NWA Powerrr 10 22 2019

Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Footage of Nick Aldis’ successful title defense over Tim Storm in Power’s debut episode is played. Highlights include Aldis’ confrontation with commentator Joe Galli, who attempted to question the champ’s manager Kamille following the bout. Aldis responded with anger, claiming that Galli was looking for clickbait headlines. Galli addresses the camera and says that he’ll have another interview with Aldis later on, where they’ll talk about his next challenger for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Powerrr intro.

Jim Cornette and Joe Galli welcome us to the show. Eddie Kingston interrupts and says that last week’s main event was ruined by the Dawsons, and that the NWA will grant him and his partner Homicide another shot at the NWA tag team titles. However, he now wants a chance for revenge on the Dawsons. Cornette asks when he would like that match to happen: “Right now. We’ll do it in the parking lot. I don’t care,” says Kingston. “I have nothing to live for. All I have is pro-wrestling.” Crowd cheers loudly for the prospect of the match.

Marti Belle and Crystal Rose are in the ring for our opening contest.

Crystal Rose versus Marti Belle

Belle applies a waistlock to begin. Rose escapes and the women reset. Arm-drag from Belle. She gets trapped in the corner but frankensteiner’s her way out. Belle with an Irish-Whip. She nails Rose in the corner with an elbow. Rose fires back by driving her knees into Belle’s face. Stomp to the back. Rose lifts Belle in a firemans carry…Belle elbows her way out, then hits a huge lariat. Discus forearm knocks Rose to the mat. Belle plays to the crowd…another running corner attack. Belle connects with her finisher…that’ll do it.

Marti Belle wins by pinfall

Over to the interview desk with the Dawsons. They’re asked about their attack in last week’s main event. They say it’s time that they throw their weight around to enforce their will in the NWA tag division. They are willing to challenge any two competitors backstage…except for Homicide and Eddie Kingston. Crowd boos as the Dawsons leave laughing.

Coming up next…Tim Storm. Vignette plays hyping Thunder Rosa.

Aron Stevens approaches the interview desk with Joe Galli. Galli says he was supposed to talk to Tim Storm, but wonders if Stevens is out to answer the Dawsons’ challenge. He is dressed like a pirate, which prompts a Captain Morgan chant. Stevens says he is wearing that to promote his newest film project, Tropical Pirates. A trailer plays, showing clips of Stevens on a boat, and teasing a release for 2020. This ends the segment.

An ad for the Ten Pounds of Gold DVD set is aired. Another clip of Tim Storm’s loss to Aldis is played. His interview will come after this next match between Dan Parker and Caleb Konley.

Dan Parker versus Caleb Konley

Shoving match to begin. Konley headlocks Parker to the mat. Nice sequence of ground-wrestling. Konley jumps up and unloads stiff strikes onto Parker. Konley to the apron…he rocks Parker with an elbow, then hits a leg-sweep/senton combo inside the ring for a nearfall. Konley charges Parker in the corner…he moves…Konley tries to go up but Parker whips out his leg to gain control. He follows up with a kitchen-sink knee before applying an abdominal stretch. He grabs the ropes for added leverage…the referee sees it and forces him to break the hold. Konley starts a comeback. Spinning back fist and back suplex. He climbs to the middle-rope…he springs to the top and connects with a moonsault for the victory.

Caleb Konley wins by pinfall

Tim Storm comes out for his interview. Storm commends Nick Aldis, calling Nick Aldis a true “champions champion.” Storm admits that when he was the top guy, the NWA was in a different place. Someone in the crowd yells that they love Storm. He responds, “I know, but so does mama Storm.” Storm wonders what his future in wrestling will be. Eli Drake interrupts. He tells Storm that he sounds somber, as if he’s ready to quit. “You keep talking about mama Storm. She’s probably worried about you getting hurt, but she’s probably more worried about you giving up.” Drake goes on to name former NWA champions like Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, and says that Storm is an elite name next to them. Drake asks Storm to team up with him to face the Dawsons tonight, and maybe they can go after the tag titles someday. Storm appreciates Drake’s words, and promises him that he’ll think about the offer.

Out next is Jocephus, who is looking to publicly apologize to the NWA National champion James Storm after their showdown on the debut episode of Power. Colt Cabana comes out and approaches Jocephus. Cabana imitates Storm by putting on a cowboy hat and pantomiming six-shooters. They shake hands. Jocephus throws powder in Cabana’s eyes and tosses him in the ring. He mocks Cabana who is having trouble seeing. Storm appears behind him…superkick knocks Jocephus out. He looks as if he’s going to attack Cabana but Mr. Anderson pulls him out of the ring.

Back at the interview desk, NWA world champion Nick Aldis comes out with Kamille to talk with Joe Galli. Aldis asks, “Is the NWA cooking or what?” Fans chant loudly. Aldis says that there is a bit of a horse race among competitors to become the number one contender. He claims that Ricky Starks would be his first draft pick as the future of the wrestling business, but says that if no clear contender emerges, he will go to another promotion to seek a challenger. Galli brings up Kamille not being able to speak for herself again. Aldis tells Galli that if he wants to hear from Kamilla to ask her a question. Galli does, but Kamille just stares him down. Aldis jumps in: “Kamille doesn’t speak because she doesn’t feel like speaking, but I promise when she does you’ll be the first to know.” They exit.

After a quick commercial, Eli Drake returns in his ring-gear. Tim Storm comes out in his gear as well to the delight of the crowd. The Dawsons are out next, and this matchup is underway.

The Dawsons versus Eli Drake/Tim Storm

Drake and Dave begin. Tie-up. Dave shows off his power and traps Drake in the corner. He nails a few shots. Drake responds with a series of running lariats. The third-one finally takes him down. Spinning neckbreaker. Drake goes for a suplex but Dave blocks it. Zayn comes in and goes for a suplex on Drake…he turns it into another neckbreaker. Storm tags in and rocks Zayn with big haymakers. Tandem offense from Drake and Storm. Zayn retakes control over Drake but Drake gets to the middle ropes and brings the big guy down with a facebuster. Storm returns and smashes Zayn’s face off the top turnbuckle. Corner splash. Quick tags by Storm and Drake in an attempt to wear Zayn down. The Dawsons trap Storm in their corner and target his midsection. Crowd tries to rally Storm back into the match. He manages to bring in a fresh Drake. Russian leg-sweep to Zayn. He knocks Dave off the apron, then sleeper drops Zayn for a two count. Storm goes to throw Drake into Dave but he moves and Drake collides with the ringpost. This gives the Dawons the opening to take Storm out with a splash/slam combo for the win.

The Dawsons win by pinfall

Post match, the Dawsons continue their assault on Storm while Drake is out on the outside. Homicide and Eddie Kingston run the Dawsons off. They immediately flee. Nick Aldis comes to the ring and checks on Tim Storm.

That’s the show friends.

credit wrestlinginc.com