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American Wrestling Association (2006)


  • January 15, 2006 – AWA Spinebuster in Valdosta, Georgia before 250 fans: Tommy Dame b Kid Kross, Prodigette (formerly of ECW) b Lori Lorelai, Nightmare b Dave Holiday, Chad Barfield b Chasyn Rance, Brian Lee (90s star who once main evented a SummerSlam event against Undertaker) and Matt Kuma b Bruce Steele and Frankie Capone, Krazy K b Kevin Kantrell, Heartbreak Express b Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke to keep tag titles, John Davis b Jimmy Rave, Glacier and Vordell Walker and Bones Cutthroat b C.W. Anderson and Seth Cruise and Brad Davis, Tully Blanchard b Steve Corino-DQ in an AWA title match when C.W. Anderson interfered for the title saving DQ after the dreaded slingshot suplex by Blanchard. Show ended with Glacier making the save and Glacier and Blanchard agreeing to work as a tag team for a two-night tournament on 3/10 and 3/11. Other teams in the tournament are the Midnight Express, Heartbreak Express and Corino and Anderson.
  • January 16, 2006 – AWA CWA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec: Texas Outlaw b Sean Impact, Dave Titan and Matt Cage and Ricky Riot w/Misty Haven b Above Standards and Reggie Marley, The Prophet and Damien Vachon b Enforcer and Iron Mike Lyons, Moonlight b Misty Haven in a Best 2/3 Falls match, Aftershock and Brick Crawford b Karnage and Abdul Hannish and Kwan Chang, Canadian Extreme © b Really Sensational (Mysery and Sean Reed) to retain the Tag Team titles, MVP b Brick Crawford to retain the CWA titles, Gino Martino b Pierre Vachon in a Bloodbath to retain the Brass Kuckles title.
  • January 21, 2006 – AWA Brew City – G-Town Rumble in Germantown, Wisconsin at Germantown High School: Scotty Pryde b “Irish” Mickey McCoy, Red Lightning b Angel Armani, Katie b Laura Mattano, “Crazy” Jack Berzerker destroyed 2 jobbers, Ruff Rider Rashon b Nick Colucci, Jose Guerrero and Frankie DeFalco b Lust to capure the Brew City Tag Team titles, “Human Massacre” Venom b Jason Bates, TC Washington b Shortstack, Dinn T. Moore b Dysfunction by DQ (Dysfunction retains Brew City title).
  • January 21, 2006 – AWA Great American Wrestling Federation in Wewahatchka, Florida: Steve Goins b Damian LaVaye, Confederate Kid DCOR Jack Tatum, Jerry Reinier and Vortex b Billy and Scotty Rayz, Hollywood Star b Commando, Nighthawk b Alacard, Chief Little Bear b A.J. Strokes, Bob and Scott Armstrong b Jesse Dalton and Dr. Feelgood.
  • January 28, 2006 – AWA WSWF in Hazelton, Pennsylvania: “Playboy” Vince Bono b “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” Porter, Cannonball b Kazz, Debbie Sue b Belladawna, Justyn Glory b Pinky the Flamingo Kid, “The Intoxicating Heart Throb” Johnny Toxic b Joey Image w/Taylor Ireland, Stu Braxton b “The Modern Day Warrior” John Logan, The Killer Steves (Steve McKenzie and Steve Kruz) b Tyger Smith and Din-Mak, John Cannon b Matt Turner, Steve the Teacher b Donnie Brass w/his son Lloyd Brass, Jak Molson Vs. Jake Molson went to a no contest when Johnny Glitter came out and pointed out that the old tag team known as The Lumberjacks had made their mother cry. The Molsons, seeing that this wasn’t the way things should be, got out of the ring to hug their mother. The Killer Steves ambushed andcornered Johnny Glitter, but were taken out by Jak and Jake Molson! Glitter then announced that the team once known as the Lumberjacks would reunite to take on the Killer Steves!
  • February 18, 2006 – AWA Maximum Championship Wrestling in Dover, Deleware: Shawn Fury and Joshua Chase b Salvation 2K6, Rockin Rebel and Zac Conner b Jimmy Dream and Joseph Brooks, Savage Impact b Established, Matt Turner b E.L. Stanley, Shorty Smalls b Bazooka Joe, Chris Wylde b Eric Chapel, Gemini Trojans b Chris Wylde and Dragonfly, Phoenix and Vulture b Team Rage, Chucky Wynn won Battle Royal, Southern Justice b Brandon Mercury and Jawree Turnbuckles, Massive Mike b Sam Jones.
  • March 24, 2006 – AWA Power Pro in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Josh Smith b C.J. Smith, Thomas Simpson and Darkness b S.T. Riker and Triple Thrilla, Kirby and T.J. Mack b Yoshi Hiroshima and Roxi Nagasaki, Ken Magnum b Josh Oglesby, Bobby Houston and Jake Manning b Mike Storm and Chris Guerrero, Derek Rave b Ultra Dragon, Manslaughter b Zack Salvation, James Drake and Tony Kozina b Neil Nitro and Brice Anthony, Gregory Vercetti and J-Sinn b Josh Oglesby and Kid Country, Brandon Paradise b B.J. Hancock, Scottie Wrenn b Manslaughter, Ken Magnum b Hiroshima, Ultra Dragon b Salvation, Team Macktion and Brandon Paradise b Queen City Kings and Derek Rave, Viper and Jesse Black b Rocky Starr and Hallowicked, Mikki Free b Michael Frehley, East West Connection b Mike Storm and Chris Guerrero, Scottie Wrenn b Rowdy James-DQ. Next show is 4/28.
  • March 5, 2006 – AWA/CWA MONTREAL – TV Tapings in Montreal, Quebec: Abdul Hannish b Jefrex, Gino Martino b Hellraiser Payne to retain the AWA Brass Knuckles title, Moonlight b Shadow,The Enforcer b Voltage, Damien Vachon b Ivan Sullivan and Osirus in a 3-WAY, The Hickster b Jefrex, The Alliance of Violence (Pierre Vachon and Gino Martino) b Karnage and Abdul Hannish in a Tag Team Turmoil Match | Internet Television Championship 3rd Round Matches: Damien Vachon b Osirus, Karnage b the Prophet, Pierre Vachon b “Iron” Mike Lyons, Brick Crawford b Gorgeous Mike.
  • March 19, 2006 – AWA/CWA MONTREAL – TV Tapings in Montreal, Quebec: Above Standards b Ivan Sullivan and Tim Pittman, Moonlight b Tim Pittman, Karnage and Abdul Hannish b Jefrex and Rebel, Osirus b Sean Impact, Alliance of Violence (Gino Martino and Pierre Vachon) b The Hellraisers (Pain and Mizery), Los Latinos b Bad Radiation 2000, Osirus b Jefrex, Iron Mask b The Prophet, Gino Martino b Abdul Hannish in a bloody Match to retain the AWA Brass knuckles title, Brick Crawford won the battle royal to become #1 Contender to the AWA/CWA heavyweight title | Semi Finals for the Internet Television Championship: Karnage b Pierre Vachon in a Dog collar match, Brick Crawford b Damian Vachon.
  • April 15, 2006 – AWA Brew City Wrestling – Homecoming in Wisconsin at BCW Arena: Red Lightning b Big Daddy Hoof with a sit-out powerbomb, “Metalhead” Steve Stone b Angel Armani by DQ, “El Vato” El Vato b “Irish” Mickie McCoy with a frog splash, Dinn T. Moore b Mason Quinn, “World’s Sexiest Midget” Shortstack b Nick Colluci in a Dog Collar Chain match, Doink the Clown b T.C. Washington, Lust (Bobby Valentino and Stevie Dredd) b Aristocrats (Daryck St. Holmes and Quinson Valentino) and Xavier Mustaffa and Chris Black in a 3-WAY Elimination match to retain the Tag Team titles, Dysfunction b Austin Aries (billed as a hometown hero).
  • June 14, 2006 – AWA World Wide in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Speedrome: N8 Mattson b Noah Lott, John Heidenreich b Eddie Venom, Dysfunction b Dinn T Moore to retain the AWA Brew City title, Team Macktion (Kirby Mack and T.J. Mack) b The Henchmen to win the AWA World Tag Team titles, The Old School Blondes (Steve Corino and Ricky Landell w/Jon Stewart) b Team Macktion (Kirby Mack and T.J. Mack) to win the AWA World Tag Team titles, Dick the Bruiser Jr. b Frankie DeFalco, Ric Converse b Takao Omori to win the AWA World Heavyweight Title, The Honky Tonk Man b Kim Chee in a bonus main event.
  • June 17, 2006 – AWA World Wide – Super Clash (A Wrestlers Reunion) in Rochester, Minnesota: Acid Jazz b Malikai, Poision b Assassin in a Hardcore Rules match, Frankie “The Thumper” DeFalco b Tom “Rocky” Stone, “All That” Steve Boz b Jonnie Stewart, Zach Gowen b Ricky Landell, Takao Omori b Steve Corino w/Sheik Adnan AlKassey – – Notes: Appearances by AWA Legends Sheik Adnan AlKassey, Baron Von Raschke, Tom “Rocky” Stone, Frankie “The Thumper” DeFalco and Jonnie Stewart.
  • June 24, 2006 – AWA Brew City Wrestling in Big Bend, Wisconsin: Xavier Mustafa b Steve Jordan, Scotty Pride b T.C. Washington, Derek St. Holmes b Lust, Great Malenko b Alto, Dinty Moore b Micky McCoy, Dysfunction DCOR Steve Stone.
  • July 15, 2006 – AWA Great American Wrestling Federation in Hossford, Florida: Dan Delicious b Mr. Fantasy, Aaron Idol b Confederate Kid, Shawn Pete b Mr. I 2.0-, Damian LaVaye b Street Bandit, Peggy Lee Leather b Bambi, ADT b Big Money Wrestlers, Nightmare (Ted Allen) b Bob Armstrong.
  • July 21, 2006 – AWA Power Pro in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Kris Crisifix b Josh, Dominous and S.T Ryker and Leviathan b Yohiro and Mario Gracie and Vicious V, Viper b Chris Guerrero, B.J. Hancock b Michael Frehley, T.J. Mack and Neil Nitro and Brice Anthony b Otto Schwanz and Jake Manning and Derek Rave, Ken Magnum b Stoney Hooker, Jimbo Fox b Manslaughter when Jeff Hardy interfered.
  • August 12, 2006 – AWA Super Clash in Amite, Louisiana before 700 fans: Ro-Z b Salvatore Sincere, The Cross Examiner b Kim Chee, Zach Gowen b Jonnie Stewart, The East Coast Connection b The Heartbreak Express and Kirby Mack and T.J. Mack in a 3-WAY Tag, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams and The Patriot b Ricky Landell and Steve Corino, Ric Converse b Aaron Aguilera to retain the AWA World Heavyweight title.
  • September 23, 2006 – AWA Power Pro in Hendersonville, North Carolina: Mike McCloud and Jason Jones and Kid Syde b Kid Kwik and Manslaughter and Bryce Bryant, Kid Syde b Dick Foley, Michael Frehley and The Josh and Drew McElrath b Truitt Fields and Phil Shatter, Stoney Hooker b Tony Kozina and Jeff Lewis and Rocky Starr and Shea Shea McGrady and Yoshi Hiroshima in a 6-WAY, Nitro and Blitz and Black Vulcan b Ostgard and Zack Salvation and Rowdy James, Derek Ryze and B.J.Hancock b Kirby and T.J. Mack, Ric Converse b Ken Magnum to retain the AWA World title.
  • September 23, 2006 – AWA Great American Wrestling in Hosford, Florida: The Tatum Brothers b Maxwell Chicago and Jorge Guadalajara, Kamikaze Kowboy b Aaron Idol, The Street Bandits b Adam Armor, The Sex Pistols b The Cobra and Confederate Kid, Steve Dalton b Kurt Nickles, Scott Steiner b David Young.
  • October 28, 2006 – AWA Power Pro in Hendersonville, North Carolina before 75 fans: T. Dogg HG and S.T. Riker b Collin Knox and Vigorous V, B.J. Hancock and Leviathan and Manslaughter and Jamie Lee and James Drake and Ali Khan and Mustafa Khan b Black Vulcan and Viper and Bryce Bryant and Rocky Starr and Princess Bubbles and Triple Thrilla and Yoshi Hiroshima, Cham Pain b Ashley Walker, Drew McElreath and Michael Frehgley and Josh b Kid Syde and Mike McCloud and Kris Chrisifix, Dick Foley b Ostgard, Ken Magnum b Dexter Poindexter, Neil Nitro and Bryce Anthony b Jake Manning and Bobby Houston, Kirby Mack b Tony Kozina and Derek Ryze and Stoney Hooker in a 4-WAY to retain the AWA Light Heavyweight title – Notes: This was the final show under the ownership of Thomas Simpson.
  • November 18, 2006 – AWA North Atlantic/NWH in Milford, Maine: Robbie Ellis b Cruiserweight Champion “Killer” Kyle Krup, Scotty Vegas, Kid TNT, Cameron Mathews, Mark Rage, and Sheik Frankie Ali in a Reverse Battle Royal Elimination Match to become the NEW AWA NA Cruiserweight Champion, Donny Dangerous b “Too Fit” Eric Atlas in a Bullrope Match, Luke Robinson b “Blackjack” Wild in a Hardcore Match, Cameron Mathews b “Heartstopper” Chase San Antone in a Last Man Standing Match, “Enforcer” Larry Huntley was declared the NEW AWA North Atlantic Heavyweight Champion after Alex Chamberlain refused to defend the championship, “Heartstopper” Chase San Antone and “Too Fit” Eric Atlas defeated the Dangerous Alliance-Donny Dangerous and Northern Outlaw, Sheik Frankie Ali and Osirus, and the Bomb Squad in a Four Team Elimination Match, Sidewalk Sam b Canadian Moondog in a TLC Match to retain the AWA North Atlantic Television Title.
  • December 22, 2006 – AWA North Atlantic/NWH in Old Town, Maine: “Pro” Zac Carter b Kid TNT, “Too Fit” Eric Atlas b Larry Huntley by DQ, Luke Robinson b Scotty Vegas, Blackjack Wild and John “The Bomb” Bryar b Sheik Frankie Ali and Mark Rage, Cameron Matthews vs Osirus fought ended in a time limit draw, Chase San Antone and Eric Atlas and John Bryar b Larry Huntley and Donny Dangerous and Northern Outlaw.
  • November 25, 2006 – AWA World-One Pro-Wrestling in Valdosta, Georgia: Dragon Warrior b Lance Alonte, KI Elite b Dave Holiday and “Lifeguard” Wade Koverly, Big Bank Barfield b Chris Jones, Jack Manley b Francisco Ciatso (w/Ron Niemi and Amy Vitale) (Ciatso’s jealous rage got the best of him when all his attention was focused on his girlfriend, Amy Vitale, when she was flirting with and cheering for fan favorite, Jack Manley), Chasyn Rance (w/So-Cal Val and Mister Saint Laurent) b Ricky Silver to win the Pro Wrestling World 1 Light Heavyweight title, Jon Davis b Syrian Slasher by DQ, The Heartbreak Express w/Gary Garvin b The Cross Examiner and The Nightmare to win the Pro Wrestling World 1 Tag Team titles, Demolition Axe b Glacier (Ray Lloyd).
  • November 30, 2006 – AWA North Atlantic/NWH in Old Town, Maine: Luke Robinson b “Blackjack” Wild, Robbie Ellis b Kid TNT, Dangerous Alliance-Donny Dangerous and Northern Outlaw b “Heartstopper” Chase San Antone and John Bryar, Canadian Moondog b Cameron Mathews, “Too Fit” Eric Atlas b Sidewalk Sam to become the NEW AWA North Atlantic Television Champion – Notes: Following the show, the newly appointed Commissioner Damian Main announced that he needed to shake things up and was stripping of the champions of there titles. More information will be provided in the next week.

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