AEW Rampage 11 16 2021

AEW Rampage Results
November 26, 2021

Chicago, IL (Wintrust Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. The Best Friends (Wheeler Yuta & Orange Cassidy)

Fish starts off with Yuta with some brief chain wrestling before Fish hits a series of strikes. He whips Yuta into the corner but Yuta leapfrogs him and hits a dropkick. OC tags in and they heat a double shoulder block and then a Knee Drop/Splash combo for one. Cole tags in and stops OC from putting his hands in his pockets and then gets taken down by Cassidy.

OC and Cole exchange waistlocks and Cole puts him in a Full Nelson but OC counters and takes him down with a body scissors and a crucifix rollup for two. OC leapfrogs Cole and tags Yuta. They whip Cole into the corner and Yuta hits a series of Flying Elbows and then a Scoop Slam followed by a Backsplash Senton for two before Fish pulled him off.

Cole comes back with a Jawbreaker and then he sweeps Yuta’s legs as Yuta climbed up top. Cole tags Fish and they beat Yuta down in their corner. Cole tags in again and hits a series of elbows and a Neckbreaker over his own knee.


Yuta tosses Cole out to the floor and hits Fish with an Enziguri but Cole pulls OC off the apron before Yuta can make the tag. They put the boots to Yuta in their corner again and continue to beat him down. Fish holds Yuta as Cole charges at him but he kicks Cole and elbows Fish. He dives off the top with a Double Missile Dropkick and then makes the hot tag to OC.

OC does the lazy kicks to Cole and Fish but then turns it on when they swing at him. OC hits a Double Dropkick and a Double Rana! OC hits a Satellite DDT on Fish and kicks Cole at the same sending both of the heels to the floor. OC hits a Tope Suicida on Cole and Yuta hits a Plancha on Fish! OC hits a Flying Cross Body back in the ring and then tags Yuta. OC hits a Tope Suicida on Fish on the floor and Yuta hits a Frog Splash on Cole for two.

OC tags back in but Cole fights the Best Friends off with kicks. Cole goes for a Brainbuster but eats a Stun Dog Millionaire from OC and then Yuta hits a German Suplex and OC rolls over him into a Jackknife for two until Fish breaks it up. Fish round kicks OC and hits a T-Bone Suplex on Yuta sending him into OC. Fish drags Cole to their corner and tags him.

Fish goes to work on OC’s knee and hits a Dragon Screw followed by a Shining Wizard from Cole! Fish puts OC in a Kneebar and Cole goes for a Superkick on Yuta but he ducks and breaks up the submission. OC kicks Cole and hits the Beach Breaker! OC goes for the Orange Punch but Fish slams him into the corner and then T-Bone’s him into the corner.

Yuta blind tags OC and hits an Olympic Slam on Fish for two. Yuta hits a Brainbuster for another nearfall. Yuta goes up top but Cole trips him. OC trips Cole and then goes for the Orange Punch on Fish but Cole pulls him out and throws him into the ring steps. Fish hits a Super Falcon Arrow on Yuta for the pin.

Winners: Cole & Fish via pinfall (Super Falcon Arrow)

Tony Schiavone interviews Tony Nese backstage and he says he’s been scouting the top talent in AEW. He challenges Sammy Guevara to defend the TNT Title and he says that if all of his recent challengers had done their homework on Sammy he wouldn’t be champion anymore. He says he is unimpressed with Guevara but Guevara walks up and says that Nese hasn’t done shit in AEW and accepts his challenge. Nese blasts him in the face and says that the only reason Guevara has the title is because guys like him weren’t available to take it yet.


FTR cuts a promo on the Lucha Brothers and says there is no team better than them. They challenge LB to a 2/3 Falls Match next week.

Black Friday Deal Match
Dr. Britt Baker w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. Riho

If Riho wins, she gets a future shot at the Women’s Title. Hayter looks annoyed as she comes to the ring with Baker and Rebel. Riho immediately takes Baker down and goes to work on her arm but Baker fights back only for Riho to take her down again with a Wristlock Takeover. Baker fights her off with a series of slaps but then walks into a series of forearms from Riho.

Baker clotheslines Riho and gets a nearfall but Riho bridges out of it. Baker rolls her up for another two and immediately goes for the Lockjaw only for Riho to get her foot on the bottom rope. Baker puts the boots to Riho and then Hayter and Rebel choke her as Baker distracts the referee. Baker whips Riho into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Riho flips under it and hits a dropkick knocking Baker to the floor.

Riho hits a Plancha off the top onto Rebel and Baker. Back in the ring, Riho hits a Flying Forearm but Baker catches her on the second attempt and slams her into the turnbuckles. Baker puts the boots to her and start slamming her face into to the corner.


Riho hits a series of elbows but when she hits the ropes Baker nails her with the Slingblade for two. Baker hits a series of forearms on the mat and then tosses her into the corner. Baker puts the boots to Riho and chokes her. Baker charges at Riho but she gets her boots up and then hits a Spinning Headscissors. Riho hits a Flying Knee and then she goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but Baker counters into a Buckle Suplex!

Baker goes for the Kryptonite Krunch but Riho escapes and hits a Dragon Suplex for two. Riho attempts a Ghetto Stomp off the top but Baker moves and hits a Ripcord Elbow followed by the Kryptonite Krunch! 1…2…NO Riho kicks out! Baker goes for the Curb Stomp but Riho moves and hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for two.

Riho hits the Ghetto Stomp off the top for another nearfall. Riho attempts a Shining Wizard but Baker moves and Baker goes for a Neckbreaker only for Riho to roll her up for the pin!

Winner: Riho via pinfall (rollup)

Mark Henry interviews Kingston and Garcia/2.0. Scott Parker says that Kingston will get a taste of red death on Black Friday. Garcia says he will embarrass Kingston tonight and Kinston just laughs at him. Kingston says that Garcia is “too light in the ass” to mess with him. Kingston tells them talk is cheap.


Main Event
“The Mad King” Eddie Kingston vs. “Red Death” Daniel Garcia w/2.0

Kingston backs Garcia into the corner and roughs him up with elbows and forearms. He takes Garcia down but Garcia gets to the ropes to force a break from the referee. Garcia locks up with Kingston but then shoves him and hits a forearm only for Kingston to lay him out with an elbow and a series of body shots. Kingston puts the boots to Garcia but 2.0 pulls him to the floor. Kingston lays 2.0 out and throws Garcia back in.

Garcia stomps on Kingston as he tried to get back in the ring and chokes him with his boots. Garcia elbows Kingston and hits a Mafia Kick. He tries to whip Kingston into the corner but he blocks it and chops the hell out of Garcia. Garcia fights back with some elbows of his own but Kingston pokes him in the eyes to cut him off.

Kingston goes up top and hits a Diving Knee to the back of Garcia and starts chopping the hell out of him again. Garcia fights back with a series of chops of his own but Kingston bites him and puts the boots to him. Kingston hits a Front Suplex and he sells his knee like he injured it.


Garcia has Kinsgton in a Kimura and attacks him with a series of kicks to the head as he has his arm trapped. Garcia worked on the knee throughout the break. Garcia tries to whip Kingston into the corner but Kingston’s knee gives out. Kingston then explodes with a T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere. Kingston goes for a Saito Suplex but Garcia blocks it with a series of elbows. He takes Kingston down with a Fireman’s Carry and rolls through into a Knee Bar.

Kingston gets to the ropes to break the hold and Garcia goes back to work on the knee by twisting it and stomping it. Kingston counters a Jackknife rollup into a Powerbomb but he can’t capitalize and grabs his knee as he hits the mat. Kingston goes for a Half Nelson Suplex but Garcia counters into a Waistlock and then he picks the leg and locks in a Heel Hook. Kingston manages to grab the ropes and start kicking Garcia.

Garcia jumps on Kingston and starts slapping and elbowing Kingston. Garcia goes for a Lariat but Kingston counters into a Half Nelson Suplex. Kingston grabs his leg and can’t follow up allowing Garcia to recover. Garcia and Kingston exchange strikes until Garcia connects with a Lariat! Garcia goes for a Piledriver but Kingston blocks it and they start trading strikes again. Kingston hits a Saito Suplex but misses with the Backfist to the Future only to follow through and connect with it on the second try!

Winner: Kingston via pinfall (Backfist to the Future)

2.0 jumps Kingston after the match but Chris Jericho runs down and cleans house!