NWA Powerrr 01 28 2020

Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

A look back at Marty Scurll’s appearance at this past Friday’s Hard Times pay per view, where the Villain says that he’s aiming at a shot at Nick Aldis’ world championship. This led to Aldis putting his title on the line against Flip Gordon in a successful defense, which means all of Aldis’s future business with ROH is on his terms.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett officially welcome us to NWA Powerrr. Bennett introduces Sean Mooney as the latest member of the broadcast team. He introduces world champion Nick Aldis, who is met by a chorus of boos. Mooney congratulates Aldis on retaining the title at Hard Times. Aldis officially welcomes Mooney to the NWA before addressing Villain Enterprises. “I am not a man who boasts…I am not a man who brags…I deal exclusively in facts Sean, and the fact is that Flip Gordon is one of the most formidable wrestlers in the world today…except when he’s there with the ole National Treasure.” He calls Flip a flop. “You just learned first hand what every member of Villain Enterprises is soon going to find out. You are looking at the greatest world’s champion of the modern era…don’t @ me.”

Mooney interrupts by saying that Scurll was here to step up to Aldis, but Aldis had him removed. “I had Scurll escorted from the building for two reasons. Number one because I needed to make sure that I maintain the integrity of the world’s championship. The second reason…is because…like I told Marty to his face…from here on out…I call the shots. It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to understand. Everyone here knows who is pulling the wagon, who is keeping the lights on around here. Just call me the marathon man, because I run this show.” Aldis reveals that he’s arranged a private close-set meeting with himself and Marty Scurll that will air by the end of today’s episode. “By the time that you’ve seen this sit-down…you’ll know why they call me the dealer.”

Advertisement for a Hard Times replay on FITE TV. Footage of Eli Drake and James Storm becoming the new NWA tag team champions at that event is played. Post match Drake and Storm gave the former champs, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, a hug and thanked them for everything they’ve done for the promotion.

Back to the commentary table, Sal Rinauro joins Bennett and Galli. He says he was supposed to face Royce Isaacs but he broke his arm. He’ll be out for at least two months. Isaacs makes his way out accompanied by May Valentine. His opponent…Andre Guhn…is already in the ring.

Royce Isaacs versus Andre Guhn

Tie-up. Isaacs forces Guhn to the ropes and hits a body shot. To the corner…Isaacs lands a huge chop and smashes Guhn’s head off the turnbuckle. Irish-whip…Guhn pops over but Guhn connects with a dropkick to the knee. Deadlift fisherman’s suplex by Isaacs for a nearfall. Guhn fires off a dropkick that sends Isaacs to ringside. Valentine gives him a pep-talk before he returns to the ring. Rinauro makes a comment that Isaacs hears. He argues with Rinauro and almost gets counted out. Thankfully Valentine reminds him. Isaacs sprints back inside…Guhn cradles him…two count! Isaacs takes back control with a lariat. Full-nelson into a German suplex. That’ll do it.

Royce Isaacs wins by pinfall

Afterwards Isaacs yells at Valentine for conversing with Rinauro.

A replay of the women’s title match between new champion Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay from Hard Times is played. Rosa won the belt after connecting with her Thunder driver finisher. Rosa became the first Mexican-born NWA women’s champion with the victory. Melina and Marti Belle congratulated her afterwards.

Commercial for NWA merchandise.

A vignette showing Eddie Kingston facing off against Zane Dawson is played. Dave Dawson would then come out and attack Kingston by whipping him into the turnbuckles.

Kye Davis introduces Thunder Rosa to the interview station. She receives a huge ovation from the crowd. Melina and Marti Belle follow. Davis asks Rosa a question but Melina answers, claiming that with her guidance champions are made. “Everytime they cheer for Rosa…I made that happen.” Melina continues to speak about the lesson they taught Allysin Kay but the studio crowd boo. Davis reveals that Kay has gone to NWA management and asked for her rematch clause. That match will take place next week. Rosa says that if she has to fight Allysin Kay a million times, she’ll beat her every single time. “There is no woman on this roster or on this planet that can stop me.” Melina cuts the interview short ending the segment.

Replay of Stu Bennett announcing that NWA’s next pay per view will be the Crockett Cup, coming this April.

Marty Scurll is shown waiting for Aldis from their closed-doors meeting. Scurll complains that he has things to do and that Aldis is doing this on purpose.

Footage of Ricky Starks winning the NWA Television championship at Hard Times is played. Starks scored three straight victories in the title tournament, defeating Matt Cross, Tim Storm, and Trevor Murdoch in the finals.

Dave Marquez welcomes Starks to the interview desk. Starks says that the weekend was Hard Times, calling his opponents some of the toughest he’s ever been in the ring with. He says that he’ll have to fill the shoes of Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Terry Funk, and Dusty Rhodes. “There are a lot of people trying to rewrite history but they ain’t got no pen. Well baby…Starks is your writers. I’m not trying to rewrite history…all I’m saying I want to extend the story. Everywhere you look…you will see this pretty face.” Starks then calls out Zicky Dice to face him man-to-man.

Dice comes out. He says he is impressed by Starks’ victories at Hard Times. He says that he should have been champion but NWA brought in that mutant freak Dan Maff to face him in the tournament. Dice says that he’s wearing $10,000 sunglasses, a $4,500 earring, and a $16,000 fanny pack. “Zicky Dice is television.” Starks wants Dice to get in the ring so he can face him right now. Dice obliges. Match is made official by a graphic. It has a time limit of 6:05.

Ricky Starks versus Zicky Dice for the NWA Television Championship

Tie-up. Dice takes Starks down with an arm-drag. He plays to the crowd. Running shoulder bump takes Starks to the ground. He goes to leap over Dice but Dice turns it into an atomic drop. Starks shows off his athleticism by avoiding attacks, then dumps Dice to the apron. Dice smashes Starks’ face off the turnbuckle and climbs…Starks catches him with a right hand. He bounces Dice off the ropes…lariat from Dice. He chokes him with his boot. Northern lights suplex for a nearfall. Commentary tells us that if Starks survives the time-limit it counts as a successful defense. Starks nails a sling-blade. He charges Dice in the corner…Dice puts him on top but Starks rocks him and hits a missile dropkick. Cover…only two. Starks goes for a suplex…Dice with a right hand…Starks responds with one of his own. Dice goes for the rude awakening neckbreaker…Starks has it scouted…atomic drop. Starks lands the stroke finisher…it’s over.

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall to retain the NWA Television Championship

Tag champs Eli Drake and James Storm meet Joe Galli at the interview desk. Drake gets the crowd going with his signature catch phrases. Galli asks if he and Storm have come up with a tag team name. Drake says it doesn’t matter what they are called, because they are the champs. Storm tells every competitor in the back “Sorry about your damn luck.” National champion Aron Stevens and his mentor the Question Mark meet Drake and Storm at the table. Stevens commends himself for still being the National champion. Storm says Stevens looks like that stupid cow from Chic-Filet. Storm continues to berate Stevens with corny jokes, including taking a shot at Ronda Rousey. Drake hands Joe Galli a piece of paper that has their number on it and tells Stevens and Question Mark that when it’s their time…it’s their ass. They leave but Question Mark and Stevens remain.

Trevor Murdoch is out next. He says that he went to hell and back at Hard Times, and that he lost to a fighting champion in Ricky Starks. Murdoch however, has zero respect for Stevens. Murdoch reveals that he went to the NWA…and that next week on Powerrr…Stevens will defend his National championship against Murdoch. The Question Mark then strikes Murdoch in the throat with a stiff karate strike. This ends the segment.

Replay of the Nick Aldis and Flip Gordon matchup from Hard Times. Aldis survived two springboard stunners, then stacked Gordon to retain his NWA world title. The Aldis and Scurll private meeting is coming up next.

Another commercial for NWA merchandise, including a special deal on Crockett Cup pins.

Aldis finally arrives and has his sit-down with Scurll. Aldis tells Scurll that he’s put him in a tough position. “I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to be a nice guy and turn the other cheek, but I get really pissed off with despite the fact that I do everything right, I take care of myself, I protect his house, I go above and beyond for this company. I always look out for the boys, and yet I’ve been saddled with some reputation that I’m difficult to deal with. We’ve been friends…more than friends…since we were teenagers.” Aldis continues by saying that there are those out there in this business that play nice guy, but act like an A**hole backstage. He says he never expected Scurll to turn into one of those guys. He recalls their last title showdown together, admitting that he almost passed out from blood loss…a match that Aldis eventually won. “You know as well as I do that the Crockett Cup 2019 was the final notch for you to be where you need to be. Then you land this life-changing deal, then you come in here and try to take what’s mine.”

Scurll responds by saying that even though he’s made the deal, he’s never been world champ. He says that everytime he goes to a meet-and-greet fans tell him that he should have been champ. He should have won at Madison Square Garden, he should have won at the Crockett Cup. He doesn’t want his career to be defined by being a guy who has never won the big one. “I know that I can beat you Nick.” Aldis says that they’ve already been there, and made him tap out. Scurll says he wants to do it one more time because he know he can do it. “One last chance for me.” Aldis asks if he’s willing to give up his purse. Scurll responds by saying he doesn’t care about the money. Aldis tells Scurll that at the Crockett Cup 2020 they will fight. Aldis says that he defines the terms. Let’s give you something to lose. “But what happens if you happen to pay for your greed and your ego. If you don’t win…and if I put you down one more time. You personally cut a check and refund everyone in the arena’s ticket.” He calls it a money back guarantee and says that they may want to believe this business is not about money, but they know it is. “If you’re willing to risk that, then you know where to find me.”

Aldis walks off as Scurll contemplates this massive decision.

That’s the show friends.

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