AEW Dynamite 01 26 2022

AEW Dynamite “Beach Break” Results
January 26, 2022

Cleveland, OH (Wolstein Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Undisputed TNT Championship
Ladder Match
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) w/Arn Anderson vs. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (c)

Cody defeated Sammy for the TNT Title last month but after Cody was out with an injury, Sammy defeated Dustin Rhodes for the interim TNT Title at Battle of the Belts. Cody and Sammy start off with some mat wrestling early but Sammy speeds things up with a backflip over Cody followed by a dropkick. Sammy goes for another high spot but Cody trips him and goes after the ankle only for Sammy to quickly escape.

Cody goes for the Tiger Driver but Sammy escapes and goes for the GTH only for Cody to escape. Cody and Sammy start shoving each other and then Cody goes for the uppercut but Sammy blocks it and takes Cody down. Sammy goes for a German Suplex but Cody sends Sammy out to the floor. Sammy grabs a ladder but walks into a big uppercut from Rhodes. Cody slams Sammy into the ring steps and sets a ladder bridge up between the apron and barricade.

Cody walks into a Pump Kick from Guevara and then they start brawling into the crowd. Cody backdrops Sammy on the floor and then clotheslines Guevara back over the barricade. Cody celebrates with the crowd but then turns around into a Springboard Cutter off the damn barricade!

Sammy slides a ladder in the ring as Cody rolls in at the same time. Sammy tosses Cody over the top rope and then slams the ladder into him knocking him off the apron. Guevara sets the ladder up under the belt and starts to climb but Cody pulls him down only for Sammy to throw him face first into the ladder. Sammy climbs the ladder again but Cody pulls him down into an Electric Chair. Sammy escapes but then both men collide into each other off the ropes.

Both men start climbing the ladder at the same time and exchange strikes. Cody’s lip is busted open as he Delayed Superplexes Guevara off the ladder in what is one of the most incredible visuals I’ve ever seen.


Cody continues to beat on Sammy with the ladder throughout the break. Cody sets a ladder up upside down and then slams Sammy across the hinges of the ladder. Cody pulls Sammy’s legs through the ladder rungs and puts him in a Figure Four! Cody slams the ladder into Sammy’s knees as he continues to hold onto the Figure Four. Cody sets up the bigger ladder under the titles and then goes back to beating on Sammy with chops and slaps.

Sammy answers with a Lariat out of nowhere and then a Leaping Enziguri. Sammy sells the knee when he lands, which allows Cody time to recover and then throw a ladder into Sammy’s face! Cody climbs back up the ladder but Sammy dives off another ladder with a Cutter off the damn ladder!

Sammy traps Cody under the ladder and climbs back up top Cody tilts the ladder over and Sammy lands over the top rope and seems to have injured his arm. Cody climbs up one ladder and Sammy climbs another ladder before the two start punching each other. Sammy reaches up to get the belt but Cody pulls him back down and into a Super CrossRhodes off the ladder!

Cody climbs back up the ladder but Sammy climbs behind Cody and climbs over his back. Cody grabs the loop holding the belts with Sammy hanging on his back. Sammy falls off and then Cody falls off right after him bringing both men back to square one.

Cody traps Sammy’s legs in a ladder and starts slamming the ladder into the knee. Fuego del Sol runs out and gets in Cody’s face and eats a Tiger Driver! Sammy comes out of nowhere with a springboard but Cody catches him in midair with a kick. He goes for the Tiger Driver but Sammy backdrops him to the floor and then hits a Fosbury Flop! Sammy hits the GTH on the floor!

Sammy lays Cody over the bridged ladder that Rhodes set up earlier and then he sets another ladder up near him at ringside. Sammy climbs the ladder and hits the Swanton Bomb but this time the ladder doesn’t even break! Sammy gets back in the ring and climbs the ladder but as he gets to the top, Cody manages to slide back in and climb the other side. Sammy uses the belts hanging to slam into Cody’s face and knock him off before pulling down the belts to win the title!

Winner & UNDISPUTED TNT Champ: Guevara

Earlier today, Team Taz are with Tony Schiavone at the beach. Powerhouse Hobbs says Dante Martin’s win over him was luck and challenges him to another match. Ricky Starks challenges Jay Lethal to a match on Rampage for the FTW Title in Chicago.

Handicap Match
Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. James Alexander & Elijah Dean

This is Wardlow’s hometown and it’s Alexander and Dean’s debuts, which means they are gonners. Wardlow does the Powerbomb Symphony on both men capping it off by Powerbombing Dean on top of Alexander for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

Shawn Spears tries to get in the ring to attack the jobbers with the chair but Wardlow stops him.


Trios Match
The Inner Circe (Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz) vs. 2point0 & Daniel Garcia

Santana takes Parker down and beats him down before tossing him into the corner. Santana hits the Three Amigos on Parker and then he and Ortiz take turns splashing Parker as Ortiz tags in. Lee tags Parker and the heels beat Ortiz down in their corner and enjoy some quick tags. Garcia eats a Lariat from Ortiz allowing him to tag Santana. PNP hits a Double Flapjack and then Double Basement Dropkicks on Garcia. Jericho keeps reaching for a tag but PNP ignores him so, Jericho tags himself only for Ortiz to tag him right back. The heels use the bickering to attack them from behind.


Parker hits an Elbow Drop off the back of his partner on Ortiz for a nearfall. Lee tags in but runs into a backdrop from Ortiz. Ortiz backdrops Parker and dives for the hot tag on Jericho but Santana intercepts it. Santana lays out 2point0 with clotheslines and elbows and then hits a Falcon Arrow on Garcia. Ortiz rolls Santana into a Rolling Cutter on 2point0 as Jericho looks on pissed off. PNP hit a Powerbomb/Lariat combo for two but Garcia broke it up.

Ortiz throws Garcia to the floor but Santana walks into 2 for the Show but Jericho pulls Lee to the floor and hits the Judas Effect on Parker. Santana hits the Piledriver for the pin.

Winners: The Inner Circle via pinfall (Piledriver)

Lance Archer wants a Texas Death Match for the title and Hangman accepts it for two weeks from now. Page says Archer can Chokeslams him into the Abyss but he will climb back out and bring hell with him.


Tony Schiavone is with Private Party and Jurassic Express, they will face off for the Tag Titles on Rampage. Matt Hardy says no one cares about the Ass Boys attacking Christian and says the only thing that matters is Private Party. He says Friday is there time to become champions.

CM Punk comes out for a promo but he’s also wearing his wrestling gear. Punk says he’s sick of talking so that’s what he’s dressed to fight. Punk says everyone knows who he wants and then opens his jacket revealing MJF’s scarf and says he has a souvenir from last week. He makes fun of MJF’s cheap Amazon scarf and says he wants him tonight.

Punk says he knows MJF will just come out here in a cheap suit with every excuse you can think of but he’s tired of all the talk and wants him now. MJF walks out in a suit and asks if the fans if they want him to face CM Punk in an impromptu main event tonight but he refuses. MJF says he would never waste a match like that on Cleveland and says Cleveland is just disgusting and a cesspool.

MJF says that next week in Chicago it will be CM Punk vs. MJF! He says that not only will he beat Punk in his own hometown then the fans will finally get to see the real CM Punk, the one that loses his fake smile the second he doesn’t get what he wants. The CM Punk that blames all of his failures on everyone else other than himself and when he feels like he hasn’t gotten his just dues he’s willing to sue. MJF says that that on Feb. 2 Punk will leave wrestling again.

MJF says all the chants in the world won’t keep Punk from turning his back on them and then crying about it on a Podcast. Punk says the best thing he ever did was leave and the best thing he ever did after that was coming back. Punk tells MJF to go put his lifts in his boots and get in the ring now like a man but MJF isn’t a man. Punk says he’s never lied to his fans and sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and he’s always done that. Punk says he would rather be him and sometimes fail than be MJF and never show up.

Punk says that he stands by all his decisions and the fans don’t love or hate him because he wins or loses, they love him because he keeps fighting. MJF says we can test whether or not he always gets back up and then starts to take his jacket off but FTR and Wardlow walk up behind him. The Pinnacle walk down to the ring and Spears attacks Punk from behind.

The Pinnacle beats Punk down and they hold him down as Spears starts beating him with a chair. FTR chokes Punk with MJF’s scarf as MJF talks trash to him. Punk tries to go after MJF but they take him out again. MJF tells Wardlow to Powerbomb Punk and he obliges by powerbombing him onto a chair.

MJF squats on Punk’s chest Indian style and says it’s fitting that the same place Punk’s journey started is where it will end.


Backstage, Julia Hart starts to say something when Smart Mark Sterling walks up and says that Jade has personally selected Julia to be her next challenger. Griff Garrison says she needs to wait and recover longer but she tells him she can fight her own battles and signs the contract.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Velvet runs out and attacks Hirsch but as she goes for a dropkick Hirsch takes her down by her leg only for Velvet to kick her off and hit a spin kick. Velvet goes for a Pump Kick but Hirsch rolls to the floor. Hirsch trips Velvet and pulls her out to the floor where she slams her into the barricade. She tries to whip her into the apron but Velvet uses her foot to block it and hits a clothesline.

Velvet hits an Axe Kick on Hirsch on the apron and then a knee lift followed by a Jawbreaker on the middle rope. Velvet puts Hirsch in a Fujiwara Armbar and then goes for a Triangle but Hirsch deadlifts her in the air and hits a Buckle Bomb. Hirsch hits a Basement Dropkick to Velvet’s arm in the corner.


Velvet hits a Springboard Stunner followed by a series of elbows and clotheslines. Velvet drop toe holds Hirsch into the ropes and hits Flying Knees to the back. Velvet goes for a Wheelbarrow move but Leyla blocks it and hits a sledge to the back. Hirsch goes for a German Suplex but Velvet lands on her feet and hits a Spear for two.

Velvet goes for the Final Slice but Hirsch catches her leg and hits a Powerbomb and then a Flying Knee for two before locking in the Legit Lock. Velvet gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Hirsch hits a Bicycle Kick and goes for a Spinebuster but Velvet counters with a rollup for two. Velvet goes for a Spin Kick but Hirsch counters into a rollup and pulls the tights for the pin.

Winner: Hirsch via pinfall (rollup)

Hirsch attacks Velvet after the match and puts her in the Legit Lock until Kris Statlaner chases her off.

In a vignette, House of Black talk about their new partnership. Brody King says that PAC will be humbled and that he and the Death Triangle will feel pain and when it’s all over they will thank them. They say just like death, they are inevitable.


Dr. Britt Baker comes out with all of her PWI plaques set up in the ring. Baker mentions how it seems like Punk and MJF couldn’t keep her name out of their mouths for awhile but she can’t blame them and then points at all her plaques and says look at the year she had. She says 2021 was the start of the era of DMD and she says that she’s had nine wins since winning the title. She says she shares that number with Cleveland because the Steelers sacked Baker Mayfield nine times. She says they need to talk about the Baker that actually wins shit, her.

Baker says she made the women’s division and says she didn’t take anyone’s spot, she made the top spot and then surpassed the entire women’s roster. She says that she’s been making history since the day she came to AEW and lists off her accolades. Baker says she won’t settle for female of the year, she wants female of the decade. She says she will be the champion Cleveland deserves and says they finally have a Baker they can count on.


Main Event
Lights Out Match
Orange Cassidy vs. Adam Cole

Cole and OC go right after each other until Cole throws OC out to the floor. OC tosses Cole into the barricade and then hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Cole comes back and drops OC over the barricade. He pulls a chair out from under the ring but that weirdo Danhausen from ROH is holding onto the chair. OC hits a Satellite DDT onto Cole!

Cole comes back with a Superkick sending a chair into OC;’s face and then he goes for a Panama Sunrise off the apron but OC blocks it and Spinebusts him through a table at ringside!


Cole puts a trashcan over OC’s head and Superkicks him. Cole and OC start fighting over a chain and Cole pulls OC into a Brainbuster over his knee. He sets up a pair of chairs in the ring and tries to hit a Brainbuster but OC counters into a Stun Dog Millionaire and then a Michinoku Driver onto the chairs for two!

OC goes for the Orange Punch but Cole hits a Superkick in midair. Brandon Culter walks out but Wheeler Yuta takes him out only for Bobby Fish to attack Yuta. Chuck Taylor runs out and throws Fish into the barricade. The Young Bucks run out and greet Chucky T with a Superkick Party! The Elite goes for a Triple Superkick but Trent and Rocky Romero pull the Bucks out. OC hits the Beach Break on Cole! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out!

OC hits the Orange Punch but his hand, which Cole had attacked and actually cut earlier, is hurt. Cole low blows OC but he had a cup with tacks on it. OC hits a Panama Sunrise of his own! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out! OC wraps his hand with the chain but Cole rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp.

OC follows Cole down the tunnel and they brawl into the backstage area. Cole pulls Jerry Lynn in front of him and then grabs OC and DVDs him through a table! 1…2…NO OC kicks out! Cole and OC fight back onto the stage with Cole hitting a Superkick. Cole goes for the BOOM but OC Superkicks in mid-move! OC wraps the chain around his hand again and goes for the Orange Punch, but Cole slams a lighting rig into him!

Cole climbs on top of the entrance tunnel but as he looks down, OC has climbed up the back of it! He low blows Cole and hugs him before throwing him off the damn tunnel through the stage! OC is laying on top of him for the pin!

Winner: Cassidy via pinfall