AEW Dynamite 10 18 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
October 18, 2022
Heritage Bank Arena (Cincinnati, OH)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Tuesday night, you know what that means! The commentators welcome us to Cincinnati, Ohio as we have FOUR title matches tonight!

AEW World Trios Titles Match: Death Triangle (c) vs. Best Friends

We don’t waste any time as Best Friends make their way out to the ring! They show a rundown of the feud between PAC and Orange Cassidy. Death Triangle make their way to the ring now with a really sick trios entrance. Crowd is over big for both of these groups!

It looks like we start off with PAC and Trent as PAC immediately wipes out OC with a kick! Both men exchange leapfrogs as Trent comes through with a shoulder block. Penta and Chuck T tag in but Lucha Bros take him out. Lucha Bros monkey flip Trent into Chuck into the corner and Fenix follows up with a senton for a two count! Lucha Bros set up for Fear Factory but Trent stops them. Best Friends double teaming Fenix and bring him off the top with a big double slam. OC in now but Death Triangle break it up and send all three outside and follow up with stereo topes!!! The crowd is on their feet! OC rolled back in as PAC takes control and just chokes him. He kicks OC in the head and just keeps punishing him and tags in the Lucha Bros. They hit a tandem dropkick to OC as Fenix is in the ring now as we go to commercial!


Back from the break we see PAC and OC facing off as PAC with a series of kicks to OC and tries for a brainbuster but Stundog Millionaire! Chuck kneelift on Penta, Fenix with an arm drag on Chuck, a huge DDT from Trent onto Fenix! Everyone is going crazy! Trent sends PAC outside but Lucha Bros with superkicks on Trent and a triple team by Death Triangle onto OC! They caught his hurricanrana attempt and then hit a lungblower/stomp/German suplex combo!! 1…2…NO! Best Friends break it up. Both teams on the outside as PAC and OC are in the ring; Best Friends hit Sole Food/Half and Half on PAC then a Spike piledriver on Penta by Chuck! Another by Trent! They hug in the ring and OC hits a splash off the Friends for 2! PAC kicks out Trent and Chuck and drags Penta to his corner and tags in and heads for the ring bell hammer! Fenix stops him! OC roll up! 1…2…NO! PAC with a German but OC with an Orange Punch!!! Both men out cold. Trent tags in so does Penta, tries for the destroyer but Strong Zero!!! 1…2….NO!! Fenix flew outta nowhere! Double rolling cutter by Fenix! He misses a splash but comes back with a heel kick and a sick Rikishi driver 1…2…3!

WINNERS: Death Triangle (c)

Post match Death Triangle celebrate as they chastise PAC for the hammer spot. Promo package highlighting Moxley’s return to Cincinnati. They also show Adam Page’s promo last week as we’ll see that title match tonight!


We cut to mid interview with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter with Tony talking about the women’s title match; there wasn’t much context as they cut after Tony’s question.

AEW Interim Women’s Title Match: Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm (c)

Shida makes her way to a huge ovation from the Ohio crowd as she’s all smiles but focused. Toni’s music hits next and gets a big pop! She’s all business as she looks to take down Shida tonight.

Both women shake hands to start and lock up; Storm with a headlock takeover but Shida counters as both women exhibit some nice mat wrestling to start. Shoulder block by Storm but Shida counters with a dropkick! Shida gets on the rope but Storm knocks her off and then hits a running strike to knock her off the apron as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial Shida hits a big hurricanrana and a jumping knee! Shida with Storm in the corner and hits the ten punches and a big missile dropkick! 1…2…NO! Forearm exchange by both women now as they both take a swing and knock each other down. Shida rolls to the apron and heads up top but Storm chops her down. Shida headbutts Storm off the top then follows up with Meteora! Then a huge sitout dominator! 1…2..NO! Venus Shoot missed by Shida into a release German by Storm and a hip attack! Storm with a DDT attempt and hits the Falcon Arrow! 1…2..NO! Storm just kicks out. Shida misses the Katana and a series of rollups for two! Storm with a German for two but keeps the grip and hits a big springboard DDT! Storm Zero! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Toni Storm (c)

Post match beatdown by Baker, Hayter and Rebel as Baker is in a Steelers jersey; Saraya’s music interrupts her as she makes a bee line and tackles Baker!!!! Punches by Saraya as they slug it out and out of the arena! Rebel with a crutch shot on Storm in the ring. RIHO’s MUSIC HITS!!!! She takes out Rebel and sends Hayter overboard! Follows up with a MASSIVE splash on Hayter! Huge reaction for RIHO as she hugs Storm in the ring.

Video promo of The Kingdom interfering with WarJoe making the save. WarJoe cut a promo saying “You had six million ways to die, you still chose the wrong one.”

Renee is in the back with FTR, she talks about their tag title wins this year and asks how they’ll keep expanding. Cash cuts a promo saying they go way back, but they have targets from every promotion available. Dax says the AEW titles are the next goal, they’re interrupted by Swerve and Keith Lee. He talks about how they have been contenders for months, and now they want it? Lee interrupts and says “We do deserve a chance.” Dax says “Next week in Norfolk; FTR vs. Swerve in Our Glory, first time ever.” Cash ends it with a “That’s FTR country bitch.”


Back from the break; Darby and Jay Lethal are in the back and Lethal challenges him again to a rematch! Sonjay steps in and says “We know your weakness. You look like a trash panda.” Darby attacks both men but Lethal and Sonjay get the upper hand! They send him into the garage door then lower the door onto him! They keep kicking him then Lethal puts a Figure Four on Darby through the door!!! Officials come in to break it up as we cut to the commentators.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with William Regal. MJF’s music hits immediately! He gets a crazy loud pop from the crowd as he swaggers his way down to the ring. He joins Regal in the ring as Regal is stanced up with knucks! MJF just wants to talk he says; “Here’s what’s gonna happen. Here’s a story, and you’re going to listen to it. When I was 19, training in the business one fateful day I get pulled aside they say “Congrats, we got you WWE extra work” It was an opportunity; I packed my best gear and suit. Me and the extras were all together and greeted by William Regal. You told us you are going to have tryout matches, up against randoms in a line I was going on second. Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Adam Pearce and William Regal were there. Malenko rang the bell and said get out. My turn I was shaking, I was fighting for my life not a contract. Pro wrestling is my LIFE! After it was over, I was victorious but you looked at me like I had eight heads. You said follow me, just us. Kid you’ve got three minutes to sell yourself. GO. Boy did I. Your jaw was on the floor, and kid I am getting you a job here. Then what happened? I was no longer going to be looked at as a 5 foot nothing ADD riddled Jew Boy, I was a superstar! I said I was 19 and you said kid I’m sorry you’re much too young.” “My heart stopped, one fell swoop.” Crowd is chanting “You Fucked up” to Regal! He lists people who Regal got hired by WWE; and had MJF send him matches and promos to Regal for months but Regal on month 3; he recites an email Regal sent to him.

“I am a very busy man. I just had to watch you show me your acting skills. DO not reply to this but how will this make me say “Let’s hire Max” But unfortunately the game has changed and the WWE hires the best talent but until you’re one of them stop sending me your stuff. William Regal.” He screams how he sent it to a 19 year old whose dreams were crushed. He wanted to quit everything; wrestling and his life! Heavy heavy stuff here from MJF. He couldn’t have the naysayers win so that’s why he is here. “You’re a sad withered old man who got fired. Now you snuck into my company like a rat and stuck to talent like a succubus. I AM MJF! A 26 YEAR OLD GENERATIONAL TALENT!” He says he needs the email when he needs a laugh because Regal is just a joke to him. “He’s MJF and he’s better than you and you know it!” Crowd is absolutely bonkers!!!!!!

Regal has a mic and says “Job done. You mentioned being a child. At 16, I left home and fought grown men. I wasn’t casting you aside. I saw somebody who was going to be a big star. I wanted to light a fire under your ass. You can’t have grown men smashing your face in now, so I needed to do that.” He screams about how he fought as a child; and if “an email is what it took and you held onto it for 7 years you’ve had it easy Sunshine.” Regal says he mastered talking and mastered wrestling and what a great talent he is. He calls himself the ODV and says he wouldn’t touch Tony unlike MJF. He says MJF took shortcuts; just because he’s getting paid doesn’t prove anything.” He calls out Max hiring people and using the ring, and says to beat everyone but if you want to be the Devil….Show the world, right now” He turns his back!!!! He goads MJF into hitting him and he puts on the ring! Regal stretchers his arms out and MJF hesitates and Regal turns around and says “You still have a lot to prove.”

MJF stands in the middle of the ring completely disheartened and upset as he slowly makes his way out of the ring as we see an ROH Title promo package including Castle’s promo on Rampage last week.

Renee is in the back with The Acclaimed and they talk about the whole Mark Sterling debacle. They welcome Renee to AEW; and this Friday it’s going to be titles vs. trademark as The Acclaimed take on the Varsity Athletes!


We see a sit down earlier with Bryan and Wheeler with Renee. Bryan says it isn’t fun losing to Jericho because ROH was part of the reason I am who I am. He also says he has high hopes for Garcia, and with the right guidance could be the best ever. Wheeler looks upset as Wheeler asks him how he’s surprised about last week and says Garcia was using him; he says “When I put this sweater on it means a lot to Mox and Claudio. Doesn’t mean much to you clearly.” Yuta walks off as we head to the ring.

ROH World Title Match: Dalton Castle vs. Chris Jericho (c)

BOYS! Making his way to the ring is the effervescent Dalton Castle atop a pedestal! Ian Riccaboni is on commentary of course. Castle grabs the camera and spins while talking trash to Jericho. The Boys escort him into the ring; and the crowd is loving the Peacock Power!

“The epitome of Sports….EnnerTAINers.” Judas hits as the crowd starts their sing-a-long; Jericho is flanked by Jake Hager tonight as Jericho is out in full JAS garb. The Boys fan Castle off to start as they observe the Code of Honor but Castle has a gift; a nice middle finger! Jericho and Castle start chopping but Castle comes with a couple shoulder blocks and a hip throw. He gets tossed out by Jericho as Castle resets. Castle runs around ringside and hypes himself up and comes back with a big suplex, and follows through with another. Castle with several gutwrenches just swinging Jericho around and finally slams him for a two count. Tazz runs him down for the amount of suplexes; Castle launches a Boy into Hager! He sends another! Hager down after the third! He had his bucket hat knocked off and quickly put it on as we head to commercial.


Back from the break Jericho is in control in the corner, loads him up with several chops but Castle counters with some of his own! Jericho whipped in the corner but side steps Castle and he goes overboard. Castle gets Jericho laying on the turnbuckle and kicks him off! Castle with a bottom rope dive then a swinging hurricanrana! The Boys swarm Hager! Hager gets his hat knocked off and mid fight puts it on. They stole his hat! Hager is pissed and screams don’t touch my hat! He absolutely kills The Boys and puts the hat on. Tazz is actually losing his mind. Jericho gets countered into the Julie Newmar (Chickenwing cobra clutch) but Jericho fights out and locks on the Walls! Castle struggles to the ropes as they talk about his previously broken back. He gets to the ropes as Jericho celebrates.

Jericho and Aubrey argue and Castle with a Lariat! 1…2..NO! Both men slugging it out on their knees now but Jericho gets him down with a shot and goes for a Lionsault but Castle catches him in a German! 1…2..NO! Jericho just kicks out! Jericho sets up for a Pedigree and misses a CodeBreaker into the BANGARANG!!! 1….2….NO! Jericho kicked out at 2.9! Back to the forearms by Castle as he’s fired up but Jericho hits the Judas Effect out of nowhere! 1…2….3!

WINNER: Chris Jericho (c)

Post match Jericho celebrates with the rest of the JAS on the ramp. They cut the music and Jericho says all honor the Ocho! He said he’s desecrating the legacy; ring announcers, wrestlers and now commentators. They go after Ian!! Jerry Lynn stops Jericho from hitting him but Jericho low blows him and TOMBSTONES HIM ON THE BELT ON THE RAMP!!! JAS celebrate as officials check on Jerry Lynn as commentary is incensed!

Promo package highlighting Christian Cage and Jungle Boy; Luchasaurus is wearing his arm in a sleeve. They say “it’s all gold from here on. If you have a title; you’re getting a bitch slap from my hand of destruction.” The commentators run down the card for Rampage this week as well as next week’s Dynamite including Danielson vs. Guevara!


In the back the Baddies are looking for the belt as Jade steps in; they say Nyla will be on Rampage and Jade says so is she. She says “Tony, tell her to bring my belt unless you’re chickenshit, or I’ll hold your show hostage. Your choice.”

AEW World Title Match: “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Hangman makes his way out to a mixed reaction in Cincinnati but overall a positive response from the crowd. Regal is also out on commentary. Mox’s music hits as we see him walk from the back out to the arena as the crowd goes WILD! We see MJF in the rafters clutching the chip. Page walks out and meets Moxley and they start brawling in the crowd! Hangman with a boot to Moxley and a snap suplex on the concrete! The crowd is booing now as they make their way through the crowd. Page walks onto a ledge and taunts then hits a HUGE moonsault onto Moxley as the crowd jeers and we go to commercial!


We are officially underway as Mox and Page are ringside as Page sends Mox into the steps. He starts punching away at Mox who is now bleeding; both men in the ring now as Mox is suplexed again for a two count. Moxley is just getting wrecked right now; Mox welcomes Page’s attacks and Page obliges! Mox counters a powerbomb into a Figure Four! Mox talks some trash as Page punches away at Mox and breaks it up eventually. Mox is gushing now; Hangman on the offensive in the corner with a series of chops but Mox fires up! He grabs Hangman and lays in shots but Page reverses and Mox hits the buckle hard!

Fallaway slam by Page followed by a kip-up. Diamond Cutter by Moxley! Moxley with a lariat to Page followed by the ten punches and biting Page too! Mox sets him up top and rakes the back of Hangman and sends him flying with a Superplex! 1…2..Mox transitions into the stomps and tries to lock in an armbar but Page is blocking it. Mox breaks the grip and Hangman frantically gets to the ropes. We see MJF has left the press area as Mox looks for a piledriver on the apron but Hangman counters with a Dead-Eye on the apron as we head to commercial!


Back from commercial Mox and Page are slugging away on the top rope as Page headbutts Mox and hits an Avalanche Fallaway Slam! 1…2…NO! Mox kicks out. Crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Moxley!” Hangman avoids a German and hits a sick Lariat but Moxley comes back with a King Kong Knee! Both men are down as the ref and doctors are checking on Page now as Page hasn’t moved. They ring the bell due to referee stoppage; it looks like Hangman may be legitimately injured but we don’t know. Mox celebrates as Regal walks down to the ring and Mox celebrates. They cut to the commentary team to fill for time as they brought a gurney out for Page and they go to a Rampage promo.

WINNER: Jon Moxley (c)

They run down next week’s Dynamite and mention the crowd gave Page a round of applause as he was stretchered out. We cut to Mox in the ring as the commentators are still worried; especially Tazz he looks quite shook up. Mox praises Page and wishes him well and a safe recovery. He says it takes guts and you gotta risk everything when you step in the ring. He says he’s live and says earlier someone was talking shit but the Yankees finished early, so MJF get your suburban ass out here right now.”

MJF’s music hits! He comes down with the ref and the chip!!!! MJF is still in his street clothes; Mox looks like he agrees!

MJF runs up and grabs a mic; he talks about being a man and “I ain’t cashing it in now I want you 110%. I am cashing it in at FULL GEAR! For the first time in my miserable life; I’m gonna earn it.” MJF hypes up the crowd as they go nuts! Regal smiles. “Mox says you’re gonna earn the heel of my boot, you earned my fist up your ass” the mic keeps cutting out. “You have earned a date with destiny, a date with Jon Moxley, we’re gonna find out what you’re made of and make you an example and getting in the ring with me is hell.”

Mox and MJF scream at each other as we go off the air.