AEW Dynamite 04 27 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
April 27, 2022
Philadelphia, PA (The Liacouras Center)
Report by: Josh Boutwell

CM Punk makes his way out to the announce table to commentate on the opening bout.

Owen Hart Cup Qualifying Match
Dax Harwood vs. Cash Wheeler

Dax and Cash come out at the same time but out of separate tunnels. This is the first time these guys have ever faced each other one-on-one. They’re both wearing Hart Foundation inspired gear. They pull off the old-school mat wrestling you would expect from them to start off and then speed things up but continue to stalemate with each sequence. Dax ends up poking Cash in the eyes but swears it was an accident. They start shoving each other until Cash delivers a series of questionable shots that Punk wonders about how low they were.

Cash hits a series of chops and takes him down with a Snapmare and Chinlock. They go to the top and Dax ends up connecting with a Superplex. Dax goes back up top and dives off with a Flying Headbutt, but Cash moves and Dax rolls onto the apron. Cash hits a Sliding Dropkick knocking Dax to the floor.


Dax hits a series of suplexes but then they both go for Cross Body Blocks at the same time and take each other down. They exchange strikes and then Dax goes for a Piledriver but Cash trips him up and rolls him up for two. Dax counters into a rollup of his own for two. They continue to exchange nearfalls until Dax counters a Backslide by flipping off the ropes. He then goes for the Slingshot Powerbomb only for Cash to reverse into a Hurricanrana for two.

Cash goes for another Rana but Dax counters into the Slingshot Bomb for a nearfall of his own. Cash goes for a Victory Roll but Dax counters into a nearfall. Cash gets right back up and spikes Dax with a Piledriver with his own two count. Cash goes to the top but Dax sweeps his legs out from under him. Dax attempts a Superplex but Cash escapes through his legs and takes Dax’s legs out. Cash goes for a Super Backdrop Driver but Dax reverses into a Cross Body in midair for another nearfall.

Dax goes for a Cross Body but Cash catches him only for the two to go falling through the ropes to the floor. When they land, Cash grabs his knee and starts selling an injury. They both manage to roll back in the ring before the 10-count gets them but Cash continues to grab his knee. Dax grabs the leg and sets up for a Sharpshooter but has second thoughts about. He finally goes for it but Cash catches him in an Inside Cradle only for Dax to reverse it for a three-count.

Winner: Dax Harwood via pinfall (inside cradle)
(JOSH’ S 2 CENTS: This was fantastic. They wrestled an almost purely technical match and the finish was absolutely terrific. Great stuff by both men. ****)

Excalibur announces that CM Punk will challenge Hangman Page for the World Title at Double or Nothing. Punk walks down to ringside and says that he has never seen a collection of better athletes in one locker room. He says last year he came back and asked if he could still do this and now he knows hell yes, he can. Punk says that every match he’s had in AEW so far has been a warm-up for what’s next. Punk says he can’t promise a win but he will promise that every time he goes into the ring he will give 100 percent.

Punk says without the fans he doesn’t make it to Double or Nothing. Punk says he’s never been a gambling man but he will always bet on himself. He says that win, lose or draw Hangman will know he’s been in a fight and he will continue to fight until the wheels fall off.

In the back, Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky cut a promo about the Ladder Match. Lambert says Sky winning the title wasn’t by mistake and Sky says that he wouldn’t ask his friend Frankie Kazarian to step aside if he planned on losing. He says everyone is here to see him beat Sammy’s ass and he doesn’t plan on disappointing. He says that there can only be one “Face of TNT” and it’s Scorpio Sky.

Trios Match
The Blackpool Combat Club w/William Regal vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto) w/Anthony Ogogo

BCC attack The Factory as soon as Moxley hits the ring. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex on Solo and then nails him with a series of crossfaces in the ropes. Moxley hits a Backdrop Driver for two and tags Yuta into the match. Yuta hits a series of armdrags and dropkicks and gets a nearfall of his own. Solo knees Yuta in the gut and tags Comoroto. Comoroto catches a charging Yuta with a backdrop.


Yuta hits a German Suplex on Marshall and makes the hot tag to Bryan Danielson. Danielson lights Solo up with strikes before ducking a lariat and then hitting a Tope Suicida onto Marshall and Comoroto. Solo tries to dive but Danielson Forearm Smashes him in the face in midair. Dragon hits a Missile Dropkick before laying into Solo with the Yes Kicks. Solo ducks the Buzzsaw Kick and rolls Dragon up only for him to counter into the LaBell Lock. QT breaks it up and then eats a Half Nelson Suplex from Moxley.

Moxley and Dragon hit Flying Drokicks/Forearms on Marshall and Solo before Moxley clotheslines Marshall to the floor. Danielson lifts Solo up to the top and goes for a Frankensteiner but Solo shoves him off and then dives right into a dropkick in midair from Dragon. Yuta gets the hot tag at the same time as Comoroto. Comoroto catches Yuta and throws him across the ring repeatedly. He goes for a Powerslam but Yuta counters into a Hanging Guillotine.

Comoroto lifts Yuta onto his shoulders but eats a series of elbows. Marshall and Solo attempt to intervene but get caught in Rear Naked Chokes from Dragon and Moxley. Yuta rolls Comoroto up with the Seatbelt for the pin.

Winner: Blackpool Combat Club via pinfall
(JOSH’ S 2 CENTS: BCC continue to be absolutely fantastic together but this was just a notch about a squash match. Yuta got the hometown ovation, which was cool. I still don’t like that BCC comes out separately but I wonder if that is foreshadowing something. **1/2)

Backstage, Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter confront Toni Storm and Storm introduces her friend, Ruby Soho, who talks about them trying to bully newcomers. Soho mocks Baker for losing her belt and threatens to “drop them both” after quoting Owen Hart’s “enough is enough and it’s time for a change.”


Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy says he could have beaten Kyle O’Reilly but Christian cuts him off and says he sounds like a loser right now. He tells him to put his belt on his shoulder and act like a winner. He issues a challenge for JE to any Top 5 team in AEW, which brings over Team Taz. Starks says they’ll beat JE any place, any time.

MJF runs down the crowd before the next match. MJF refuses to allow Wardlow entrance music again.

“The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts vs. “Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow

As security is taking Wardlow’s handcuffs off, Archer dives over the top onto all of them! In the ring, Wardlow surprises Archer with a Rana and then leapfrogs Archer and hits a series of shoulder blocks and uppercuts in the corner. Wardlow hits a Spinebuster and then goes for the Powerbomb but Archer counters into the Iron Claw.

Wardlow shoves Archer into the ropes and they clothesline each other. Archer and Wardlow exchange hoss punches until Wardlow runs Archer into the corner. Archer responds with a Forearm Smash and then goes to the top with Wardlow in a Wristlock. Archer does the New School Moonsault walking the ropes before diving off. Archer hits a massive Chokeslam but still only gets a two count barely.

Archer hits the Blackout but Wardlow kicks out and catches Archer with a Crucifix for a nearfall of his own. Archer goes for the Blackout again but Wardlow blocks it with a series of elbows. Archer goes for a Superplex instead but Wardlow headbutts him repeatedly until Archer falls back onto the mat. Wardlow hits a Swanton Bomb! 1…2…NO Archer kicks out! Wardlow hits the Powerbomb Symphony for the pin!

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was relatively short but it was about as awesome of a hoss match as you’re going to get. I thought it was a cool, surprising way to start it off with the dive and the rana but then it almost immediately broke down into two huge dudes just beating the piss out of each other. Entertaining match nonetheless. ***)


AEW’s top sports entertainers JAS make their way to the ring and Excalibur reveals that if any physicality comes from this sit-down with Eddie Kingston and PNP then all parties involved will be fined. Jericho demands that Kingston and PNP apologize to JAS. Ortiz has Parker’s shoes with him. Ortiz says he has Jericho’s apology and reaches in his pocket before flipping Jericho off followed by the same gag from Santana.

Santana says Jericho turned his back on the two guys that know him best but Garcia cuts him off and mocks Kingston for his “perfectly manicured eyebrows” and then taunts them saying they can’t hit them. Kingston says he hates all of this sports entertainment crap and he says he promised Jericho they would get him. He tells Jericho he doesn’t care if it’s 5-on-3, he just wants to fight.

Jericho says it is 5-on-3 and they aren’t smart enough to realize it. He says they will take them out one-by-one and they’re taking a hit on all of their asses. Kingston asks Jericho if he knows what that means and says if you say you’re taking a hit on someone in his world that means you’re ending things. Jericho asks Kingston what he’s going to do and tells him to shut up and do as he’s told like a little bitch.

Kingston gets in Jericho’s face and says he can smell the fear coming off him. He asks Jericho if he is prepared to put someone in the ground and Kingston says they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Excellent promo from Kingston and it seems like they’re edging towards Blood & Guts II here. I’m wondering who will balance out Kingston/PNP’s side? LAX coming in could be interesting)

Philly Street Fight
Hikaru Shida vs. “The Professor” Serena Deeb

Shida is wearing jean shorts to this fight. She attacks Deeb as soon as she gets in the ring. They spill to the outside and Shida tries to dive off a chair but Deehb rolls back into the ring. Shida hangs Deeb up in the corner and then hits a Flying Knee causing Deeb to fall to the floor. Shida goes for a Flying Knee off the apron but Deeb hits her in midair with a chair right into the knee. In the ring, Deeb hits a Kneebreaker onto the chair.


Deeb continues to work over Shida’s knee and taunting her at the same time. Deeb attempts to slam her knee into the chair again but Shida rolls her up and then launches her into the chair. Deeb rolls to the floor and pulls out a back from under the ring and throws powder into Shida’s face. Deeb grabs a kendo stick and beats the hell out of Shida with it. Deeb goes for Deebtox but Shida counters out with a backdrop. Shida grabs the kendo stick and starts swinging wildly until she finally hits Deeb in the face. Deeb falls to the floor and Shida grabs water from a fan and pours it in her eyes.

Shdia dives off the steps with a dropkick before rolling Deeb back in the ring and laying into Deeb with the kendo stick. Shida goes for the Katana but Deeb catches her in mid-move with a chair shot to the knee. Deeb wraps the chair around Shida’s knee and climbs to the top but Shida throws the chair at her. Shida hits a Super Falcon Arrow for two. Shida chokes Deeb with the kendo stick but Deeb kicks off the ropes into a rollup for two.

Shida goes for a Powerbomb but Deeb pokes her in the eyes and hits Deebtox onto a chair for a nearfall. Deeb puts Shida in the Serenity Lock but Shida immediately grabs the ropes. Deeb slams Shida’s knee into the chair repeatedly and then locks her in a Texas Cloverleaf for the submission!

Winner: Deeb via submission (Texas Cloverleaf)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: That was a fun match with some brutal spots from Deeb working over the knee. I’m absolutely looking forward to a feud between her and Rosa. ***)

Thunder Rosa is shown watching Deeb celebrate backstage.

Lexy Nair interviews MJF backstage but he screams at her to get the hell away from him. MJF says he has a plan and it’s a damn good one. He calls someone he calls “big man” and asks whoever it is if he wants to make “six figures” for one match. MJF says Wardlow will face someone smarter, stronger and taller than him, “and you can’t teach that.”


The lights cut off and then when they cut back on Fuego del Sol is laying in the spotlight. The House of Black come out and Black goes to rip his mask off. Alex Abrahantes is standing in the ring covering his face and says that they have been waiting for the moment to blindside them. House of Black surround Alex but Penta comes through the tunnel followed by PAC. Alex then walks out of the tunnel and REY FENIX pulls off the robe in the ring making his return! Death Triangle attacks! All three guys hit stereo dives onto House of Black before the heels retreat.

(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: Boy, it’s great to see El ANIMO back! Death Triangle vs. The House of Black is going to be insane.)

In the back, Shiavone is with Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland, who will face off in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Cup. Swerve says he’s proud of how much Allin has grown but Rampage is his house and he’ll show Allin that. Darby says he can’t just come into different companies claiming it’s his house, Allin says AEW has been house since day one and he’ll show Swerve why this tournament is his tournament.

10-Man Tag Team Match
The Undisputed Elite (Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) w/Brandon Cutler vs. The Varsity Blonds, The Nightmare Family (Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson) & Dante Martin w/Arn Anderson & Julia Hart

UE attacks the young guys as they get in the ring but Dante Martin shows off his athleticism with all kinds of kicks and dives on the heels. Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison utilize quick tags and double team moves until the Bucks cut them off. Johnson dives onto the Bucks and then Brock Anderson runs them over with a Double Dropkick before eating a T-Bone Suplex from Fish. Martin and Johnson hit dives onto the heels and the 20-year olds celebrate in the ring.


The heels get the better of the babyfaces finally but start arguing anyway. Nick hits a Slingshot X-Factor on Johnson and then a Moonsault onto the Blonds on the outside. Matt hits a Flying Dropkick to the Blonds on the outside and then Nick dives over his brother with a Tornillo onto Brock and Martin. The Bucks and reDRagon are doing a sort of “top me if you can” type of thing until Cole tags in. The Bucks and reDRagon hit a BTE Trigger followed by the BOOM from Cole for the pin.

Winners: Undisputed Elite via pinfall (BOOM)
(JOSH’S 2 CENTS: This was fun while it lasted. The 20+ team got in a ton of offense – and looked great – before the break but it was all UE after the break. They are still building towards an eventual Undisputed vs. The Elite feud when Omega returns, I believe. **1/2)

After the match, Cole hands Undisputed Elite shirts to everyone and the Bucks finally put them on and they all pose together.

In the back, JAS has taken out PNP and Kingston. Jericho throws a fireball into Kingston’s face!

Samoa Joe will defend the ROH TV Title against Trent Baretta on Rampage. A video package hypes up that match. Also, Deonna Purrazo faces Mercedes Martinez on Dynamite to decide the undisputed ROH Women’s Champion. Jeff Hardy will face Bobby Fish in an Owen Hart Cup Qualifier.


TNT Championship
Ladder Match
Scorpio Sky w/Dan Lambert vs. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (c) w/Tay Conti

Sky and Sammy start brawling on the ramp with Sky getting the better of the exchange capping it off by Press Slamming Sammy onto the barricade. Sky throws Sammy into the barricade again and grabs a ladder. He tries to Suplex Sammy onto it but Sammy counters and German Suplexes Sky on the ramp! Sammy sets a ladder up in the ring and climbs but Sky pulls him down only for Sammy to trip him and Catapult him into the ladder. Sky lands on the ladder instead and starts climbing before Sammy pulls him down and throws him into the ladder head first. Sammy climbs the ladder and hits a ridiculous Twisting Phoenix Splash type of dive off the ladder onto Sky!


Sky climbs up the ladder but Sammy climbs up a second one in the corner and dives off it only to eat a Diamond Cutter in midair from Sky! Sky pulls a ladder out from under the ring that is wrapped in barbed wire. Sky tries to TKO Sky onto the ladder with barbed wire but Sammy escapes and then hits a Spanish Fly onto it!

Guevara drags Dan Lambert into the ring and Tay Conti comes in and kicks Lambert in the nuts. Paige VanZant runs out and starts brawling with Tay! Sammy and Sky start fighting again, as well. Tay and Guevara hit dueling Superkicks on Paige and Sky. Sammy sets up the ladder wrapped in barbed wire on the ropes but walks into a Flatliner from Sky.

Sky climbs the ladder but Conti jumps on his back allowing Sammy to climb up the other side. Paige jumps onto Sammy’s back and both men start climbing the ladder with the women on their backs. Paige and Conti start punching each other until they fall off. They start fighting and kick each other at the same time. Sammy flips off Sky but Sky bites his finger and pushes him off the ladder. He reaches for the belt but Sammy punches him and knocks him off. Sammy grabs the belt but Sky pushes the ladder over and Sammy lands on the ladder wrapped in barbed wire! Sky climbs the ladder but Guevara springboards off the top onto the ladder! Sky pushes him off anyway and pulls down the belt!

Winner & NEW TNT Champ: Sky