NWA Powerrr 10 29 2019

Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

A trailer of Aron Stevens’ new movie, entitled Tropical Pirates, plays. Graphic reads that it comes out in 2020. A series of tweets praising the first three weeks of Powerrr is shown as the countdown to the show reaches zero.

A recap of last week’s episode, which included Tim Storm’s alliance with Eli Drake, is shown. The two teamed up to face the Dawsons in a losing effort. Post match, world champion Nick Aldis came to check on Storm with Drake watching on.

Powerrrr intro song.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of NWA Powerrr. They run down the evening’s card. The National Heavyweight champion James Storm approaches the desk. He says he’s tired of having to prove himself week after week. “I don’t have to prove anything,” growls Storm. He calls out Colt Cabana, who comes out to confront Storm. Cabana says everyone knows that the title belongs to him, and the only reason he doesn’t have it is because of his bum leg. Eli Drake and Nick Aldis join in. Aldis acknowledges Storm’s constant challenges, then says that Drake’s only vice in life is that he wants to be just like him. Aldis challenges Storm to a six-man tag match, telling the National champion that he can bring any two men he wants. Aldis says that if his team wins, Cabana gets a rematch for the National title. Storm responds: “If my team wins…I get at a shot at that.” (Pointing to the world’s title). Both men agree ending the segment.

Footage of Aldis accidentally clotheslining Kamille, and the ongoing controversy between Aldis and commentator Joe Galli. Galli has attempted several times to ask Kamille about how she feels, but she’s chosen not to speak.

After a quick break, Trevor Murdoch gets interviewed. Murdoch claims that he’s had to work for everything he’s got in this business. “I’m here for a contract. I’m here to work for the NWA.” Murdoch explains how he arranged a matchup with Jocephus, telling management not to suspend Jocephus for throwing powder in Colt Cabana’s face, but instead putting them against each other. This brings out Jocephus who jabs back at Murdoch, then pushes Murdoch into the ring post. This bout is officially underway.

Trevor Murdoch versus Jocephus

Jocephus continues to work over Murdoch after the sneak attack. Murdoch shakes it off, then drops Jocephus with a short-armed lariat. He mounts Jocephus in the corner for a ten-punch but Jocephus dumps Murdoch into the ropes. Jocephus goes to throw powder at Murdoch…Murdoch punts it into Jocephus’ face! Middle-rope bulldog. It’s over!

Trevor Murdoch wins by pinfall

Vignette hyping up Thunder Rosa. Graphic says she’ll be making her NWA debut soon.

Aron Stevens is out for an interview. Galli reminds the audience to not make eye contact with Stevens. “The last time I was out here, I was promoting my movie-” Ricky Starks interrupts. Stevens makes a joke about Starks being his stunt double. Starks replies by slapping him in the face. Stevens stumbles off set. Starks boldly states that Stevens talks too much.

Flashback to Eddie Kingston and Homicide’s rivalry with the NWA tag champions Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs. The two teams collided two weeks ago but were interrupted by the Dawsons. A no DQ showdown between Kingston, Homicide, and the Dawsons is coming up next.

Footage of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express competing in the Crockett Cup tournament is shown.

The Dawsons are out first. Homicide and Kingston come out of nowhere for a blind-side attack! Latimer and Isaacs watch on from the commentary desk to see who wins.

Eddie Kingston/Homicide versus The Dawsons No Disqualification

Kingston brawls with Zane on the outside while Homicide and Dave fight in the ring. Kingston misses a chop and strikes the ringpost giving Zane an opportunity to take the advantage. Meanwhile, Homicide chokes Dave with a studio cable cord. He breaks free and throws two chairs into the ring. Chair shot to the back of Kingston by Dave. Homicide facebusters Zane off the other chair. He baits Zane in…cutter for a nearfall. The Dawsons go after Kingston’s injured hand. Dave sets up the chairs in the center…double-suplex from the Dawsons sends Kingston through the chairs. Homicide tries to battle the Dawsons on his own but the numbers game gets the better of him. Zane smashes a chair off Homicide’s head. They bury him with chairs. Zane screams to the audience, “He’s a dead man!” Isaacs and Latimer interfere! They attack the Dawons, then Isaacs DVD’s Kingston onto the chairs. Dave crawls over to pin Kingston…it’s over.

The Dawsons win by pinfall

Commentary screams at how wild the match was. Homicide attends to Kingston as the Dawsons celebrate their victory.

Marti Belle interview from earlier in the day is played. She calls women’s champion Allysin Kay her best friend, but tonight she hopes to prove that she is worthy of being champion herself. She runs out to the ring, preparing to face Ashley Vox.

Prior to the match beginning, Allysin Kay tells both women that neither are ready to be champ, but that she’ll be watching from ringside.

Marti Belle versus Ashley Vox

Belle hits a neckbreaker and a pump kick to start. Vox with some misdrection…dropkick sends Belle to the mat. Vox slows the action by applying a hammerlock…Belle forces Vox into the corner to break the hold. Running corner knee by Belle. Cover…only two. Belle connects with two suplexes, then transitions to a Russian leg-sweep for a nearfall. Vox fires back by taking Belle down…jumping senton. Belle shakes it off…discus punch. Another corner attack by Belle. She misses a third…Vox rocks Belle with a headbutt. She goes to the apron…shoulder thrust but Belle scouts the headscissors. She sets up for a double-underhook maneuver…Vox turns it into a modified chicken-wing! Belle powers out…jacknife cover with bridge by Vox…got her!

Ashley Vox wins by pinfall

Allysin Kay looks impressed after Vox’s victory. Thunder Rosa appears! She enters the ring and offers a handshake to Marti Belle…Belle denies it. Rosa looks on from the ring ending the segment.

Commercial for Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Orons. This week if you buy 4 waffles…you get 4 tire irons for free! (What a deal!)

The face-off between Nick Aldis, James Storm, Eli Drake, and Colt Cabana from earlier in the show is played again. Commentary wonders who the mystery parnters will be.

Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks will now have a match following their earlier confrontation.

Aron Stevens versus Ricky Starks

Tie-up. Stevens shows off some nice chain-wrestling. He misses a jumping splash. Starks takes advantage by chopping Stevens in the chest. Stevens hits an elbow and goes for a turnbuckle smash but Starks blocks it and nails a dropkick. Early cover…Stevens kicks out with ease. Arm-submission from Starks. Stevens uses the ref to his advantage…he kicks the ropes into Starks’ groin to take control. Crowd boos. Russian leg-sweep. Stevens plays to the crowd. He slaps Starks in the face, which wakes the youngster up. Right hands. Sling-blade, and back-body drop in succession. Starks fakes a slap, which makes Stevens cover up…victory roll pin…Starks wins!

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall

Afterwards Stevens engages the crowd with a fun “Yes” and “No” chant.

Advertisement for the NWA “Into The Fire” pay per view in December. It’s sold out.

Main event time. James Storm is out first. His partners? The NWA tag team champions Wildcards (Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer). They’ll be facing Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Mr. Anderson. Remember, if Aldis wins Cabana gets a shot at Storm’s National championship. If Storm’s team wins…Storm gets a shot at Aldis’ world championship, but will have to relinquish his title.

Team Aldis versus Team Storm

Storm and Aldis begin. Latimer tags in before they tangle. Latimer wrenches Adlis’ arm and powers him to the mat. Aldis with an impressive counter to reverse the pressure. Latimer kicks Aldis in the chest but the champ applies a deep wristlock. Anderson comes in for team Aldis. Latimer strikes him with a heavy right hand. Anderson responds with a lariat. Headlock. Cabana makes a blind tag and sunset flips Latimer for a two count. Isaacs tags in. Cabana takes out the Isaacs and Latimer with elbows. He then calls in James Storm but Wildcard sneak attacks him from behind. Storm finally tags in and hits a running elbow on Cabana. He traps Cabana in his team’s corner. Latimer back in. Huge decapitating lariat drops Cabana. Isaacs jumps in and scoop slams Cabana. He goes for a middle-rope attack…Cabana gets the boots up! He makes the hot tag to Anderson.

Anderson with a combo onto Storm ending with a neckbreaker. Latimer pushes Anderson to the corner but Anderson picks him up for a rolling samoan drop. Cover…shoulder up by Latimer. Anderson connects with the mic-check. All six men in now. Aldis takes out Wildcard with a dropkick. Storm codebreaker’s Aldis. Double-lariat and everyone is down. Crowd chants “NWA.” Latimer charges Cabana in the corner…he gets sent to the mat…superman pin from Cabana…got em!

Team Aldis wins by pinfall

This victory means that Colt Cabana will receive a future shot at Storm’s National championship. Team Aldis celebrates, while Storm looks on displeased.

That’s the show friends.

credit wrestlinginc.com