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  • April 5, 1982 – Lawler vs Kaufman in Memphis, TN at The Mid-South Coliseum: Jerry Lawler b The Monk, Bobby Fulton b J.R. Hart, Rick McCord b Tojo Yamamoto, The Fabulous Ones and Eric Embry b Luke Graham and The Angel and Dream Machine, Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose beat Roy Rogers and Dutch Mantel, Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware) b Robert Gibson and Steve Keirn, Andy Kaufman b Jerry Lawler by DQ when Lawler used a Piledriver.
  • March 7, 1994 – Memphis Memories in Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum: The Nightmares and Skull Von Crush b Spellbinder and King Cobra and Jeff Gaylord, JC Ice vs Wolfie D ended in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT, Koko B. Ware b Billy Travis, Tommy Rich b Jimmy Valiant by DQ, Moondogs Rex and Moondog Spot (USWA Tag Champions) b Leatherface and Frankenstein, Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol and Brian Christopher b Terry Funk and Eddie and Doug Gilbert by DQ, Memphis Hall of Fame Induction: (Tommy Gilbert, Al and Don Greene, Jerry Jarrett, Lance Russell and Sputnik Monroe were Inducted), Jerry Lawler won a “Four Corners” match in over 40 minutes (Included: Jimmy Valiant and Brian Christopher and Austin Idol and Terry Funk and Tommy Rich and Moondog Spot and Koko B Ware and Eddie and Doug Gilbert),
  • June 10, 1995 – Memphis Memories II in Memphis, TN at The Mid-South Coliseum: Legends Introduction: Corsica Joe and Tommy Gilbert and Gypsy Joe and Jerry Jarrett and Sara Lee and Eddie Marlin and Frank Morell and Buddy Wayne and Jim White – – Memphis Hall of Fame Induction: Jackie Fargo and Eddie Gilbert (posthumously) and Phil Hickerson and Jos LeDuc and Billy Wicks – – Mr. World Class and Max Muscle and The Gambler and Gorgeous George III b David Haskins and Super Mario and Scott Studd and King Cobra, Bob Armstrong b Gypsy Joe, Billy Jack Haynes b Brickhouse Brown, Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert b Bill Dundee and Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant b Phil Hickerson and Jos LeDuc, Moondogs Rex and Moondog Spot b PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D), Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert b Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant, The Fabulous Ones b Moondogs Rex and Moondog Spot, The Fabulous Ones b Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert to win the Best of Memphis Tag Team Tournament.

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