AEW Dynamite 03 09 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
March 9, 2022

Estero, FL (Hertz Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Chris Jericho opens Dynamite making his way down to the ring following his loss to Eddie Kingston at Revolution. Jericho refused to shake Kingston’s hand – despite what he said before the match – after Kingston won. Jericho says Revolution was one of the greatest nights of his career despite losing because it was one of his best matches ever. Jericho says he has to thank Kingston for awakening something in him that he wasn’t sure was still there. He says that Kingston brought something out of him that he wasn’t sure existed anymore.

Jericho says he didn’t live up to his word after the match and his word means everything to him. Jericho says he was frustrated and he wants to apologize to Kingston face-to-face and shake his hand. Kingston comes out and says the Friday before the PPV he didn’t want to show up. He says he wanted to go out and drink and let the poison that has eaten him up all his life to do it again. He says that Jericho was right, he had lost every big match and he was afraid.

Kingston says he had four separate people come up to him and tell him that they didn’t “end themselves” after reading the article he wrote for Player’s Tribune. He said he cried in his Hotel room because he wanted to make those people proud and he went out there at Revolution and did it. Kingston says that he brought out the old Jericho, the Lionheart, that he looked up to.

Kingston says that Jericho refusing to shake his hand and refusal to respect the younger guys in AEW is a Jericho problem and he needs to figure out what is wrong with him causing him to have that “hole” in his chest. Jericho apologizes to Kingston and offers a handshake and Kingston accepts.

Daniel Garcia and 2point0 run out and attack both Jericho and Kingston until Santana and Ortiz run out and clean house. Santana holds Garcia for Jericho to hit him with his bat but Jericho hits Santana and Ortiz instead! Jericho, 2point0 and Garcia beat Kingston and PNP down! Jake Hager runs out and asks Jericho what the hell is going on but then Hager attacks PNP and Kingston, as well. 2point0 holds Kingston down so that Jericho can hit him with the bat. Hager Powerbombs Kingston off the apron through a table. Jericho and Hager lay their Inner Circle jackets on top of PNP and Jericho says this is the “Jericho Appreciation Society.”

A video package highlights Punk-MJF from Revolution as Punk says that everyone in the locker room that wanted to see the “old CM Punk” are going to regret it. Punk says that the “other CM Punk” is dead. “Long live CM Punk,” he says.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Dante Martin

Excalibur points out that Martin is the youngest wrestler to ever challenge for the World Title in AEW. Martin and Page mat wrestle early on and then Martin speeds things up with a headscissors and a dropkick. Martin goes for a Springboard Flying Cross Body but Page rolls through it and hits a Fall Away Slam. Page hits a Springboard Lariat that knocks Martin to the floor.


Martin hits a Leaping Enziguri and then connects with a Missile Dropkick off the top for two. Martin backflips a charging Page sending him to the floor and then hits a Golden Moonsault onto Page on the floor! In the ring, Martin goes for a Missile Dropkick but Page catches him in midair with a Liger Bomb for two! Page knocks Martin tot eh floor and then goes for a Moonsault off the apron but Martin moves and Page lands on his feet. Page goes for a Pop-Up Powerbom but Martin counters into a Rana. Martin rolls back in the ring and sets up for a dive but eats the Buckshot Lariat out of nowhere for the pin!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Page says that Martin was put in a tough situation last year when his brother was injured and he managed to make it all the way to a World Title shot. He says that Martin is one of the hardest hitting and toughest guys he’s ever faced and he would love to do it again.

Adam Cole walks out and says that Sunday was a fluke and says he couldn’t do it again. Cole challenges Page to a trios match next week pitting he and two guys that know Page better than he knows himself against Page and two partners of his choosing. He says that he will make Page’s life a living hell until he gets a rematch.


“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley w/William Regal vs. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry)

Moxley and Danielson immediately attack Workhorsemen and start working them over. Moxley hits a Back Suplex on Drake and tags Bryan. Danielson kills Drake with a series of kicks capped off with the Buzzsaw Kick. Henry tags in and hits a series of his own kicks but Danielson shrugs them off and runs Henry over. Moxley tags in and beats Henry down in their corner.

Danielson and Moxley do some quick tags as they work Henry over in their corner. Danielson puts Henry in a Romero Special and Moxley tags Danielson and starts biting Henry as Bryan still had him in the hold. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex for a one count. Henry kicks Moxley away and hits a Missile Dropkick off the top before tagging Drake.

Drake hits a series of slaps and chops, so Moxley runs him over with a Lariat. Danielson tags in and Moxley hits a dive onto Henry on the floor. Danielson hits the Flying Knee and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Henry on the floor. Danielson traps Drake’s arm and starts stomping his face before locking in the LaBell Lock for the submission.

Winners: Danielson & Moxley via submission (LaBell Lock)

Schiavone interviews Regal and Moxley/Danielson after the match. Tony calls Regal “your lordship.” Regal says it has been 29 years since he and Schiavone were on TBS together for the first time. He says he’s lived more than a hard life through battles in the ring and battles with himself. Regal gets emotional when he thanks Schaivone for helping him when he first came to America. He says he knows he isn’t “long for this world” and in the past two months he completely checked out of the industry he loves. He says someone told him that his old friend, Danielson, mentioned him on TV and it interested him.

Regal says that’s when he found out Moxley and Danielson were going to fight. He says that Danielson is probably the only reason that an entire generation of fans even know him. Regal says that Danielson is the wrestler he should have been and calls him the perfect wrestling. He talks about training with Danielson years ago and Danielson became everything he could never be because he didn’t have the problems Regal had.

Regal turns his attention to Moxley and says for an entire year the psychological and physical problems they put each other through would make the devil cry. He says that Moxley is the perfect sadist. He says that is why he thinks that them together is the perfect team. He says any team that gets in the ring will not like the outcome and either you step up or get stepped on.


“The Bastard” PAC w/Penta & Alex Abrahantes vs. Wheeler Yuta w/Danhausen & Orange Cassidy

Yuta hits a Release German Suplex after some back-and-forth mat wrestling. Yuta hits a Flying Cross Body off the top for two. PAC hits a Deadlift German Suplex for two. PAC lifts Yuta up top and hits a Super Brainbuster! PAC locks in the Rings of Saturn for the submission.

Winner: PAC via submission (Rings of Saturn)

Adam Cole talks to The Bucks and reDRagon backstage and they almost immediately start arguing with each other about Revolution. Cole says they are going to change their fortune next week and says he has the two guys that are perfect to face Page next week. The Bucks says they aren’t in but Cole says he wasn’t going to pick them anyway, he was going to pick reDRagon.


Backstage, FTR cuts a promo about getting back at reDRagon and Young Bucks but Tully Blanchard says this is about getting the titles back. FTR argues with Blanchard and they fire Blanchard.

Andrade and Matt Hardy are holding a meeting of AHFO in the ring. Andrade taunts Hardy about stinking and Hardy apologizes to his guys and says it seems like every time he puts a suit on he transforms into an asshole like Andrade. They take a vote about whether Hardy should stay in the group and Private Party gives him the thumbs up first but then when Hardy turns around they do a thumbs down. Andrade says you have to always watch your back in this business and they jump him.

Darby Allin and Sting come out to make the save but the numbers get the better of them, too. The Hardy Boyz theme hits and JEFF HARDY hits the ring! He cleans house and hits the Swanton Bomb on Blade! Jeff and Matt hug as the fans lose their minds.

Schiavone says that Swerve Strickland will make his in-ring debut on Rampage and then Tony Nese walks up and challenges him to a match. Strickland accepts the challenge and he says he’ll beat his ass like he always has.


Wardlow comes out and says that he was tired of helping MJF fulfill his dreams and he knew MJF wasn’t a good person when he signed up for the job. He says the fans will have to forgive him for associating with trash like MJF, but he grew up very poor so MJF gave him the opportunity to get his foot in the door in AEW and paid him a lot of money. He says it doesn’t matter how much you pay someone, it doesn’t give you the right to threaten them or disrespect them. He says when MJF slapped him last week he decided his own fate. He says he’s still under contract to MJF but he just doesn’t give a damn anymore. He says that after years of giving, it’s his turn to start taking and AEW is his world.

Backstage, QT Marshall approaches Keith Lee and says The Factory will have his back against Team Taz, but Lee says he has a very large back and he’s good on his own.

AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Jurassic Express (c) w/Christian Cage vs. The Acclaimed

We’re having storms here and I lost Dish for quite awhile. Jungle Boy hits a Somersault Plancha onto the Acclaimed as it comes back. In the ring, Luchasaurus hits a Rana Driver on Bowens and then Chokeslams Caster followed by a Standing Moonsault for two. Lucha lifts Caster up on his shoulders and Jungle Boy leaps to the top but Bowens takes his legs out from under him and then pulls Lucha out to the floor. Bowens tags in and hits a Superkick on Jungle Boy.

Caster tags in and Acclaimed hits the Mic Drop! 1…2…NO Luchasaurus breaks it up. Bowens tries to hit Lucha with the boom box but he blocks it and then eats a dropkick from Caster. The Acclaimed hits a Double Facebuster on Jungle Boy for two. Caster wraps a chain around as he hand but Christian pulls him out and Jungle Boy rolls Bowens up for two. Luchasuaurs tags in and the Jurassic Express hit the Springboard Doomsday Device for the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Jurassic Express via pinfall (Springboard Doomsday Device)

Jade Cargill is going to have an open challenge on Rampage.

World Title Eliminator Match
“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa and Hirsch chain wrestle early on but then Hirsch gets frustrated and starts shoving Rosa. Rosa catches her with a series of armdrags and a dropkick. She hits a series of clotheslines in the corner and then goes for a Michinoku Driver but Hirsch escapes and attacks Rosa’s arm.


Rosa hits a Sliding Dropkick and then a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Rosa hits a Flying Clothesline in the corner and goes for a dropkick but Hirsch moves and hits a German Suplex for two. Hirsch goes up top but Rosa crotches her and hits a Superplex. Rosa rolls through into a Spinning Neckbreaker and a Sliding Lariat for two.

Hirsch rolls to the floor and when Rosa tries to pull her back in, Hirsch hangs Rosa’s arm up in the ropes. Hirsch pulls a turnbuckle out from under the ring but Red Velvet runs out and pulls it away from her. Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver but Hirsch escapes and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar! Rosa gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the hold and then rolls Hirsch up for two. Hirsch goes for a Shining Wizard but Rosa moves and hits the Fire Thunder Driver for the pin.

Winner: Rosa via pinfall (Fire Thunder Driver)

Tony Schiavone announces that the Baker-Rosa rematch next week will be inside a Steel Cage!

Backstage, Britt Baker taunts Rosa and says that she should have been pushed to the back of the line instead of getting another shot. Baker calls it a conspiracy but says she isn’t afraid of Rosa or a cage. She says what she’s afraid of is what happens to AEW if “carny riff raff” like Rosa becomes a champion. She reminds Rosa that she won last year but it was Baker that became champion.


TNT Championship
Scorpio Sky w/Dan Lambert & Ethan Page vs. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (c)

Paige VanZant is shown sitting ringside. Guevara and Sky exchange strikes to start and then Sammy speeds it up flipping over Sky and hitting a dropkick. Sky retreats to the floor and takes Guevara out when he follows. Sammy throws Sky into the barricade repeatedly and pulls out a table. Sammy throws Sky into the ring steps and then Superkicks him.

Sammy lays Sky on the table and attempts the 630 Splash off the top but Sky moves and Sammy crashes through the table.


Sammy refuses to go to the back with a doctor and dares Sky to come at him, which Sky obliges and attacks Sammy’s ribs. He throws Sammy to the floor where Tay Conti has come out to check on Sammy. Sky throws Sammy back in the ring as Paige and Conti get in each other’s face at ringside. Sky hits a series of Backbreakers. He puts Sammy in a Crossface but Guevara fights back to his feet and hits a series of forearms.

Sammy rolls Sky up for two and then hits a Springboard Back Kick. Sammy hits the Springboard Cutter for two. Guevara hits a Superkick and then the GTH but Sky rolls under the ropes. Sammy pulls him back and goes up top. Sammy attempts the Shooting Star Press but Sky got his knees up. Dan Lambert gets on the apron but Conti stops Ethan Page from interfering. VanZant attacks Conti from behind and throws her into the ring steps. Sky hits the TKO for the pin!

Winner & NEW TNT Champ: Sky via pinfall (TKO)

Sky hits Sammy with the TNT Title and VanZant attacks Conti again before signing her AEW contract and dropping it on top of Conti.