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AEW Dynamite – Grand Slam 09 21 2022

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Results
September 21, 2022
Queens, New York(Arthur Ashe Stadium)
Results by: Chris Gerics of Wrestleview.com

It’s Wednesday night, you know what that means! Tonight is an absolutely bonkers edition of AEW Dynamite, including the crowning of a new AEW World Heavyweight Champion!

Commentary including Ian Riccaboni welcomes us to Arthur Ashe as we kick off the show with the ROH Championship Match!

ROH World Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli (c)

Chris Jericho comes out to A HUGE OVATION! The crowd is singing along to Judas as they have a slightly different setup with the ramp attached to the ring. The crowd is going crazy with singing along it’s deafening!

Claudio makes his way out to a good ovation as the commentators run down the history of ROH champions, and we see a shot of ROH HoF’er Cary Silkin at ringside! Claudio extends his hand for the Code of Honor and Jericho accepts but slaps him after! Claudio with a series of uppercuts to Jericho into the corner. Flying uppercut into the corner by Claudio, and throws him into another uppercut into a gorilla press slam onto the ropes! Jericho gets booted out of the ring. Claudio with an uppercut into Jericho and sends him to the barricade, then slams his head into the ring apron. Jericho then hides behind Silkin at ringside! Jericho pulls him over and hits Silkin! How disgraceful! Jericho takes advantage and sends Claudio back into the ring. Claudio with a brief one count, and now the two exchange chops and uppercuts! Jericho with a throat thrust after Claudio goes off the ropes for an attack; Jericho goes for a triangle dropkick but runs into an uppercut! Both on the apron now, Claudio looking for a suplex but Jericho rakes the eyes. Jericho now goes for his own suplex and drives him off the apron onto the floor!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break Jericho is in control in the corner but Claudio fights back with a series of uppercuts in the corner now. Jericho reverses a whip but gets booted down for his efforts. Claudio up top now but Jericho stops him with chops and sets him up for a hurricanrana but Claudio powers through with a Ricola Bomb but Jericho reverses that into a hurricanrana in mid-air!!!! 1…2…NO! Kick out! Jericho sets up for the Code Breaker but catches him and hit a MASSIVE pop up uppercut! 1…2…NO! Claudio now with the hammer and anvil elbows and sets him for the swing! Jericho kicks out but Claudio with a stomp for a 2 count! Transition right into a sharpshooter! Jericho struggles but makes it to the bottom rope. Jericho tries a low blow but Ricola Bomb! 1…2…NO!!!! Jericho kicks out; Claudio now with vicious knees into Jericho’s ribs and springboards into a Code Breaker! 1….2…NO! Kick out! Both men look battered; but Jericho now with the Walls of Jericho! Claudio rolls through into a set of stomps! SWING TIME!!! Crowd cheers along as he gets to a near 20 count! Claudio with a huge lariat; 1…2..Kick out!

Jericho grabs Floyd the bat now from outside but Claudio blocks him. Goes for a powerbomb but Claudio flips out nearly hitting Aubrey Edwards. Goes for a powerbomb but low blow!!! Jericho with a Judas Effect!!!!!! 1…2…3!!!! NEW CHAMP!!!!


Commentators run down the card as we go to a promo video for Mox vs. Danielson tonight. Up next is The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory!

–Commercial Break–

Replay is shown of the finish to the ROH Title match

AEW World Tag Title Match: The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory (c)

SOTG is out first to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Swerve is decked out in an NBA themed jacket. Both men are accompanied by Fabolous; also have to note both are wearing Knicks colors which is a nice touch.

THE ACCLAIMED GET A MASSIVE POP! Accompanied by Daddy Ass and DJ Whoo Kid. Lots of crazy rhymes about The Little Mermaid, Cuomo, and ends with Swerve in a Gloryhole! Bowens screams NEW YORK CITY!!!!! SCISSOR ME DADDY ASS!! This crowd is absolutely insane for these guys.

Bowens and Lee to start off as the crowd is HOT! Single leg attempt by Bowens but Lee tosses him aside. Headlock by Bowens but Lee shoulder blocks him but doesn’t knock Bowens. Bowens now with an attempted powerbomb but Lee reverses in a hurricanrana! Caster tags in now, but gets pushed into the corner. Caster with an arm drag but Lee muscles him off for a biel but that is countered into an arm drag! Swerve in now with a dropkick on The Acclaimed!

–Commercial Break–

Caster fights out of the corner and hits a big powerslam on Swerve, Caster back with offense including a big superkick and a HUGE brainbuster to LEE!! 1…2…NO! Bowens tags in with a flurry of offense but Lee cuts him off. Bowens counters with a hurricanrana and avoids the Swerve Stomp into a roll-up! 1..2..NO! Lee in now and has Caster up on his shoulders

Lee has Caster up and Swerve hits a huge powerbomb! 1..2..NO Kick out! Lee biels Bowens to the outside and slams down Caster. Bowens pulls out Caster now but Swerve with a 450 leg drop to the outside!!! Billy Gunn in his face now, but Lee pulls him off and Gunn says suck it and hits a Fame Asser to Swerve! Swerve tossed in the ring and Bowens with a slam and Caster with the MIC DROP!!!! 1…2….3! NEW CHAMPS!


The crowd goes WILD! Confetti rains down and the ovation is astounding!

We cut to the back to FTR asking for a title match, but The Gunn Club interrupt. They jaw back and forth with the Gunn Club mocking them and calling themselves the young FTR.

–Commercial Break–

Tony is on the ramp with Wheeler Yuta but immediately MJF interrupts to a big pop! He says “Questionable Queens the Devil has arrived!” Crowd cheers MJF; and calls them his little Devil Worshippers and calls Tony a fat old prick. He says Wheeler will never get that type of reaction, and it isn’t cause he is m-m-m-mid but “I am a God to these people, they’d drink my spit! Any man would let me sleep with their wife! A Generational Talent”. Wheeler says he is the king of low hanging fruit and calls out his engagement! Yuta offers his congratulations, and think she figured out that MJF is a “spineless, worthless piece of human garbage and she’ll walk out like you walked out on all of us!” MJF calls them the Blackpool Cuckold Club, and they’re fighting to lose the title tonight to him, not win it. He says you can still ask your mentors how to become injury prone, or can’t ask Moxley he isn’t all there. “Willy Regal, can you teach me to pop pills?” Wheeler with a massive shot to Max and Max hits him back. MJF PUSHES TONY and screams not to touch him but Wheeler takes him down! Morrissey appears behind him beginning to choke him with a belt, and MJF clubs him with the diamond ring!

Security come out to break it up as we go to the back for a Jade Cargill interview from earlier.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match: Orange Cassidy vs. PAC (c)

Orange Cassidy out first to a nice ovation, and PAC comes out sporting both the Trios and All-Atlantic belt.

Bell rings and Cassidy takes his glasses off and throws them at PAC! Quick rollup by OC for 2, then attempted Orange Punch but PAC ducks and rolls out. Cassidy with the pockets now! PAC talking smack to OC and now the vicious kicks by OC! PAC IS LOVING IT! OC with a big front dropkick, but PAC counters with one of his own! PAC with hammer fists in the corner taking OC down and then rams his head into the corner, and OC rolls to the outside. PAC now with OC’s head and slams it into the apron and then sends him flying into the ring post!

Both men back in and PAC up top but OC rolls away from the corner to the outside. PAC with a massive flip over the top rope! PAC back up top with a shotgun dropkick 1…2…NO! Kick out by OC. PAC sends OC into the corner with a vicious whip as we go to commercial.

–Commercial Break–

Back from break PAC has OC down but OC gives him a thumbs up! PAC into the corner now and a massive strike nearly knocking OC out. PAC back up top again but yet again OC rolls away and PAC applauds. PAC with a big German suplex and tries AGAIN to go up. Cassidy sticks his boots up prematurely! Hilarious! Cassidy with a quick roll up! 1….2…NO! PAC avoids a DDT but Stundog Millionaire! Cassidy with a big tope and rolls him back in. Cassidy now with a HUGE diving DDT! OC IS PUMPED! Another DDT for a 2.9 COUNT!

OC sets up for the Orange Punch, but PAC catches him into the Brutalizer, but OC rolls through for 2, then hits an ORANGE PUNCH! 1…2…PAC grabs the ropes! Pac rolls out of the ring as the crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME!” PAC grabs the ring bell hammer and smacks OC with it! PAC shielded it and the referee never saw it! PAC covers him 1…2…3!


–Commercial Break–

AEW Interim Women’s World Title Match: Toni Storm (c) vs. Dr. Britt Baker vs. Athena vs. Serena Deeb

Dr. Britt Baker makes her way to the ring first, accompanied by Rebel. Deeb comes out next to a fairly decent pop, and Athena has a cool looking Cubone inspired outfit tonight. Toni Storm out last with a big ovation!

Deeb runs at Athena and gets dropped and so does Baker by Storm and now Athena and Storm go at it. Athena roll up attempt reversed by Storm for a two count! Deeb now tangles both women and stacks them! Two count only and now Deeb traps Storm and gets Athena in an abdominal stretch! Baker now with a crucifix on Deeb for a one count. Forearm by Baker on Athena and now whips Deeb into the ropes and hits a sling blade! Storm back in now and hits a big front dropkick on Baker, followed up with a front chancery and goes up top but Deeb stops her; Baker and Deeb have Storm up top but Athena stops them with a back rake and hits a BIG Tower of Doom as we go to commercial!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial we see stereo single leg crabs by Deeb and Storm on Athena and Baker respectively. Storm and Deeb now slug at each other while keeping it locked in but break it up to keep fighting; Toni with a German suplex then hip attack! Baker comes through with a swinging neck breaker, Athena stops the stomp and Deeb hits her after! Deeb with a big neck breaker to Baker on the apron, and slides through under Storm and hits a neck breaker to her! Two count only! Deeb goes for the Serenity Lock and has it locked in! Baker with a thrust kick to Deeb’s head. Athena with a blindside on Baker and lifts her up, Deeb cross body but Athena catches her!!!! POWERS BOTH WOMEN DOWN WOW!!! Athena has a slingshot powerbomb knee buster on Storm!!! 1….2…NO!!! Tornado DDT from Storm onto Athena, Baker catches her with a crucifix, but Storm counters into one of her own, 1…2…3!


After the bell Baker attacks Storm as Baker is bloodied but here comes Jamie Hayter! She looks at Britt but they both attack Storm! Both women stomping her out as Deeb takes out Athena! Baker with a stomp onto Athena just SPIKING her into the mat. Britt goes for the Lockjaw on Toni but music hits…

IT’S PAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY S*** She’s going by Saraya her given name but HOLY SMOKES! They immediately exit the ring as this place has come UNGLUED!!! This is absolutely bonkers. Saraya looks amazing and it looks like she’s going to be an active wrestler!

Hype video for Sting/Allin vs. House of Black on Rampage and the commentators run down the card for Friday.

–Commercial Break–

AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

WILD THING! YOU MAKE MY HEART SING! Crowd gives Moxley a fantastic ovation as he makes his way out from the back and he looks absolutely fired up! Regal has joined commentary now and should be a delight to listen to for this affair. Moxley points to the crowd basically saying “Look at this, this is what we live for” Regal heaps praise about what the title means to not only the BCC but to AEW as a whole. Danielson out next and as expected gets a very grand ovation from the Arthur Ashe crowd. Danielson looks just as focused and soaks in the crowd. Justin Roberts does the main event in-ring introductions.

Both men meet in the middle for a stare down as they show MJF in the press box with the chip. Both feeling each other out and Bryan with chops and a side headlock on Moxley, now Mox with chops; but Bryan with a takedown. Bryan traps Mox’s legs and tries to cross-face but Mox gets out and chops him into the corner. Both men with big chops to the chest now and Bryan gets Mox in the corner and hits kicks and a running kick into the corner then slaps Mox! Mox is pissed! A flurry from Moxley in the corner, but Bryan responds with another running dropkick and a thunderous palm strike! More chops and kicks from Bryan! Mox screams through it but Bryan back with a kitchen sink knee! Now Danielson with kicks to the spine of Moxley. Mox flips him off in the corner and dodges a kick! Mox with boots to the back of Bryan before stomping him in the guts! Body slam by Mox then a penalty kick; both men up and go back and forth in the corner with a series of chops! Bryan with the advantage, dropkicks Mox to the outside and hits a diving knee! Moxley is back in the ring with Bryan up top; he hits a shotgun dropkick, Mox rolls out but Bryan then targets the arm of Moxley but he reverses into a sleeper! He drags Bryan to the apron but Bryan gets around him and hits a nasty German on the apron as we go to commercial!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break and Bryan is in control targeting the left arm of Moxley driving the knees into it, just wearing him down. Bryan with a headbutt to his arm; Mox responds with some shots but Bryan hits the Buisaiku Knee! Only a two count! Bryan to the top rope but Mox catches him with a powerbomb into a single leg! He transitions into an ankle lock to Bryan now, then he just tosses him with a release leg capture suplex! Both men struggle to their feet but Mox gets there first and hits a big lariat. Both men up top and Mox just raking the back of Danielson, Headbutts now from Mox, but Bryan reverses a superplex and crotches Mox! Danielson with a huge suplex on Moxley but he comes up holding his ankle! Bryan gets a two count but Mox attempts to go for the Labell Lock! Bryan fights out of it and both men just rain down shots on each other. Both men show off some crazy leg and neck strength with a weird pretzel thing but Danielson gets out and gets the Cattle Mutilation in!! Moxley rolls out but Bryan with the hammer and anvil elbows to Moxley. Bryan with a huge kick to the side of Mox and Mox respond with a big lariat! Another running knee by Bryan! 1…2…NO! KICK OUT!!

Mox welcoming Bryan to keep kicking him and Bryan obliges, he blocks the last one to Bryan’s injured knee then hits a huge STOMP! DEATH RIDER!!! 1…2…NO!! Bryan kicks out!!! Both men locked hands and firing off elbow strikes; Danielson gets the wrist and hits the stomps!! Mox attacks the leg but Bryan keeps stomping him out! Triangle choke now by Bryan! Mox rolls through but Labell Lock! Mox rolls through and BARELY gets to the ropes with his feet.

Both men now out to the apron, Bryan with a knee from the top to Mox’s arm but Moxley responds with a DEATH RIDER ON THE STAGE!!! 1….2…NO!!! NO WAY!!!! Bryan kicks out again! Moxley with a rear naked choke now on Danielson, who tries to reverse out but Mox keeps it in! He has him grape-vined now and Bryan is fading…..Bryan is OUT!!! MOXLEY WINS!


Regal comes down to the ring to celebrate as we see a shot of MJF looking on as Moxley celebrates and we go off the air.