AEW Rampage 11 25 2022

elow are highlights and results from the Black Friday Edition of AEW Rampage:

Ian Riccaboni joined commentary for the ROH Tag Title Match.

ROH Tag Title Match: FTR (c) def. Top Flight – Lots of fun spots, including a double hurricanrana and several near falls for both teams (especially Top Flight). FTR win with the Big Rig after Cash blind tags in and Dante misses a Nose Dive.

JAS come out to cut a promo. Jericho asks who is the one to unseat him as ROH champion and Claudio answers. He says he wants his title back, but Jericho says no. Daddy Magic says if Claudio loses he joins JAS; Jericho likes it, Claudio agrees and that’s the match for Final Battle.

Singles Match: Darby Allin def. Anthony Henry – Good match showcasing Henry a little bit more; he got a lot of offense in on Darby and even hit an Inverted Tower of London. JD Drake interfered but was taken out by Sting; Darby wins when he counters a superplex into a Scorpion Death Drop followed with a Coffin Drop for the win.

Athena interview; she was suspended and docked pay but that doesn’t matter to her and challenges ROH Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez.

Singles Match: Hikaru Shida def. Queen Aminata – Nothing squash match; The Bunny and Ford distract Shida allowing Aminata to boot her; Shida quickly recovers and hits a Falcon Arrow and Katana for the win.

Mark Henry sets us up for the main event; 10 is missing from Dark Order’s side.

Trios Match: Los Faccion Ingobernables (RUSH, Butcher & Blade) def. Dark Order (Silver & Reynolds & 10) – More of a storyline blow-off as opposed to a big match; Dark Order had the early advantage though 10 wasn’t at ringside. LFI take advantage and isolate Silver for a large portion of the match. Silver nearly got the hot tag to Reynolds but couldn’t; Evil Uno and -1 waved 10 out to the ring. He ran down and squared off with RUSH before turning on Silver and wiping him out the a Lariat. RUSH follows with the Bull’s Horns for the win.

Post-Match, Uno tries to make the save but gets wiped out by Butcher and Blade; 10 takes out Reynolds with a Lariat. They rip Uno’s mask off and 10 chokeslams Reynolds through a table on the outside. 10 throws his mask at -1’s feet on the ramp and LFI celebrate around him as Rampage ends.