AEW Dynamite 12 21 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
December 21, 2022
Freeman Coliseum (San Antonio, Texas)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go live to the Freeman Coliseum with Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz on commentary for AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash!

Ricky Starks music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation from the fans. He is wearing sunglasses. He enters the ring and the fans chant his name. Starks has a mic. Starks says it would have been nice if he stood in the ring as the AEW but he lost. He says at least he lost as a man and not as Maxwell Jacob Coward. He says there will be a next time between he and MJF. The fans cheer. Starks says its not the end of the road for him, but just the start and if he has to work his way back up to the top – line them up so he can strike him down. He said one day he will be the man around AEW.

Chris Jericho’s music hits and the JAS (Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia) come out to a big ovation as the fans sing-a-long with Jericho’s Judas theme song. Jericho says he has been watching Ricky for a long time. Jericho said that Starks said he is not a dollar store wrestler, but a million dollar talent, but he is not ready yet. Jericho said he talked everything over with Big Daddy and Sammy. Jericho told Starks he needs a little influence, a little advice and little Chris Jericho. The fans begins to chant Sammy sucks. Jericho told the fans that if you say Sammy sucks, then Jericho sucks and they don’t suck. Jericho offered Starks a spot in JAS. Starks told Jericho he looks like an air fryer and father on his fifth divorce. The fans go crazy and chant Ricky. Starks told Jericho while its tempting to join his little boy band and told Jericho he will not join JAS and that Jericho lost last week and that JAS should stand for jobbers. He then called Sammy and Garcia JASHOLES. Funny stuff! He asked Garcia what Jericho has done for him since he lost his title and then told Sammy he doesn’t like him anyway. Starks proposed for the new look and feel of AEW Dynamite in Seattle challenging Jericho to a match. JAS then runs to the ring and they beat down Starks. Action Andretti’s music hits and he comes to the ring to a huge ovations to make the save as the fans go absolutely nuts! Andretti takes out JAS as they retreat!

The commentary team then runs down the rest of the card for tonight’s show.


The Elite come out to a big ovation from the San Antonio. Next out is Death Triangle. They come out to a mixed ovation from the fans.

The bell rings and we have a big brawl. Death Triangle sends The Elite to the outside. Death Triangle leap to the outside onto The Elite. The action is back in the ring. The Elite Triple team Penta. Two elf’s enter the ring, but are taken out. Omega is nailed in the head by a trash can from Penta. Death Triangle Triple team Omega and he crawls the corner. Fenix hits multiple elbow strikes on Matt Jackson. The fans begin to chant we want tables. Nick Jackson nails PAC with a leg drop and drops to the outside to get a huge clothesline by Fenix!


Back from the break, There is a tree in the ring. Death Triangle sends Matt into the tree. Nick hits Death Triangle with a high cross body. Nick takes out Penta and Fenix with superkicks. PAC then grabs Nick and wraps his ankle with a chair. As PAC attempts to come down, he is met with a trash can. Omega is back in the ring, picks up PAC and slams him down and them hits PAC with the trash can. Omega covers PAC, but only gets a two count to huge boos. Omega then goes to the outside and grabs a barbwire broom and takes out Fenix and Penta. Fenix then gets up and is slammed face first into the barbwire broom by Omega. The Young Bucks climb to the top rope. Matt and Nick take out Penta on the table on the outside with an elbow and Swanton. Omega covers Fenix, but only gets a two count as the fans chant this is awesome! PAC gets up on the apron and is pushed off by Omega. Omega attempted a one winged angel on Fenix but he counters. Fenix nails Omega to the head with a hammer. Fenix covers Omega, but Omega kicks out at two! Fexnix has Nick in a submission hold as PC has Omega in a submission with barbwire wrapped around his face. Matt comes in to break both holds. Death Triangle have hammers and are ready hit Omega, but the Bucks pull out all three men. The Bucks pick up Fenix for the Meltzer driver and cover him for the three count. Death Triangle comes back and takes out The Elite with hammers as the fans boo really loud. The referee comes in to break it up as the Bucks are bleeding. As the ref moves away, Death Triangle attacks again.


We break to a segment with MJF telling Bryan Danielson he is gutless and had to stick his nose in it and then calls Danielson a scum bag and that everyone wants eat from his plate.


Back from the break Tony Schiavone is interviewing Action Andretti who says that he did the biggest upset of the decade. He said that he appreciates the fans and the love and support he is getting from the fans. Matt Menard and Angelo Parker enter the picture and say Andretti is on fire and hit him with a fire ball.

We go to the ring with Renee Paquette who introduces Bryan Danielson. He comes out to a huge ovation. Renee asks Danielson what is the status on the BCC. Danielson says he doesn’t expect BCC to forgive William Regal for the bad things he did. Danielson said he trained in San Antonio by Shawn Michaels. Danielson said the man that turned him into the wrestler and person he is today is Regal. He says he understands that the rest of the BCC do not have the same relationship as he does. Danielson said he cried when he say Regal in the hospital and knew he would never see him again. Danielson said he loved having Regal in AEW. Danielson said one thing Regal taught him is there are consequences to actions. Danielson they tells MJF in the camera that there are consequences to his actions and calls out MJF. Ethan Page’s music then hits. Page comes out with Stokley Hathaway. He told Hathaway that Page made it to the eliminator tournament finals and Danielson didn’t. Page and Hathaway tells Danielson to go shop at Trader Joes for his gluten free food. Danielson said he couldn’t hear. Hathaway and Page called Danielson vegetable man not because of his way of life, but he will turn him into a vegetable. Danielson then told Page if you want to turn him into a vegetable do it tonight! The fans go crazy and chant YES! Page then says San Antonio sucks and challenges Danielson for a match for next week in Denver. MJF is shown watching the exchange on a monitor.

We go to a backstage promo with Jon Moxley telling Hangman Page how good he is. Moxley then talks about how he will have to teach Darius Martin a lesson…


Back from the break Hook’s music hits, out comes the FTW Champion.


Hook takes down Prime. Hook has Prime in the corner and clubs him with punches. Prime tries to come back, but he sends Prime down with a lariat! Hook then locks in Prime with his submission and Prime taps. We then backstage to Stokley Hathaway and Lee Moriarty and Big Bill taking out Jungle Boy. Big Bill picks up Jungle Boy and slams into the dumpster. Hook then leaves the ring quickly.



Back from break, Darius Martin comes out with his brother Dante. Claudio is on the outside with Moxley.

The bell rings and here we go. Moxley and Martin lock up. Both men break the hold. Moxley kicks Martin in the back. Both men are up. Moxley has Martin locked up in a side headlock. Martin then trips Moxley and follows up with a huge dropkick! Moxley then goes to the outside. Moxley comes back in the ring and kicks Martin in the mid-section and then tosses Martin to the outside. Moxley has Martin over the barricade and hits Martin with suplex on the concrete floor. Dante comes to check on his brother, but Moxley shoves him. Darius fights back as Moxley goes back over the barricade. Darius gets in the ring and takes Moxley out on the outside with a huge dive and then lays punches on him. Moxley then come back and nails Martin. The ref begins the ten count, but Martin makes it back just before ten. Moxley has Martin in the corner and hits him with huge chops. Moxley puts Martin on the top rope and runs his finger nails across his back and then superplexes him. Moxley hits Martin with elbows to the head. Both men now exchange forearm and uppercut blows. Moxley kicks Martin in the knee that had surgery. Darius comes back and kicks Moxley in the head and covers him for the three, but NO! Moxley kicks out! Martin then hits Moxley with a flatliner and covers Moxley, but only gets a two! Moxley is bleeding. Martin comes off the top rope, but Moxley counters and grabs Martin and stops on him. Moxley has Martin in a submission. As Martin gets out of it, he is nailed with a death rider – Moxley covers Martin and gets the win.




Gunns come out first to some boos. FTR comes out next to a big ovation.

The bell rings and here we go! All four men are in the ring. Wheeler and Colten start off. Wheeler hits Colten with elbows to the back. Austin is tagged in, but is met by a kick from Wheeler. Harwood comes in and he and Wheeler send the Gunns to the floor as we go to a commercial break.


Back from the break, Harwood has Colten in the corner as Austin comes in and they double team him. Wheeler takes out Colten. The Gunns then double team Harwood and pull him out of the ring. Wheeler dives to the outside to take out the Gunns, but is shoved into the barricade. Back in the ring, it Harwood and Austin. Harwood is put in a sharpshooter. Wheeler comes in and breaks the hold. Wheeler is on the apron, but is tossed down and hits the barricade face first! In the ring Harwood and Colten exchange pins. Colten then rolls up Harwood and Austin provides the assist as the ref didn’t see it and Harwood gets pinned! FTR looks shocked, especially Harwood.



Tony Schiavone is in the ring with rap artist Rick Ross. Keith Lee is introduced first. Ross grabs a mic and says today we will make history and there is big business that needs to be discussed. Ross calls Lee a big M—-F—-. Ross calls out Strickland who has not come out. Strickland then comes out to boos and yes he wasn’t aware this was being done on Lee’s time. Strickland says to Lee they should own everything. Strickland says he can’t deal with it and Lee needs to keep eyes in the back of his head from now on. From behind Lee is nailed by Parker Boudreaux from behind, but Lee fight’s him off. As Lee is walking to the back, Lee is taken out by some mystery person. Boudreaux then comes from behind and nails Lee in the back with a chair. The ring steps are step up and Lee is put on the steps by Boudreaux who puts a cinder block on Lee’s stomach. Strickland goes to the top rope and stomps on the cinder block breaking it on Lee. The crowd yells Holy S—! Mogul Affiliates is the name of this new faction.



Shida comes out to a reaction of some boos and cheers. Hayter is out next and the San Antonio fans like her. The fans cheer her. Justin Roberts does the introductions.

Rebel and Britt Baker are out as well. The fans chant for Hayter. The bell rings and we start with Shida on the offense. Hayter reverses and chops Hayter, but then Shida reverses it. Both women exchange blows. Shida hits Hayter with a knee strike and Hayter goes down. Hayter fights back with sledgehammer shots to the back of Shida. Hatyer is taken down and Shida hits Hayter with strikes to the face. Shida has Hayter on the ring apron and nails her with a huge knee strike.


Jerome’s initial thoughts: Shida has a new look of intensity on her face. I like her aggression tonight. Shida needs a bit of a change. I have never been a fan of her, but tonight, she seems more intense than usual. I don’t expect a title change with Baker and Rebel being on the outside. I do expect Hayter to eventually turn face as she over with the fans no matter which market AEW goes to.

Back from the break, Hayter is in offensive control. Hayter nails Shida with strikes to the face. Shida comes back and hits Hayter with strikes to the face of her own. Hayter then picks up Shida and slams her down. Hayter covers Shida, but only gets a two count! Both women take each other and go down. The ref begins the count and both women get up just before ten. Shida blocks a right hand from Hayter. Shida hits Hayter with a drop kick. Shida has Hayter in the corner and punches her as the fans count along. Hayter drops Shida on the apron. Shida is back up and hits Hayter with knee strike as both women go the floor as we go to yet another commercial break.


Back from the break, Hayter is up on the top rope and misses a moonsault from the top rope. Shida covers Hayter – 1 -2 – NO! Hayter kicks out! Shida picks up Hayter, but Shida is hit by a sliding lariat. Hayter covers Shida 1 – 2 – NO! Shida kicks out as the fans yell this is awesome! Hayter then rolls up Shida and Shida kicks out! Shida then kicks Hayter with a knee kick and then an axe kick. Baker is on the apron with the kendo stick and then Shida gets the kendo stick and takes out Baker. Hayter nails Shida with a powerbomb and covers Shida, but Shida kicks out! Hayter comes back again and nails Shida and covers Shida – 1 -2 – NO! Shida kicks out. Hayeter comes back for a third time and nails Shida and then covers her and gets the pin!


After the match Shida is triple teamed. Toni Storms music hits and she comes down to try to make the save but its too much. Saraya’s music then hits and she comes down and clears the ring of the heels as they retreat!