AEW Dynamite 11 23 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
November 23, 2022
Wintrust Arena (Chicago, IL)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means! Excalibur welcomes us to the Wintrust Arena in Chicago as tonight is the fallout from Full Gear. We kick the show off with a highlight video showing MJF defeating Jon Moxley to win the AEW Championship.

Wiliam Regal walks out and down to the ring and says “Would you like to hear from your new world champion? You’ll hear from him next week, he doesn’t have time to come to places like Chicago. Mr. Friedman is on the set of a major motion picture and I am sure you’re wondering what the union is” A F*** you Regal chant breaks out!! He calls the crowd uncoothe. He says a number of weeks ago he sent an email and MJF will explain it next week. He announces next week but MOXLEY’S MUSIC HITS!!!

Moxley stoically makes his way through the crowd as the crowd sings along but he doesn’t look anything but pissed off. He slowly makes his way down to the ring to meet Regal. A “You F**** Up” chant breaks out as Mox stares down Regal from ringside. He makes his way in as Danielson runs down and puts himself between them. Danielson holds Mox back and tries to separate the two. He grabs a mic and says “Listen Mox, I don’t know why he did what he did. He did a bad thing, but we’ve all done bad things and please I ask you; he’s got a bad neck and two brain bleeds don’t hurt him.” Mox paces around the ring and jaws at Bryan. Bryan slaps him!!! He immediately apologizes as Mox is INFURIATED! Bryan says “You know your struggles, my dad struggled with it too. It’s more than wrestling and when he struggled I didn’t understand. But Regal taught me, and block the fans out and listen. Because of Regal I could understand his struggles and before my dad passed I could love him. Imagine somebody teaching your daughter to love you in spite of your struggles.” The crowd chants “B*****” Bryan says he loves Regal as Mox stares on. He grabs the ropes and thinks about things and turns around to grab the mic.

Mox walks up to Regal and says “Lordship, I only want one thing from you. I want you to run. Run far away, as far as you can and you NEVER come back.” “Right now, walk and keep on walking.” He intimidates Regal who slowly leaves the ring. Mox intensely stares him down as Regal slowly walks up the ramp. Mox and Bryan look conflicted as the crowd chant “Na Na Goodbye”

Commentators run down the card for tonight including the 2nd Trios match, an ROH title match and an All-Atlantic match with Hager vs OC!. We cut to Renee with Keith Lee and she asks him where his head is. Swerve walks up and Renee leaves. Lee says “Choose your words wisely” Swerve covers the camera and says “Let’s talk”

AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match: Jake Hager vs. Orange Cassidy (c)

“The epitome of Sports ennerTAINers” Hager makes his way down with the JAS including Garcia and 2.0; Cassidy comes out next to a massive pop! Best Friends with Rocky accompany him as well! OC tosses the belt in and celebrates as only he can.

OC starts by handing his glasses to the ref but Hager steals them and wears them! Hands in pockets! OC starts with the kicks, and rolls through a clothesline and hits a dropkick! Hager comes back with a pounce and sends OC into the corner. OC avoids a tackle and he knocks the hat off! OC tosses out Hager and OC grabs the hat! 2.0 try to grab it and finally Garcia does. Rocky pulls him off and OC grabs the hat and tries for a suicide dive but Hager catches him, sends him into the post then the apron as he puts the hat on and we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Hager is in control as OC is on the ground. Hager picks him up and sends him over but OC skins the cat; Hager kicks his hands off the apron but Best Friends are behind and catch him! Hager runs over Best Friends but OC comes out of nowhere with a suicide dive. Cassidy avoids a Menard attack and wipes out the JAS. Hager catches OC off the top but OC counters with a Stundog! OC with a tornado DDT! 1….2….NO! OC signals for the Orange Punch as Hager’s hat is off again. Hager catches him with a big Uranage and gets a two count. Hager puts the hat back on and goes for a Vader Bomb but OC avoids it yet Hager gets him in the ankle lock!!! OC tries to kick him off and OC kicks the hat off so he releases the hold. Orange Punch! Roll through by OC 1…2….3!

WINNER: Orange Cassidy (c)

Post-match, Best Friends celebrate with OC and he gives a thumbs up to the crowd. They go to hug as The Factory interrupt. They walk down and say they have unfinished business. He says OC has no issues giving out shots as they cut QT’s mic. Lights go out!

JULIA HART IS ON THE RAMP!! She summons House of Black and they are in the ring! They wipe out the Best Friends as Factory watch at ringside. They attack the Factory!! They’re going after both teams now as security and wrestlers try to stop them as House of Black kill everyone. The crowd is going wild and have a huge welcome back chant. They grab a staffer on the ramp and Brody hits Dante’s Inferno on the ramp!!! Malakai has a mic and says “Members of the House of Black, please rise.” Lights go out again as we go to commercial.


We see a video package highlighting Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus last week; it shows a bloodied Jungle Boy talking about the match and how glad he was he kicked his ass.

Ethan Page’s music hits!

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Ethan Page vs. Ricky Starks

Page has a mic and runs down Chicago and how Starks has no shot. He got a pretty good pop as does the man out next Ricky Starks! He’s bandaged up pretty heavily as he makes his way to the ring gingerly. Starks and Page circle and starts with Page kicking Ricky’s injured ribs and poses on the buckle. Ricky with a standing switch and Page fights out of it and goes back to the ribs and does jumping jacks to mock him.

Starks with a kick and a flurry of shots to Page and hammers down shots in the corner as the crowd is wild! Page headbutts Ricky in the gut and sends Ricky to the corner. Big shoulder tackles to the midsection of Starks as Ricky chops his way out. Ricky tries to elevate over Page but Page kicks him down. Page stomps him out in the corner and hits a big knee to follow up. Page taunts the crowd then trashes Starks but Ricky hits a Spear out of nowhere! Ricky is down too and rolls out to catch his breath. Page meets him and throws another big kick as we go to commercial!


Back from the break, Starks with a shot to Page then sends him to the corner. Page fights out, Ricky tries a DDT but Ethan sends him up and guts him on the top rope. He has him up on the apron but Ricky fights off and sends Page to the floor. Ricky tries for a dive but Stokely pulls Page out of the way! The referee ejects Stokely! Page and Stokely freak out as Stokely is very upset. Page sends Ricky back in the ring and heads up top; Starks knocks him down and heads up too. Starks with some shots but Page with a body blow; He sets him up for an avalanche fallaway but Ricky fights out. Ricky to the top and superplexes Page!!!

Both men down in pain as the crowd chants Ricky’s name. Both men struggle to their feet as Ricky avoids a shot and lays in a flurry of his own. Starks with a swinging neckbreaker and starts firing up! He hits a rope assisted DDT! 1….2….NO! Page kicks out and Ricky is gasping for air. Roshambo attempt but Page blocks it and hits a thunderous shot. Powerslam by Page! 1…2…NO! Ricky gets the arm up in time. Page signals for the end but Ricky rolls through for a two. A couple of high kicks by Page by Ricky avoids a clothesline and hits a Spear! Diving Spear by Starks!!! 1…2….3!!

WINNER: Ricky Starks

MJF will face Starks at Winter is Coming as he celebrates in the ring as we go to a video package of the TNT Championship match. Wardlow is very angry and needed to make sure what happened, happened. They also hype the main event for the ROH championship! Also a triple threat tag match for the ladies and the Trios match!


The commentators wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as they talk about the Bow Wow/Jade Cargill confrontation as she was escorted by security. Renee is with Jade and asks what’s going on. Jade says “no comment, I am happy I finally got my belt back with no help. To celebrate there’s a Baddie celebration next week.” Sterling comes up and says officially “No comment” on Bow Wow. Kiera Hogan also gets fired by Sterling

AEW Trios Title Best-Of-7 Match: The Elite vs. Death Triangle (c) (Death Triangle up 1-0)

The Wayward Sons make their way down to a massive mixed reaction from the Chicago crowd as they chant CM Punk. Nick and Matt mock it as the crowd is audibly booing loudly. Death Triangle make their way out to a more welcome reaction as PAC is wearing a protective mask as he broke his nose at Full Gear. They show Penta at the NFL game in Mexico City in the interim.

Kenny starts off with Fenix and trashes him about the hammer. Fenix tries to explain himself as they shake hands but Kenny wipes him out! Elite take out Death Triangle and isolate Fenix. They stomp away and wipe out Penta and PAC ringside. They hit stereo apron bombs on Death Triangle and a Sky High by Kenny for a two count. Penta takes out Nick with a Sling Blade and PAC follows with a kick. Kenny sets up for a Terminator dive but Fenix intercepts with a sick cutter! Tornillo by Fenix takes out everyone! Kenny sent back into the ring as PAC tags in. Crowd is red hot for Death Triangle; triple team dropkick by Death Triangle followed with a Risky Business for a two count. PAC misses a springboard and Kenny elbows him down. Kenny argues with the ref as Nick wipes out PAC at ringside. Matt up top with a moonsault to Penta and Fenix!

Kenny and PAC slug it out but Kenny with the upper hand and gets a bulldog on PAC for a two count. Matt tags in as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Matt wipes out Penta before he can tag in as Omega starts biting PAC! Kenny gets dumped on his head as PAC hits a sick German; Penta tags in and takes out the Bucks. Cazadora into a DDT onto the Bucks and hits a series of backbreakers on the Elite. Fenix tags in with a flying arm drag as he crotches Nick then step up hurricanrana’s off Matt to Nick! Superkick wipes out Fenix! PAC and Kenny in now, Matt distracts PAC and Kenny hits V-Trigger and a snap dragon! Elite wipe out Lucha Bros and set up for a BTE Trigger and they take off the mask! PAC tries to fight them off as Elite are mockingly tagging back and forth. BTE Trigger! 1…2…NO! Lucha Bros break it up but get sent out and Nick takes them out! Kenny sets up for a V-Trigger and hits it! Sets up for a One-Winged Angel but PAC gets out; Kenny hits GTS!!! 1….2….NO PAC KICKS OUT!!

Kenny is frustrated as he tags in the Bucks. Matt sets for the Meltzer Driver but Fenix walks the ropes and takes out Nick! Fenix then wipes out Omega and Nick! Matt low blows PAC as the ref couldn’t see as Alex freaks out. Matt has the hammer as Penta stalks him! Penta has one too! He clocks Matt in the head! 1….2…..3!

WINNERS: Death Triangle (c) (Death Triangle up 2-0)

Post-match Fenix is upset at Penta as PAC tries to calm him down. Don is silent at the commentary booth as Tazz ribs him. Renee is on the stage. She has an announcement that Thunder Rosa has relinquished the championship! She welcomes the offical NEW AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter.

Her and Britt make their way out as Renee says congrats, and asks how she feels. Britt interrupts Hayter and says “Jamie is the undisputed AEW Women’s Champion. We weren’t even calling her interim.” They walk to the ring as we go to commercial.


Triple Threat Women’s Tag Match: Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue vs. Anna Jay & Tay Melo vs. Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter (c)

Anna Jay and Tay Melo make their way down to the ring as Willow and Skye came to the ring during the break. Hayter and Melo start off as Melo and Hayter have nearly identical gear. Hayter side headlock maintaining control, and follows up with a couple of shoulder tackles. Anna interrupts but Hayter hits a double suplex on the JAS! Another suplex to Tay for a two count and tags Baker in. Crucifix pin by Baker for a two count and comes through with a Sling Blade for another two count. Melo able to get a shot in and tags Anna Jay but Britt tags out to Willow! Willow takes out Anna and Tay and hits a big boot and a scoop slam to Anna Jay! Assisted splash by Blue and Willow gets a two count. Willow gets sent out and Tay sends her into the barricade as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Blue hits Jay with a superkick and Hayter has to break up the count. Baker tags in and hits a neckbreaker on Skye, but Willow with a DVD on Baker! Jay takes out Willow but Hayter with a big boot; Tay with a big kick. Skye Blue with a Code Red on Melo! Baker breaks it up, Baker with the stomp on Blue! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker

Post-match; they announce Toni Storm’s run was official and not interim now in the record books. Baker, Rebel and Hayter celebrate up the ramp. Backstage FTR and Top Flight are with Renee, Dax compliments both of them and says he knows they’ve had injury woes. They want them to take over tag wrestling. Flight says it’s a dream match to fight them and challenge for the ROH Tag Titles on Rampage!

The Acclaimed’s music hits! Max talks about breaking up Swerve, about how they retained, Jeff Jarrett, and it’s Acclaimed every Wednesday. Bowens hypes the crowd as they have Scissor themed Christmas shirts. He asks to cut the music as a big scissor chant breaks out! He says he’s thankful they retained and that everyone loves the Acclaimed. His shoulder is better but most importantly Billy Gunn’s hand is okay! They go to scissor but Lethal and Sonjay interrupt them. Jarrett walks in and says “Listen up assclowns, wanna talk smack Max? You best be watching your back.” Billy says “Get that old ass off my screen, I still have some pull. Now the moment you’ve waited for. Chicago SCISSOR ME DADDY ASS!!” They all scissor as the Acclaimed’s music plays and they celebrate with fans.

Rampage has an early 4pm start time with Top Flight vs. FTR as well as Hikaru Shida in action! Up next is the ROH Championship Match!


ROH World Championship Match: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Chris Jericho (c)

Bobby Cruise is doing ring introductions as the Stone Pitbulls’ music hits and he makes his way out to the ring like a walking tree as Ian Riccaboni is on commentary. He looks pumped up and focused as JUDAS HITS! Crowd sings along as Jericho makes his way down to fight the “Young boy” he so mockingly refers to Ishii as. They mention James Gibson on commentary (Jamie Noble) which is a nice nod to Noble. Jericho smugly takes in the crowd reaction as Tazz is upset he couldn’t hear the crowd sing.

Ishii emotionless staring down Jericho as Jericho flips the crowd off then Ishii. Jericho mocks him in Japanese and Ishii slaps him! They engage in a slap fight and just to to war on each other! Ishii knocks Jericho down and he powders out. Ishii welcomes Jericho back in the ring as Jericho tries for elbow strikes but Ishii absorbs them and they go back and forth again! Ishii with a belly to back suplex and avoids a CodeBreaker and Jericho avoids a big kick. They stalemate with shoulder blocks as they mention Ishii is a former TV Champion. Ishii drives through Jericho but Jericho comes back just slapping him. Now they start a chop battle and completely kill each other back and forth rapid fire as we go to commercial!


During the break Jericho’s chest actually broke open from chops and is legitimately bleeding. They continue to rain down chops on each other as Ishii fires up and chops Jericho down! They just keep chopping; Ishii powers out of the corner with a tackle. Follows up but Jericho with a boot then continual clotheslines and stomps to Ishii. He chops Ishii again then hits the ten punches in the corner but Ishii with a powerbomb! High stack pin 1…2..NO! Ishii powers up and Jericho and him exchange no sells before Jericho with a cross chop on Ishii, but he gets an elbow in on Jericho. Ishii on the apron and tries to suplex Jericho but they’re both on the apron; Jericho with a shot and they both tumble down. Both men down and still slugging it out and get back in the ring and do it all again. Ishii plays possum and hits a German and Jericho fires up and hits one of his own. Lionsault by Jericho but no count as Ishii kicks out! CodeBreaker! 1…2..NO! Ishii kicks out as Jericho looks for a Judas Effect but blocked then a headbutt by Ishii! Sliding lariat! 1…2…NO! Ishii tries for the brainbuster but blocked and Jericho locks in the Walls! Ishii just powers out of it! HUGE Lariat by Ishii! 1…2…..NO! Jericho got out at 2.9! Brainbuster again but Jericho blocks and catches his kick into the Walls! Center of the ring as Ishii crawls slowly but Jericho shifts him back; he rolls to his back and locks the Liontamer in! Jericho wrenches back as Ishii flips him off before tapping!

WINNER: Chris Jericho (c)

Post-match Jericho up the ramp as he stares at Ian; Claudio appears and slaps him! Jericho knocked down as he begs him off as we go off the air.