AEW Dynamite 10 06 2021

AEW Dynamite “Grand Slam” Results
October 6, 2021

Philadelphia, PA (Liacouras Center)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

8-Man Tag Team Match
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) w/Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler vs. Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage & The Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy) w/Marko Stunt

Nick Jackson and Jungle Boy start things off and go back-and-forth with some chain wrestling and strike attempts with neither man getting the advantage until Jungle Boy hits a Rebound Armdrag and Dropkick. Nick retreats and tags in Cole, who goes to work on Jungle Boy in the corner. Jungle Boy catches a charging Cole with a boot and tags Christian.

Christian and Jungle Boy work Cole over while making quick tags repeatedly. Christian stands on Cole’s back as he chokes him in the ropes and then connects with a Slingshot Uppercut. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Cole blocks it. Christian shoves Cole into the corner and mounts him for a series of right hands. Christian hits a Reverse DDT and catches a charging Nick with a Flapjack. He holds Nick as Jungle Boy comes in with a Sliding Dropkick.

Christian and Jungle Boy hit a Double Hip Toss on Matt as Jungle Boy tags in. Nick kicks Jungle Boy from behind allowing Cole to hit a Pump Kick. Omega tags in and hits as Springboard Axe Handle on Jungle Boy. The heels now work Jungle Boy over with quick tags in their corner as the fans chant “Kenny No Balls” at Omega. Jungle Boy tries to fight his way out by kicking Nick off the top rope. Jungle Boy then uses Matt to balance himself as he climbs up top and kicks Nick off before hitting a Springboard Lucha Armdrag.

Danielson tags in for the first time and goes to work on Matt with kicks and chops. Danielson dares Omega to get in but he refuses, so Dragon tags in the dinosaur. Lucha whips Danielson into a Flying Leg Lariat on Matt in the corner. Lucha beats Matt down in the babyface corner and tags Jungle Boy before knocking The Elite off the apron.

The babyfaces take turns splashing Matt in their corner and then Jurassic Express hits a Superkick/Dragon Suplex combo for a nearfall. All hell breaks loose with all eight men brawling. Jungle Boy misses a dive as Brandon Cutler pushes Nick Jackson out of the way. Michael Nakazawa hits Christian with a briefcase but Christian lays him out. Matt sprays the cold spray in Christian’s face and then The Bucks hit an Indy Taker on Christian on the floor! The doctor comes out to check on Christian’s neck.

The Bucks kick Marko and Jungle Boy in the face and start taunting Christian. In the ring, The Elite works Jungle Boy over in their corner. Jungle Boy tries to fight them off and manages to connect with a Brainbuster on Omega but Omega stops him from tagging out. Omega goes for a Snap Dragon but Jungle Boy fights off with a Rebound Lariat. The Bucks knock Danielson and Lucha off the apron to stop them from tagging out.

The Bucks try a Double Back Suplex but Jungle By lands on his feet and then connects with a Double DDT on them! Jungle Boy makes the hot tag to Danielson and he knocks Cole off the apron. Danielson ducks a Polish Hammer from Omega and the two come face-to-face as the crowd loses their minds. Omega and Danielson exchange strikes until Danielson ducks a clothesline and hits a Flying Clothesline of his own.

Danielson hits a Corner Dropkick and a series of kicks before lifting Omega up to the top for a Frankensteiner! Danielson hits the Diving Headbutt! 1…2…NO The Bucks break up the pin attempt! Luchasaurus comes in and double clotheslines The Bucks. Cole hits a Shining Wizard on Lucha! Jungle Boy Superkicks Cole but eats a Snap Dragon from Omega! Omega goes for a Snap Dragon on Danielson but Danielson counters into a Tiger Suplex for two! Danielson locks in Cattle Mutilation but Nick breaks it up with a Swanton Bomb!

Lucha runs over the Bucks and Cole as he tags Danielson. Lucha throws them all over the ring and lays Omega out with a Pump Kick. Lucha splashes all the Elite members until eating a Superkick from Cole. Cole attempts the Panama Sunrise but Lucha catches him in midair. He grabs Omega and Chokeslams Cole on top of Omega! The Bucks miss a Superkick Party and then Tail Whips both of them! Lucha his a Moonsault off the apron onto Cole and Omega!

Jungle Boy hits a Flying Rana over the top on Nick! Danielson hits a Tope Suicida on Matt! Omega hits a Somersault Plancha onto Lucha and Danielson on the floor! Cole acts like he’s going to dive but stops and does his chant. Lucha appears behind Cole and Chokeslams him followed by a Standing Moonsault! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out!

Jungle Boy tags in and they go for their finish but Omega hits Jungle Boy with the V-Trigger. Cole low blows Lucha allowing The Elite to botch a Triple Bomb BADLY. That gets a rare chorus of boos. Jungle Boy fights them off but eats a Superkick Party. Omega hits the Snap Dragon and Cole hits the Panama Sunrise only for Danielson to break up the pin.

Danielson fights all of the Elite off with strikes. Danielson hits a series of Yes Kicks until Omega blocks the last one allowing The Bucks to hit a Superkick Party. The Elite hits the BTE Trigger on Jungle Boy for the pin.

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (BTE Trigger)


Jon Moxley is backstage and he says there is no one in AEW that can pin or submit him and now AEW wants to make him plays games with ladders. He says they’re in Philly so if they want to get weird he’s very happy to do it. Moxley says AEW is his company and Omega is carrying his belt.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring and he asks the crowd if they’re tired of the love fest yet. He says he isn’t tired of it so he’s going to keep it going. Punk talks about how he lived in Philly for three years during a time he says he lived, ate, slept and breathed professional wrestling. During that time, he was actually working for TNA, ROH, the indies and was even running ROH’s dojo.

Punk talks about how he used the money he made wrestling to buy himself a computer and iPod and he thought he was rich. He says that he was rich but he was rich because of the community he had immersed himself in with wrestling and he’s so glad he has immersed himself in that community once again. Punk says he wants to give back to this community and says he’ll let the fans pick if they want him to buy everyone cheese steaks or wrestle! Punk says if Daniel Garcia has any balls he’ll face him Friday on Rampage.

Footage of Arn Anderson talking about the issues with Cody and Malakai Black and then Anderson burns Cody’s jacket outside of Cody’s house. He says this is symbolic of what Black did to the entire Nightmare Family. Anderson says Cody isn’t very good right now and tells him to just go back and paint a star on his face and everything will be cool. He tells Cody to hand him his tie and Cody says he doesn’t need to throw that away, he gets what he’s saying but Anderson slaps him and says that he threw away their family.

A video package highlights Bobby Fish.

TNT Championship
“The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Bobby Fish

This is Fish’s AEW debut. He is a former New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor and WWE star. This is his first match on TV since being let go by WWE. Fish is probably best known for his longtime tag team with Kyle O’Reilly called reDRagon. Oddly enough, every one of his post WWE matches have been in Pennsylvania so far. During his entrance, Guevara is shown giving Fuego del Sol a new truck earlier today. Fish challenged Guevara publicly immediately after Guevara won the title last week.

Fish works Sammy over with leg kicks to start the match but misses a Roundhouse Kick as Guevara avoids it. Fish and Guevara mat wrestle with Guevara catching Fish with a series of arm drags. Guevara backflips over a charging Fish and then connects with a dropkick. Guevara hits an Enziguri and goes for the Double Spring Cutter but Fish kicks his legs out from under him.

Fish hits an Eddie Guerrero style Slingshot Somersault Senton for a nearfall before going back to work with some kicks. Guevara and Fish exchange strikes as we head to a break.


Fish goes for another Slingshot Senton but Guevara gets his knees up. Guevara hits a Running Back Elbow and a series of clotheslines. Guevara hits a Pump Knee but eats a Backdrop Driver from Fish for two. Guevara surprises a charging Fish with a Standing Spanish Fly! Guevara goes up top but Fish kicks his legs out from under him again. Fish climbs up with Sammy and hits a Super Falcon Arrow! 1…2…NO Guevara kicks out!

Fish T-Bone Suplexes Guevara into the turnbuckles for another nearfall. Guevara ducks a Roundhouse Kick and catches Fish with the GTH! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Guevara via pinfall (GTH)

Dan Lambert, The Men of the Year and America Top Team come out and surround the ring. Sky attacks Guevara from behind as Paige VanZant taunted him. Junior dos Santos hits Guevara with a series of strikes until Fuego del Sol runs out to try and help. America Top Team beats Fuego down, as well. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager hit the ring and a huge brawl ensues! Jericho even takes down Junior dos Santos.

America Top Team and Men of the Year retreat as the Inner Circle stands tall in the ring. Lambert screams to shut the song off but the fans keep singing it anyway much to his dismay. Lambert runs down AEW and the fans again but he says that South Florida is their home and Dynamite is coming to Miami. Lambert challenges the Inner Circle to a 6-Man Tag Team Match against Junior dos Santos and Men of the Year. He says Jorge Masvidal will be in their corner, too.

Jericho accepts the match and says they are going to beat the living shit out of Lambert and his dipshit team.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Aubrey Edwards, who is holding what seems like a championship belt in a bag. Schiavone says we will have a new championship for the move to TBS in January, called the TBS Championship, which will be in the women’s division. It looks literally exactly the same as the TNT Title except with the TBS logo on it.

In a sit-down interview with Jim Ross, Darby Allin talks about the story that MJF talked about with Allin’s drunk uncle dying in a car wreck. He says he survived that night and he’ll survive anything MJF throws at him.

Darby Allin w/Sting vs. Nick Comaroto w/The Factory

Allin dives on top of Comorato on the outside as soon as he comes out. Allin hits a Coffin Splash followed by a Flying Dropkick in the corner. Allin jumps on Comoroto’s back but he counters it into a Powerslam.


Allin hits the Coffin Drop for the pin.

Winner: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

QT Marshall attacks Allin after the match but eats a Stinger Death Drop for his troubles.

The Dark Order talk about their issues and decide they vote on any decisions for the future. John Silver wants them to vote on whether Alan Angels should have to put the mask back on.

Tony Schiavone interviews Dante Martin in the ring and says that he has been proving himself the last few months and says that he has given guys like Kenny Omega a run for their money. Martin says that he will fight anyone they bring to him. The lights go out and Malakai Black appears in the ring. He spits black mist in Martin’s face and hits the Black Mass. The lights go out and when they come back on Black is holding the microphone. “The House of Black accepts,” Black says to a laid out Martin.


Ricky Starks holds up the FTW Title and talks about its history in ECW and says the reason he has the title is because he has the same FTW mindset as Taz had. Starks says he wanted to challenge Brian Cage to a Philly Street Fight but Cage didn’t show up tonight. Cage hits the ring and goes after Starks! He hits a series of clotheslines but Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs pull Starks to safety.

The women’s locker room talks about the TBS Title backstage.

Hikaru Shida vs. “The Woman of 1,000 Holds” Sereena Deeb

If Shida wins she will be the first woman in AEW to reach 50 wins. This is Deeb’s return to Dynamite after a knee injury. They lockup and they exchange armdrags before starting some chain wrestling. Deeb gets frustrated and slaps Shida and Shida responds with a Flying Back Kick. Shida mounts Deeb in the corner and hits a series of rights and a dropkick. Shida hits a Running Knee Lift to Deeb on the outside. Shida goes to dive off a chair but Deeb grabs the chair and tosses it aside. Deeb hangs Shida up in the ropes and hits a Hanging Neckbreaker!


Deeb works Shida over during the break. Shida hits an Airplane Spin DDT! Shida heads to the top and connects with a Missile Dropkick for two. Shida attempts a Falcon Arrow but Deeb blocks it and counters into an Octopus! Deeb transitions into Deebtox but Shida blocks it and kicks Deeb. Shida misses an Enziguri and Deeb rolls her up for two.

Shida destroys Deeb with a Flying Knee but Deeb falls through the ropes to the outside so that Shida can’t cover her. Shida dives off the ropes with a Plancha onto Deeb on the floor! Deeb chop blocks Shida as she tries to get back in the ring and then she hangs Shida’s leg up in the ropes and hits a Dragon Screw Legwhip followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker for two.

Deeb starts attacking the leg more with a series of elbows and stomps. Deeb goes for a Spinning Toe Hold but Deeb shoves her into the corner. Shida picks Deeb up but Deeb escapes and goes for antoher chop block. Shida avoids it and hits a Roundhouse Kick followed by a Facebuster for two.

Shida hits a Sliding Elbow followed by Falcon Arrow for another nearfall! Shida goes for the Katana but Deep blocks it. Shida goes for it again but Deeb blocks it again and starts kicking Shida’s knee. Deeb hits another Dragon Screw and hits Deebtox! 1…2…NO Shida kicks out!

Deeb starts slamming Shida’s knee into the mat before locking in the Serenity Lock and Shida taps!

Winner: Deeb via submission (Serenity Lock)

A limo pulls up as Darby Allin is walking in the parking lot when a bunch of guys in masks attack him. They lawn dart Allin into a stop sign and then one of them F10s Allin onto a bunch of barricades. Another masked man comes out of the limo and chokes Allin with his own skateboard. It’s clearly The Pinnacle.

Backstage Lio Rush says that he is a huge fan of Dante Martin and he’s a businessman, so he wants to talk business with him. Rush says he sees an undervalued commodity in AEW and he wants to take him to new heights. Rush says that Martin needs a little bit of guidance and he can provide him with that guidance.


Britt Baker talks about the new title and says it’s great because now all the jealous bitches in the back can fight over something else than her title. Baker tells them to have fun in their “little tournament” and says she will be watching from the top.

Main Event
Casino Ladder Match
Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Andrade el Idolo vs. PAC vs. TBA

Orange Cassidy and PAC are the first to enter the match. The match can end before everyone enters. Cassidy starts to put his hands in his pocket but PAC stops him and tells him to fight. OC obliges and they lockup. PAC takes OC down and spins around him amateur style before running him over. PAC starts to run the ropes but OC rolls to the floor. PAC follows him and as they get back in the ring PAC catches OC in a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker.

PAC throws OC to the floor and puts a ladder in the ring only for OC to come in and shove it back out. OC goes for a Satellite DDT but PAC counters into a Brainbuster. The next man in is Andrade. Andrade grabs a gigantic ladder but PAC dropkicks it into his face! PAC sets another ladder up in the ring but Andrade springboards onto the ladder and starts trading elbows with PAC. PAC hits a Sunset Bomb off the ladder on PAC! Andrade slaps the piss out of OC but then eats a Spinning Rana from OC!

The next man in is Matt Hardy. OC misses the Orange Punch and Hardy hits the Side Effect. Hardy runs over everyone with the ladder before setting it back up. Hardy climbs the ladder but OC pulls him down.


OC hits a Satellite DDT on Andrade and PAC hits a Diving Moonsault onto Andrade and Hardy on the floor. Lance Archer enters the match. Archer literally throws a crew member at Andrade and then Chokelsams the ever loving piss out of OC onto the apron. Archer hits a Pounce on PAC! Hardy attacks Archer from behind but Archer Black Hole Slams him for his troubles!

Archer sets the ladder up and grabs another ladder and sets it up like a bridge between the ropes and the other ladder. He lays OC out on it and climbs to the top and Splashes him! Moxley enters the match! Moxley and Archer start slugging it out immediately and their brawl spills into the crowd. Moxley throws a chair at Archer and tosses him into the barricade. Moxley throws another chair at Moxley but he catches it and throws it back at Moxley.

Archer picks up a ladder but eats an Orange Punch from OC! OC hits another Orange Punch and then climbs on the back of Archer and tries to reach the ladder but Moxley attacks him from behind and hits a Release Vertical Suplex. Moxley dropkicks the ladder into Archer’s face and sets it up in the corner. The clock ticks down and the final entrant is… HANGMAN F*CKING PAGE!!!!!

Page hits the ring as the fans lose their ever loving shit! Page tosses Archer and Moxley out and then catches a diving OC and tosses his ass into a ladder with a Fall Away Slam! Page hits a clothesline on Andrade and a Plancha onto a ladder and Hardy! PAC attacks Page from behind with a chair and gets some nuclear heat for throws some water on that house afire.

PAC slides a table in the ring and sets it up under a ladder. PAC lays Hangman on the table and climbs to the top of the ladder but Andrade stops him and Hangman rolls off the table. PAC throws Andrade off the ladder through another ladder at ringside! Page climbs up with PAC and Dead Eyes his ass through the table! Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Page and he rolls to the outside.

Moxley climbs up the ladder but OC climbs up the other side only for Moxley to start biting him. Hardy pushes the ladder over sending both men crashing. Hardy drags OC to the floor and lays him onto another table. Hardy climbs a ladder and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop through the table!

Moxley climbs up the ladder in the ring but Archer slams him down. Hangman decapitates Archer with the Buckshot Lariat! Page climbs up the ladder but Moxley hits him with a chair. Moxley climbs up the other side of the ladder and starts punching Page. He reaches for the chip but Page elbows him and starts punching him as the fans chant “cowboy shit.” Moxley falls of the ladder and Page grabs the chip as the crowd loses their mind!

Winner: Page

A celebratory Hangman takes in the cheers from the crowd as he holds the chip to close Dynamite.