AEW Dynamite 09 08 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
September 8, 2021

Cincinnati, OH (Fifth Third Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Fresh off the heels of the biggest PPV in AEW history, “Dynamite” opens with highlights from All Out. Excalibur is not on commentary tonight as Jim Ross says that he has been given time off for his wedding. Taz is on commentary with Ross and Schiavone.

Malakai Black vs. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes goes right at Black as he climbs in the ring and connects with a series of clotheslines and an Atomic Drop. Black lands a Roundhouse Kick but Rhodes manages to force Black into the corner and then tosses him out with a German Suplex. Rhodes tosses Black to the floor.

Rhodes goes for a Piledriver on the floor but Black counters and Back Suplexes him through the timekeeper’s table! Black tosses Rhodes back in the ring and rips a top turnbuckle pad off. Black tries to throw Rhodes in it but Rhodes blocks it and charges right into a knee lift from Black for a nearfall. Black puts Rhodes in a Rear Chinlock.

Rhodes fights Black off but Black sweeps his legs and locks in a Heel Hook. Rhodes manages to get to the ropes to break the hold but Black goes right back to work on that leg with a series of kicks. Black tries to whip Rhodes into the corner but Rhodes collapses and grabs his leg. Black taunts Rhodes by kicking him in the face.

Rhodes gets fired up and fights back with a series of right hands and clotheslines. Rhodes hits an Uppercut and connects with the Snap Powerslam for two. Rhodes goes for the Code Red but Black counters with a backdrop only for Rhodes to catch him with a Sunset Flip for two. Black retreats to the corner and Rhodes follows and mounts him only for Black to escape and kick his leg causing him to crash to the mat.

Black hits a Bicycle Knee for two. Black goes to the outside and reaches under the ring and grabs Cody’s boot that he took from him after laying him out weeks ago. Black taunts Rhodes with the boot and dares him to hit him with it. Rhodes drops it and hits a series of strikes. Rhodes hits the American Destroyer for two. Rhodes goes for a Suplex but Black counters and shoves Rhodes into the turnbuckle and hits the Black Mass for the pin.

Winner: Black via pinfall

Dustin is bleeding from the mouth.

A video package highlights the Lucha Brothers’ win over The Young Bucks at All Out. Penta says that the titles cost them blood, sweat and tears and anyone willing to suffer to take them from them is welcome to try.


Eddie Kingston cuts a promo on Miro and says that God has no favorites and when it rains it pours on the just and unjust the same. Miro says he had to ice his balls just like Kingston for different reasons, and offers Kingston’s soul to his God.

CM Punk comes down to the ring to a huge ovation. Punk thanks Darby Allin, Sting and the fans for All Out. He says he will never lie to the fans and says that he didn’t know what it would be like but it was like riding a violent bicycle. The fans chant “you still got it” and puts over the main event for tonight – Moxley vs. Suzuki – and calls Moxley a “maniac.” He points out Brian Pillman’s aunt in the crowd and calls her an angel. Punk talks about the debuts at All Out and says that the first thing he did after his match was text his wife and she asked him what was next. Punk asks the fans what they want next.

Taz grabs a microphone and interrupts Punk to Punk’s annoyance. Punk tells Taz that out of respect he will let him speak but don’t ever do that again. Taz gets pissed and says he is tired of the “bullshit lovefest” that Punk is doing. Taz says that Punk was impressive at All Out but he better not ever mention a member of Team Taz or else. Punk says that no one mentioned anyone from Team Taz and Taz claims he did.

Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook come out and Taz says that he has heard Punk mention their names elsewhere and he better not do it again. Punk tells Taz to send anyone from Team Taz. “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you,” Punk says.

Punk stares Hobbs down as he goes up the tunnel.


Proud-n-Powerful says that they are the best and wants someone to prove them wrong.

Ruby Soho wants to prove that she wasn’t just a fluke but Britt Baker walks up and asks why they are wasting valuable TV time on her. Ruby says that she and Britt have known each other for a long time and she helped her break into wrestling. Ruby says that Britt makes up all these nicknames so people don’t see who she really is and says this is her block now.

Britt makes fun of Ruby’s nickname “the runaway” and tells her to runaway to catering where she’s been the past two years. Ruby tells Schiavone that she’s going to whoop Baker’s ass.

“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs vs. Dante Martin

Martin tries to jump Hobbs but Hobbs beats him down. Hobbs catches Martin in midair but then Martin backflips over a charging Hobbs and dropkicks him to the floor. Martin goes for a Tope Suicida but Hobbs catches him in midair and throws him into the ring post in an extremely cool sequence. Hobbs throws Martin into the barricade repeatedly.


Hobbs continues to work Martin over in the ring during the break. Hobbs puts Martin in a Bear Hug and then slams him to the mat. Hobbs pulls his knee pad down and slams his knee into Martin’s stomach before putting him in a submission with his knee still on his gut. Hobbs goes for a Knee Drop but Martin rolls out of the way and then leaps off the top with a huge Missile Dropkick. Martin hits as Somersault Senton for two.

Martin hits a Pump Kick sending Hobbs crashing to the floor and then sets up for a dive but Hook gets on the apron only for Martin to dive OVER him with a Somersault Plancha onto Hobbs on the floor! Martin rolls Hobbs back into the ring and hits as Leaping Enziguri from the apron. Martin goes for the Double Spring Moonsault but Hobbs moves. Martin lands on his feet and hits a Pump Kick and then runs right into a Powerslam from Hobbs for the pin.

Winner: Hobbs via pinfall (Powerslam)

Dan Lambert cuts a promo from the balcony calling CM Punk and Bryan Danielson “skinny little dorks” and says that Tony Khan is just paying money to hide the truth that AEW only has two real men wrestling there, Page and Sky. Lambert says they will scream that truth with the voice of thousands of men. Lambert says if AEW thinks they have any men tough enough to do it to come and fight Sky and Page before they burn the company to the ground.

Matt Hardy wants to cut Orange Cassidy’s hair. Cassidy’s response: “whatever.”


MJF makes his way out with Wardlow pissed off about his loss at All Out. MJF says that he beat Chris Jericho three times prior to Sunday and he beat him a four time on Sunday but due to extreme bias against him the match was restarted. He says there is bias against him because everyone in the back wants to be him. MJF says he knows no one in the crowd can understand what he’s saying since they are from “Shitsinatti.”

MJF says he means every word coming out of his mouth when he says that Cincnanti is the biggest dumpster fire in the world. MJF continues to run down Cincinnati and says everyone that lives there is “mid.” MJF dares anyone in Cincinnati to do something about but says they won’t because they are cowards. He even taunts Brian Pillman’s aunt and daughter.

Brian Pillman Jr. walks out and defends Cincinnati and says it is the city that breeds basdasses like his dad and Jon Moxley. Pillman says he is from the streets of Cincinnati and “Welcome to the jungle!” MJF calls Pillman’s mom “Methany” and says it’s a shame that she didn’t do to him what she did the rest of her prospects and swallow. MJF tells Pillman that if he doesn’t get out of his face he is going to do to him what his mother should have done and starts to say “abort him” but Pillman attacks MJF.

Wardlow lays Pillman out and then Griff Garrison runs out and gets laid out by Wardlow. MJF hits Garrison with his Dynamite ring.

A video package hypes up Moxley-Suzuki.

Jamie Hayter w/Rebel & Britt Baker vs. “The Runaway” Ruby Soho

This is the “Dynamite” debut of the former Ruby Riott. Hayter slaps Soho and Soho puts her in a Waistlock only for Hayter to counter into a side headlock. Soho shoves Hayter into the ropes but Hyater runs her over. Hayter goes for a Hip Toss but Soho blocks it and hits a series of forearms. Hayter throws Soho by her hair and goes for a Pump Kick, but Soho blocks it and hits a Knee Strike. Soho charges at Hayter but Hayter Snake Eyes her on the top rope and then throws her into the ropes and it kind of clotheslines her.


Soho uses a headscissors to send Hayter into the turnbuckles and then hits a series of Running Thrust Kicks. Soho goes for a Monkey Flip but Hayter blocks it only for Soho to bounce off the ropes into a Swinging DDT for two. Soho goes for a Saito Suplex but Hayter counters and picks Soho up in an Electric Chair. Soho seems to be coming for a Poison Ranan but Hayter just falls in a really crappy botch.

Hayter comes back with a Neckbreaker and a Running Elbow for two. Soho comes back with a Leaping Enziguri for the pin.

Winner: Soho via pinfall (Enziguri)

Baker and Rebel attack Soho after the match but Riho runs out for the save only for Hayter to level her with a Backbreaker. Baker goes to Curb Stomp Soho onto the title belt but Statlander runs out with a chair to make the save.


Trios Match

The Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno & John Silver) w/Colt Cabana & Pres10 Vance vs. The Pinnacle (FTR & Shawn Spears) w/Wardlow & Tully Blanchard

The Dark Order are shown arguing earlier tonight when Anna Jay walks up and tells them to figure out their issues and work them out. Silver and Spears start the match off and Silver hits a Suplex and tags in Grayson but seemed to hesitate before tagging him. Spears runs Grayson into his corner and tags in Cash. FTR work on Grayson in their corner until Grayson hits a Pele Kick and tags Uno.

Uno and Grayson hit a Side Slam/Flying Elbow Drop combo for a nearfall. The Dark Order takes turns kicking Spears in their corner for and Silver gets a two count. The Pinnacle works Silver over in the corner and make quick tags as they beat him down. Dax goes for a Suplex but Silver counters into a Brainbuster. Silver reaches for a tag but Spears knocks The Dark Order off the apron.

Silver hits a series of Mafia Kicks on the Pinnacle and lays into Dax with round kicks and then a Mafia Kick and a Bridging German Suplex for two. Silver charges at Dax but he ducks and Silver runs into Uno. Dax hits a Rebound Suplex and then FTR tosses Silver onto Spears shoulders for the C4 and the pin.

Winners: The Pinnacle via pifnall (C4)

All of the Dark Order members start fighting after the match with Cabana and Vance trying to break it up. Anna Jay and Tay Conti walk out and shake their heads as they continue to shove each other in the ring.

Several of the women during the Casino Battle Royale cut quick promos about the match and beefs that are stemming from it.

Backstage, Tully Blanchard says that everyone just saw what leadership looks like. Tully taunts Sting and says that he is just trying to capitalize off someone else like he has his whole career. Blanchard wants Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears next week and says that there will be a time when Sting has to face him one more time.


In the back, Alex Marvez interviews The Varsity Blonds. Pillman says Tony Khan agreed to let him face MJF on Sept. 22. The Acclaimed walk up and Max Caster says he’ll be facing Pillman on Rampage this Friday.

The Elite comes out without Adam Cole. Callis talks about Kenny Omega being named to No. 1 in the PWI 500 and says that All Out was all about The Elite and Omega proving why he is the greatest wrestler in the history of the business. He says The Bucks also had the greatest tag team match ever but the belts were stolen from them. Callis says they have a plan for getting those belts back.

Nick Jackson says speaking of getting things back, they have their best friend back and introduces Cole. Cole gets in Tony’s face and says he knows that he knows he’s really close to Baker but if he ever even looks at her the wrong way he will whoop his ass. Cole says that AEW is the top wrestling promotion in the world because of the guys in the ring. He says that everything that AEW has built is thanks to The Elite.

Cole say that he may be new to AEW but he has been Elite for a very, very long time. He says that he has shown that he is a once in a generation wrestler and he has main evented everywhere and now he is with the very best. He calls the Bucks the greatest tag team of all-time and calls Omega also a once in a lifetime wrestler. Cole says that the fans should be thanking The Elite because The Elite is complete now. He says next week he will make his in-ring debut and will prove again how good he really is.

Kenny Omega complains about interruptions like they had at All Out and then Bryan Danielson’s music interrupts him. Omega gets pissed off and asks the rest of The Elite to leave the ring so he and Danielson can meet face-to-face. Danielson climbs in and Omega says that he is just the guy he wanted to talk to but Danielson snatches the microphone from him. Danielson asks the fans if they want to see him fight Omega and that gets a resounding “yes.”

Danielson says that Omega is afraid to take this match because he knows that Danielson is better than him and he will kick his head in. Danielson says that Omega is not on his level and Omega swings at him but Danielson takes him down and puts him in the Yes Lock! The Elite hit the ring and attack Danielson until Jurassic Express, Christian and Kazarian hit the ring to make the save. They all take turns hitting their spots with Danielson capping it off with a Flying Knee on Cutler.

Cody Rhodes makes his AEW return on Sept. 22 against Malakai Black.

“The Death Rider” Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki gets in Moxley’s face and they start exchanging forearms. Suzuki kicks Mox in the face and Mox responds in kind. Suzuki hits some insane slaps and palm strikes but Mox answers with a series of forearms that staggers Suzuki. Suzuki uses the ropes to hold himself up, so Moxley chokes him in the ropes.


Moxley tries to whip Suzuki into the corner but Suzuki reverses it and hits a Yakuza Kick. Suzuki goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Moxley blocks it and starts biting him. Suzuki comes right back and bites Moxley. They then exchange headbutts and end up laying each other out with headbutts at the same time.

They exchange forearms from their knees and then get up to their feet and continue to exchange strikes. Moxley gets fired up and swings with a Lariat but Suzuki ducks and puts Mox in the Rear Naked Choke. Suzuki goes for the Gotch Piledriver but Moxley counters with a backdrop. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift followed by a huge Lariat for one. Suzuki has a NASTY cut under his eye.

Moxley hits a Lariat but Suzuki refuses to go down, so Moxley hits a second one and then Suzuki hits a Dropkick. Suzuki puts Moxley in the Rear Naked Choke but Moxley escapes and hits some STIFF straight rights. Moxley hits another Paradigm Shift for the pin.

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)