AEW Dynamite 12 15 2021

AEW “Winter is Coming” Dynamite Results
December 15, 2021

Garland, Texas (Curtis Cullwell Center)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (c)

Dragon and Hangman get in each other’s face and they lockup into a stalemate. Danielson and Page take each other down with arm drags but neither man can get an advantage. Danielson teases a lockup again but ducks under the ropes to force Page to back away and then starts smirking as the fans reign down boos. Danielson takes Page down but Page escapes and the two back away again. They continue to stalemate with each other for several minutes until Dragon finally lights Page up with some chops. Page and Danielson start shoving each other and Taz points out that Danielson is getting into Page’s head.

Page and Danielson exchange take downs but Page escapes and boots Dragon in the face. Dragon offers a handshake but shoves Page instead and then retreats to the ropes again and smirks at the champ. Page catches Danielson as he hit the ropes and hits a Front Slam but Danielson immediately picks Page’s leg and locks him in a modified Death Lock. Danielson begins to work on Page’s back and legs kneeing and stomping Page in the back as he holds onto the Death Lock.

Danielson locks Page in a Mexican Surfboard and transitions into a Dragon Sleeper at the same time. Page breaks the hold with a series of punches to Dragon’s face, however. Danielson chops Page repeatedly and hits a headbutt but Page answers with a big Knife Edge Chop of his own. Page goes for a Vertical Suplex but Danielson blocks it and backs Page into the corner. They exchange chops and Page mounts Danielson for a series of right hands.

Danielson picks Page’s leg again and this time hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and works over the knee with a series of stomps and knee strikes before putting him in an Ankle Lock. Page kicks Danielson with his free leg but Danielson puts him in a modified Figure Four and punches Page’s knees and ribs at the same time. Danielson picks Page up and tosses him into the ropes but Page kicks him and then goes for a slingshot move but Danielson elbows him knocking him to the floor.

Danielson sets up for a dive but Page rolls back in the ring and hits a Cowboy Kick. Danielson rolls to the apron and Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Dragon to the floor. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Danielson on the floor. Back in the ring, Hangman dives off the top right into a roundhouse kick from Dragon in midair. Danielson throws Page into the ropes and hits a Running Knee. Dragon catapults Page under the ropes into the bottom rope throat first. Danielson hangs Page up in the ropes and hits a series of uppercuts, roundhouse kicks and chops.

Danielson goes to the top for a Guillotine Knee Drop as Page was still hung up in the ropes. Dragon gets the first nearfall of the match.


Page counters a submission into a Back Suplex. Page hits a series of elbows and then whips Dragon into the corner but Dragon backflips over him and hits the ropes only for Page to catch him and hit a Fall Away Slam. Hangman crotches Dragon on the top rope and then hits a Springboard Lariat knocking Danielson to the floor. Page hits a Tope Suicida knocking Danielson into the guardrail. He goes to the top and hits the Golden Moonsault onto Danielson on the floor!

Page rolls Danielson back in the ring and goes for a Sliding Lariat but Danielson ducks down and catches Page in a rollup for two only for Page to dead lift him into the air and into a DVD for two. Page lifts Danielson up to the top rope and climbs up with him for a Superplex but Danielson escapes through his legs and crotches Page on the top rope. Danielson hits a series of elbows on Page but Page catches Bryan with one of his own knocking Danielson back into the ring. Hangman goes for a Moonsault Press but Danielson moves and catches Page with a La Magistral Cradle for two.

Danielson hits a series of Muay Thai knee strikes and body shots and then throws Page into the ropes only for Page to roll him up for two. Danielson kicks out and goes or the LaBell Lock. Page counters into another rollup for two. Page goes for the Dead Eye but Danielson counters into a rollup for two. Danielson transitions into an Ankle Lock! Page tries to fight out of it, so Danielson drops the hold and kicks Page in the gut.

Danielson goes back to work on Page’s back with knees and elbows to the spine and then hits a series of Flying Dropkicks in the corner only for Page to catch his last attempt with a Pop-Up Powerbomb for two! Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Danielson saw it coming and rolls out to the floor on the other side of the ring. Hangman hits a Sliding Dropkick and then goes for another Golden Moonsault only for Danielson to spring up and knock Page off the top onto the apron on his shoulder! Danielson grabs Page and throws his shoulder and head into the ring post repeatedly! Page’s head is busted open now.


Dragon hits a Sliding Dropkick to the outside knocking Hangman into the barricade. Danielson hits a Flying Knee off the apron and then goes to work on Page’s head trying to open that cut up further. Danielson hangs Page over the side of the apron and hits a Guillotine Knee Drop and then slams his arm into the ring post again. Danielson mounts Page in the corner and throws a series of rights at him as Page is leaking.

Danielson hangs Page up in the turnbuckles and then kicks the turnbuckle into Page’s face. Danielson hits a series of Armbreakers but Page fights him off with a series of elbows with his good arm. Danielson goes for a Flying Knee but Page catches him in midair only for Dragon to escape and hit a Hanging German Suplex for two! Danielson transitions right into the Cattle Mutilation!

Page manages to roll over into the ropes to break the hold. That’s the first time the Cattle Mutilation has been broke in AEW I believe. Page rolls to the apron where Danielson follows him and hits a series of roundhouse kicks but when he swings for a Yes Kick Page ducks down and Dragon kicks the ring post. Page slams Dragon’s leg into the ring post again as Tony Schiavone points out that John Silver attacked Danielson’s leg previously.

Page hangs Danielson’s knee up in the barricade and then kicks the barricade into his leg. Back in the ring, Page hits a Knee Breaker and then goes for a Back Suplex but Danielson lands on his feet only for his knee to give way. Page immediately takes him down and locks in a Figure Four! Danielson rolls over into the ropes to break the hold.


Dragon hits an Enziguri as Page was holding onto his injured leg. Danielson and Page exchange strikes and then Page goes for a Powerbomb but Dragon counters into a Frankensteiner for two! Danielson locks in a Fujiwara Armbar! Page rolls over and Dragon transitions into a Triangle Choke. Page lifts Dragon up into a Powerbomb but Danielson hangs onto the Triangle and starts elbowing Page in the head! Page still manages to roll over and get his feet in the ropes to break the hold to Danielson’s frustration. Danielson pulls his knee pad down and starts rubbing his knee and rolling around in pain.

Danielson attacks Page’s arm with kicks and head butts and elbows. Page elbows Danielson and then grabs Dragon and hits a Tombstone Piledriver out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Danielson kicks out! Page lifts Dragon up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Danielson knocks him off. Danielson hits a Flying Knee onto Page’s arm and then hits a Cradle Suplex for two! Danielson lifts Page up to the top rope and starts elbowing Page in the head before hitting a Superplex Driver! 1…2…NO Page kicks out!

Danielson immediately starts throwing elbows at Page before locking him in another Armbar. Page manages to grab the bottom rope to break the hold but Dragon just starts kicking him in the head repeatedly. He drags Page onto the apron and attempts a Gotch Piledriver on the apron but Page counters into a Dead Eye! Danielson falls to the floor, though, so Page can’t get a pin. Page goes up top and dives off with a Plancha but Danielson moves and Page goes crashing through the timekeeper’s table!


Dragon pulls up the mats at ringside and DDTs Page on the concrete. Hangman catches Dragon with a German Suplex as Danielson was dragging him back in the ring. Danielson hits a series of Yes Kicks but Hangman blocks the last one and goes for a Lariat but his arm gives out as he hits and can’t get any momentum on it. Danielson dares Page to do it again but then he kicks Page’s arm and then kicks it again as Taz points out that is the arm that Page uses for the Buckshot Lariat.

Dragon lifts Page up to the top rope and goes up with him and goes for the Back Superplex again only for Page to land on his feet and hit a Roaring Lariat! Both men are down as Page grabs his arm on the mat and the fans give them a standing ovation. Page and Danielson exchange strikes and then Page rolls Danielson up only for Danielson to counter and then roll through into a German Suplex. Page lands on his feet and hits a Roaring Elbow! Danielson answers with one of his own and then he hits a roundhouse kick as Page went for another one!

Danielson hits the Buzzsaw Kick! 1…2…NO Page kicks out! There is five minutes remaining in the time limit. Dragon traps Page’s arms and starts stomping on his head and then flips Page off and starts slapping him as Page refuses to pass out. Danielson goes for the Flying Knee but Page counters into Dead Eye! 1…2…NO Danielson kicks out!

Page gets pissed off that Danielson kicked out and then grabs Danielson’s arms and traps them as he starts stomping Danielson in the face just as Danielson was doing to him. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Danielson counters into the LaBell Lock! Page fights it, so Danielson releases it and hits a series of crossfaces before locking it in again. Page starts biting Danielson’s hands and then counters into a Catapult into the ropes. Danielson skins the cat back into the ring right into a Lariat! Page hits the Buckshot Lariat! The bell rings before he can cover Danielson!

Winner: TIME LIMIT DRAW (Page retains)


Backstage, SuperKliq and Bobby Fish cut a promo on The Best Friends. Adam Cole asks when they are going to learn not to mess with them and says that they have embarrassed them over and over. Fish says that they divide and conquer them every time they face them. They challenge the Best Friends to an 8-man Tag for Rampage and says they are going to Superkick Trent’s mom after the match. Cole says on the Christmas addition of Dynamite next week he is going to give them the best present you could imagine.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal attacks Wardlow’s legs with kicks and then hits a Spinning Back Kick and goes for a Diving Rana only for Wardlow to catch him and block it. Sydal escapes his grasp and hits a series of Round House Kicks. Sydal goes for a Rana again but Wardlow blocks it and hits a series of Powerbombs. Wardlow grabs the microphone and tells Wardlow to pin him because he’s done. Wardlow Powerbombs Sydal again and pins him.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

Spears tells Wardlow that was a little excessive but then starts hitting Sydal with his chair repeatedly. Spears gets a phone call from MJF and then tells Wardlow that MJF needs him to go pick up some champagne for him for later.

A video package highlights the feud between Penelope Ford and Tay Conti.


A Malakai Black vignette airs with him sort of preaching to someone wearing a mask inducting them into the House of Black. The person vomits black stuff and Black puts a necklace around their neck. Black whispers to him “You’re more than a KING.”

Hikaru Shida vs. “The Woman of 1,000 Holds” Serena Deeb

This is the rubber match between these two, Deeb has one win and Shida has one. Deeb attacks Shida as she tries to get into the ring but Shida takes her down and the two start exchanging punches. Shida hits a dropkick I the corner and then charges at her but Deeb backdrops him over the top. Shida lands on her feet and hits a Springboard Cross Body only for Deeb to roll through and lock in a Knee Bar!

Shida gets to the ropes to break the hold but Deeb goes back to work on her in the corner with strikes. Shida shoves Deeb and hits a Running Dropkick and then goes for a Flying Knee but Deeb ducks and Shida hits the turnbuckles. Deeb pulls Shida’s leg out and slams it into the ring steps and locks in a Hanging Figure Four around the ring post.


Deeb spends the break attacking Shida’s knee. Shida comes back with an Enziguri as Deeb came off the ropes. Shida hits a Brainbuster for two. Shida goes up top but Deeb crotches her and then hangs her upside down in a Tree of Woe. Deeb climbs up top and locks in a Hanging Half Crab. Deeb pulls the padding off the turnbuckle and then drags her through the turnbuckles and drops her on it with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker.

Deeb hits a Powerbomb for two. Deeb hits a series of knees and then flips over into a Bridging Chinlock. Shida manages to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Deeb hits a Rolling Suplex but as she went for a third one Shida counters into the Falcon Arrow but both women are down.

Shida hits an Axe Kick and then goes for a Gory Bomb but Deeb counters into a Backslide only for Shida to counter and then they both exchange rollups and Deeb locks in the Half Crab. Shida rolls over and slaps Deeb repeatedly to break the hold. Deeb pulls the pad off another turnbuckle and tries to slam Shida into it but Shida blocks it and rolls Deeb up. They exchange nearfalls and then Shida goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Deeb ducks and goes for a submission only for Shida to kick her into the exposed turnbuckle and then roll her up for the pin.

Winner: Shida via pinfall (rollup)

Tony Schiavone interviews Varsity Blonds and they call Malakai Black a coward. He says he is going to take the fight to him but Pillman tells him not to let him get into his head. They start bickering and Garrison says he will fight him on his own and says he’s going to break Black’s jaw.


It will be Eddie Kingston, Lucha Brothers and PNP against 3point0, Daniel Garcia and three partners of their choosing.

MJF comes out and shits on the crowd and says, “Hey, Texas, your daughter swallows.” MJF says that maybe they would like him more if he was anti education and pro incest. MJF trashes CM Punk about his promo dumping on Long Island sports. He says he found it hilarious that Punk claimed to want to move on from him to get a title shot because he didn’t realize having a string of underwhelming performances against underwhelming opponents makes you a title shot. He says that just makes him the new Ryback.

MJF says that Dante Martin has the charisma of Helen Keller on downers but he is a freak athletic. He says that he could still beat Dante Martin with a headlock takeover because he’s the best.

Dynamite Diamond Final
MJF vs. Dante Martin

MJF immedialtey takes Martin over with a Headlock Takeover for a quick nearfall. MJF taunts Martin and Martin slaps him repeatedly. MJF stomps on Martin’s feet and then runs him over only for Martint o leapfrog him and then Monkey Flip him and connect with a dropkick. Martin hits a Rolling 450 Splash! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out! Martin goes for the Nosedive but MJF rolls to the floor. Martin sets up for a dive but MJF goes the other side of ringside to Martin’s frustration. MJF comes back in the ring and Martin goes for the Nosedive again but this time MJF shoves Martin off the top into the barricade at ringside. MJF throws Martin into the barricade again


MJF goes for a Powerbomb but Martin counters into a Victory Roll for two. Martin goes for a springboard move but MJF catches him and Powerbombs him for a nearfall with his feet on the ropes. The referee caught him. MJF lifts Martin up to the top rope but Martin fights him off and hits a Shotgun Missile Dropkick!

Martin leaps over MJF and then backflips over a charging MJF. MJF rolls to the floor but it’s not enough as Martin hits a Plancha over the top onto MJF on the floor! Martin then hits a Somersault Plancha over the turnbuckles onto MJF on the other side! Martin rolls MJF back in the ring but MJF immediately rolls back out and Martin hits a Fosburry Flop onto him! MJF again rolls to the floor and this time Martin hits a Springboard Shooting Star Press and it looked like his knee hit MJF in the face!

Back in the ring, Martin hits a series of elbows and then goes for the Nosedive again and again MJF moves out of the way. Martin hits a Leg Lariat in the corner and then rolls MJF up out of the corner for two. Martin hits a Backslide for another nearfall and then a rollup for another nearfall. Martin catches MJF with a Small Package for yet another nearfall. MJF hits a Side Headlock Takeover but Martin kicks out at two.

They exchange repeated nearfall attempts until MJF hits a big Liger Bomb! 1…2..NO Martin kicks out! Martin rolls to the floor but MJF immediately tosses him back in. MJF flips off the crowd and Martin flips him back into the ring and hits the Nosedive! 1….2…NO Ricky Starks puts MJF’s boot on the bottom rope! Martin argues with Starks and walks into the Salt of the Earth as MJF gets the submission.

Winner: MJF via submission (Salt of the Earth)

FTR comes out to celebrate with MJF but the lights go out. When they come back on Sting and Darby Allin are in the ring and they attack The Pinnacle! The numbers game gets the better of the babyfaces but CM Punk hits the ring and cleans house with a bat. Punk challenges them to a trios next week!