AEW Dynamite 12 07 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
December 7, 2022
H-E-B Center (Cedar Park, Texas)
Results by: Roy Nemer of

AEW Dynamite kicks off with the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale with wrestlers already surrounding the ring.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale

The bell rings and we are under way. Several of the wrestlers are fighting outside of the ring with several inside the ring.

Orange Cassidy is eliminated by The Blade
Kip Sabian is eliminated by Dustin Rhodes
The Butcher eliminates Dustin Rhodes
Dalton Castle is eliminated by Brian Cage
Brian Cage is eliminated by Jack Perry
The Butcher is eliminated by Ricky Starks
Lee Moriarty is eliminated by Jack Perry
Jack Perry is eliminated by Morrissey who is at ringside
Shawn Dean is eliminated by Ethan Page

Matt Hardy, Ethan Page and Ricky Starks are the last three.

Hardy and Page double team Ricky Starks. Page is gloating as Starks eliminates Matt Hardy. Starks with a DDT on Page. Starks goes for a spear but Page moves out of the way and Starks hits the turnbuckle. Page lifts Starks and goes to throw him out but Starks flips over the top rope onto the ring apron and Page is eliminated.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Out comes the AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF. He walks down to the ring and goes face to face with Starks. MJF tells Bryan Danielson that he didn’t want to show up tonight and the reason why is because he is terrified of him. After what he did to William Regal, he would be scared too. Because he is a bad man and that is why in a week from now, he will be a four time, four time, four time, four time beautiful Dynamite Diamond Ring champion. And he will still be the holder of the grandest prize of them all, the Triple B.

He tells Starks that the people seem to like him. They talk about Starks like he is underutilized. MJF says he is talented but the truth is that in comparison to him, Starks is the absolute drizzling shits. Or a roody poo, candy ass. Considering the fact that he stole literally everything else from that guy. Because he is nothing more than a dollar store Dwayne.

MFJ says he will start calling him the Pebble. And next week at Dynamite, he will put him in his car and throw him in the water so he can go back to NWA to wrestle on Youtube where he belongs. MJF says he is a generational talent and his reign of terror has just begun.

Starks bumps into MJF and grabs a microphone. Starks calls MJF maxipad. He should have expected a fifth rate Roddy Piper to come out and steal the spotlight. He says every week, MJF comes out, spray tanned, with pants that are not ironed and a shitty scarf and MJF thinks he is better than him. Everything about MJF screams cheap. The cheap shoes, suits and heat. The difference between them is that when the fans got behind him, he gave them a reason to stay behind. But MJF let the fans and Regal down. When it comes to Ricky, he delivers on time, every day, every week, every month. And MJF can take his little ass to Greece for three months because he didn’t get paid enough.

But the truth remains that Starks has been here busting his ass. MJF avoids responsibility, pressure. MJF avoids it because everyone hates Max, he doesn’t have to go to signings, he has nothing to lose. But Starks lives with dignity, respect. MJF doesn’t know that. When Starks lived in his car, he knew responsibility. When it comes to that women at ringside, he has responsibilities to her. But MJF thinks he can get what he wants and next week is a big deal because he is putting up and shutting out MJF life for once in his narcissistic life. He says MJF doesn’t deserve the title. Youtube, he did it and next week he will stomp into him and take that title. He is going to do MJF a favor that he never had done in his life, he is going to take the responsibility off his plate as he calls MJF a little boy. MJF kicks Starks and low blows him. MJF has the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Starks hits him with the spear.

-Commercial Break-

John Moxley is backstage and he says last week, things did not get out of hand. Moxley says he is starting to like Hangman Page. He fell off his horse, dusted himself off and got back onto the saddle. Hangman spoke with his fists and there is too much talking. This is AEW. This is combat, this is a sport of kings. He tells the Jericho Appreciation Society, he is over them. He will be out there tonight to make sure there is no sports entertainment shenanigans. He tells Page if he wants another piece, he knows where to find him.

TNT Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. against Darby Allin

The bell rings and we are under way. Allin with right hands but Joe pushes him away. Allin back up and he hits Joe with a drop kick as Joe falls to the outside of the ring. Allin goes for a suicide dive through the ropes but Joe moves out of the way and Allin falls onto the outside. Joe grabs Allin and slams him into the barricade, into the ring apron and back onto the barricade.

Joe removes the small padding on the outside. He grabs Allin and slams him on the outside of the ring. Joe lifts Allin but but Allin lands on his feet. Allin runs towards Joe but Joe slams him onto the exposed concrete on the outside of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Joe and Allin are on the ring apron and Joe throws Allin head first into the ring post and onto the outside. An AEW doctor is checking on Allin as the referee begins the 10 count. Allin breaks the count and makes it to the ring. Joe with kicks onto Allin but Allin with a big slip to the face but Joe with an atomic drop followed by a high boot to the face. Joe with the senton. He goes for the cover but Allin kicks out.

Allin rolls to the outside as Joe followed him but Allin gets back into the ring. Allin jumps over the top rope but Joe catches him. Allin lands on his feet and pushes Joe into the ring steps. Allin climbs the top rope and hits the Coffin Drop onto Joe. Allin throws Joe back into the ring. Allin with the Stunner, Allin with a code red. He goes for the cover but Joe kicks out. Allin runs towards Joe but Joe slams him onto the mat.

Joe places Allin on the top rope. A chop to the chest by Joe as Joe climbs the second rope. Joe goes for a suplex but Allin bites Joe in the face and Joe falls to the mat. Allin goes for the Coffin Drop but Joe catches him in the choke hold and Allin passes out.

Winner: Still TNT Champion, Samoa Joe

Both men are face to face after the match. Allin pushes Joe and Joe hits him with a headbutt. Joe grabs Allin’s skateboard and flips it over with the wheels facing upwards. He places Allin on the top rope and Joe with the muscle buster onto the skateboard. Out comes Wardlow as he runs into the ring and Joe runs out.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian. Cassidy tells Kip he doesn’t need to do this and if he wants a shot at the All Atlantic title, he just has to ask. Sabian says he is hurt and Cassidy doesn’t want him at his best. Cassidy says if he doesn’t want to fight him at Rampage, he has to find someone that can. Sabian looks at him and walks away. Tony says Cassidy will defend the title at Rampage against someone of Sabian’s choosing.

-Commercial Break-

Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia with Sammy Guevara vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta with John Moxley

The bell rings and we are under way. Yuta and Garcia start the match. Garcia tags Hager into the match. Hager takes his purple hat and throws it to Claudio who catches it. Claudio looks at the fans and he kicks it into the crowd. Hager with a knee onto Yuta. Hager lifts Yuta up but Yuta lands on his feet. Yuta runs to the ropes and Hager with a shoulder tackle. He throws Yuta into the corner and Garcia is tagged in. Garcia stomps on him in the corner. He gloats but Yuta gets up and chops to the cheset onto Garcia. Yuta with a power slam followed by a senton. He goes for the cover but Garcia kicks out. Claudio is tagged in as they throw Garcia to the ropes and a double boot to the face. Hager is tagged in and Claudio with a drop toe hold. A head lock by Claudio in the middle of the ring.

Hager with elbows as he gets out of it but Claudio with a hip toss. He goes for the cover but Hager kicks out. Yuta is tagged in and they double team Hager. Yuta with an arm bar. Yuta climbs the top rope and he hits Hager with a drop kick. Garcia gets in the ring and Yuta slams him and Garcia falls to the outside. Yuta with a suicide dive onto the both men. Hager is thrown in the ring. Yuta climbs the top rope as Guevara distracts the referee. Garcia pushes Yuta off the top rope and Hager catches him and slams him. Hager goes for the cover but Yuta kicks out. Garcia is tagged in and they double team Yuta in the corner. Garcia with a chop to the chest.

Garcia goes for a suplex but Yuta blocks it and places Garcia on the top rope. Yuta climbs the top rope and a superplex off the top rope.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Yuta with a German suplex on Garcia. Claudio and Hager are tagged in. Claudio with European uppercuts. He places Hager on the top rope and Claudio with an uppercut. Claudio climbs the top rope and a hurricanrana. He goes for the cover but Hager kicks out. Claudio goes for the swing but Garcia jumps on Claudio’s back. Yuta climbs the top rope and Claudio slams Garcia onto the mat. Yuta with a splash onto Garcia. Claudio grabs Hager and swings him around the ring. Claudio with a clothesline. He goes for the cover but Hager kicks out. Claudio goes for a springboard but Guevara grabs Claudio;s leg. Moxley with a right hand onto Guevera. hager slams Claudio onto the mat. Hager with an ankle lock. Garcia with the dragon tamer onto Yuta. Claudio rolls out of it and throws Hager into Garcia. Claudio with the uppercut onto Hager. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Tony is in the ring with all three men and he says he wants to show an interview he did with Regal a few weeks back. In the interview, Regal tells him that people will only see this if something bad happens to him. And when you are someone like him, you expect something to happen. MJF seemed to be mad about emails, he gave MJF what he wanted. The old saying, be careful what you wish for because now everyone will be chasing MJF.

Regal realized a few months ago that the three main members of the Blackpool Combat Club do not need him but he knew they would not let him go. But he needed to show them why they can teach Wheeler to be the best wrestler in the world and they don’t need him. He says he knows Moxley is a calculated man and he will understand this. The reason he did what he did and to lead by example was to teach them the final thing he could ever teach them. Always stay one step ahead and make sure to keep eyes behind your head. He is Blackpool Combat Club until he dies.

We cut back to the ring and Tony says he recorded that two weeks ago before what happened last week. Moxley says all he knows is one thing for sure. The three men in this ring live and breath for the sport of professional wrestling. You can call them whatever you want but December 10, Ring of Honor , this war with the Jericho Appreciation Society is over. These men make a statement, this Friday at Rampage, he will make a statement. He challenges any wrestler in the world to get in the ring and see where you stand in the food chain. Moxley says pro wrestling is about to make a serious statement.

-Commercial Break-

An interview from earlier in the day airs between Tony and Jamie Hayter. She says everyone gets a sit down but not her. She tells Tony to ask her questions. He asks her about the division. She says unfortunately for everyone, she is on top in this decision. Everyone is trying to climb to get the title but she will do her duty to be reigning and defending. She says whoever wins between Hikaru Shida and The Bunny on Rampage, will get to challenge for her title.

Jade Cargill & the Baddies (Leila Grey & Red Velvet) vs. Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne, & Skye Blue

Winners: Jade Cargill & the Baddies (Leila Grey & Red Velvet)

Tony is backstage with Saraya. He congratulates her on her win. In comes Britt Baker. She congratulates Saraya on the biggest win of her entire career and it will never happen again. Britt tells Saraya that Saraya came to AEW and her first match was against the biggest star in the women’s division. Here is one more thing handed to her. Tickets for Dynamite on January 11 where she can either be at ringside or get in the ring. Saraya grabs the tickets and says she would love to beat her up. Britt says she has Jamie Hayter with her and Saraya needs to find a tag team partner for that match.

-Commercial Break-

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Acclaimed (c) vs. against FTR

Dax Hardwood and Bowens start the match. Dax gets Bowens in the corner as Cash is tagged in. Bowens with a headlock but Cash gets out of it. A shoulder tackle by Cash followed by a side headlock and a head scissors by Bowens. A gut wrench by Cash but Bowens with a reversal cover but Cash kicks out. Max is tagged in and as is Dax. A shoulder tackle by Dax as he runs to the ropes but Max with a hip toss followed by a drop kick. An arm bar by Max as Bowens is tagged in. A right hand by Dax and he throws Bowens in the corner. A chop to the chest by Dax as Bowens gets him with a chop. Both men try hip tosses but neither of them can land one. In comes Max and in comes Cash and all four men are in the ring. Both teams fight in the ring. Max clotheslines Cash on the outside. The Acclaimed double team Dax, hitting him with the scissor me timbers. The Acclaimed scissor each other in the ring. Max is tagged in and Dash trips him as he goes for a sharpshooter but Max grabs his leg and he goes for a sharpshooter. Cash gets in the ring and Bowens trips him up and The Acclaimed get double sharpshooters on FTR as FTR make it to the ropes and to the outside of the ring.

The Acclaimed to the outside but FTR throw them into the ring posts and into the barricade. FTR catapult Max into the bottom of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cash with a chop to the chest onto Max. Cash places Max on the top rope and Cash with a chop to the chest. He climbs the top rope but Max pushes him onto the mat. Max with a big slash off the top rope and both men are down. Cash is tagged in and a right hand onto Max. He goes for a right hand on Bowens but Bowens moves out of the way and Max with a clothesline. Bowens is tagged in. Right hands onto Dax and onto Cash. Bowens with kicks onto Cash. Bowens with an elbow and chops onto Dax. Bowens with a kick onto Dax. He goes for the cover but he kicks out. Bowens with a kick. He runs to the ropes but Dax with two German suplexes. He goes for a third but Bowens gets out of it. He lands a neck breaker onto Dax. He goes for the cover but Dax kicks out. Cash is tagged in and right hands by Dax onto Bowens. A double piledriver onto Bowens. They go for a double suplex but Max with a spear on Cash and Max gets out of the suplex. Max goes for the cover but Dax kicks out. Dax kicks Max into Bowens and Bowens is thrown to the outside. FTR with the Big Rig. Dax goes for the cover but Bowens breaks it up.

All four men are in the ring. Bowens gets on the ring apron he is pushed to the outside by Cash. Dax places Max on the top rope. Cash is tagged in, Cash jumps off the top rope but Bowens gets in the ring and hits him with the Arrival. He pushes Dax to the outside. Max goes for the elbow but Cash moves out of the way. Bowens with a clothesline on Dax on the outside. He gets back in the ring but Cash slams him face first onto the mat. Cash with a clothesline onto Max. He goes for the cover but Max kicks out. A lariat by Cash and a second lariat. Cash with a powerbomb, he goes for the jacknife cover but Max reverses it and gets the pin.

Winners: Still AEW Tag Team Champions, The Acclaimed

Billy gets in the ring and all five men are in the ring. All five guys scissor in the ring and hug.

Colten and Austin Gunn are backstage. They say they have a letter to FTR from the Briscoe Boys. It reads Saturday, Final Battle. They take out dog collars and say it will be a double dog collar match as AEW Dynamite goes off the air.