AEW Rampage 10 21 2022

AEW Rampage Results
October 21, 2022
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to Daily’s Place with Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone.

-Tag Titles vs. Trademark Match: AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) vs. Varsity Athletes (Tony Nese and Josh Woods)

Mark Sterling interrupts The Acclaimed and says he has the trademark for Scissor Me. The bell rings and all men fight it out. The Varsity Athletes are in control as they toss The Acclaimed outside the ring. All four men are back in the ring. Tony Nese is tossed to the outside. Josh Woods is in the ring and Caster has Woods in an armbar. Woods counters and tosses Caster to the outside. Sterling is on the apron distracting the ref as Billy Gunn enters the ring. The referee turns around and then tosses Gunn to the back as the crowd chants bull—-!


Back from the break Caster leaps from the top rope with a crossbody on Woods. Woods tags in Nese. Bowens is then tagged in and takes out both Woods and Nese. Bowens hits Nese with a knee to the back of head and goes for a pin, but only gets a two! Woods is in and he and Nese double team The Acclaimed. Woods hits Bowens with a running knee and tags in Woods who goes for the pin but only gets a two as Caster breaks up the count! Caster picks up Woods and drops him. Nese lands a huge kick on Caster who rolls out to the ring. Bowens comes in at lands a huge knee strike on Woods and then a huge kick on Woods and The Acclaimed hits a mic drop for win to retain.


Post match, Sterling says he still owns the trademark. Gunn comes out from behind and hits Sterling. They take him to the ring and hit him with a scissor me timber. Gunn then tears up the trademark paperwork as the crowd goes crazy!

Tony Schiavone does an earlier today sit down interview with Jade Cargill. Schiavone says Cargill will highjack the show if she doesn’t get her belt back. Penelope Ford is injured and won’t be completing against Willow Nightingale. The baddies and Gargill will get a chance at Nyla Rose another time instead.


Back from the break, we have a backstage interview with Ortiz and the Lucha Bros. They call Ortiz a superstar and tell him they care about it. PAC then comes in a tells Eddie Kingston he needs to listen to the Lucha Bros. Kingston was ready to fight, but is held off by Ortiz.

-FTW Championship Match: Hook defends against Ari Daivari

Daivari on the mic says he understands Hook didn’t want to sell the FTW Belt. Daivair offers him cash as Hook hits him and money flies everywhere. Daivari has Hook in the corner and hits him with punches. Daviari slaps Hook with huge chops. Daivari tells Hook he should have taken the money, but Hook fights back with body punches. Hook then takes down Daivari with a fishermen’s suplex. Hook, distracted almost gets pinned. Daivari then takes out Hook and goes for the three count, but only gets a two! Hook then grabs Daivari and takes him down as Daivari submits him.


We go to a backstage interview with The Firm’s Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway. Hardy asked where Private Party is. Hathaway says Private Party is off getting the Hardy stink off of them. Hathaway says Hardy has a match on Dark on Monday. Hardy then pulls out his new contract and says his new contract is for “suckus”

Willow Nightingale vs. Layla Gray

Nightingale has Layla Gray down. Gray has Nightingale locked up who cartwheels her way out of the hold. Nightingale picks up Gray and slams her down. Gray rolls out of the ring as Nightingale chases her down. Kiera Hogan hits Nightingale with a huge kick to the face on the outside as we go to a commercial break.


Back from the break, Nightingale is back in control as both women are back in the ring. Nightingale has Gray in the corner. Nightingale picks up Gray and slams her down. Nightingale goes for the pin, but comes up short with only a two count! Gray is able to fight back and hits Nigtingale with a knee strike to the face. Hogan is up on the apron as Gray rolls up Nightingale, but only gets a two count. Nightingale picks up Gray and drops her with a doctor bomb.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Willow who announces she is officially All Elite as she hugs Schiavone. Jade Cargill’s music hits as she enters the ring with a chair and sits down on it with Gray and Hogan. Cargill grabs a mic and says she is giving Nyla 10 seconds to bring back her belt as she counts down. We go to the big screen with Nyla in a car with the TBS Title. Vickie Guerrero and Nyla drives off with Cargill’s car. Security comes in as Cargill takes out security.

We go to a back stage interview with 10 as Rush comes in as says he wants a fight with him and says he will beat him. Orange Cassidy then comes in and pulls out the All Atlantic Title from a backpack and offers 10 and Rush beers. Rush says he doesn’t want a beer, but wants the title. Cassidy says he can help him with that.


Back from the break Mark Henry is interviewing the main event wrestlers. 10 is with -1 who says he will beat Rush all over Florida. Rush then says to 10 he will beat him. Rush says he is taking the title. Jose the Assistant tells Cassidy he will have the shortest reign as the All-Atlantic Champion. Orange Cassidy then says it looks like there has been enough talk…Mark Henry then says the full line as we go to the ring.

-AEW All-Atlantic Championship Three-Way Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Rush and Preston “10” Vance of Dark Order

The bell rings and 10 and Rush duke it out. Orange then puts his hand in his pockets as Rush then clocks 10. Cassidy comes back and hits a drop kick on Rush. Cassidy drives 10 into the barricade. Rush then takes out Cassidy and hits him with a boot to the face as Cassidy is down. On the outside, Rush tosses 10 into the barricade area. Rush is then looking for something under the ring and grabs cable, wraps it around 10’s neck and chokes him. Rush then breaks the choke hold. He then goes after Cassidy and stomps on him on the outside. Rush has the extension cable and hits Cassidy with hit and then chokes him out. 10 heads back in the ring as Rush follows. 10 takes out Rush and sends back to the outside. Cassidy then leaps to the outside, but is caught by both men who slam Cassidy down on the time keepers table, which does not break.


Back from the break, 10 spears Rush. Cassidy went for the orange punch on 10, but moves and puts Cassidy in a sleeper. Cassidy gets out of it and plants Rush with a huge DDT. 10 goes for a lariat on Cassidy who ducks. Jose enters the ring and then Danhausen enters the ring and punches Jose in the gut. Rush pushes Danhausen into Cassidy. Cassidy then charges Rush who counters with a belly to back suplex. 10 scoops up Rush and drops him with a spine buster. 10 then hits a huge discus lariat on Cassidy. 10 goes for the pin, but its broken up by Rush. 10 and Rush are in the corner as Rush turns 10’s mask around and pummels him. As Rush turns around Cassidy hit him with an orange punch. Cassidy then hits 10 with a beach break and pins 10 for the victory to retain.


Post match – 10 and Rush are face to face on the ramp. -1 then comes out as 10 picks him up. Danhausen and Cassidy are in the ring celebrating as Exaclibur runs down the card for Dynamite and next week’s Rampage.