AEW Rampage 08 26 2022

AEW Rampage Results
August 26, 2022
Wolstein Center- Cleveland, Ohio
Commentary: Excalibur, Jim Ross and Chris Jericho
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

10, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. The House of Black in the AEW World Trios Title Tournament

We start of the AEW Trios Championship Tournament with The Dark Order taking on House of Black. Brody King and 10 are in the ring. 10 hits King with chest chops and then a pump kick. 10 landed wrong on his knee and tags in John Silver. King tags in Buddy Matthews who backs John Silver into the corner. Matthews has Silver up, but Silver escapes. Matthews hits Silver with a chop. Matthews tags in Malakai Black. Black has Silver in an arm bar. Alex Reynolds is tagged in. Black and Reynolds have a pushing match. All men get in the ring and brawl. King and 10 are on the outside as Black and Reynolds are in the ring


Back from the break, Black hits Reynolds with a huge elbow. Black tags in Matthew who hits Reynolds with a huge drop on his elbow. Reynolds comes back and hits Matthews. Reynolds tags in 10, who then takes out Matthews and then hits Black with a spine buster. 10 has Black in a full nelson. Black then pushes 10 to the corner, as Black tags in Matthews. Silver and Reynolds then double team King and Matthews as Black is in the corner. King was then tossed over the rope. 10 grabs Black and puts him in a full nelson as he tries to take off Blacks knee brace. Miro’s music suddenly hits as Matthews and King leave the ring and go after Miro who takes out both men. Black is distracted and Reynolds rolls him up for the three count. King then comes back and tosses Miro into the ring steps. Miro is in the ring with the House of Black who triple team Miro. Darby Allin’s music hits and Allin and Sting come out and the House of Black leave the ring as King stares down Sting.


We go to a backstage interview with Lexi Nair talking to Hook. He said he didn’t care about JAS challenging him for the FTW Title, then left. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard came in after Hook left to trash talk Hook and then challenge him again.

TNT Championship Match: Wardlow defends against “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth

The Hollywood Hunk comes out and says the best thing about Cleveland was leaving Cleveland and moving to a real city. He then tries to start a let’s go Hunk. He then starts bad mouthing the Cleveland Browns. Wardlow’s music then hits to a huge ovation. There are a lot of signs for Wardlow as Cleveland is his home town. Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satam Singn come out. Ryan Nemeth says he should be the champion, he should be the star, he then called Wardlow a loser and before Hollywood Hunk can finish, he gets a headbutt from Wardlow. Wardlow then picks up Hollywood Hunk and drops him with a huge power-bomb as crowd chants one more time. Wardlow hits Hunk with power-bombs and covers Hunk with his boot for the win.



Back from the break we have a backstage interview from Lexi Nair with Private Party and the Andrade Family Office. Andrade tells Private Party everything in this world has consequences, and then Andrade walks off.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ashton Day

Hobbs nails day after the bell rings. Hobbs is manhandling Day. Hobbs hits Day with a huge clothesline. Hobbs picks up Day and drops him a huge spinebuster for the three count.


We go to a backstage segment with QT Marshall and The Factory who have Ricky Starks down. Marshall tells Hobbs he has nothing to worry about and hits Starks in the face with a punch who goes down and is bleeding from the mouth.

Lexi Nair has an interview backstage with The Baddies. Lexi asked Jade about Athena possibly challenging her at All Out for the TBS Title. Jade tells her Baddies she doesn’t need them and tells them to leave. Jade tells Lexi to leave. Athena then comes in at attacks Jade as the officials come into to separate them.

Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo vs. Ortiz and Ruby Soho

Tay and Ruby start off as Tay has Ruby in an armbar with the injured arm. Tay works on Ruby’s arm and stomps on it. Tay continues to work the arm. Ruby comes back and has Tay in the corner. She goes to charge Tay, but Tay moves out of the way and then goes after the arm. Ruby makes a tag to Ortiz. Guevara then comes in as Ortiz hits Guevara with a lariat. Ruby comes in who then is picked up by Ortiz and slammed on Guevara. As Ortiz works on Guevara, he comes back and hits Ortiz with a knee.


Back from the break Guevara gets clotheslined by Ortiz. Guevara tags in Tay, which then brings in Ruby. Ruby hits Tay in the face with a big boot. Ruby takes Tay to the corner and has her on the top rope. Guevara then comes and picks up Ruby who then slams down Guevara. Ortiz comes in at kicks Guevara. Tay attempts a pump kick on Ortiz. Ruby hits Tay with the No Future. Ruby goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Ortiz is tagged in and has Guevara down. Anna JAS comes out and takes out Ruby who was fighting with Tay on the outside. As Ortiz looks on Guevara hits Ortiz with a huge cutter for the win. Ortiz is shown down in the ring busted open.


We go highlights of the Punk/Moxley World Title Unification Match from this past Wednesday. We then go to the backstage segment that Tony Khan had promoted with CM Punk. It’s quick as Punk is with the trainers. He said that his foot feels like it did when he first broke it.

ROH World Championship Match: Claudio Castagnoli defends against “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes

Back from the break, Mark Henry interviews both men. Rhodes says that he will give Claudio the best Natural that Dustin Rhodes has ever seen. Claudio says he wants the best Dustin Rhodes. He says that the ROH Title is what competition is all about.

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer for the match. Arn and Brock Anderson come out with Dustin Rhodes. Caprice Coleman joins commentary.

Claudio comes out with ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta.

William Regal stares down Chris Jericho as we then go to the ring. We switch back to the commentary table as Jericho leaves and Regal joins commentary.

As the bell rings, both men lock up. Rhodes sends Claudio in the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Both men back up from each other. Claudio has Rhodes in a headlock and takes Rhodes down. Claudio bounces off the ropes and knocks Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes comes back in the ring and Claudio attempts a three count, but only gets a two. Claudio hits Rhodes with a forearm. Rhodes kicks Claudio and then goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Rhodes is then knocked out of the ring by Claudio. As Rhodes is on the floor, Arn and Brock check on him.


Back from the break Claudio has Rhodes in a crossface. Rhodes starts coming back to his feet. Rhodes picks up Claudio and slams him down. Claudio and Rhodes exchange blows as Rhodes hits Claudio with a lariat. Claudio is then sent to the outside by Rhodes, who then hits Claudio with a cannonball on the outside. Rhodes hits Claudio with a clothesline. Rhodes attempts a pin on Claudio but only gets a two. Rhodes then hits Claudio with a Code Red and goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Great near fall. Claudio is able to come back and swings Rhodes. He goes for a pin on Rhodes but only gets a two. Claudio picks up Rhodes for the giant swing. Claudio covers Rhodes for the win, but only get a two count. Claudio has Rhodes in a crossface, who then eventually reverses it and picks up Claudio and drops him with a powerbomb. Rhodes goes for the three count, but only gets a two. As Claudio comes back and attempts to leapt over Rhodes, he gets low-blowed. The ref said it was an accident and lets the match continue. Claudio comes back with a huge uppercut on Rhodes, goes for the cover and get the win.


This wasn’t a bad episode of Rampage. The action was good and it moved at a very fast pace with the backstage segments telling good stories, as they were kept short and sweet as they say. The only big complaint I have is would someone please tell Excalibur to slow down. He talks way too fast.