AEW Dynamite 11 17 2021

AEW Dynamite Results
November 17, 2021
Norfolk, VA (Chartway Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Dynamite opens with highlights from Full Gear. We cut to the back where The Elite are talking. Kenny Omega says people are already asking him when the rematch will be and he says he’s a little disgusted. He congratulates Hangman and says there are things he needs to fix and he can’t do that “here.” He asks The Bucks to “hold the fort down” but Cole answers that he of course would and Omega corrects him and says he was talking to the Bucks. The Bucks agree and they all walk off.

The Dark Order introduces Adam Page, who comes out to a hero’s welcome from his home state crowd. Page grabs the microphone as the fans chant “you deserve it” at him but he stops the crowd and says he didn’t deserve it, he earned it which results in a “you earned it” chant. Page says he’s normally a little shy and reserved but now that he’s AEW Champion he feels like he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Page says he is still a man with a job and a boss to answer to and he reminds everyone that he said at the first AEW press conference the boss was the fans. He asks the fans if they want him to stay in the ring so they can celebrate “National Cowboy Shit Day” and that gets a “Cowboy Shit” chant. Page says he knows the title carries a lot of weight and it means a lot and a lot of responsibility and after Full Gear he knows that responsibility is now Bryan Danielson. Danielson does not make him wait any longer as he walks out to the ring.

Danielson says he came out to say one thing to Page and that is congratulations. He offers a handshake and Page accepts. Danielson says he is super excited to face Page but he has to admit that he is a little surprised and disappointed he isn’t going to get to face Omega again. Page says it’s not Kenny because he beat his ass and he did it in less than 30 minutes, unlike Bryan. Bryan says that Cowboy Shit must not mean wrestling because all he does is flap his gums, while Bryan is out wrestling every week.

Page suggests that they don’t wait any longer and do this thing tonight but Danielson says he’s ready, while Page is out here in cowboy boots and jeans. Bryan says everyone told him everyone told him that Page has a list of excuses for why he’s failed and he doesn’t want Hangman to have the excuse of not being ready for why Danielson beat him. They start shoving each other but Dark Order separates them.


“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Evil Uno

Danielson immediately takes Uno down and goes for a Half Crab but Uno gets to the ropes. Danielson takes Uno down and attacks his arm but Uno gets back to his feet and runs Danielson over with a shoulder block. Uno hits the ropes and catches Bryan with an Atomic Drop as Danielson went for a leapfrog. Uno rolls Bryan up and gets a nearfall. Uno and Danielson exchange chops and slaps before Danielson hits a series of kicks.

Danielson works Uno over in the corner and hits a Snap Suplex before standing on him with one foot and taunting the crowd. Danielson and Uno exchange chops again but then Danielson goes nuts with uppercuts and kicks that sends Uno reeling. Danielson pie faces Uno which pisses him off and Uno hits a series of big strikes to Danielson. Uno hits a Rana and then a Leaping Neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Uno hits a series of strikes but then walks into a Roaring Elbow from Dragon. Danielson slaps the piss out of Uno repeatedly and then a pair of Running Dropkicks. As he goes for a third one Uno gets his foot up and then goes to the top and attempts a Senton Splash but Dragon got his knees up. Danielson hits a Flying Knee before trapping his arms and stomping the hell out of him repeatedly. Dragon puts Uno in a Triangle Choke and he’s out cold.

Winner: Danielson via KO (Triangle Choke)
(Solid but short match with Danielson looking dominant and pulling out some plays from his heel playbook. **1/2)

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring and interviews Dragon after the win. Danielson says he came out to congratulate Page but because of Hangman’s behavior he ended up kicking Uno’s head in. Danielson says until he faces Page, he’s going to kick all of the Dark Order’s heads in each week. Danielson says they’re in Chicago next week and he hears there’s a Dark Order member from there. He says if Cabana has any nuts, he’ll kick his head in next week.

MJF cuts a promo backstage after Full Gear about how all of his detractors had to admit just how good he was after Saturday.

“Who knows what’s next on the horizon for the Best Wrestler in the World,” MJF said.
(I think we know where that last line is heading.)


In the back, Schiavone tries to interview Eddie Kingston when 2.0 and Daniel Garcia interrupt him. They taunt him and say they are sick and tired of Kingston’s sad story. 2.0 says the saddest thing is Kingston didn’t even last as long as Garcia did with Punk. Kingston gets in Garcia’s face and says he doesn’t respect him and pie faces him. Kingston challenges to fight him.

“The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii & Orange Cassidy vs. The Butcher & The Blade w/Allie & Matt Hardy

Ishii and Blade start off and Ishii just shrugs off a bunch of forearms. Ishii runs Blade over and drops him with a Forearm Smash! OC tags in and Ishii gets pissed at OC not doing a double tackle, so OC hits a Splash on Blade instead for a one count. Blade runs OC into the corner and hits a series of shoulder blocks. OC does his lazy kicks as Blade was distracted with Ishii, and then leaps over Blade and hits a dropkick.

Butcher tags in and runs OC over with a shoulder block and taunts Ishii. The Butcher seems to have dropped a good deal of weight. They work OC over in the heel corner and then Blade tags in and throws OC to the floor. Allie puts the boots to OC as Blade distracts the referee.


OC leaps over a charging Blade and tags the Stone Pitbull as he murders Blade with a shoulder block. Ishii destroys Blade’s chest with chops and then a Backdrop Suplex for two. Ishii goes for another Suplex but Blade counters and tags in Butcher. Butcher and Ishii exchange strikes and Butcher throws Ishii into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline. Butcher hits a series of chops until Ishii gets pissed and starts just walking through his shots.

Ishii hits some stiff strikes and then puts Butcher on the top rope and climbs up with him. Ishii hits a Superplex for two but Blade broke it up. Blade tags himself in but Ishii clotheslines him and tags OC. OC hits a Flying Cross Body but Butcher and Blade catch him and toss him into Ishii. OC comes back with the Slum Dog Millionaire on Butcher and a Satellite DDT on Blade for two.

OC goes for the Orange Punch but Butcher intercepts him with a Sidewalk Slam. Butcher and Blade hit a Reverse 3D on OC for two but Ishii broke it up. Ishii drags OC to his corner and tags him. Ishii lays out both Butcher and Blade with strikes and then goes to work on Butcher in the corner. Hardy gets on the apron on one side and then Allie does the same. Ishii German Suplexes Butcher as Blade is about to hit him with brass knucks but Rocky Romero pulls him out. OC hits a Plancha on Butcher and Ishii hits a Lariat and Brainbuster on Blade for the pin.

Winners: Ishii & OC via pinfall (Brainbuster)

In the back, Schiavone interviews Andrade and FTR about Full Gear. Andrade says he is better than Cody and PAC and has beaten them both clean. FTR says they were supposed to make history at Full Gear but they were robbed. They suggest an 8-Man Tag pitting FTR, Andrade and Black against Cody and Death Triangle.


Highlights of Britt Baker’s match with Tay Conti at Full Gear is shown. Conti says she didn’t fail against Baker and she will be champion.

Schiavone interviews Baker and she says she is exhausted having to carry this division, so she’s shifting all the spotlight to the future TBS Champion: Jamie Hayter. Baker says that Thunder Rosa’s name will be completely irrelevant after Hayter beats her next week.

TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Hikaru Shida

Shida goes for a Flying Knee but Rose catches her and throws her into the corner. Shida escapes Rose and knees her in the face before diving off the top with a Missile Dropkcik for two. Shida goes for a Suplex but Rose blocks it and goes for a Press Slam but Shida counters into a Splash and a Lariat. Shida goes for a Suplex again but Rose counters into a Snap Suplex.

Shida hits a series of kicks and Rose rolls to the floor. As Shida follows, Rose rolls back in and then elbows Shida as Shida climbed back in. Rose throws Shida into the corner and works on her with a series of shoulder blocks. Rose works on Shida’s knee, which is taped up. She chokes Shida in the ropes and then Vickie chokes Shida as Rose distracted the referee.

Rose slams Shida’s knee into the turnbuckles and Shida rolls to the floor where Rose follows. Rose tries to throw Shida into the barricade but Shida counters and then goes to dive off a chair only for Rose to run her over. Rose sits Shida down in the chair and dives off the apron with a Cannonabll but Shida moves and Rose slams into the chair. Shida rolls Rose into the ring and Shida snatches the kendo stick from Vickie and hits her with it. Shida goes up top but Rose tosses her off.


As the referee is dealing with Rose, Serena Deeb comes from out of nowhere and chop blocks Shida. Rose hangs Shida up in the ropes and hits the Guillotine Knee Drop for two. Rose goes for the Beast Bomb but Shida hits a series of punches and as Rose falls back Shida puts her in a Fujiwara Armbar! Rose gets back up and deadlifts Shida into the air and into a Beast Bomb! Rose hits a Senton onto Shida’s knee and goes up top. Rose goes for a Senton but Shida moves and rolls her up for a nearfall. Shida goes for the Katana but Rose catches her leg and puts her in the Brock Lock for the submission!

Winner: Rose via submission (Brock Lock)

Malakai Black cuts a promo backstage and talks about the 8-Man Tag next week. He says Cody will realize what small part that he has played into what will be laid out in front of him.

MJF makes his way to the ring alongside Shawn Spears and Wardlow. MJF taunts the crowd and calls Norfolk “Norfunk.” MJF says he checks all the boxes in wrestling and says that he is the most complete pro wrestler on Earth. He says he will start a bidding war for his services in the year 2024 (when his contract is up with AEW) and that he is the past, present and future of wrestling. He says that he could take Norfolk’s “hometown horse” and send him to the glue factor and take a “big ole cowboy shit” on his title reign.

MJF complains about the AEW rankings and says he is the one that deserves to be the next AEW Champion. He says no one in the AEW locker room is on his level but CM Punk begs to differ as he makes his way to the ring as big “CM Punk” chant accompanies him. The fans chant “holy shit,” as well.

MJF looks confused as the fans chant for him to close his mouth in very unfriendly words. MJF introduces himself to Punk and offers a handshake but Punk turns his back to him and leaves.

Backstage, Darby Allin says he isn’t taking any time off and he wants the biggest and the baddest. So, Billy Gunn walks up and says he’s the biggest and challenges him to a match.


In the back, The SuperKliq says Full Gear was the worst night of their career and Nick says he’s not clear after they tried to end his career. Adam Cole says he and Bobby Fish will face Jurassic Express on Rampage. Bobby Fish walks up and says enough is a enough and it’s time to end this joke.

Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs. The Acclaimed

Caster taunts Martin about having more “partners than Pete Davidson” and calls him a bitch and tells him to put some bass in his voice. He says Lio Rush was better off as a manager. Martin dives onto them to get this started. In the ring, Martin backflips over Bowens and the babyfaces work him him over in their corner. Rush tags in and they pull off some face paced double team spots capped off with a Sliding Dropkick from Rush for two.

Martin tags in again and hits a Ghetto Stomp to Bowens’ arm as Rush held it out. The Acclaimed drag Martin out to the floor and hit a Double Suplex there. In the ring, Caster and Bowens work Martin over in their corner for several minutes. Caster hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for two.


Dante makes the hot tag to Rush and he leaps off Bowens’ back with a Diving Rana on Caster! Rush hits a Spinning Enziguri and then dropkicks Caster off the apron. Rush hits a series of Dragon Ball Z strikes followed by an Axe Kick for two. Rush goes for a Frog Splash but Bowens moves and Acclaimed beat him down in the corner. Martin goes for a Moonsault but Bowens moves only to walk into a series of kicks from Rush. Martin then hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick!

Rush tries to tag Martin but Bowens Suplexes Rush. Caster tags in and Lariats the hell out of Rush. Bowens tags in again and hits a Sidewalk Slam followed by the Mic Drop from Caster for a nearfall only for Martin to break it up. Martin hits a Springboard Shotgun Dropkick on Caster and a Leaping Enziguri followed by the Nosedive (Double Spring Moosnault) followed by the Frog Splash from Rush for the pin.

Winners: Rush & Martin via pinfall (Frog Splash)

Team Taz walks out and congratulates Rush and Martin and says a lot of people seemed uncomfortable about them offering Martin a contract with Rush out of town last week. Taz says Rush prides himself in being a businessman and there was nothing personal about it, it was all business. Ricky Starks says they are patient men but says if Martin decides to sign with Team Taz it will be the start to a Hall of Fame career.

Jurassic Express accepts Cole and Fish’s challenge.


In the back, Lucha Brothers cut a promo on FTR and Penta tells them to stop crying and says they suck so bad they couldn’t even cheat right. Fenix says they have something special for FTR, Black and Andrade next week.

TNT Championship
“The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Jay Lethal

This is the first match between these two and Lethal’s AEW in-ring debut. He’s a former multi-time TNA X-Division Champion and Tag Team Champion and he held every title in Ring of Honor, including the World Heavyweight Title, except the Six-Man Tag Titles. Tony Nese is shown watching in the crowd. Sammy holds the belt up and gets in Lethal’s face as he climbs in the ring. Guevara’s ribs are taped. This is probably the first time we’ve seen Lethal on national TV since 2011.

Lethal and Guevara spend the first several minutes countering each other with some beautiful back-and-forth wrestling which includes both men going for their finishers and escaping. They slap fives and then go back to work. Lethal Hip Tosses Guevara and flips over into a Basement Dropkick for one. Lethal goes to work on Guevara’s ribs with a Backbreaker and then starts punching his ribs before kneeing him in the ribs. Lethal hits a Gutbuster and then a Flatliner. Guevara rolls to the floor and as Lethal sets up for a dive Guevara dives back in and hits a Flying Knee.

Lethal rolls to the floor and Guevara hits a Fosbury Flop onto Lethal on the outside! In the ring, Guevara goes for a Shooting Star Press but Lethal got his knees up.


The doctor is checking on Guevara’s ribs but he shoves him away and gets back in the ring. Guevara shoves Lethal and tells him to fight him and they trade punches. Lethal stomps Guevara down in the corner and Press Slams him HIGH into the lights! Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Guevara blocks it and hits a Spanish Fly!

Lethal rolls to the floor but rolls back in when Guevara goes for a dive and tosses Sammy to floor. Lethal goes for a Tope Suicida but Guevara catches him and hits a Brainbuster on the outside! Guevara hits a Pump Knee laying Lethal out on the time keeper’s table. Lethal dives off the top with a Swanton Bomb but Lethal moves and Sammy crashes and burns!

Lethal rolls Sammy in the ring and goes for the Black Machismo Flying Elbow but Guevara catches him in midair with a rollup only for Lethal to kick out and kick Guevara. Lethal clips Guevara’s legs and hits a Front Suplex for a two count. Lethal puts Guevara in the Figure Four but Sammy gets to the ropes to break the hold. Lethal goes for a Roaring Elbow but Guevara knees him and goes for the GTH but can’t keep him up. Lethal goes for a Dragon Suplex but Guevara lands on his feet and hits a Flying Knee!

Guevara hits another Flying Knee and hits the GTH for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Guevara via pinfall (GTH)

The Inner Circle comes out and congratulates Lethal. Guevara and Lethal shake hands, as well.