AEW Dynamite 07 05 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
July 6, 2022
Rochester, NY (Blue Cross Arena)
Report by: Josh Boutwell

Taz is on commentary with Excalibur and Tony Schiavon again to start this week.

TNT Championship
Street Fight
“Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow vs. Scorpio Sky (c) w/Dan Lambert, Ethan Page & America’s Top Team

Sky throws strikes at Wardlow to start off but Wardlow shrugs them off and lays out Scorpio Sky with a Shoulder Block. Sky takes Wardlow to “Dick Kick City” but then walks right into a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex from Wardlow. Wardlow tosses Sky across the ring repeatedly until Sky rolls to the floor to get away. Wardlow follows Sky and Lambert slaps him in the back. America’s Top Team gets between Lambert and Wardlow allowing Sky to throw him into the ring steps. ATT then jump on top of Wardlow and put the boots to him.


Sky goes for a Superplex off the top but Wardlow shoves him to the mat and hits the Swanton Bomb! Wardlow goes for the Powerbomb Symphony but ATT hits the ring and Wardlow just starts tossing them around like ragdolls. He Pres Slams one of the guys on top of the rest of them on the outside but then turns around right into a belt shot from Sky for a two count. Sky goes for the TKO but Wardlow shoves him into Lambert and hits a Spinebuster. Wardlow hits the Powerbomb Symphony to win the TNT Title!

Winner & NEW TNT Champ: Wardlow via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

Backstage, Jon Moxley cuts a promo about his match with Brody King. He says that Brody thinks he’s going to be able to catch him off guard and that Moxley doesn’t know the kind of “monster” he is, but Moxley says King doesn’t know what kind of “monster” Moxley is. Moxley says he knows exactly who King is and he asks how big King’s heart is because he’ll be swinging in deep waters with the biggest Shark in AEW. Moxley says when you get in the ring with anyone with Blackpool Combat Club they will find your limits and find out just how bad you want it. “Step up or get stepped on,” Moxley says.


Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling approach Keith Lee to try and get him to sign a petition to have Swerve Strickland removed from the roster. Lee tells them to “piss off” in his own nice way.

Christian Cage comes to the ring with Luchasaurus and he says that after last week he’s still the “cage” everyone is talking about. Christian says everyone wants to know why Luchasaurs decided to remain aligned with him but before he can say anything else, Matt Hardy comes out and interrupts him. Matt says Christian is the “Michael Jordan of being an asshole” and says that Jungle Boy has become a friend to him. He says Jungle Boy respected and trusted Christian only to get screwed over by him. Christian mocks Matt claiming to be buddies with Jungle Boy all of a sudden and says that Matt is starting to make Jeff seem like the sober one.

Matt says he knows what Christian is doing and says that he just wants to use Luchasaurus to try and make as much money as he can off him but says he did the same thing with Private Party and he regrets it. Matt says his life has been a mess the last few months and maybe that’s because Karma got him but he’s here to make sure no one else gets taken advantage of. Christian says the only reason he is out there is because he’s a clout chaser and says he’ll use anyone including his wife, his father-in-law or his kids. He says he’ll even turn a blind eye to his brother’s issues for one last run.

Christian says that he is the hottest, most influential star in AEW and Matt just wanted to be near him. Christian says Matt’s “screw up loser brother” isn’t even the most embarrassing person in his family because Matt is. Matt tries to go after him but Luchasaurus beats him down. Luchasaurus Chokeslams Matt through a table.

A video package highlights Blood and Guts as part of Matt Menard’s terrific promo after the match is shown, as well.

Schiavone interviews Claudio Castagnoli and Jake Hager and says that they both signed waivers agreeing to not get physical. Claudio taunts Hager for being Jericho’s “bag carrier” and says he’s going be 3-0 after beating Hager next week.

The Butcher & The Blade w/Allie vs. Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee)

Butcher and Lee square up and slap meat and then Swerve and Blade tag in and they botch a leapfrog spot with Swerve landing on Blade’s back. Swerve then rolls backwards as Blade hit the ropes and trips him. Lee blind tags his partner and runs Blade over allowing Swerve to hit a Basement Dropkick. Swerve traps Blade in the corner as Lee chops him. Swerve tags in and backdrops Blade to the outside and then goes for a Punt Kick but Allie gets between them. Butcher lays Lee out and Blade sweeps Swerve’s legs out from under him on the apron.


Swerve knocks Butcher off the top and hits a Flying Corkscrew Uppercut. Lee and Blade tag in with Lee laying out both Butcher and Blade with chops and Splashes. He throws Blade into Butcher and then hits a big Forearm Smash knocking Blade into the corner. Lee tags Swerve and they set up for their finish but Butcher cuts them off only to eat a Rolling Flatliner from Swerve. They hit a Spinning Enziguri/Roaring Elbow combo on Butcher and then Lee goes for the Pounce but Blade pulls Swerve into it. Blade hits a Stunner on Lee and Butcher hits a Forearm Smash. They hit double team offense Swerve capped off with a Lariat from Hell from Butcher. 1…2…NO Lee breaks it up!

Butcher and Blade attack Lee but Swerve leaps off Lee’s back into a Back Heel Kick on Butcher. Lee squashes Blade in the corner and they hit Swerve In Our Glory in the corner for the pin.

Winners: Lee & Swerve via pinfall (Swerve In Our Glory)

Team Taz walks out and Hobbs says they are getting tired of them and calls them “trick ass bitches.” Hobbs says they have been nice because they could have already ended their careers already. Hobbs says every time they have faced them they proved Lee and Swerve aren’t on their level. Hobbs screams that he’ll beat Swerve’s ass is and says they keep talking about wanting to prove who the best tag team is but before they can say anything else the Young Bucks walk out.

Matt Jackson says Hobbs may as well have just cued up their music for them by saying “the best tag team” over and over. Matt says the tag division is on fire and that everyone in AEW is “eating well” but they are the ones that set the table in the first place. Nick says that they are both good teams and says they had a great match at Double or Nothing but they still didn’t get the job done against Jurassic Express. They remind them that they beat them for the titles.

Matt proposes a 3-Way Match between the Bucks, Swerve In Our Glory and Team Taz next week. The fans chanted “FTR” at them but Nick says they’re better than them.

Malakai Black cuts a promo saying that Brody King will make sure that Moxley endures something that goes far past the physical realm of pain.

Eddie Kingston walks out and immediately congratulates Wardlow for winning the TNT Title and then congratulates his team for winning Blood and Guts. He says that Jericho made him a liar because he didn’t get to make him bleed and he will get him again. Jericho appears on the screen where Tay Conti slams Ruby Soho’s arm in a car door! Jericho tells Kingston that the same can happen to him.


The Dark Order comes down to the ring and John Silver calls Rochester – Brodie Lee’s hometown – “Dark Order country.” Evil Uno says that they have very important news and it needed to be said in Rochester. Uno thanks the fans and then stops before saying that they are here to say, “Dark Order is forever.” He says they start a new chapter of the Dark Order tonight and hands the microphone to -1 but before he can say anything else QT Marshall interrupts him.

Marshall asks how long they are going to have to put up with the “charity case” and Uno holds -1 back from him. He says Brodie Lee is a legend but -1 takes after his mother. Hangman Page comes out and kicks Marshall’s ass before tossing him in the ring for the rest of the Dark Order to beat him down. -1 says he would pin Marshall right now but he’s going to wait until he’s 18 and do it for real.

Jim Ross joins commentary for hour two.

Penta Oscuro w/Rey Fenix & Alex Abrahantes vs. RUSH w/Andrade el Idolo

Pent and RUSH have been in the ring with each other countless times but this is the first time they have ever faced off one-on-one. It’s also the first time they’ve been in the ring with each other – outside of last week’s Battle Royale – since 2020. Rush tries to attack Penta as he gets in the ring but Penta sidesteps him and they exchange some nasty chops. Penta goes for a Rana but Rush blocks it and goes for a Brainbuster only for Penta to roll him up for two.

Penta hits a Superkick and Rush rolls to the floor. Penta goes for a Baseball Slide but Penta moves and tries to throw Rush into the steps. They block each other from throwing each other into the steps repeatedly and then Penta dives off the steps into a Lucha Armdrag. Penta goes for a dive but RUSH lays him out with a Roaring Elbow in midair! RUSH steps on Penta’s head and hits a series of Corner Splashes followed by a Basement Dropkick. RUSH rips at Penta’s mask but Penta kicks him in the head and hits a Slingblade. Rush rolls to the floor and Penta follows him with a Somersault Plancha over the top! Jose was about to attack Penta but Alex Spears him! Fenix and Andrade pull them off each other nad then start arguing with each other.


RUSH eats a Backstabber from Penta but RUSH comes right back with a Snap Powerslam as Penta went for a Cross Body and he gets a nearfall. Rush whips Penta into the corner but Penta leaps over him and comes down into a Backstabber for two of his own. Penta and RUSH trade wicked shots and then start headbutting each other. They hit Leaping Knee Strikes at the same time and both men are down!

Penta and RUSH continue to exchange chops until RUSH stomps Penta down in the corner. RUSH goes up top and hits a Missile Dropkick for a nearfall. RUSH hits a Senton off the top for two but RUSH immediately hits a Forearm Smash but Penta comes right back with a Rolling Cutter and a Superkick. Penta hits the Fear Factor! 1…2…NO Andrade put RUSH’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pin.

The referee argues with Andrade and RUSH kicks Penta in the dick and then snatches his mask off and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner: RUSH via pinfall (Rollup)

Samoa Joe will defend the ROH TV Title against Jay Lethal at Death Before Dishonor.


Smart Mark Sterling tries to get Best Friends to sign their petition but they refuse. Nese says he’ll make them sign it and Sterling suggests OC vs. Nese on Rampage and if Nese wins then they’ll sign the petition.

The Acclaimed & The Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) w/Billy Gunn vs. Fuego del Sol, Bear Country & Leon Ruffin

Austin Gunn snatches the microphone from Caster as he was doing his freestyle and won’t let him finish. The Gunn Club beats the shit out of Fuego as the match starts and then Bowens tags himself in and continues the beat down on the “Alabama Luchador.” Bowens knocks Bear Country off the apron but when he turns around Fuego hits a Tornado DDT. Austin Gunn tags in and he walks into a clothesline from Bronson and then he hits a Spinebuster for two.

Caster breaks up the pin attempt and then throws Ruffin to the floor. Bowens tags in and hits a series of strikes on Bronson capping it off with a Kenny Omega-style Leg Lariat. Caster tags in and hits the Mic Drop but Austin tagged him as he dove off the top and steals the pin.

Winners: Gunn Club & The Acclaimed via pinfall (Mic Drop)

The Gunn Club and The Acclaimed start fighting until Billy Gunn separates them. Billy screams at his sons but then turns around and lays Caster out. Bowens begs Billy off and tries to get him to do the “scissoring” thing only for Billy to hit the Fameasser on him.

Miro cuts a promo on Malakai Black and tells him that the Redeemer is coming for the House of Black enraged.


ThunderStorm (Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm) vs. Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir

Storm hits a Sliding Dropkick on Shafir and the babyfaces work Shafir over in their corner. Rosa dives off Storm’s back into a Flying Dropkick on Shafir and gets a nearfall. They hit a Double Suplex on Shafir for another nearfall. Storm and Rosa continue to utilize quick tags as they work over Shafir. Shafir gets fired up and fights her way out of the corner and Rose hits Storm from behind with an umbrella allowing Shafir to hit a Fireman’s Carry Slam.


Storm puts Rose in a Sleeper but Rose throws her off. Storm tags Rosa and she hits a Flying Cross Body and a series of strikes. Rosa drop toe holds Rose into the ropes and hits a Hesitation Dropkick. Rosa goes for another one but Rose catches her in midair with a Uranage Suplex. Shafir tags in and avoids a kick before hitting a Pump Handle Suplex for two until Storm broke it up. Rose eats a Spike DDT from Storm and then she hits a Snap German on Shafir. Storm hits the Flying Hip Attack in the corner on Shafir and then Rosa hits an Assisted Fire Thunder Driver as Storm spiked her off the top rope for the pin.

Winners: ThunderStorm via pinfall (Assisted Fire Thunder Driver)

Stokely Hathaway admits to Jade paying Leila Gray $1,100 to step up for them but Jade says if she doesn’t deliver than its Stokley’s ass.


Daniel Garcia cuts a promo on Wheeler Yuta, they’ll face each other for the ROH Pure Title at Death Before dishonor.

Backstage, FTR challenges The Briscoes for a rematch at Death Before Dishonor.

Interim AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brody King

William Regal joins commentary for this match. Brody lays into Moxley with chops and punches to start the match and then throws him to the floor and tosses him into the barricade. Brody charges at Moxley but he moves and King goes flying into the ring steps. Moxley Russian Leg Sweeps King into the barricade and attempts a Piledriver on the floor before getting backdropped by King. King tosses Moxley in the ring but Moxley hits him with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip as he climbs back in. Moxley puts King in a Figure Four but King punches him repeatedly to break the hold. Moxley elbows King’s knee repeatedly and hits a Kneebreaker. Moxley and King exchange forearms with Moxley getting the better of it but then he eats a Black Hole Slam as he came off the ropes.


Brody goes for a TKO but Moxley elbows him to get out of it and then he avoids a Cannonball in the corner from King. Moxley hits a Corner Clothesline and lifts King up to the top rope. Moxley hits a Superplex and goes for the Bulldog Choke, but King fights it off. King misses a Lariat and Moxley hits a Snap Dragon for two. Moxley stomps on King’s face as he has his arms trapped and goes for a Piledriver, but King blocks it and they exchange forearms.

King ducks a Lariat and hits one of his own followed by a Piledriver! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out! King puts Moxley in a Rear Naked Choke and then climbs to the top and pretty much hangs Moxley in the choke. King hits a Cannonball in the corner for two. King goes for the Fire Thunder Driver but Moxley blocks it and rolls him up for two. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift but he can’t get the pin. Finally, Moxley grabs King and hits a series of elbows and locks in a Choke.

Moxley climbs on King’s back as he gets to his feet but then King slams back onto his back. Moxley gets back up and locks in the Bulldog Choke anyway! King passes out and Moxley retains!

Winner & STILL Interim AEW Champ: Moxley via KO (Bulldog Choke)