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AEW Dynamite 06 29 2022 – Blood & Guts

AEW Dynamite Results
June 29, 2022
Detroit, MI (Little Caesars Arena)
Report by: Josh Boutwell

We get a shot at the Blood and Guts cage hanging above the cage as Dynamite starts. Taz is on commentary with Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

Orange Cassidy w/Best Friends vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page w/Dan Lambert

Cassidy’s new entrance music is “Jane” by Jefferson Starship, which he used on the Indies. Lambert cuts a promo on the fans and Best Friends as the heels come to the ring and demands that Best Friends be banned from ringside. The referee obliges and sends Chuck Taylor and Trent to the back. Cassidy is coming off his Match of the Year Candidate with Will Ospreay at “Forbidden Door.”

Page attacks Cassidy immediately and takes him down and stomps him but OC nips up and hits Page with a dropkick. OC leapfrogs Page and connects with a Lucha Armdrag sending Page to the floor. Cassidy hits a Tope Suicida knocking Page into the barricade. He throws Page back in the ring and connects with a Flying Cross Body for a one-count. Page reverses a Scoop Slam into a Powerslam attempt but OC shoves him into the corner and goes for the Satellite DDT. Page blocks it and lays Cassidy out with a Shoulder Block.

Page shoves Cassidy’s hands in his pockets and hits him with a series of right hands and a Vertical Suplex. Page kicks OC in the face knocking him to the floor where Lambert grabs an orange juice and taunts OC with it.


OC goes for a Sunset Flip but Page blocks it and lifts him up into a Roundhouse Kick and a Corkscrew Brainbuster for two. Page goes for the Ego’s Edge but OC fights it off and breaks the hold by putting his hands in his pockets. Page hits an Elbow Smash and goes for it again but OC counters into a rana sending Page into the turnbuckles. OC goes up top but Lamber grabs his leg as Page fakes an injury. Page crotches OC and Press Slams into a Powerslam for two.

Page goes for a Brainbuster but OC counters into the Stun Dog Millionaire followed by the Satellite DDT for a nearfall. Cassidy calls for the Orange Punch but Lambert gets on the apron where Cassidy slaps him and then grabs his orange juice and takes a swig. Page swings at OC but he misses and eats the Orange Punch! OC spits the orange juice in Lambert’s face and hits a second Orange Punch followed by a Body Slam for the pin.

Winner: Cassidy via pinfall (Orange Punch)


Christian Cage comes onto the stage and says he’s been asked by AEW to apologize for his incentive remarks last week and says he has never apologized for anything. He says he’s sorry that Jungle Boy’s entire family isn’t dead, so they didn’t have to see what he did to Jungle Boy. He changes his mind and says “everyone in your family but your mom,” and does the “call me” sign. Christian says that he requested a match tonight but not for himself. Luchasaurus comes out with new music and a new dark look, including a black mask.

Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage vs. Serpentico

Lucha takes Serpentico down with a headbutt and then puts Serpentico in a Nerve Hold and he submits.

Winner: Luchasaurus via submission (Nerve Hold)

Christian stops Luchasaurus from leaving and tells him to do more, so Luchasaurus Chokeslams Serpentico on the floor.

In the back, Schiavone interviews Scorpio Sky and Wardlow. Sky talks trash to Wardlow and Wardlow says he’s tired of talking and tells him he can bring every member of America Top Team and he’ll run through them just like he did the security guards. Sky says he’ll defend the title against Wardlow in a Street Fight next week.

Danhausen comes out and introduces his mystery partners for the next trios match, FTR!

Max Caster & The Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) w/Billy Gunn & Anthony Bowens vs. Danhausen & FTR

Cash and Austin start the match off with Gunn surprising Cash with an Armdrag. Gunn runs Cash over and then takes him down with a trip. Gunn charges at Wheeler but gets backdropped and then eats an Atomic Drop. Wheeler hits an Armdrag and tags in Harwood, who tosses Gunn into the corner and lights him up with some chops and a Snap Suplex followed by a Leg Drop. Danhausen tags in and FTR hits a Double Drop Toe Hold so that Danhausen can hit an Elbow Drop for a one-count.

The heels work Danhausen over in their corner but Danhausen manages to hit a Diving Rana off the top and then connects with a series of Hip Tosses on the other members of the Ass Boys team only to eat a clothesline from Colten Gunn.


The Ass Boys continue to work over Danhausen in their corner. Danhausen manages to hit a Suplex on Caster but the Gunns stop him from tagging out. Austin hits a dropkick for two but FTR breaks up the pin attempt. Austin goes for a Suplex but Danhausen escapes and tags Dax. Dax is a house afire with strikes for everyone. Cash comes in and FTR hit Stereo Rolling German Suplexes on the Gunn Club! Cash tosses Austin to the floor and hits a Plancha on him as Dax hits three more Rolling Germans.

Dax and Colten botch what I think was supposed to be a Swinging Neckbreaker reversal. It looked like Colten just fell down. Danhausen tags in and hits a Pump Kick and attempts the GTS but Billy Gunn distracts the referee. Bowens slides in the ring with a crutch and swings at Danhausen but he moves and Bowens hits Gunn with it. Danhausen pins Gunn for the win.

Winners: Danhausen & FTR via pinfall

The Acclaimed and the Gunn Club start arguing but Billy Gunn gets between them and shoves Austin Gunn down. Colten and Austin leave their day in the ring with The Acclaimed.

Jay Lethal challenges Samoa Joe for a match for the TV Title at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

TBS Championship
Jade Cargill (c) w/Stokely Hathaway & Keira Hogan vs. Leila Gray

Jade slams Gray as the match starts and puts the boots to her. Grey attempts a Cross Body but Jade catches her and hits the Sack of Shit. Jade taunts the crowd allowing Gray to roll her up for a one-count. Gray hits a series of elbows followed by a Flying Knee in the corner. She attempts a Running Bulldog but Jade shoves her off and connects with a Pump Kick. She picks Gray up and hits Jaded for the pin.

Winner & STILL TBS Champ: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

Jade gets on the microphone after the match and says she’s tired of everyone in the back bitching and moaning and demands that Stokely find her some real competition. Stokely says that Athena and Statlander aren’t being overlooked, they’re just lazy because they didn’t accept Jade’s challenge quick enough. Athena and Statlander run down and go after Jade and Hogan. Stokely whispers to Gray “this is your chance” as Athena goes to the top but Gray shoves her off the top. Gray helps The Baddies beat down Statlander and Hogan but Jade seems annoyed at the help and the Baddies leave her in the ring.


In the back, the Young Bucks say they are still unhappy despite being AEW Tag Champs again. They talk about all their friends being hurt and they’re now all along. Matt says the Forbidden Door is still open because on Rampage they are going to face YOSHI-HASHI and Hirooki Goto on Rampage. If they win, they’ll defend the titles against them.

Jim Ross joins the announce team. Nyla Rose will face Toni Storm on Rampage and there will be a two-ring battle royal called the Royal Rampage. A video package highlights the history between Kingston’s Crew and BCC and JAS is shown. Dean Malenko even makes some comments about Jericho and Blood and Guts in the package.

Blood & Guts Match
Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) w/Tay Conti vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli), Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz w/William Regal

JAS are wearing matching boy band style all-red gear. For those not aware, Blood and Guts is virtually the actual War Games match. There are two rings surrounded by a massive cage with a roof on top. Wrestlers will enter the match every three minutes and the match cannot end until all 12 men are in. The only way to win is submit or surrender. JAS has the man advantage due to Jericho’s team winning at Forbidden Door on Sunday.

Sammy and Claudio start the match off for the first four-minute period before staggered entrances will ensue. Sammy tried to leap over Claudio as he got in the second ring but he trips over Claudio’s head and then Claudio backdrops him into the first ring. Claudio lays into Sammy with Flying Uppercuts and chops and then tosses him into the second ring. Sammy tries to climb up the cage but Claudio pulls him down and crotches him on the top rope. Claudio throws Sammy into the ropes but Sammy springs to the top and then springs into the other ring to get away from Claudio. Claudio chases Sammy and goes for a Press Slam but Sammy counters into a Diamond Cutter. Claudio trips Sammy and starts the Giant Swing but Daniel Garcia enters the match and goes after Claudio.


Sammy and Garcia spend the entire commercial break doubling Claudio. Finally, Yuta enters the match and hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Sammy followed by a series of Rolling German Suplexes on Garcia. Guevara tries to stop him but eats some Germans from Yuta, as well. Claudio connects with a Corkscrew Uppercut to Sammy before Yuta drops him with the last Suplex. Claudio chokes Garcia with his du-rag and slams him into the cage wall. The next man in the match is Jake Hager and he immediately catches Yuta in midair with a slam. Hager tosses Yuta in the other ring and then he and Claudio lock eyes.

Claudio and Hager, former tag team partners, exchange punches before Claudio hits a Springboard Flying Uppercut! Finally, the numbers game gets the better of BCC as the JAS guys triple team Claudio and then Yuta. Yuta manages to hit a Missile Dropkick on Hager but the numbers game gets the better of them again. Jon Moxley is in next and he brings a chair with him tossing it at everyone. Moxley hits a Release Vertical Suplex on Guevara and Claudio Bulldogs Hager on the chair.

Moxley rakes Garcia’s face across the cage links as Yuta drop toe holds Sammy into the chair. Moxley pulls out a fork and starts stabbing Garcia in the head with it and Garcia is busted open already. Moxley holds Garcia as Yuta hits a Reverse Bulldog off his shoulders. Claudio Press Slams Sammy into a Cutter from Moxley and then Yuta hits a Frog Splash on Sammy. All three BCC members grab the JAS guys and start throwing elbows at their heads. The next man in is Angelo Parker but when he realizes the BCC saw him coming he tries to get out only for the cage door to be locked behind him.

BCC circle Parker and finally catch him as he literally ran around the entire cage trying to get away from them. Claudio Suplexes Parker followed by a Michinoku Driver from Yuta. They all take turns uppercutting Parker before attacking the other JAS guys, as well. Finally, the numbers game gets the better of BCC and JAS start attacking them with the chair. Hager hits Claudio’s ankle with the chair and then chokes him with it. Ortiz enters the match and is throwing clotheslines at everyone.


Moxley pours glass on the mat and Piledrives Parker into it and uses a shard of glass to slice Hager with. Matt Menard enters the match with his own chair and starts hitting BCC members with it. The numbers game gives JAS the advantage as they beat down BCC. Sammy Suplexes Moxley onto a chair and Moxley’s cut from Sunday has been opened back up as Menard throws him into the cage wall and grates his head across it.

Santana enters the match and brings a table with him along with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Santana throws a bunch of Suplexes but it looks like he may have legitimately blown out his knee on the last one. Moxley pulls out some damn skewers and stabs Menard with them, a CZW classic. Everything is just chaotic as everyone is fighting everyone. Jericho enters the ring and brings his bat walloping everyone with it. Ortiz DDTs Jericho and starts choking him with a chair until he eats the Sammy Cutter from Guevara. Claudio goes nuts hitting big spots on everyone including a massive Pop-Up Uppercut but then walks right into a Codebreaker from Jericho.

Kingston finally enters the match and the Match Beyond begins as he kills everyone with a kendo stick. Jericho tries to escape the cage but the door is locked and Kingston wears his ass out with the kendo stick. That lunatic then pulls out a bottle of rubbing alcohol but Hager and the other JAS guys attack him before he can pour it on Jericho. All hell breaks loose again with action all over the place. Yutan ad Moxley hit a Doomsday Device on Parker and then Kingsotn and Ortiz Powerbomb Hager through a table.

Yuta and Moxley pour tacks all over the ring, while Claudio pulls up the mat and canvas from the other ring. Moxley hits a Release Suplex on Menard onto the tacks! Sammy desperately hits a bunch of offense as he tries to get away from Claudio and BCC trying to slam him on the exposed wood of the ring. There is a tiny opening between the cage wall and a pillar, which Parker tried to climb through to get away before Kingston caught him and hung him upside down from the pillar.

Jericho drags Moxley through the tacks and then puts him into a Walls of Jericho on the tacks until Kingston throws a handful of tacks into his face. Tay Conti hands a fire extinguisher to Jericho and he sprays it in Kingston’s face. Tay Conti knocks out a referee and takes the key and unlocks the door until Ruby Soho runs out and attacks Conti. They brawl to the back as Jericho escapes the cage and climbs to the top of it.

Kingston follows Jericho to the top of the cage and starts biting and punching Jericho. He hits the Backfist to the Future! Guevara climbs up the cage as Kingston threatens to throw Jericho off. Guevara hits Kingston from behind and then starts slamming his head into the roof. Kingston low blows Guevara and then throws him off the top of the cage through a stack of tables!

Kingston and Jericho start punching each other again until Kingston starts biting Jericho.


Jericho puts Kingston in the Walls of Jericho but Claudio climbs up and kicks Jericho in the face. Claudio does the damn Giant Swing on Jericho on the top of the freaking cage! He goes to put him in the Sharpshooter but Menard climbs up and attacks Claudio. Claudio trips Menard and puts him in the Sharpshooter as Kingston has Jericho in the Stretch Plum! Menard submits and Kingston gets pissed off that the match ended.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club via submission (Sharpshooter)

Kingston begrudgingly fist bumps Claudio as all the BPP guys, except Santana, climb onto the top of the cage and celebrate.