB Driver on Pillman for the pin!

Winners: Lucha Brothers via pinfall (LB Driver)
(Great tag team match. The Blonds keep getting better and it’s great to see Fenix back in the ring again. I really want to see The Bucks and Lucha Brothers in the cage but I think it’s a pretty safe bet it will be Jurassic Express instead. ***)

Jurassic Express climbs in the ring and shakes hands with the Lucha Brothers. The Bucks come in and shove them into the Lucha Brothers to try and get them to fight but they don’t buy it and attack The Elite!

A video package highlights Andrade and PAC’s feud.

Jamie Hayter w/Dr. Britt Baker & Rebel vs. Red Velvet

This is Hayter’s first match in AEW since 2019. She jumps Velvet at the bell and beats her down for several minutes. Hayter has a completely new look with different tights, new hair and everything. Hayter charges at Velvet but sends her to the floor and hits a series of Tope Suicidas on Hayter on the floor. Baker distracts Velvet allowing Hayter to slam her into the ring post and then Baker throws her into the barricade as Hayter distracted the referee.


Hayter and Velvet exchange forearms with Hayter getting the better of it with a series of forearms. Hayter hits a Running Back Elbow but Velvet comes back with a Running Uppercut. Velvet hits a clothesline and a Flying Forearm and a sloppy clothesline. She hits a Spinning Back Elbow and a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Velvet hits Double Knees to the back of Hayter and knocks Baker off the apron. Velvet goes for a Standing Moonsault but completely whiffs on it, so Hayter gets back up and hits a nasty Backbreaker and a Lariat for the pin.

Winner: Hayter via pinfall (Lariat)
(Very sloppy match, timing looked off, too. Kudos to Hayter for moving on instead of trying to redo the spot that Velvet blew. *1/2)

Hayter and Baker beat on Velvet after the match until Kris Statlaner runs down and the heels bail.

Backstage, Evil Uno says they have had issues but they stand together because they support their friends. Reynolds laughs and says because of Uno and Grayson Hangman got beat up and they haven’t heard of him since. Uno tells him they did it for the group and if he doesn’t like it he can get back in John Silver’s shadow where he belongs. They continue to argue until The Beaver Boys walk away.


CM Punk comes out for an interview with Tony Schiavone and Punk starts name dropping a bunch of AEW’s younger stars regarding to the talent he wants to face but says one person stands above the rest and that is Darby Allin. Punk says he is going to retire his nickname “The Voice of the Voiceless” because AEW fans have a voice and there are people in the back that listen.

Punk says that Allin is reckless to a point of destruction and says that he looks at Allin and asks himself if he can still go and if he still has it and to find that out he has to face someone like Allin. He says that he sees someone that would have been his favorite wrestler when he was 15 when he looks at Allin. He says that Allin doesn’t fit the mold of what “someone else” sees as a professional wrestler, just like Punk. He says Allin isn’t the biggest or the strongest but he has heart and if he is going to answer those questions to himself he has to beat Allin. The fans start chanting “Yes” and Punk tells the fans that is someone else’s shtick and they probably need to be a little bit more patient for that guy. Punk says hi to his wife.

Miro cuts a promo about Kingston and says he will drown him in the river because he is his judgment. Miro demands a match with Kingston or he will “burn this place to the ground.”


Trios Match
Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley & Darby Allin w/Sting vs. The Wingmen (JD Drake, Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi) w/Peter Avalon

Nemeth tries to chop Kingston which results in Kingston caving his chest in. Cezar tags in and Kingston runs into him but Cezar just shrugs him off. They run into each other again and Kingston decides to just chop the hell out of him. Moxley blind tags him and he and Kingston run Cezar over and then knocks the other Wingmen off the apron.


The heels work over Moxley in their corner during the break but Moxley catches Cezar with a Backdrop Driver as we come back from the break. Drake tags in but Kingston tags in at the same time. Kingston hits a T-Bone Uranage but walks into a Backbreaker after Nemeth distracted him. Drake goes up top but Moxley bites him allowing Kinston to tag in Allin. Allin goes up top with Drake and hits a Super Code Red! Allin slaps the piss out of Drake but Avalon trips him from the outside causing Sting to back him down. Moxley throws Avalon into the barricade and stomps him down.

Nemeth grabs a chair but gets the hell beat out of him by Moxley and Kingston for his troubles. Allin hits the Diamond Dust on Drake followed by the Coffin Drop for the pin.

Winners: Moxley, Allin & Kingston via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

Daniel Garcia hits the ring and attacks Allin but retreats when Sting and Moxley hit the ring with Kingston.

Backstage, Alex Marvez interviews Tay Conti but Allie interrupts her and asks why she is still hanging out with the losers in the Dark Order and offers her a spot in HFO. Conti rips the contract up and Allie slaps her. They brawl until referees and security separate them.


Dax says that the nerves in Cash’s hand aren’t right still and he can’t guarantee they will be back together full-time ever again and Cash steps into the frame and says he doesn’t know if he will ever be the same, but where he comes from you “rub some dirt on it” and keep going. FTR says they won’t stop until they get their pound of flesh.

Kenny Omega comes out for an interview with Schiavone but Callis takes the microphone from Tony. Callis says they will take down Christian Cage once for all at All Out, which immediately brings Christian out. Christian says that he’s sure the fans in Milwaukee have had a few drinks by now but it’s definitely not enough to have to listen to the BS from The Elite.

A video package that Callis ran during Impact is shown where he talks about Callis firing him from his first wrestling job and hiring a 10-year old Kenny Omega instead. Christian calls him a “carnie piece of shit” again, which pisses Omega off when the fans start chanting it. Callis sasys that just shows him to be like Verne Gagne, Bill Watts and Vince McMahon giving his family a leg up, but Kenny is damn sure no Greg Gagne. Christian says he can’t believe he just fell asleep standing up.

Christian says it’s sad that Callis was manipulating Omega at 10 years old but even more sad he’s still doing it today. Callis says Christian will find out at All Out that Christian is still what he’s always been, second best. Christian goes to attack Callis but The Elite beat him down. Frankie Kazarian hits the ring with a pipe and chases the Elite off.

Backstage, Moxley says that Satoshi Kojima has answered his challenge at All Out but says that he feels sorry for the “old man” because this will be the public execution of Kojima.

Trios Match
The Gunn Club (Billy Gunn, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) vs. The Factory (Nick Camaroto, Aaron Solow & QT Marshall)

Nick and Billy start off and brawl for a few seconds before Solow tags in followed by Austin Gunn. QT talks trash to Wight from the ring as The Factory beats down The Gunn Club.


Colten hits a series of clotheslines on all the Factory members followed by Stinger Splashes in the corner. Colten hits a series of dropkicks but then eats a clothesline from Nick. Billy throws Nick to the floor and then they run into each other with Powerbombs. Austin dives on Solow on the outside. Colten goes for the Colt 45 on Marshall but he counters into a Flatliner. He taunts Wight but as Wight gets up Colten rolls Marshall up and pins him.

Winners: The Gunn Club via pinflal (rollup)

Dan Lambert cuts a promo with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky and says he was blaming AEW for feeding the fans chicken shit knowing they would think it’s chicken shit but the real people he should blame are the fans because they want to see some “lazy douche in tight jeans with his hands in his pockets” instead of real men. He says AEW fans don’t want to see tough men because they aren’t tough. He says they just want to go to safe spaces at wrestling shows where they can break down and cry because their favorite wrester shows up. Lambert says Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are real men and are the men that the fans SHOULD be looking up to.


Backstage, Arn Anderson says that his son is in over his head but he’s an Anderson, so sometimes he has more guts than brains. He says he is in it all the way with his son no matter what.

Main Event
Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson w/Arn Anderson

Schiavone points out that this is Brock’s first ever singles match in AEW. Brock tackles Black immediately and goes after him with rights and lefts but Black kills him with a Leaping Knee Strike. Black beats him down in the corner with body shots and a series of round kicks. Black drags Brock in front of his dad and taunts him. Arn was about to throw in the towel but Brock screams not to and Arn drops it. Black screams at him to throw it in. Brock goes after Black’s legs but eats a T-Bone Suplex and the Black Mass for the pin.

Winner: Black via pinfall (Black Mass)

After the match, Black grabs a chair and Arn dares him to put the chair down and fight him. Black goes for the Black Mass but Arn blocks it only to eat a kick to the nuts and the Black Mass. Lee Johnson runs out and Black leaves instead of fighting him.