AEW Dynamite 11 09 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
November 9, 2022
Agganis Arena (Boston, MA)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday night! You know what that means! AEW Dynamite comes to you live from Boston, MA as the commentators welcome us to the show! We’re kicking off tonight with a HUGE 8-Man tag!

8-Man Tag Team Match: Swerve in our Glory & The Gunn Club vs. FTR & The Acclaimed

Out first is the Gunn Club to a moderate reaction followed by a great reaction for Swerve and Keith Lee. This is going to be a fun showcase of some of the best teams in AEW….and also the Gunn Club. The Top Guys are out next as FTR gets a great ovation as the triple champs make their way down the ramp. Dax throws the belts off and celebrates with the fans as YO! The Acclaimed are here as Max Caster raps about Tom Brady, Herschel Walker, Kyrie Irving and beating two snakes and the Ass Boys. Billy Gunn immediately runs down and takes out Swerve in the ring! The faces hold him back as even BJ Whitmer comes down to alleviate the situation.

Dax and Colten starting off as Colton goes to work early on Dax and hits a nice standing dropkick then tags his brother in. Austin with a big right hand as the crowd chants “Ass Boys” as Dax comes back with a shoulder block and catapult into the corner! Big chop to Colten as Austin gets a shot from all 4 men. Gunn able to get away and tag Swerve who quickly attacks Cash, first with body blows but Cash counters with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Caster tags in as Swerve tags in Lee; both men circle each other and go shot for shot; Caster with a superkick as he fights off the heels as now all 8 men are in the corner giving ten punches! Lee throws Caster off and they quadruple team Lee, with FTR sending Bowens and Caster into Lee and send him out of the ring! The Acclaimed scissor as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Swerve has Dax in a headlock as he tries for a somersault clothesline but Dax with a German! Austin tags in as Dax struggles to reach one of his partners; Dax with a big back drop on Austin as Colten tags in but misses a splash and a hot tag to Bowens! He takes out both Gunns, now with vicious elbows to the back of Swerve’s head. Bowens with a Fameasser on Colten Gunn now, as Austin pulls Max off the apron. Gunn Club hit the BIG RIG!!! 1…2….NO! All 8 men regroup in their corners as Lee is reluctant but they eventually all tee off on each other! Colten and Cash go overboard as The Acclaimed have Swerve isolated. Lee catches a Bowens hurricanrana into a powerbomb and takes out Caster and Bowens! The audio and feed keeps cutting out; Swerve with a Tornillo off the turnbuckle to the Gunns and The Acclaimed. Dax with a HUGE Superplex onto all the other men outside the ring! My feed keeps glitching out.

Dax gets Austin in the ring now but Austin with a series of jabs, Dax takes him out and Sharpshooter by Dax! Colten breaks it up but misses a Fameasser. Arrival by Bowens then a Mic Drop! Big Rig by FTR! 1…2…3!

WINNERS: FTR & The Acclaimed

Post-match, all four men raise their belts and celebrate in the ring. The commentators talk about MJF and his interview on Pardon my Take and cut to a video of that interview.

He says he is worried about Full Gear and how people don’t understand why it’s the most important in wrestling. It could be the crowning of a new face of a generation. He names Flair, The Rock, Cena, Hogan, Dusty etc. He says that’s who MJF is. All he has to do to etch his name into history and have a long fruitful reign. He thinks Mox is a scumbag piece of shit from the slums; but he respects him. He calls him unathletic but says he respects all his sacrifices and says he is the best wrestler on God’s green Earth. It ends at Full Gear because MJF is the guy who can do everything; TV, Movies, Talk Shows, etc. He can bring Pro Wrestling back to where people can talk about it again. He’s sick of waiting his turn, he talks about his first match being against a neck tattoo, Matt’s fall on PPV, and his return was marred by a press conference. He is grabbing the spotlight and come Full Gear; the Devil gets his due.


We see a Stokely Hathaway video; he talks about how he and MJF used to see eye-to-eye and how now he’s just “dick-ridin’” Moxley. He says he doesn’t need his best friend anymore…”See you in hell Max.”

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Match: “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Eddie Kingston

My former employer Ethan Page makes his way out to the ring to a great ovation; Kingston follows suit with Ortiz at his side and it’s great to see him as always. The winner gets a shot at Moxley/MJF at Winter is Coming.

They lock up and jockey for position, as the commentators run down their history together. Kingston in control early with a headlock as Page fights him off. Kingston with a couple of chops but Page cuts him off with a middle rope shoulder block. Kingston rolls out and Page flies off the apron with a shoulder block again! Slaps and stomps to Eddie as both men get into the ring. Page gets reversed with a knee and double underhook suplex for a two count. Page is able to counter Eddie and whips him hard into the corner, then follows up with a nasty suplex on the floor as we go to commercial!


Back from the break, suplex by Eddie for a close two count on Page as Stokely watches on. Both men slug it out on their knees in a classic yay/boo spot; Up to their feet now as they keep slugging but Eddie with a big chop! Series of chops and a big DDT! 1…2…NO! That was a very close two count; Eddie tries for an exploder but Page fights out. Eddie fights him off and is able to hit the Exploder! Stretch Plum locked in and Page is tapping! Stokely is on the apron, but Ortiz finally yanks him off the apron as Page comes back with a huge boot and roundhouse kick! Eddie cuts Page off at the top and bites him but Page sends Eddie into the post. Ethan sets up and hits a HUGE EGO’S EDGE!!! HOLY HELL!!!!! 1…2….3!

WINNER: Ethan Page

Post-match, Renee interviews RUSH and Dark Order. He claims RUSH will win it all and that “10” will get the first title shot, while the Dark Order isn’t going to get one ever. John Silver calls him a “RUSH-bag” as they scuffle and we cut to the ring.

Ariya Daivari is in the ring and offers his own butler for the TNT Title which enrages Wardlow and he comes out. This is an open challenge apparently.

TNT Championship Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Wardlow

Wardlow is flanked by Joe as he makes his way out to the ring. Wardlow fakes taking the deal and sends the butler outside. Wardlow destroys Daivari with a headbutt as Wardlow hits the Wind-Up Lariat! He signals for the Powerbomb Symphony and KILLS Daivari with a quartet of powerbombs and steps on his chest for the win.

WINNER: Wardlow

Post-match, Wardlow immediately calls out Hobbs and he obliges. He says “We do this on my time.” Wardlow says finally he has a suitable opponent and Wardlow says he’s going to keep the TNT title and take every championship as Samoa Joe wipes out Wardlow!!!! Joe choking out Wardlow; Wardlow is completely out cold as Hobbs is laughing on the ramp. Joe stares at Wardlow and whispers something as Hobbs screams “I’ll get you too” at Joe.

Up next is the face-to-face with Dr. Britt Baker and Saraya!


Renee is in the back with Jade and the Baddies as it’s announced at Full Gear it’s Nyla vs. Jade for the TBS belt, she talks some trash and abruptly walks off.

Dr. Britt Baker and Saraya Face-Off

Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduces his very good friend Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. She strolls out to the ring and eventually makes her way in the ring. Saraya is announced next as she comes out to a huge pop! Baker looks none too pleased in the ring as Saraya dances and sings around the ring before she taunts on the corner. Tony is in the middle of both women and starts with Saraya. She says “People are wondering will I or won’t I wrestle? They did tests but unfortunately….FOR BRITT, I am 100% CLEARED!” The crowd goes absolutely bananas as the emotion takes over Saraya and she screams “AEW is my house!”

Baker says “Anything more fickle than an AEW fan. Do you still know how to do this? We aren’t clear. You’ve come at me every day, and I think I know why. I built AEW from the ground up, that superstars like you wanted to move into and I am damn proud of it.” The crowd chants DMD. “That pride turns to resentment, when you skip in here and call it your house. I call it funny, you didn’t lay a single brick. I know why you’re obsessed with me. I am everything you wish you could have been. If you think I am lying, let me remind you; you left your house and walked into mine. I regret to inform you, we don’t take walk-ins so bitch make an appointment!”

“I think it’s cute, considering you got everything given to you and you’ve only been here three years. I’ve done it 17. You have no idea what it takes to be a star, or even a superstar. I got hit by a car and wrestled the same day. I handed out resumes and turned down because I was a female. I’ve done MSG, O2, Tokyo Dome, and now I’m in front of an ungrateful bitch. You don’t know what it takes; I battled my drug addiction publicly. I’ve given my career and neck for this business. This is the biggest match of your career. You vs. Me at Full Gear.” Saraya drops the mic and they stare off. Britt tries for a cheap shot but Saraya catches her and hits the Paige-Turner, gets out of the ring and she walks off. She celebrates as Baker is pissed at ringside.

Lexy is talking with Sonjay, The Factory, Lethal and Satnam. Danhausen interrupts with the Best Friends. QT talks trash to OC and OC immediately accepts a match vs QT on Rampage. Best Friends call Dutt and Lethal scumbags and Trent challenges Lethal!

Trent? vs. Jay Lethal

Trent makes his way out as Lethal takes him out from behind. Lethal immediately works on the knee of Trent as he tries to fight back but Lethal sends him knee first over the steps a la Mick Foley. Sonjay and Satnam make their way down to the ring. Lethal sends Trent into the ring as the bell finally rings.

Lethal with the chops to Trent and keeps working on his knee, Lethal attempts a top rope maneuver but Trent counters. Trent firing shots down on Lethal but Lethal takes out the leg and hits a knee breaker/dragon screw combo as Danhausen and Chuck Taylor make their way down as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial Lethal is up top as he looks for the elbow but Trent gets the knees up! That hurt Trent just as much as both men struggle to their feet. Trent with a huge German suplex and followed with a half and half suplex as well. Trent with a clothesline in the corner but Lethal counters a DDT.

Trent sends Lethal hard into the corner and hits a spinning DDT! 1…2…NO! Trent still favoring the knee, as both men head up top as Trent hits a nasty avalanche half and half! Then a knee strike by Trent! He sets up for Storm Zero but Sonjay is on the apron; Danhausen is up and curses Sonjay but Satnam lays out Danhausen! Lethal with a big kick to Trent and Lethal Injection! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jay Lethal

Tony is on the ramp interviewing Sonjay and Lethal as Sonjay tells him to shut up and sit down. He delivered his promise last week as Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and makes his way out. This is now a 5/5 show regardless. Jarrett says “After a million views of my debut the question is why? When a friend calls, a friend shows up. I showed up to help and we started our plan last week. He talks about the history between Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and himself, giving nods to Global Force as well as Impact. He praises Satnam as being a legitimate giant and calls out “Fake giants in red skinny jeans” (Braun Stroman). He praises his NBA accomplishment of being the only Indian player. He talks about putting people in body bags and he cusses out a guy for winding him up for time. He chases the guy down with the guitar as Sonjay stops him as Jarrett’s music hits.

Renee is in the back with Jack Perry as she asks about him and Luchasaurus. He says Christian and Luchasaurus don’t decide when it’s over and what happened last week was just the beginning. He says he will challenge them face to face on Rampage in regards to Full Gear.

WILD THING! Moxley makes his wonderful entrance through the crowd as we will hear from him next!

Jon Moxley Addresses The Crowd

Moxley is accompanied by Regal as he soaks in the absolute love and adoration of every single fan in attendance.

“Sir WIlliam Regal, how old was I when we met? 25/26? I was young, full of piss and vinegar and no arthritis yet. I thought I figured it out, I ran my mouth, I wanted to be feared and respected like you. So to get that, I picked a fight with you and it didn’t go well. You tortured me, kicked the hell outta me and it pissed me off. It drove me to work harder, grow and evolve. When I had a shot, I knocked you out with a knee. Ripped your ear near off. You finally said ‘Now the real work begins’” Mox says it reminds him of MJF. He talks about their first match, and I beat him badly and let him know where he stood. Now it’s full circle but what’s different this time? Who is MJF? We know the rich, fake JC Penney clothing guy, he talks the talk of a big time champ, but I actually am a multi-millionaire, multi champ. He calls himself a pillar without never having weight. He laughs at MJF calling himself the Devil. “I have seen the Devil, I have met him and looked in his eyes. I’ve been bad places, seen bad people do bad things. You are not that at all; I want you to fulfill your potential.” “When you step into the ring in your hometown at Full Gear; everything you’ve done has been easy, not this.”

Moxley celebrates as we will see Jamie Hayter vs. Skye Blue next! A promo package for The Elite plays involving a clock and the boys going back in time with a bunch of steampunk gears teasing their return on November 19th.


Promo package hyping up the 2 out of 3 falls match with Sammy and Bryan. Bryan says Sammy represents all the disrespect from Jericho, Garcia, Wheeler; “I am going to use it to kick his head in!”

Jamie Hayter vs. Skye Blue

Jamie Hayter makes her way to the ring to a massive pop as she’s over as rover with the crowd; she’s flanked by Rebel and Baker who dejectedly walks down as well. Blue makes her way out but Toni Storm’s music hits! She’s going to be in the corner of Blue tonight to even the odds.

Blue and Hayter start quickly but Hayter rolls out quickly. Hayter follows up with a whip into the rail and tries for a powerslam but Blue counters and sends her into the post. Both women back in now; Blue with an arm drag and a big knee strike! Baker grabs Blue’s boot as Hayter with a kick and a T-bone suplex as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Blue fires off some forearm strikes and follows up with a front dropkick. Skye takes out Rebel and Britt at ringside and hits a crossbody on Hayter! 1…2…NO! Hayter back with a boot and fights a full nelson attempt. Blue with an enziguiri and hits a sick Code Red! 1…2..NO! Blue fires up as Hayter rolls her up for a tw ocount and immediately rocked with a thrust kick! Hayter with an elbow shot as Blue comes back with a thrust kick of her own! She sends Blue into the corner and hits a series of chops. Blue up on the shoulders of Hayter, but Hayter knocks her off and hits a sick Lariat! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

Post-match, Hayter celebrates as we run down the World Title Eliminator match between Brian Cage and Dante Martin. Cage hypes up his size and Dante says “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Cage says “I am not a man, I am a machine.”

Alex Marvez is in the back as Lance Archer has just destroyed Ricky Starks and says “Everybody dies.” Alex calls for help as we go back to the ring.

“The epitome of Sports…EnnerTAINers.”

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson

Sammy makes his way down accompanied by Tay Melo as she gives him a lucky smooch. Bryan comes out next out of the heel tunnel as the crowd cheers him loudly! He looks ready to kill Sammy, no lie. Bryan celebrates on the corner and stares Sammy down.

Bryan immediately with the chops on Sammy, followed up with uppercuts and round kicks. Bryan with another vicious chop and sends Sammy into another corner. More chops and strikes as Bryan just toys with Sammy and sends him into every turnbuckle; Sammy and Bryan reverse a bunch of Irish whips but Sammy with a dropkick. Bryan blocks a tope and immediately hits a shotgun dropkick! Sammy on the outside as Bryan goes to fly but Tay gets in the way. Bryan to the outside as Sammy chucks a steel chair at Bryan’s face for a DQ!

WINNER FALL #1: Bryan Danielson (via DQ)

Sammy jams the microphone into the eye of Danielson and taunts the crowd before going back to elbowing Bryan in the face as we go to commercial as the crowd chants “F*** you Sammy!”


Back from commercial, Sammy is taunting in the corner and goes back to mounting and striking Danielson. He is relentlessly throwing elbows and punches as Bryan is busted open above his left eye. Bryan tries to fight back but Sammy doesn’t let him get too far. Bryan tries a strike but Sammy with a vicious knee then hits a GTH! 1…2…3!