AEW Dynamite 02 23 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
February 23, 2022

Bridgeport, CT (Webster Bank Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Tag Team Battle Royale
The Butcher & The Blade vs. Best Friends vs. The Young Bucks vs. Private Party vs. The Beaver Boys vs. reDRagon vs. Proud-n-Powerful vs. The Gunn Club vs. 2point0 vs. FTR

The winning team will advance to Revolution and the 3-way tag team title match. Both members of a team have to be eliminated. The match is pure chaos to start things off. Reynolds is eliminated by Blade and John Silver eliminates him. Ortiz throws Austin Gunn over the top eliminating him. Santana then tosses Colten Gunn over the top and Gunn Club is out.

Matt Lee dives off the back of Scott Parker into an Elbow Drop on Ortiz. Butcher runs over the Bucks with a Double Clothesline and then does the same to reDRagon. Trent Baretta goes for a Swinging DDT on Butcher but he counters into a Brainbuster. Butcher tosses Trent over the top but he catches himself and Taylor pulls him back into a hug. Taylor and Trent then throw Butcher over the top.

Trent and Chuck hit the Sole Food/Half and Half on Bobby Fish and then they double team Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly hits a Mafia Kick to Taylor knocking him over the top to the floor. John Silver tosses Marq Quen over the top and then almost knocks Kassidy out but Matt Hardy catches him only for Silver to dropkick him again eliminating Private Party.

2point0 almost eliminates Ortiz but Santana comes up from behind and dumps them both over the top to eliminate them. The Bucks Superkick Party Ortiz eliminating him and then they catch Santana in midair as he went for a Moonsault with another Superkick Party. FTR hits the Big Rig on Silver! FTR and the Bucks come face-to-face but reDRagon attacks FTR from behind before they touch.

FTR tosses Nick Jackson over the top to eliminate him and then they go after Matt Jackson along with Santana. O’Reilly catapults Trent into a German Suplex from Fish and then they toss him over the top. Trent tries to skin the cat but Orange Cassidy helps him by putting him on his shoulders and sitting him back on the apron. He runs right into a Guillotine from O’Reilly only for Trent to Northern Lights Suplex him. Trent hits a Swinging DDT on Fish and clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Taylor is eliminated.


Tully Blanchard tries to help Cash from being eliminated but Silver still throws him out. It’s down to Trent, Santana, Matt Jackson, Dax, O’Reilly and Silver now. Silver strings together some great offense on Matt but then walks into offense from O’Reilly. Dax DDTs O’Reilly but walks into a Flying Knee from Trent. Trent and Santana come face-to-face as the fans pop remembering their feud last year. They exchange strikes until Trent hits a Half Nelson Suplex. Santana comes back with a Roaring Lariat and then he Pump Kicks Trent sending him over the top. Trent saves himself and tries to Suplex Santana to the outside but he blocks it and lands on the apron. Trent knees Santana and then they kick each other at the same time before O’Reilly and Jackson knock them off the apron eliminating both PNP and Best Friends.

Dax hits a Backdrop Driver on O’Reilly and Silver tries to take Jackson over the top with a Headscissors but he blocks it. O’Reilly tries to pull Harwood over the top but Dax lands on the apron. O’Reilly puts Harwood in a Cross Armbreaker but Dax elbows him repeatedly. They exchange a ton of stiff strikes from the apron but Fish comes back out and kicks Dax’s leg out from under him causing him to fall to the floor eliminating FTR.

O’Reilly and Matt double team Silver but Silver manages to hit them with a Double Suplex. He is on fire with strikes and then a drop toehold that sends Jackson into the ropes. Silver hits a Pump Kick and Spin Doctor on Jackson. Silver puts O’Reilly on his shoulders but walks into a Superkick. O’Reilly and Jackson hit a Chasing the Dragon/Superkick combo on Silver.

Jackson throws Silver over the top but O’Reilly immediately dumps Jackson over the top to win it!

Winners: reDRagon

The Bucks start arguing with reDRagon when Hangman Page runs out and attacks reDRagon. The Bucks just watch before leaving reDRagon out to dry. Adam Cole runs out but Page attacks him and sets up for the Buckshot Lariat only for reDRagon to pull him to safety. Silver attacks reDRagon and throws O’Reilly back into the ring to eat a Buckshot Lariat.

Hangman talks about his past with Cole and says that as Cole’s world crumbled around him, he came crawling back to his friends and then started to come after his title. Page says every step he takes towards Page he takes a step towards a giant hole in the ground. He says he’ll take one step too close to that hole and Hangman will lay him in the grave. Page flips off Cole.

Backstage, Bryan Danielson says that Daniel Garcia reminds him of a young Bryan Danielson. He says that he had a great mentor in William Regal, while Garcia is hanging out with goofs like 2point0. He says that if Garcia had someone like him or Jon Moxley to train with him he would become unstoppable and he’ll show him that difference.


MJF walks out as Tony Schiavone describes all the things he hopes CM Punk does to him at Revolution. MJF talks about the picture that CM Punk showed last week of a young MJF meeting Punk and he says that everyone thinks he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth but the fact is that at one point in his life the only reason he got up in the morning was because of professional wrestling. He says he loves wrestling and that day meant everything to him.

MJF says he had learning disabilities as a kid, including ADD, and said every day in school for him was hell but the one thing he was good at was football. He says he was one of the only Jewish kids in the school to try out for football and he became a starting middle linebacker. He says it meant the world to him because for one he fit in. Then, the next day in school his teammates had rolls of quarters that they threw at him as hard as they could and said, “pick it up, Jew boy.”

MJF says he went home and cried but stopped because he realized that he was going to get to meet his hero at an autograph signing, CM Punk. He says that he looked up to Punk and it meant everything to him. MJF says he promised himself he would be just like Punk and he wouldn’t be afraid to stand up for himself. “This ADD riddled Jew Boy was going to become the best in the world,” MJF says.

MJF says in a few years he got a bunch of football scholarships but he didn’t care because all he wanted to do was become a professional wrestling. He says that he would practice promos in the mirror until his voice got hoarse all because he wanted to be like Punk. In 2014, MJF says Punk left he and all the wrestling fans in the world when he needed Punk the most. MJF says he went to college and quit on his wrestling dreams until one day in his dorm he saw a Tweet of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. He says that he made a promise to himself that day to become the best in the world in SPITE of Punk.

MJF says that he promised himself that some small kid in school would be able to look at him and look up to him and he wouldn’t leave them high and dry. MJF says Punk is a gutless coward and no matter what he won’t quit at Revolution because that would mean he is trash as Punk and he is better than Punk.

Punk walks out and asks MJF if that story was true but MJF just stares at him, tears in his eyes, before walking away.


In the back, Schiavone interviews 2point0 and Garcia. Garcia says that Danielson may think he needs lessons in a lot of things but one thing he doesn’t need a lesson in is violence because he was born into violence and he lives it.

The House of Black (Alasteir Black & Brody King) vs. Death Triangle (PAC & Penta Oscuro)

Penta Oscuro is the dark “Pentagon Dark” version of himself he portrayed in Lucha Underground. The lights go out and new dark music plays as Penta appears behind a tombstone with a shovel. Alex Abrahantes is also wearing a dark cloak. All four fight with Penta standing tall in the ring. Penta hits a Plancha off the top onto House of Black on the floor.

In the ring, PAC hits a 450 Splash on Black for a nearfall. Penta and PAC work Black over in their corner with quick tags. Black runs PAC into the heel corner and tags Brody. Brody hits a huge Lariat to PAC for two.


Brody puts PAC on Penta’s shoulders and then chops PAC causing him to do a Poison Rana on Penta! Brody hits a Tope Suicida onto them both on the floor and then throws him back in the ring where Black hits a series of kicks capped off with a German Suplex for two. Black goes for a Flying Knee but PAC ducks and he hits Brody.

Penta blind tags PAC as Brody hits PAC with a Lariat. Penta hits a Cross Body Frog Splash on Brody and all four men are down. Black and Brody go for the Dante’s Inferno but PAC pulls Penta to safety and knocks Black to the floor. PAC hits a Mafia Kick on Brody followed by a second one. PAC sends Brody into the corner but Black blind tags him. PAC hits a German Suplex on Brody and Death Triangle hits a Superkick.

PAC and Penta go for the LB Driver but Black comes in and tries to spit mist at Penta only for Penta to block it and roll Black up with Cazadora for the pin.

Winners: Death Triangle via pinfall

King and Black attack Penta and PAC and just as Black is about to hit Penta with his shovel the lights go out. Buddy Murphy is standing gin the ring! Black acts freaked out but then Murphy attacks Penta and PAC. Security runs out but Brody kills them all. Black tells Buddy to take Penta out and he Curb Stomps him into a chair.


Eddie Kingston comes out followed by Chris Jericho with security between them. Jericho says that he arranged for the security because he wants them to talk like men rather than common street thugs. Kingston gets offended at that comment and says he has no idea why they are doing this. He says he isn’t a sports entertainer and would rather just fight Jericho. Kingston says this is a wrestling company, not a sports entertainment company and tells Jericho to go back “up the block” if he wants to do this.

Jericho says when he first heard Kingston was coming to AEW everyone in the locker room was excited and Jericho just thought to himself, “who the hell is Eddie Kingston?” He says he had never heard of Kingston and he actually thought people were talking about Eddie Edwards. He says he saw a picture of Kingston and realized why he never heard of him is because Kingston looked like a jobber.

Jericho says he saw Kingston’s match against “what’s his name” and heard his promo and he realized that Kingston was special and he says he told Kingston that a few days later. He says he also told Kingston that he would be a huge babyface because people love him and Kingston asks what a babyface is. Jericho says that Kingston overcame all his physical and mental issues and made it to the “big time” at 38 years old.

Jericho says everyone was so happy about Kingston but he didn’t give a shit about him. He says that Kingston is jealous of him because by the time he was 38 he had headlined around the world and had made millions of dollars a world champion, while it’s taken this long for Kingston to just get a shot somewhere. Jericho says deep down Kingston believes he can never be at Jericho’s level.

Kingston asks Jericho if he wants a cookie for all his accomplishments and says the only reason he became a Main Eventer is because Kingston wasn’t there to change that. He says he isn’t like Jericho, he doesn’t leech off people like Jericho or cut other guys legs out from under them by talking to the promoters behind their backs and lying. Kingston says he doesn’t want to talk anymore, he just wants to fight. He challenges Jericho to a match at Revolution.

Jericho asks Kingston if he’s ever heard of the fear of success and that is Kingston to a T. He says Kingston is terrified to make to the top because if he ever made it to the top he would fall off the other side. Jericho says he read all of the history about Kingston and he knows that Kingston’s hero was his uncle, who was a failure. He says Kingston’s father was also a failure and deep down Kingston is also a failure. Jericho says he’s seen guys like Kingston come and go, because he can’t win the big one.

Jericho says in AEW he IS the big one and Kingston can’t win. He accepts Kingston’s challenge and says if Kingston somehow manages to beat him, he swears he will shake Kingston’s hand and tell him that he has his respect. Kingston says he doesn’t want the Jericho that did the Mimosa Match or the Jericho that got pushed off the cage by MJF, he says he wants the Jericho that bled buckets in Tennessee and the Jericho that turned WCW upside down and the Jericho that his close friend “Levesque” hated because if he doesn’t he will eat Jericho alive.

Matt Hardy suggests a Tornado Trios Match at Revolution pitting Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara against Hardy, Andrade and Isaiah Kassidy.

Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match
“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Pres10 Vance

Starks takes 10 down early with a series of shoulder blocks but 10 throws him into the corner and mounts him with a series of right hands. Starks goes for a Swinging DDT but 10 blocks it and hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex Hernandez style.


Starks goes for a Cross Body but 10 catches him and puts Starks in the Full Nelson. Starks counters out but then eats a Spinning Lariat from 10. 10 puts Starks in the Full Nelson again but Starks rips at his mask and then hits a Spear as 10 let go and gets the pin.

Winner: Starks via pinfall (Spear)

Young Bucks approach reDRagon backstage and bitch about them double crossing them. The Bucks say they’re more motivated to win next week so they can go to the PPV and kick reDRagon’s ass. Cole tells reDRagon that they need to get along with the Bucks because he has too much on his plate to deal with all of this.

TBS Championship
Jade Cargill (c) w/Smart Mark Sterling vs. “The Bunny” Allie w/Matt Hardy

Jade lays Bunny out and then starts working on her arm. She puts Allie in a Wristlock and then lifts her up into the air and holds her there before slamming her to the mat and then doing pushups as she holds onto an Armbar. Jade rolls through into a Hammerlock and it is extremely obvious she’s been training with Danielson. Allie uses her own momentum to send Jade through the ropes to the floor and then she hits a Tope Suicida onto Jade sending her into the guardrail.


Jade goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Allie raked her eyes and then hit a Running Knee Lift. Allie dives on Jade but she gets caught and slammed to the mat with a Spinebuster. Hardy gets on the apron and distracts the referee before tossing brass knucks to Allie. Sterling slides the title belt to Jade and Jade uses the belt to block the brass knucks shot.

The referee ejects Hardy and Sterling from ringside as Allie rolls Jade up for a quick nearfall. Allie hits a series of Superkicks and then goes for the Rabbit Hole but Jade counters into Jaded for the pin.

Winner & STILL TBS Champ: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

Schiavone tries to interview Jade but she snatches the microphone away from him and asks who’s is next, better yet who is left. Tay Conti comes out and says she isn’t just next, she’s the one that will beat Jade’s ass. Conti runs down and attacks Jade but Allie attacks Conti. Conti hits the TayKO on her but then eats a Pump Kick from Jade.

Keith Lee is interviewed by Alex Marvez backstage when Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs approach him. Starks says that they don’t care where Lee came from or who he is and he needs to stay in his lane. Hobbs gets in Lee’s face but Starks gets between them and says they’ll save this one for Revolution.

Main Event
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Red Death” Daniel Garcia

Danielson lights Garcia up with chops and slaps but Garcia fights right back as the two continue to just chop the piss out of each other. Danielson screams at Garcia to “show” him how violent he can be. Danielson trips Garcia and puts him in a Reverse Figure Four, while also punching and slapping Garcia at the same time. Danielson hits a Butterfly Suplex right into a Cross Armbreaker. Danielson rolls him over into the Labell Lock. Garcia manages to get his foot on the bottom rope.

Garcia keeps trying to fight back but Danielson lays him out every time. Danielson speeds things up as he backflips off the top rope and then goes for his Running Dropkick but Garcia takes his legs out.


During the break, Garcia went after Danielson’s leg slamming into the ring post repeatedly. Garcia hits a Dragonscrew Leg Whip and goes for a Suplex but Danielson counters and Suplexes Garcia over the top to the floor. Danielson hits a Flying Knee off the apron but when he lands he clutches at his knee.

Back in the ring, Danielson hits a Shotgun Missile Dropkick before putting him in a Kneebar. Garcia puts Danielson in a Heel Hook at the same time and they start kicking each other trying to break the other’s submission. Danielson releases and hits a series of elbow strikes and then hits a Tiger Suplex before transitioning into the Cattle Mutilation!

Garcia manages to roll over and fight up to his feet where he rolls Danielson up and puts him in an Ankle Lock. Garcia kicks Danielson in the head repeatedly but Danielson catches his foot and takes him down where he puts him in a double Knuckle Lock for a nearfall. They both fight up to their feet and exchange strikes as their hands are still locked together.

Danielson bitch slaps the hell out of Garcia and then goes for a Roaring Elbow but Garcia blocks it and goes for another Dragonscrew only for Danielson to counter it and take Garcia down. Danielson stomps Garcia out and then puts him in a Triangle for the KO.

Winner: Danielson via KO (Triangle)

Danielson says that is exactly what he wanted to see but 2point0 attacks him from behind. Jon Moxley comes out and cleans house. Garcia goes to hit Moxley with a chair but Danielson pulls it away and then Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift.

Danielson says that Moxley told him that in order for them to fight together they need to bleed together and if that’s what he wants, they can do it at Revolution! Danielson tells Moxley to not be surprised if he is the only one bleeding, though.