AEW Dynamite 12 22 2021

AEW “Holiday Bash” Dynamite Results
December 22, 2020

Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy

Cole taunts Cassidy to start things off and marks a line in the mat and dares Cassidy to cross it. OC does and Cole gets in his face and the two continue to taunt each other. OC puts Cole’s hands in his pockets and then hits him with a side headlock takeover when Cole swung at him. Cole counters out and hits one of his own on OC. OC fights out and hits an arm drag and then a rollup for two. OC hits another side headlock takeover.

Cole fights to his feet and reverses the hold into a headlock of his own. The two continue to counter and show off some beautiful reversals for the next few minutes. “Do you think Adam Cole needs to wash his hair?” Tony Schiavone says. “It just looks really greasy.” The two exchange rollups and then Cole puts a stop to the back-and-forth with a Backstabber. OC fights back with an elbow and climbs up top only for Cole to level with a leaping uppercut.

Cole goes up with OC and attempts a Superplex but OC shoves him off. OC hits a Diving Cross Body followed by a Satellite DDT for two. OC goes back to the top as the Young Bucks and Brandon Culter walk onto the stage. OC dives onto Cutler at ringside with a Plancha and then the Best Friends run out and attacks the Bucks. OC hits a Tope Suicida onto the Bucks! Best Friends drag The Bucks and Cutler to the back. Cole slams OC into the ring steps repeatedly and then attempts the BOOM but OC moves and Cole slams into the steps.


OC goes for a Falcon Arrow but Cole counters into a Brainbuster onto his own knee. Cole lifts OC onto his shoulder but Cassidy hits a series of elbows only to eat a Mafia Kick. He lifts OC back up but OC counters into the Stun Dog Millionaire. Cassidy dives off the top with a Diving DDT! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out!

Cole counters a move from OC with a DVD and then starts kicking OC and screaming at him to stay down. Cole goes to the top and attempts the Panama Sunrise but Cassidy backs away and then rolls Cole up when he approaches him for a nearfall. Cassidy hits a Michinoku Driver for two! Cassidy goes back to the top and dives into a Superkick from Cole. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise! 1…2…NO OC kicks out!

Cole goes for the BOOM but Cassidy moves and hits Beach Break! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out! Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch but Cole rolls to the floor to avoid it. Bobby Fish runs down to ringside and distracts the referee. KYLE O’REILLY APPEARS and hits a series of strikes on Cassidy! Cole rolls back in and hits the BOOM for the pin!

Winner: Cole via pinfall (BOOM)

O’Reilly attacks OC after the match but Cole shoves him and they get in each other’s faces. Best Friends run out and the former Undisputed Era beat them down. reDRagon holds Chuck Taylor as Cole Superkicks him. reDRagon hit the Total Elimination on Trent. They all pose together as The Young Bucks walk down to the ring. The Bucks look annoyed at Cole and then Cole leaves with reDRagon.


Tony Schiavone brings out Adam Page to talk about last week’s World Title epic. Schiavone says in his opinion that if he just had one more minute, Page would have won, but Page says after he walked to the back and looked at his title he never felt less like a champion. He says he’s never been disappointed.

Danielson walks out and mocks Page for his disappointment and says the people that should really be disappointed is the fans because he kicked Page’s ass for 60 minutes and if anyone should be champion it’s him. He says that he will kick Page’s ass again on Jan. 5 and he won’t make the same mistake he did before because he isn’t wrestling again until then. He says the problem is if Page just stalls for 60 minutes again like a coward then when are right back in the same boat. He suggests that they have judges for the match in case we have another draw.

Page mocks his idea and says he’s actually been thinking about that all week and suggests a No Time Limit Match. Page says judges are fine with him, too, but Page says he’s come way too far that title and given up too much for “some old prick” to take his title away from him and tell him he’s just a “B plus player.” Page says he doesn’t need 60 minutes to beat Danielson this time.

MJF cuts a promo on CM Punk backstage and says that everything always has to be about Punk and when it’s not all about him that’s when Punk comes out to play. MJF says that fake nice guy mask Punk has been wearing is wearing off faster than Sting’s “Crusty the clown makeup.”

Dax Harwood says they had no problem with Punk but when he threatens his family they have a problem and The Pinnacle are his family. He says they are the best unit in the world, because when you’re The Pinnacle you’re always on top.


Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. “Captain” Shawn Dean

Wardlow immediately hits the Powerbomb Symphony for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

Spears attacks Dean with a chair after the match.

A vignette hypes up Cody-Guevara scheduled for the Christmas night Rampage.

Dan Lambert appears in the balcony and mocks the AEW fans. Lambert says he runs the largest and most successful MMA gym on the planet and that makes him a great leader. He mocks Tony Khan and says that he isn’t a good leader because he uses the “buddy system” saying that if you’re friends with hi you’ll get EVP status and everyone else gets treated like a curtain jerker. Lambert runs down Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky’s accolades and says they will have to sit on the sideline while Cody Rhodes gets yet another title shot.

Lambert points to himself and says look how Khan is treating him. He says that Khan wants him to get the fans to cheer for Cody, which is impossible because Cody is a bigger dick than he is. Lambert says he doesn’t care who the fans cheer for and he doesn’t care who wins on Christmas, his only concern is that either Sky or Page gets the next title shot.

Dr. Britt Baker says that 2021 was her year and says that she built the entire women’s division. She says she knows all Riho wants for Christmas is a title shot but she says she’s out of your league. “You’re shoot your eye out, kid,” Britt Baker.


Wrestlers – including Mark Henry – talk about Owen Hart while footage of his career in Japan and Canada are shown. Matt Hardy talks about how Owen Hart helped pave the way for smaller, athletic wrestlers. Eddie Kingston says a real man takes care of his family and that was Owen. Dustin Rhodes calls him one of the all-time greats and Mark Henry says that Owen helped teach him about the business.

TBS Title Tournament Semifinals
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose w/Vickie Guerrero vs. “The Runaway” Ruby Soho

Rose attacks Soho as she entered the ring and pulls her jacket over her head and beats her down. Soho fights back with a series of strikes but Rose slaps her down as she went for a Cross Body Block. Rose goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker but Soho blocks it and hits a series of strikes. She goes for a Back Heel Trip but Rose blocks it and hits a Uranage Suplex.

Rose goes for the Beast Bomb but Soho blocks it only to eat a clothesline. Rose tosses Soho to the floor and dives off the apron onto her. Soho hits a series of headbutts on Rose but as she charges at her, Vickie pulls Rose away and Soho slams into the steps.


Rose grabs a chair at ringside but Soho dives off the apron with a dropkick sending the chair into Rose’s face. Back in the ring, Soho goes up top but Guerrero knocks her off the apron as Rose distracted the referee. Rose hangs Soho up in the ropes and hits the Guillotine Knee Drop for a nearfall.

Soho is selling her previously surgically repaired shoulder. Rose grabs Soho and slams her shoulder into the turnbuckles. She charges at Soho but walks into a boot. Soho puts Rose in a Dragon Sleeper and Guerrero distracts the referee. Soho drops Rose and hits Guerrero with an Enziguri. She turns around into the Beast Bomb from Rose for a nearfall.

Rose grabs Soho by the arm and tries to the drag her to the top but Soho counters into the Soho Kick for the pin.

Winner: Soho via pinfall (Soho Kick)


Serena Deeb says that Shida cheated her out of a win last week and she says this is far from over. She says that when she is done with her next week Shida will be begging Tony Khan to keep her away from Shida for good.

Malakai Black vs. Griff Garrison w/Brian Pillman Jr.[

Garrison charges right into a Hook Kick from Black. Black goes after Pillman on the outside allowing Garrison to come flying at him with a Tope Suicida! In the ring, Garrison hits a series of strikes but walks into a bunch of kicks from Black. Black takes Garrison down with a Body Scissors and then he locks in a Heel Hook. Garrison manages to get to the ropes to break the hold, though.

Black takes Garrison down with a bunch of elbows, punches and kicks and then he tries to throw Garrison into the corner only for Garrison to reverse it and choke Black on the ropes. Garrison hits a Roaring Elbow out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Black kicks out! Garrison goes for a Back Suplex but Black blocks it and hits a Jumping Knee Strike. Black takes Garrison down and puts him in a Dutch Crab for the submission.

Winner: Black via pinfall (Dutch Crab)

Brian Pillman shoves Black away from Griffin but then eats the Black Mass.


Matt Hardy and Private Party talk about the Jurassic Express. He says that Private Party should be No. 1 contenders, so on Rampage Isaih Kassidy is going to pound Jungle Boy’s ass. He says if Jungle Boy somehow gets hurt then they won’t be No. 1 contenders again. Jungle Boy says he’s going to shove a lump of coal up Kassidy’s ass and he’ll be spitting out diamonds after he’s done with him.

Main Event
Trios Match
The Pinnacle (MJF, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Sting, Darby Allin & CM Punk

In this very arena back in 1988 Ric Flair and Sting had their famous time limit draw. Sting is wearing red and black face paint with CM Punk’s fist logos on it Punk rocks the old Surfer Sting paint and long tights with the Scorpion logo on it. The Pinnacle are wearing matching yellow tights.

Punk and MJF start the match off but MJF retreats before they lockup and tags Dax. Punk and Dax show off some nice mat wrestling. Cash tags in and Punk takes him down with some chain wrestling before tagging Allin. Allin hits a dropkick and an armdrag. MJF tags in and Allin immediately tags Punk causing MJF to retreat to his corner and tag Cash. Cash goes after Punk’s arm but Sting tags in and the crowd loses it.

Sting takes Cash down and goes for the Scorpion but Cash rolls to the floor before he can lock it in. MJF tags in and goes after Sting with chops but Sting shrugs it off and stops MJF from retreating this time. Sting drags MJF into a clothesline and tags Punk. MJF again rolls to the floor to get away and when Punk chases him he runs into the crowd. Punk gives chase and chases him all the way up into the balcony. He literally chases him all the way back down to the ring where MJF tags Dax. The Pinnacle retreat together on the outside but eat a Tope Suicida from Allin!


Allin tries to fight out of the Pinnacle corner but Cash hangs him up on the ropes causing Allin to fall to the floor where Dax throws him into the barricade. Dax hits a Suplex on Allin on the floor, as well. FTR work Allin over in their corner. MJF spits at Punk causing Punk to go after him and allowing FTR to continue to work Allin over. Allin surprises Cash with a rollup for two and then he slams Cash and makes the hot tag to Sting.

Sting tosses out some clotheslines and then slams Dax’s head into all three turnbuckles before backdropping Cash and hitting a Spinebuster on MJF. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on FTR and then Allin hits a Flying Coffin Splash and Punk hits the Flying Knee! Sting hits another Stinger Splash on Dax and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! MJF Bulldogs Sting from behind to break the hold.


Sting and Cash clothesline each other and both men are down. Dax tags Cash and beats Sting down in the corner. He goes for his own Splash but Sting catches him in midair and slams him. Cash drags him to their corner and MJF tags in. Sting hits a Bulldog on MJF and then falls face first into MJF’s nuts. Sting makes the hot tag to Punk and Cash tags in at the same time.

Punk lays out both members of FTR with elbows and kicks. Punk hits the Flying Knee on FTR in opposite corners and then hits a Bulldog/Clothesline combo on them. Punk hits the Tope Suicida onto Dax on the floor! In the ring, Punk hits a Flying Cross Body on Cash for two. Punk goes for the GTS but Cash holds onto the ropes and Dax blind tags him.

Punk hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker and a Roundhouse Kick on Dax for two. Punk goes the top but Dax crotches him. Dax attempts a Superplex and hits the Powerplex! 1…2…NO Punk kicks out! FTR goes for a Double Clothesline but Punk ducks and Allin takes Cash to the outside. Punk rolls Dax up for two. Allin and Cash crash through the timekeeper’s table at ringside.

Punk and Dax exchange strikes that Punk caps off with an attempt at the GTS but Dax blocks it into the Big Rig from FTR! 1…2…NO Sting breaks it up! MJF hits a DDT on Sting but Sting shrugs it off and gets in MJF’s face! MJF tries to retreat but Sting crotches him in the ropes. Sting throws MJF over the top onto FTR and MJF almost literally lands on his head! Sting goes up top and hits a Plancha onto FTR and MJF!

Punk goes for the GTS but Dax shoves MJF to the outside. Punk hits the GTS on Dax, Sting hits the Stinger Death Drop and Allin hits the Coffin Drop for the pin!

Winners: Sting, Allin & Punk via pinfall (Coffin Drop)