Independent Wrestling Results - June 2008

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  1. June 1, 2008--3KWrestling & Revolution Dojo in Limerick, Pennsylvania at Gold's Gym: Ryan Sawyer (Revolution) b Jonny Cash (B4W), The Six10Mafia of CM Serenyi & Taj Mahal (Revolution) b Dylan Page (Revolution) & Kevin Payne (Revolution), The Monster C b Sweet Johnny B, Alex Balboa & Ryan Sawyer (Revolution) b The Texas Hangmen, Kevin Payne (Revolution) & Larry Legend & Paul Jaurdine b The Monster C & The Texas Hangmen, Ricky Landell b Sterling James Keenan to become the 16th ZERO-ONE United States champion..

  2. June 1, 2008--Georgia Wrestling Promotions - Summer Slam in Lafayette, Georgia at the Recreation Center: [Cancelled]

  3. June 1, 2008--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: "The Original Sensation" Seth Allen b Max McGuirk, Shawn Sanders b Xavior (w/ Shawn Matthews III), Jeff Knight & Brock Landers vs. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions Limited Edition ("The Mayne Event" Les Mayne & "The Great" Dane Griffin) ended in a No-Contest, Michael Faith b Thomas Trump, MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Al Farat (w/ Jin Soon) b Li'l Joe, Rage b Jason Kirby, Bad Boy b "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil and Outlaw in a 3-WAY to win the vacant MSWA Oklahoma Title.. []

  4. June 1, 2008--Power League Wrestling in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at the Nathanael Greene Elementary School: Doug Summers b The Pink Assassin, Nicholas Night b Mr. Christopher Blackheart, Kid Krazy b Kris Pyro, The Perfect Ten (Mr. Wrestling IV & Mr. Wrestling VI) b Brickhouse & Dave Baker, "The Defenseman" Derek Molhan b Dr. X, "The Punisher" Don Vega (w/ Da Bronx Thug) b "The Strangler" Alex Payne to retain the PLW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  5. June 2, 2008--3KWrestling - War Before Raw in Maple Shade, New Jersey at Brewster's & Laurel Lane: The Inner Circle (Vinnie Vertigo & Tommy Thunda) b Chris Ansert & Alex Balboa, The Monster C b Teddy Fine with a reversal of a crossbody block, Ryan Sawyer (Revolution) b Greg Spitz by DQ in a B4W North American Title match, The Blue Meanie & Kevin Payne (Revolution) b The Six10Mafia of CM Serenyi & Taj Mahal, Ricky Reyes b Lince Dorado with a BrainBuster, Kid America & Steve Corino b Ricky Landell & King Kaluha to become the 16th Premier Tag Team champions...

  6. June 3, 2008--United Wrestling Association in Seymour, Tennessee at the Seymour Hardware & Building Supply before 60 fans: Tracy Smothers b Alex Shepard (after Chase Stevens came out and threw a chair in the ring to distract Alex). Mike Ogle b Aaron Cross in a "Fans Bring the Straps" Match (There were 16 people ringside that brutalized Ogle and Cross). Shawn Shultz b Matt Boyce to retain the UWA World Heavyweight title. UWA Owner Bert Prentice announced that very soon he'll be bringing in Eric Young, Tracy Brooks, and Simon Dean. He also said he had a long phone conversation with Shane Williams and he was interested in coming back, but Shane's buddy Jeff Anderson wouldn't allow it --- Adam Armor b Primetime Allen Shepard. Shane Rich b Chase Stevens (match went almost 38 minutes).. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  7. June 4, 2008--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium:

  8. June 5, 2008--Nashville Wrestling in Crossville, Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

  9. June 5, 2008--NAWA Ring Champions in Rome, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Mark Pain vs Bulldor Raines was ruled a no contest; Jason Valentine b Waylon Rhodes; Chip Day won a Battle Royal (Participants: Bruiser Eden, Tyler Smith, Lamar Phillips, Ced G. Sanford, Chris Lightning, and Billy Jay); Phillips & HCP (John Arden & Josh Hate) b The Exotic Ones (Jay Clinton, Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon); Tommy Rich & Chris Ganz b Jason Valentine & Air Paris. Referees were Kyle Brock, Jeremy Black, and Billy Brock... [reported by Rich Tate]

  10. June 6, 2008--3rd Degree Wrestling in Davis, Oklahoma at the Davis High School Gymnasium: "The Gifted" Eric Rose b Skull Von Hellzig, Masked Renegade Kowboy b Thomas Trump, Max McGuirk b Menace 2 Society by DQ, 3DW Dual Kombat Champions 2AM ("Hellacious" Javi Hernandez & Kunna Keyoh) vs. Limited Edition (3DW Texoma Champion "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne & 3DW Violent Division Champion "The Great" Dane Griffin) went to a time limit draw, Davis High School Superintendant Mr. Pete Bird b Jerry "The Boss" Bostic in a special arm wrestling challenge, Michael Faith b Montego Sheik-ah, Earl "Bam Bam" Kennedy & Thug Nasty b U. S. A. (Prince Al Farat & Ky-ote Johammed)

  11. June 6, 2008--Championship Wrestling Experience in Austintown, Ohio at The Wedge:

  12. June 6, 2008--In Your Face Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont at the State Fairgrounds Royce-Mandego Arena:

  13. June 6, 2008--NAWA Ring Champions in Cedartown, Georgia at the Purks Building before 215 fans: Stupid w/Tweety b Josh Hate; Ben Thrasher b the Patriot; Kyle Matthews & Lamar Phillips & Chip Day b Tyler Smith & Matt Fortune & Jamie Hall; Chris Lightning & Chris Ganz b The Exotic Ones (Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon); Antonio Garza b Terry Lawler; Mark Pain vs. Bulldog Raines ended in a Double DQ, Tommy Rich & Bambi b Nigel Sherrod & Peggy Lee Leather.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  14. June 6, 2008--Showtime All-Star Wrestling - TV Tapings in ???:

  15. June 6, 2008--Southern Extreme Wrestling - War Games in Memphis, Tennessee at the Healing Center Gym:

  16. June 6, 2008--Southern States Wrestling - A Night To Remember (Heroes, Legends and Hall of Fame Night) in Kingsport, Tennessee @ National Guard Armory: TV Champion Wayne Adkins b KC Thunder w/Dawn, Mike Cooper b Maniac Matt Burns, "Party Boy" Davey Rich b Jimmy Golden, Nick Hammonds (One night sub for Beau James) & Moe Jenkins b Jamey Gibson & Jeff Storm to retain the United States Tag Team titles, Special Awards were given to Mathew Lane of The Kingsport Times News for his support of SSW and Championship Wrestling over the last 9 years. Miss Angel Valiant ( Jimmy's wife) was presented an award for her many years of support of SSW, Marty Ricker then called out Mike Cooper to induct Mike "Iron Cross" Samson into the East TN Hall of Fame, Jimmy Valiant then came out and inducted Carl Fergie into the East TN Hall of Fame, Beau James inducted Johnny Rich & Davey Rich into the East TN Hall of Fame, Misty James b Rebecca Lynn in a Loser Leave Kingsport for 90 days match, Wayne Atkins (sub for Tracy Smothers) b Jeff Anderson, Memphis Beau James b Brian Logan w/Bolo to win the AWA World Title with Jimmy Valiant as the referee (During backstage segments taped for TV, Beau James was stripped and the belt was returned to Brian Logan)..

  17. June 7, 2008--3rd Degree Wrestling in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the SmashGardens Arena: 3DW Violent Division Champion "The Great" Dane Griffin b Masked Renegade Kowboy (After the match; Ky-ote Johammed took advantage of the 24/7 rule and defeated Dane Griffin for the 3DW Violent Division title as he exited the ring), Max McGuirk vs. Menace 2 Society ended in a No Contest when U. S. A. attacked Menace, 3DW Texoma Champion "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne b El Culo Intruso, Michael Faith b Skull Von Hellzig, 3DW Dual Kombat Champions 2AM ("Hellacious" Javi Hernandez & Kunna Keyoh) b High Society (Thomas Trump & "The Gifted" Eric Rose) in match #5 of their Best of 7 series (2AM now leads 3-2), New Gangsta Nation (Thug Nasty & Menace 2 Society) b U. S. A. (Montego Sheik-ah & Ky-ote Johammed)

  18. June 7, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: The Canadian Red Devil (w/The Shadow of Death) b The Greatest Bolo, Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact 2) b Shane Morbid & Rico Suave, "The Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee b Handsome Dutch Hagen by DQ, "Terrific" Tim Rockwell (w/ Stevie Caballero) b X-Cal, Jesus Rodriguez (w/Ray Martinez) b The Canadian Luchadore (w/The Shadow of Death).. []

  19. June 7, 2008--Full Throttle Wrestling in Brookwood, Alabama at the G.G. Hardin Center:

  20. June 7, 2008--Fusion Tradition Wrestling in McMinnville, Tennessee at the Mega Marketplace: Mr. Pure Wrestling b Logan Shane, Justin Sane b Vicious Vandy in a match for the FTW Tradition Title, Jeremy Travis b Robbie C, Gigolo Jay b Quinton Cobain, Patrick Colvett & Mary Kelly b The Cult of Personality by DQ, Noah Richards & Ronin b Rocky McDaniel & Dexter York, BCI w/Ms. Precious b ELE w/Sabbath.. (reported by Rich Tate)

  21. June 7, 2008--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama at the Palmerdale Community Center: Antonio Garza b Frankie Valentine (debut), Joey Lightning b The Soul Crusher, Theodore Tutwiler III (w/Attorney Howard C Cross) b Kodiak (debut). The Inhuman Fly b Night Prowler. Scum Kritter b The Mad Russian. The Playmakers (Jason Phoenix & Adam Jacobs) b "Wild Thing" Will Owens & "The Memorymaker" Cecil Pleazing. David Young & Veronica Fairchild b Maddog Dan Sawyer & Genni Right.. (reported by Brian Slack)

  22. June 7, 2008--In Your Face Wrestling in Rutland, Vermont at the State Fairgrounds Royce-Mandego Arena:

  23. June 7, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: IZW Heavyweight Champion Angel Williams b Ronnie Storm, "Mr. Money" Randy Price & Se7en b "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley & Tyson Jaymes, "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry b Nathan Sensation (w/Brieanna Bringle), IZW Tag Team Champions The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) b Dustin Heritage & Jermaine Johnson, "The Cult Phenomenon" Mitch Carter b "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell & "The Original Sensation" Seth Allen in a Handicap Match to earn a spot in the Impact Division Ladder Match at "Evolution" on June 14th.. []

  24. June 7, 2008--Pro Wrestling Fusion in Fort Pierce, Florida at the Saint Lucie County Fairgrounds: Jack Manley b Fantastic Dantastic. The Lifeguards b The Heartbreak Express. Chris Jones b Jerrelle Clark. Norman Smiley b Francisco Ciatso. Jon Davis b Vordell Walker. The Sheik and Maximum Capacity vs. Freedom Ryder and Steve Madison was declared a no contest.

  25. June 7, 2008--Pro Wrestling Revolution in San Francisco, California at John O'Connell High School:

  26. June 7, 2008--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Beaver, Ohio at the Old Beaver School:

  27. June 7, 2008--Squared Circle Wrestling in Syracuse, New York at the Pastime Athletic Club before 225 fans: Max Bauer b Nikki Roxx, Jason Axe & Max Bauer & Gordy b J Freddie & The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos), Frankie Arion b Brian Fury, Steve King b Johnny Law, J.D. Love & Loca Vida b Brodie Lee & Jimmy Olsen, ZS3 b Antonio Thomas, Kevin Grace b Steve Kruz, Slyck Wagner Brown b Isys Ephex

  28. June 7, 2008--Southern States Championship Wrestling in Enigma, Georgia at the Enigma Gym before 179 fans: "Mr. Saturday Night" Jarrod Michaels & manager Buck Buchanan b JT Taylor & SSCW Commissioner Larry Hall. "Rock N Roll" Chris Turner b Ike Dudley to retain the SSCW Southern Heritage title. Unknown Soldier & Lorelei Lee b "The New Age Superstar" Brooks Rogers & Melissa Coates when Lee pinned Coates. "Modern Day Enforcer" Scotty Biggs b Logan Stevens. Samantha Steel b Jelena to win the SSCW Women's title, "Real Deal" Ken Diesel b The Soviet.. (reported by Brian Slack)

  29. June 7, 2008--Total Championship Wrestling in Douglasville, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Ken Timbs Jr. b Josh Stone; Mark Pain & John Arden b Chris Ganz & Jess Wade; Lamar Phillips vs. Keith Williams ended in a Double Countout; Awesome T.C. b Cameron Valentine; Pretty Boy Floyd b Chris Lightning; Bulldog Raines & the Nightmare b Kenny Dees & Murder One to win the TCW Tag Team titles.. (reported by Rich Tate)

  30. June 7, 2008--UCBW (at Midnight) in New York at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater:

  31. June 7, 2008--United Championship Wrestling in Tazewell, Tennessee:

  32. June 7, 2008--UPWA in Wilmington, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory before nearly 195 fans: Dr. Luv vs Xavier Rush was a no-contest. Doc Holiday b Donald Brower in a hair vs hair match. Marcus Shields b Mike Devine, Tito Rains b Beast via pinfall, High Definition b the Dawons, Pete Nixon/Crazy Ivan vs The Destroyer/Draven was a no-contest, UPWA Cruiserweight Champion Christopher Shane b Minion, The Mercenaries b Team Overdrive/Jessie Jordan, The All American Athletes b Assassin/Waterboy.

  33. June 8, 2008--3KWrestling Fighting Athletes - Ricky Landell Produced: GENERATIONS Phase 1 in Limerick, Pennsylvania: Jihad (B4W) b Ryan Sawyer (Revolution) with a rollup, Dylan Page b Professor Kevin Payne (Revolution) with a Diamond Cutter, Johnny B (Revolution) & Alex Balboa b Dr. X (Generations) & The Texas Hangman #1 --- Notes: Ricky Landell, who watched the event and booked it, said he was impressed with Dylan Page. Page, the nephew of former WCW World heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page, has been frustrated as of late and Landell gave him some words of encouragement)..

  34. June 8, 2008--New Breed Wrestling Alliance - Alberta J. Murray Memorial Tournament in ????: Aaron Matthews b Cecil Cerveza (Round #1), Jon Divosi b "Your Role Model" Jeff Harris (Round #1), Issan Hadeev b Cheapshot McGrot (Round #1), DaCobra b Jason Vendetta (Round #1), DeAndre King b Wild Bill to retain the NBWA No Limits Title, DaCobra b Issan Hadeev (Round #2), Jon Divosi b Aaron Matthews (Round #2), Eric Ruffington b "Bloody" Harker Dirge to retain the NBWA Heavyweight Title, DaCobra b Jon Divosi in the Finals of the AJ Murray Tournament, Jason Vendetta b DaCobra to win the 2008 AJ Murray Tournament (After cashing his 2007 AJ Murray title shot for a shot at the 2008 Winner)..

  35. June 8, 2008--TCW in Mountain City, Tennessee: Chief Blackfoot b Sgt. Rock, Beau James b Mohammed Ishtar, Rebecca Lynn b Misty James, D.P. Holliday b Chance Gibson, Allen King & Dameon Cross b Brady Hawks & Mikkie McMasters, Jeff Storm b Jamie Gibson

  36. June 9, 2008--North American Wrestling Association in Springvale, Maine at the Nasson Community Center:

  37. June 10, 2008--North American Wrestling Association in Hermon, Maine at the Morgan Hill Event Center:

  38. June 11, 2008--North American Wrestling Association in Augusta, Maine at the Augusta Armory:

  39. June 12, 2008--Georgia Pro Wrestling Association in Tifton, Georgia at Club What's Next???:

  40. June 13, 2008--3rd Degree Wrestling in Apache, Oklahoma at the Comanche Community Center: 3DW Dual Kombat Champion Kunna Keyoh b Jerry "The Boss" Bostic, El Culo Intruso b Ding Dong Bundy, Montego Sheik-ah vs. "The Great" Dane Griffin ended in a Double DQ, 3DW Violent Division Champion Ky-ote Johammed b "The Gifted" Eric Rose, Michael Faith b 3DW Heavyweight Champion "Brawler" Shane Rawls by Countout

  41. June 13, 2008--3KWrestling Fighting Athletes - Burning Heart/Game On in Limerick, Pennsylvania (Outdoor Event) at Gold's Gym: Sam Elias (FNW) & Ashton Amherst (FNW) & Guillotine LeGrande b Eecker & CM Serenyi (Revolution) & Jihad (B4W), Ryan Sawyer b Dylan Page in a Revolution Puroresu Dojo Grudge Match, Jake Manning (PWS) & The Monster C w/Eddie Uncensored b Professor Kevin Payne (Revolution) & Charlie Dreamer (PWS), Ricky Reyes b Teddy Fine and Greg Spitz and T.J. Mack in a 4-WAY Elimination match to become the first 3KOpenweight champion, "The Legend" King Kaluha b Alex Balboa (Revolution) with the Kaluha Buster, Steve Corino & Kid America b The Inner Circle (B4W) (w/Marcus "King Kong" Dowling & Mark Mest) to retain the Premier Tag Team titles, Ricky Landell (AWA) b Kirby Mack with a Pile-driver to retain the ZERO1 United States heavyweight title.. [reported by]

  42. June 13, 2008--Asylum Championship Wrestling in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

  43. June 13, 2008--D1 Pro Wrestling in Hollywood, Florida at the Fred Lippman Multipurpose Center:

  44. June 13, 2008--Great American Wrestling Federation in Blountstown, Florida at the Auto Zone:

  45. June 13, 2008--Liberty States Wrestling in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey:

  46. June 14, 2008--B4 Wrestling - International Incident in Morganville, New Jersey at PlayBall Sports: Thunda won a Battle Royal to determine challenger for B4W World title on 7/25 (Participants: Mr Black, Mr White, Charlie Dreamer, The Inner Circle, Monster C, The Beast, Super Sweet, Guillotine LeGrande, the Dojo students, Alex Balboa, GPS, Moco Loco, Chemical Khan, and more!), Greg Spitz b The Beast by DQ in a North American title match, Team MACKtion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b The Inner Circle and Super Sweet & TLD in a 3-WAY Elimination Tag Team match, Jihad & Chemical Khan b Kid America & El Americano, GPS b Jake Manning, "Mr. Wrestling 3" Steve Corino b Ricky Landell.. [reported by Ryan Brookwood]

  47. June 14, 2008--Championship Wrestling in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium: Cody Ices b Wayne Daniels, Ray Idol b Krazed one, Scotty Roberts b The Russian Assassin, Jin & Super Jin b Beau James & Moe Jenkins, Alyx Winters b Nick Hammonds, Robbie Cassidy b Steve Fury by DQ, Thorn b Robbie Cassidy, Tony Givens b Chris Richards by DQ, Brian Logan b Wayne Adkins to retain the AWA Heavyweight title.

  48. June 14, 2008--Coastal Championship Wrestling in Coral Springs, Florida at the Gym:

  49. June 14, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: "Gentleman Thug" Shane Morbid (w/Boss Campbell) b Rico Suave, "Terrific" Tim Rockwell (w/Stevie Caballero) b Sudden Impact 1, "Handsome" Dutch Hagen b Cold Blooded Chris, El Super Colibri b Draven Cross by DQ, "All Action" Anthony "Splash" Jackson b Sudden Impact 2 and The Canadian Luchadore (w/The Shadow of Death) in a Triple Threat Match, The Greatest Bolo b The Canadian Red Devil, ComPro Heavyweight Champion "The Compound Franchise" Romero Contreras b Jesus Rodriguez (w/ Ray Martinez).. [reported by]

  50. June 14, 2008--Conquest Pro Wrestling in Bennington, Vermont at the Bennington Armory:

  51. June 14, 2008--Great American Wrestling Federation - Burnin' Down the House (Benefit show the for the Hosford Volunteer Fire Department) in Hosford, Florida: Dallas Reilly b "Top Story" Morgan Davis in a GAWF Junior Heavyweight title qualifying match, Dark Rage b Jack Tatum and AJ Stokes in a 3-WAY GAWF Junior Heavyweight title qualifying match, Maxwell "Chicago" Alvarez b D.J. Pringle, GAWF champion "Feature Presentation" Steve Goins b Jason Fear, GAWF Tag Team champions The Hot Bodies w/Midnight Lace b The Kamikaze Kids, T-Bolt b "Man God" CZR.. (reported by Brian Slack)

  52. June 14, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling - Evolution in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b "The Cult Phenomenon" Mitch Carter and Jermaine Johnson and Dustin Heritage and "The Original Sensation" Seth Allen in a 5-WAY Ladder Match to win the vacant IZW Impact Division Title, Tyson Jaymes b Se7en by DQ when Carnage interfered, "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley b "Mr. Money" Randy Price in a No DQ Match, Impact Inc. (John Zorthos & Bad Brad Michaels) b Bernie Donderwitz & "Coach" Gary Tool in a Company vs. Career Lumberjack Match when Donderwitz turned on Tool (Gary Tool's career is over as a result), Nathan Sensation & Striker (w/Breianna Bringle) b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match to win the IZW Tag Team titles, IZW Heavyweight Champion "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams vs. Al Snow ended in a No Contest when Michael Barry & Tommy Revell interfered, Al Snow & Angel Williams b Michael Barry & Tommy Revell in a Bonus Match ordered by IZW Commissioner Mike Iles.. [reported by]

  53. June 14, 2008--Magnum Pro Wrestling in Glenwood, Iowa: Tony Cortez & Preston Maxwell & Aaron Masterson b Joey Daniels & Ricky Kwong & Buck Albright, Zach Thompson b Ryan Slade, Sean Cruz b Stephen Saint, Donnie Peppercricket b Jayden Draigo, Leslie Ray b Abu Colossus and Mad Dog McDowell in a 3-WAY, Jaysin Strife b El Caliente, Chris Havius b Darren, Vic Victory vs. Jimmy Rockwell ended in a No Contest, Mark Sterling b Hype Gotti.. [reported by Chris Metry]

  54. June 14, 2008--Mid-States Wrestling in West Plains, Missouri at The Civic Center: "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram b Matt Riviera (w/Boyd Bradford), Stephen Kennedy b Shorty Biggs, "The Space Cowboy" Jason Jones b El Matador Uno (w/El Matador Dos), Slam Shady b The Midwest Mauler, Jim Fallon b Tony Raze, Anthony Brock b Dingo, MSW Heavyweight Champion Stephen E (w/General Skandar Akbar) b "The Space Cowboy" Jason Jones (w/Danny Hodge), "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram won a 10-Man Battle Royal.. [reported by]

  55. June 14, 2008--MWA in Carter Lake, Iowa at Mabry Park: All Matches Held Inside A Steel Cage - all winners advance to Survivor WarGames: Eric Fantabulous & Tommy Snow b Brad & Brian Estez, The Recycler b Cowboy Troy Hansen and Ricky Reynolds in a 3-WAY to win the MWA TV Championship, Blade & Vash Heartly b Pinky Larue & "The Greatness" Mr. Jones, Austin Storm b Preston Maxwell, Blade b The Recycler and Tommy Snow and Austin Storm and Vash Heartly and Eric Fantabulous in Survivor WarGames to retain the MWA World's Title.. [reported by Brian Plantz]

  56. June 14, 2008--New Frontier Wrestling Association in Franklin, North Carolina at the National Guard Armory:

  57. June 14, 2008--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Underground Arena: Spur The Clown b Outlaw, Kevin Morgan b Romo, Kareem Sadat b Jason Kirby, SWCW Heavyweight Champion 3rd Rail b "Playboy" Damon Windsor by DQ, SWCW Cruiserweight Champion Xavior b Sage (w/Angel), X-Rated (Kevin James Sanchez and Shane Sanchez) b Nemesis (Crisstopher Crow & Damien Morte & Rage) in a Handicap/Tables & Ladders & Chairs Match.. [reported by]

  58. June 14, 2008--South East Championship Wrestling in Hugo, Oklahoma at the Choctaw Culture Center: Thug Nasty b "Hellacious" Javi Hernandez, Sgt. Bill b Martin Justice and Jeff Knight in a Triple Threat match, Ky-Ote b Billy Adams, SECW Eastern Oklahoma Champion Mr. Michael York b Tyson Armstrong, Joe Renfro b Fuel, J-Money & Dusty Star b The Texas Outlaws (Bonecrusher Bobby Burns & J. W. Hardin) by DQ, Anarchy b The Enforcer to win the SECW Tri-State title, SECW Heavyweight Champion Jonathon Cross b Big Smooth

  59. June 14, 2008--Texas All-Star Wrestling tonight in Humble, Texas at the Bingo Hall:

  60. June 14, 2008--United Championship Wrestling in Jacksboro, Tennessee:

  61. June 14, 2008--West Coast Wrestling Alliance in Concord, California at the New Hope Church Gym:

  62. June 15, 2008--IWF Wrestling - Summer Slaughter in Golden, Colorado at the Buffalo Rose: Shredder-Con b. Chris Allister and Jason The Villain Gillain in a three way match, Pickachu & Delta Jr. b. Momia & Darvas, Luke Stecher b. Cam Full Throttle Burnquist, Amy Williams b. Prodigee, Tommy Bouchet b. Andy Van Damn, Mercury Matt Yaden b. Bronx, Jay Synn b. Chris Wrath, IWF's Heavyweight Champion Jesse Williams b. Adrian Grimm.. [Visit or]

  63. June 15, 2008--Power Pro Wrestling & Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling - Father's Day Special in Bremen, Georgia at the Recreation Center:

  64. June 15, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas at Nat's Ballroom:

  65. June 19, 2008--NAWA Ring Champions in Rome, Georgia at the National Guard Armory: Chris Ganz b Stupid w/Tweety, Tyler Smith b Chip Day and Chris Lightning in a 3-WAY, Billy Love b Josh Stone, Simon Sermon & Jay Clinton b John Arden & Josh Hate, Jason Valentine b Bulldog Raines to win the NAWA Heavyweight title. It was reported that 65 were in attendance. Referees were Kyle Brock, Jeremy Black, and Richard Wynn.. (reported by Rich Tate)

  66. June 19, 2008--Down South Hardcore Wrestling in Darien, Georgia at the Multiplex:

  67. June 19, 2008--Florida Pro Wrestling Association - Gimmickmania in Pinellas Park, Florida at the Boys & Girls Club:

  68. June 20, 2008--EWA in Baltimore, Maryland at the Tall Cedar Hall:

  69. June 20, 2008--Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Dade City, Florida at the Dade City Armory:

  70. June 21, 2008--3rd Degree Wrestling in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the SmashGardens Arena: Thug Nasty b Ky-ote Johammed by DQ, Montego Sheik-ah b "The Great" Dane Griffin, Skull Von Hellzig b 3DW Texoma Champion "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne, Prince Al Farat b Masked Renegade Kowboy, Michael Faith vs. 3DW Heavyweight Champion "Brawler" Shane Rawls ended in a Double DQ, High Society (Thomas Trump & "The Gifted" Eric Rose) b 3DW Dual Kombat Champions 2AM (Javi Hernandez & Kunna Keyoh) to even their Best of 7 Series at 3-3.. [reported by]

  71. June 21, 2008--Allied Powers Wrestling Federation in Palm Coast, Florida:

  72. June 21, 2008--American Championship Entertainment in Montclair, New Jersey at Soccer Domain:

  73. June 21, 2008--American Wrestling's Elite Stars Of Mat Entertainment (A.W.E.S.O.M.E.) - Summer Solstice Showdown in North Plainfield, New Jersey at the North Plainfield Street Fair: Playboy Vik Voorhees won a battle royal (last eliminating Biggie Biggs), Jay Blaze b Mister Gregory, Dirt Bag Dan b Chaz Moore after a triple jump moonsault, Chrissy Johnson & MySpace Champion Mark Modest b The Commune (Radical Robby Morrison & Jersey Shore Women's Champion Taylor Nicole), A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Heavyweight Champion Fala (formerly known as Franciz) w/Liz Savage b Nick Sabre, Biggie Biggs b Playboy Vik Voorhees.. [reported by]

  74. June 21, 2008--APWF South - Awakening in Palm Coast, Florida at the Matanzas High School: Jack Manley b The Bug, Francisco Ciatso w/Ron Niemi b Dagon Briggs w/Seven, Roderick Strong b Erick Stevens, The Shane Brothers b "Dark City Soldier" Kory Chavis & Pat McGroin to win the APWF South Tag Team Titles, Doug Basham b "The Marquee" Bruce Santee w/Amy Love to win the APWF South title.. [reported by]

  75. June 21, 2008--Atomic Championship Wrestling in

  76. June 21, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: Draven Cross b The Canadian Red Devil, El Castigador b "The Space Cowboy" Jason Jones, "All Action" Anthony Jackson b "Playboy" Damon Windsor and The Greatest Bolo and The Canadian Luchadore in a Fatal 4-Way match, The Compound Varsity ("The Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee & "The Compound Franchise" Romero Contreras) b La M (Jesus Rodriguez & "The Cult Phenomenon" Mitch Carter, w/Ray Martinez), Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact 2) b The Gentlemen Thugs (Shane Morbid & Cast-Iron Cothern, w/ Boss Campbell) to become the #1 contenders to the ComPro Tag Team Titles, "Terrific" Tim Rockwell (w/Big Stevie Caballero) b El Super Colibri to win the ComPro Oklahoma X Division title.. [reported by]

  77. June 21, 2008--Georgia Pro Wrestling Association/AWA World-1 South (joint show) - Lucha Show in Tifton, Georgia at La Estrella: El Pesadilla Americana b El Luchador, John Rodriguez b El Caliente and Fuego in a 3-WAY, Mike Jackson b The Ultimate Dragon and El Mexicano in a 3-WAY to win the Southern Cruiserweight title, Mike Jackson b El Mexicano in an impromptu match, La Vampira b Kim Dakota with Jake Slater as special referee (After the match Pain laid out Slater, setting up the main event), El Proximo Nivel b El Tirador to capture the third fall. Jake Slater b Pain in a hardcore match (reported by Thomas Bugg)

  78. June 21, 2008--Global Championship Wrestling in Palmerdale, Alabama to the Community Center: Joey Lightning b The Russian Assassin, "So Fine" Frankie Valentine b The INHuman Fly, Orion Bishop b Kodiak, Soul Crusher b Scum Kritter, Mudbone b Jeff Jameson, The Artist Formerly Known as Enigma b Body Drop, Jesse Pain b Theodore Tutwiler III to retain the GCW championship, Maddog Sawyer & Genni Right b Veronica Fairchild in a Handicap match by DQ when Young (Veronica's partner) arrived late and interfered in the match. "The Natural" Chase Stevens & "Picture Perfect" Adam Armor b "Wild Thing" Will Owens & "The Memory Maker" Cecil Pleazing.. [reported Brian Slack]

  79. June 21, 2008--Great Plains Championship Wrestling in Cache, Oklahoma at the Cahoma Building: Jeff Knight b "Magnificent" Ty Magnus, Martin Justice b Mustafa Sharmoot in a Loser Leaves GPCW Match, Li'l Joe b Xavior to win the GPCW Cruiserweight title, "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil b Maniacal Mike, Se7en b Shawn Matthews III, GPCW Heavyweight Champion Carnage b Kevin Morgan..

  80. June 21, 2008--I Believe in Wrestling in Orlando, Florida at the Downtown Recreation Center: T.J. Mack b Demon Toro, Raymond Snow b Nick Holler, Austin Amadeus b Jaison Moore, The Lifeguards b The Vandalz, The Heartbreak Express b The Dynamic Duo, Jon Davis b Mister Saint Laurent to win the AWA Florida heavyweight title, Kirby Mack b Chasyn Rance to retain the AWA World Light Heavyweight title.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  81. June 21, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Dustin Heritage b Austin Tacious, IZW Impact Division Champion "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b "The Juggernaut" John O'Malley, Bernie Donderwitz (w/John Zorthos) b Jermaine Johnson, IZW Heavyweight Champion "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams b "Mr. Money" Randy Price, IZW Tag Team Champions Striker & Nathan Sensation (w/Brieanna Bringle) b The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders).. [reported by]

  82. June 21, 2008--Mid-South Wrestling Alliance in Midwest City, Oklahoma at the Golden Goose Flea Market: Li'l Joe b "The Freakshow" Crisstopher Crow and Jason Kirby in a Triple Threat Match, The New Varsity Club (Kevin Morgan & Xavior) b Brock Landers & Chaz Sharpe, Cast-Iron Cothern (w/ Boss Campbell) b "The Space Cowboy" Jason Jones, The South Side Soul Assassins (Tyson James & 3rd Rail) b MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions Limited Edition ("The Great" Dane Griffin & "The Mayne Event" Les Mayne) by DQ, Michael Faith b Shane Morbid (w/ Boss Campbell) by DQ, Se7en b Thomas Trump by Countout, Ky-Ote b "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil and "The Original Sensation" Seth Allen and Maniacal Mike in a 4-Corners Elimination Match, MSWA Mid-South Champion Prince Al Farat b Striker in a No DQ/Flag On A Pole Match.. [reported by]

  83. June 21, 2008--Millenium Wrestling Federation - Night of Champions in Somerville, Massachusetts at the Good Time Emporium before 417 fans at the Good Time Emporium: Brian Fury b J-Busta, Sledge Robertson & Gozman b Psycho & Sean Patrick, Luke Robinson b Scott Reed, Jay Lethal b Tommaso Ciampa in a Lumberjack match to win the Television title, Brian Milonas b Chase Del Monte, Furio Falcone b Sean Patrick, Max Bauer b Psycho, Scott Reed b Makua, Todd Hanson b Big Rick Fuller, "Straight Edge" Brian Fury b Tommaso Ciampa, Slyck Wagner Brown b Chris Sabin, Homicide b Luke Robinson, Beau Douglas & Jackson Blue (local DJ) b J-Busta & Jason Rumble to win the Tag Team titles, Todd Hansen b Abyss and Big Rick Fuller and Brian Milonas in a 4-WAY Monster's Ball match..

  84. June 21, 2008--Prime Time Pro Wrestling in Manchester, Georgia at the Community Center: J.J. Flash & El Loco Jr. b Southside Trash (As a result of the loss, Southside Trash will wrestle in diapers, bonnets, and bibs on June 28th), Deathrow b Jena. Brandy Scotch Baker b Luchia. Colt Derringer b Dustin Powers. Mr. Hughes b Big Rod Simmons. Chick Donovan b Chris Stevens with some outside help from Mr. Hughes... [reported by Larry Goodman]

  85. June 21, 2008--Pro Championship Wrestling in Chicago, Illinois at the Oak Lawn Pavilion:

  86. June 21, 2008--Pro Wrestling Ohio in Lakewood, Ohio at the Masonic Temple:

  87. June 21, 2008--Showcase Pro Wrestling in Southbridge, Massachusetts at Mill Street Brews:

  88. June 21, 2008--Southern Classic Wrestling - Vendetta in Sandersville, Georgia at Big Dog Billiards: Greg Haze b Acid, Scotty Carmichael b Brandon Kage, Midnight Rider b Derrick Andrew Reynolds, DeMarco Knight vs. Black Syder ended in a double DQ, Stryknyn b Matt Sells, Leatherface b Terry Lawler and T.A. Stanton in a 3-WAY to retain the SCW Heavyweight title.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  89. June 21, 2008--Southern Championship Wrestling - Summer Bash in Sanford, Florida at the Salvation Army Gymnasium before 190 fans: Jerrelle Clark b Naphtali, The Asian Superstar Organization b Aaron Epic & Slick Sleazy by DQ, Team America b The Evil Empire in an 8-man Elimination match, Lexie Fyfe w/Gary Garvin b Betsy Ruth and Leva in a 3-WAY to retain the Ladies title, Thomas Marr b SCW Florida & Light Heavyweight champion Nooie Lee w/Robin Donahue to retain the SCW Heavyweight title.. (reported by Brian Slack)

  90. June 21, 2008--Tulalip Championship Wrestling in Tulalip, Washington at the Boys and Girls Club: Travis Marcum b Ken Riley, Wildcard b Keith Atkins, Azul Angel & Aaron Bolo & Caden Matthews b Dash Ventura & Layla Lodge & Kellen Raeth, Buddy Wayne b Pete Storm, Honky Tonk Man b Seth Knight, Aaron Bolo won a Battle Royal, Christopher Ryseck b Bryan Alvarez to retain the TCW Heavyweight title

  91. June 21, 2008--Ultimate Championship Wrestling in Spring Hill, Florida at the Outlet Mall:

  92. June 21, 2008--United Championship Wrestling in Newport, Tennessee:

  93. June 21, 2008--Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan: Jeff Brooks b Anthony Rivera, Skull Ganz & Devil Dawg b Kris Korvis & Jason Harris, Kamikaze & Ty Darius b Levi Blue & Joe Byrd, Roughhouse R.O.B. b Mike McMahon, Kid Hybrid b Jimmy Whiplash, Tony Tyson b Brian Shotwell, Zach Gowen b Josh Movado, Gavin Starr & Keith Creme b Mo Dread, N8 Mattson & Eddie Venom & Disco Inferno b Buff Bagwell & Jaimy Coxxx & DBA..

  94. June 22, 2008--Absolute Intense Championship Wrestling in Warren, Michigan at the Ritz:

  95. June 22, 2008--American Wrestling's Elite Stars Of Mat Entertainment (A.W.E.S.O.M.E.) - Cruel Summer 2008 in Jackson, New Jersey at Vinci's Bar and Grill: Dan Rageous b Chris Banks, Playboy Vik Voorhees won a Top 8 Battle Royal to earn a shot at Mark Modest's MySpace Title, Steve Camacho b Joey Janella, Doctor K b Rick Cataldo, The Cutting Edge (Chris Steeler & Nick Sabre) b Society of Venture (Jasin Karloff & Creature Cannon), MySpace Champion Mark Modest b Playboy Vik Voorhees. .. [reported by]

  96. June 22, 2008--American Wrestling's Elite Stars Of Mat Entertainment (A.W.E.S.O.M.E.) - (Second Show) in Jackson, New Jersey at Vinci's Bar and Grill: Steve Camacho b Nick sabre, Jersey Shore Women's Champion Taylor Nicole w/Radical Robby Morrison b Athena Cage by Submission (Special referee: A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Commissioner Joe Rules) ... MySpace Champion Mark Modest b Creature Cannon, Jasin Karloff b Doctor K, Playboy Vik Voorhees b John Blackheart, Dan Rageous & Joey Janella b The Canucks (Chris Banks & J.T. Highlander), A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Heavyweight Champion Fala w/Liz Savage b Chris Steeler... [reported by]

  97. June 22, 2008--New Elite Wrestling in York, Pennsylvania: Dino Divine b J.C. Westler, Roxie Cotton b Discord, Kid Kattrell & Luv Bug b Pretty Ugly (Jimmy Dream & Adam Ugly w/Marcus "King Kong" Dowling) and The Solid Metal Studs (Drake Irons & Curtis Byron Steele w/Mo Nikkels) and Eddie Valentine & Cory Kastle in a 4-WAY Tag match, King Kaluha w/"Playboy" Jonathan Luvstruk b Ricky Morton w/Lily by DQ in a NCW title match, "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst b Ophidian & Lince Dorado, Ray "The P.O.A." Alexander b Ruckus in a Pennsylvania title & WPW US title match, The Haze Brothers (Sean Haze & Blake Haze) vs. The Violence Party (J.T. Roberts & Core) ended in a No Contest, Prodigy PTV w/Marcus "King Kong" Dowling b Axl Rotten to earn a PA title shot, Doyle Day w/Marcus "King Kong" Dowling b Lu Luv w/Ray Alexander in a Minnesota Chain Match.. [reported by Chris Leonard]

  98. June 22, 2008--Power League Wrestling in South Attleboro, Massachusetts at Lees Pond Park:

  99. June 22, 2008--Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Bremen, Georgia at the Activity Center before 150 fans: Sal Rinauro b Chip Day, The Nightmare b Kyle Matthews, Frankie Valentine b Rob Adonis, Bull Buchanan b Brian Alexander, David Young b Chase Stevens, Bulldog Raines b Josh Stone (Per a stipulation in the main event, Josh Stone must work in the concession stand serving hot dogs at the next event).. [reported by Rich Tate]

  100. June 27, 2008--NHPW in Boonton, New Jersey at the Elks Lodge:

  101. June 27, 2008--Peachstate Wrestling Alliance (debut) in Bremen, Georgia at the Activity Center before 184 fans: The Ultimate Dragon b Damon Taz to win the PWA Southern Cruiserweight title, Sal Rinauro b Ace Rockwell, Mike Jackson vs. El Mexicano ended in a No Contest due to interference from Rinauro and the Dragon, Little Mr. Kennedy b Little Poppa Pump in a midget match, Disco Inferno b The Lethal Luchador, Buff Bagwell b T.C. Carnage.. [reported by Rich Tate]

  102. June 27, 2008--Premiere Wrestling Showcase in Statesville, North Carolina: Mike Lee b Patrick Wright, Brandon Phoenix & Caleb Konley b B.J. Hancock & Bryce Anthony, Derek Ryze b Stoney Hooker, Team Macktion (Kirby Mack & T.J. Mack) b Jake Manning & Ares, Marcellus King b Charlie Dreamer

  103. June 27, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Amarillo, Texas at The Nat Ballroom:

  104. June 27, 2008--Top Rope Promotions - 2008 Kowalski Cup Tournament in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Police Athletic League:

  105. June 27, 2008--Women's Extreme Wrestling - Payback in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the New Alhambra Arena: Lucy Furr (Daffney) b "Pryme Time" Amy Lee and Bobcat in a 3-WAY Bridesmaids Gown Match with special referee "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, Amber O'Neal b Melissa Coates, Mercedes Martinez b Angel Orsini to become the #1 Contender for WEW World title, Christi Ricci b Cindy Rogers, USA (April Hunter & Annie Social) b CANADA (Miss Danyah & Cat Powers) in a "USA vs Canada" Match, Simply Luscious b Mercedes Martinez to retain the WEW World title, Annie Cruz b Trina Micheals in a "Adult Superstars" Match, Lucy Furr (Daffney) b Amber O'Neal, Roni Jonah & Bobcat b The Blonde Mafia (Kristin Flake & Brandi Richardson) to retain the WEW Tag Team titles, Angel Orsini b Christi Ricci, Klondyke (aka Jamie D) (CANADA) b "Pryme Time" Amy Lee (USA) in a "USA vs Canada" match..

  106. June 28, 2008--3rd Degree Wrestling in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the SmashGardens Arena:

  107. June 28, 2008--All-Star Wrestling Network - Battle For The Belt in Fort Valley, Georgia to the Wrestleplex before 75 fans: "Mr Technician" Paul Warfield b Iron Will (1st Round), "The New Breed" Shawn Hunter b Mike Kross (1st Round), Ash b Pit Bull (1st Round), Sam Slaughter b "Dark Rebel" Jerry Thompson (1st Round), Shawn Hunter b Paul Warfield (2nd Round), Sam Slaughter b Ash (2nd Round), Sam Slaughter b Shawn Hunter in the Finals to win the AWN Heavyweight title --- The referees were Nathan Hove and Wendell Brown.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  108. June 28, 2008--Bayou Classic Wrestling in New Iberia, Louisiana at the Westgate High School Gym:

  109. June 28, 2008--Boynton Championship Wrestling in Boynton Beach, Florida: Chasyn Rance b Johnny Vandal with a Chasyn Driver, Keith Blonde & Austin Amadeus b Jaison Moore & Nick Holler, Mister Saint Laurent b Fantastic Dantastic, Larry Zbyszko b Tommy Vandal to retain the AWA World Heavyweight title, Chris Jones b Demon Toro, Jon Davis b Vordell Walker to retain the AWA Florida Heavyweight title, The Heartbreak Express b The Lifeguards.. [reported by Thomas Bugg]

  110. June 28, 2008--Championship Wrestling Overload - Bad Blood in Wrightsville, Georgia at the Johnson County Recreation Department:

  111. June 28, 2008--Compound Pro Wrestling - Night of Champions VII in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Sheridan Avenue Christian Church: Cold Blooded Chris & Bernard Funk b "All Action" Anthony Jackson & Handsome Dutch Hagen, Draven Cross (w/Big Stevie Caballero) b Rico Suave, ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion "Terrific" Tim Rockwell (w/Big Stevie Caballero) b "The Broken Arrow Bad Boy" Justin Lee, ComPro Tag Team Champions New Canada (The Canadian Luchadore & The Canadian Red Devil w/The Shadow of Death) b Sudden Impact (Sudden Impact 1 & Sudden Impact 2), ComPro Heavyweight Champion "The Cmpound Franchise" Romero Contreras b Ray Martinez in a Title-Vs-Hair Match.. []

  112. June 28, 2008--Devastation Wrestling Federation in Pennsauken, New Jersey at Devastation University:

  113. June 28, 2008--Down South Hardcore Wrestling in Darien, Georgia at the Multiplex:

  114. June 28, 2008--Eastern Pro Wrestling in Plainfield, Connecticut at the Backwoods Bash:

  115. June 28, 2008--Global Championship Wrestling in Pell City, Alabama at the Civic Center: Antonio Garza b Will Owens, The INHuman Fly b Frankie Valentine, Scum Kritter b Soul Crusher, Mudbone b Joey Lightning, David Young & Veronica Fairchild b Maddog Sawyer & Genni Right by DQ, Theodore Tutwiller III w/Howard C. Cross b Jesse Pain to win the GCW Heavyweight title, The Samoan Soldiers b Chase Stevens & Adam Armour to retain the Tag Team titles.. [reported by Brian Slack]

  116. June 28, 2008--GWA in Lima, Ohio at the UAW Hall:

  117. June 28, 2008--High Velocity Wrestling in Hendersonville, North Carolina: DIE b Paige Ericks & Scotty Priest, Bobby Holliday b Steven Vaughn, Aaron Vaughn & Ace Armstrong & Coach b Dirty & Jason Storm & Smit Dawg, Chris Venom b Rob Killjoy, Allison Danger b Christie Whiplash, Nick Wilson b Junior Grimmet, Team Macktion (Kirby & T.J. Mack) b Drew McElrath & Ares, Joey Agony b Elite and Chris Chrisifix in a 3-WAY, Ostgard b Viper.. [reported by Thomas Simpson]

  118. June 28, 2008--Impact Zone Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at The Impact Arena: Randy Price b Jermaine Johnson in a Qualifying Match to earn a place in the Impact Division Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Match, Montego Seeka b Austin Tacious, Prince Al Farat b Ronnie Storm, John Zorthos b IZW Tag Team Champion Nathan Sensation, Tyson Jaymes b Carnage by DQ, IZW Heavyweight Champion "The Widowmaker" Angel Williams b "The Great" Dane Griffin.. []

  119. June 28, 2008--Mid-States Wrestling - 5th Anniversary in Harrison, Arkansas at the Fairgrounds Indoor Expo Building: Kraig Keesaman b "Big Country" Jake Boulder, "Lockdown" Tony Raze b Tanker MacKenzie, Cast-Iron Cothern & Shane Morbid (w/ Boss Campbell) b El Matadors (Uno & Dos), MSW Heavyweight Champion Stephen E (w/"The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram) b Phil Lawrence, "The Vulture" Kenny Campbell b Dustin Heritage, "The New Age Superstar" Gary Gram (w/MSW Heavyweight Champion Stephen E) b "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry, "Big Country" Jake Boulder won a 20-Man Battle Royal.. [reported by]

  120. June 28, 2008--Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling - Make or Break in Kalkaska, Michigan at the Kalkaska Civic Center: Main Street Youth (Jake Omen & Scotty Young) b Tony X & Ryan Epic & Kenny Kage in a 2 on 3 Handicap Match, Ricky Fontaine b Lou Crank, #1 Contender Christin Able b Louis Lynden (After the match; Able shook hands with Lyden to show respect), "Untouchable" Steve Amani b MCPW No Limits Champion Caden Ames (it was then announced after the match that it wasn't for the MCPW No Limits Championship -- It was also noted that the NWA Board of Directions has said that neither Caden Ames of Steve Amani can touch each other before their match on November 15th).. [For more information on MCPW, go to:]

  121. June 28, 2008--New World Wrestling in Attleboro, Massachusetts at the Attleboro Moose Lodge: Don Vega b "The Professor" Timothy Graham, The Sheik Ahmed Jordan w/Gabriel Grange b Moondog Maxximus w/Nurse Mellonz, Doug Summers b David Loomis after reverse decision as Loomis had his feet on the ropes, Big Business b "Bionic" Dan Bidondi, The Crazy Chainsaw Bastard b Xavier Colon w/Gabriel Grange, The Bronx Thug b Mister MT RefereE, NWW Heavyweight Champion Eric Shred b The Outpatient.. [reported by Mark Marks]

  122. June 28, 2008--Prime Time Pro Wrestling in Manchester, Georgia at the Community Center: Rod Simmons b Adrian Hawkins, Southside Trash (Rowdy & Raunchy) b Jon Davis & El Loco Jr., Salvatore Rinauro b Ace Rockwell, Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain b Ron Stalker & Dustin Powers, Hayden Young b Truitt Fields, Chris Stevens b Mr. Hughes with an impromptu No DQ stip to advance to the PWTP Championship match, Colt Derringer b Rob Adonis to advance to the PWTP Championship match.. [reported by Larry Goodman]

  123. June 28, 2008--Renegade Outlaw Wrestling in Brownfield, Texas at The Alamo:

  124. June 28, 2008--Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in Portsmouth, Ohio at the Elk's City Lodge:

  125. June 28, 2008--Slam All-Star Wrestling in Highgate, Vermont at the Highgate Sports Arena:

  126. June 28, 2008--Sooner World Class Wrestling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Underground Arena: Rage b Spur the Clown by DQ, Sage b Jason Kirby, Kevin James Sanchez b Damien Morte, Devon Monroe b Brock Landers, Shane Sanchez vs. "The Freakshow" Crisstopher Crow vs. SWCW Cruiserweight Champion Xavior was declared a No-Contest, SWCW Heavyweight Champion 3rd Rail b Outlaw, Kareem Sadat & Romo b Kevin Morgan & "Playboy" Damon Windsor.. []

  127. June 28, 2008--South Atlantic Wrestling in Louisa, Virginia at the Betty Queen Intergenerational Center: Rob McBride b Mike Vaughn, Horror Show b Kamikaze Kid, Logan Knight b Ace Montana, Robert Royal & Fatty McNasty & Mr. Big Stuff & Danny Waylon & Justis Duvall b Chris Dramin & Chris Sharpe & Jefferson Early & Eddie Diamond & Nick Richards, Dylan Eaton (Bobby's son) b Gift, Brandon Day b Gail, J-Sinn w/Tammy Sytch b Phil Brown w/Baby Doll, Q-Sic b Manny Fernandez by DQ, The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton w/Jim Cornette) b Damien Wayne & Mike Booth.. [reported by Tim Noel]

  128. June 28, 2008--Top Rope Promotions - 2008 Kowalski Cup Tournament in Fall River, Massachusetts at the Police Athletic League: "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam won a battle royal, "The Epic" Mike Bennett b Frankie Arion (1st Round), "Straight Edge" Brian Fury b D.C. Dillinger (w/Sean Gorman) (1st Round), Jason Blade b "The Exotic" Kristian Frost (1st Round), B.K. Jordan b "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam (1st Round), "The Epic" Mike Bennett b "Straight Edge" Brian Fury (Semi-Final), Jason Blade b B.K. Jordan (Semi-Final), Lea Morrison & Luscious Latasha b Barbie & Taeler in a Women's tag team match, Jason Blade b "The Epic" Mike Bennett in the Finals to win the Kowalski Cup Tournament.. [reported by Shawn O.]

  129. June 28, 2008--United Championship Wrestling in LaFollette, Tennessee: J.J. Brown vs. J Mac ended in a No Contest, The Rip b Justin O'Day, Henry Hoss & Moondog Chester b J.J. Brown & J Mac, Travis Sawyer b Tropper T to win the UCW TV Title, John Justice b Edwin Idol to win the UCW Title, John Justice b The Rip to retain his newly won UCW Title, UCW can be seen in the greater Knoxville, TN, area every Saturday morning at 11:30 am on MyVLT2. [reported by Rich Tate, courtesy of Gene Restaino]

  130. June 29, 2008--3KWrestling Fighting Athletes & Revolution Puroresu Dojo - Future Fight in Limerick, Pennsylvania at Gold's Gym: Professor Kevin Payne (Revolution) b The Monster C (Axis Of Evil w/Eddie Uncensored) after Uncensored accidentally struck C with the loaded briefcase, Jihad & Chemical Khan (Axis Of Evil) b CM Serenyi (Revolution) & Teddy Fine (PWU) after Jihad pinned Serenyi, The Inner Circle (B4W) w/Marcus Dowling b Larry Legend (Revolution) & Paul Jaurdine (Revolution) after interference by Mark Mest led to Vinnie Vertigo pinning Jaurdine to become the 17th Premier Tag Team champions, Ricky Reyes (3K) b Alex Balboa (Revolution) with a Brainbuster to retain the 3KWrestling Openweight title, King Kaluha (3K) b "Ruthless" Ryan Sawyer (Revolution) after a Kaluha Buster, Kid America (3K) b ZERO-ONE United States champion Ricky Landell (Axis Of Evil) by DQ after Jihad & Monster C & Chemical Khan interfered.. ..

  131. June 29, 2008--Eastern Pro Wrestling in Plainfield, Connecticut at the Backwoods Bash:

  132. June 29, 2008--Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento, California: Superstar Ramon & Kassy Summers b Steve & Christina Von Eric, Sir Samurai b ???? and ???? and ???? in a 4-WAY, Illuminati b Bolo & Mike Santiago, Paul Isadora & Shane Dynasty b The Blanchards, Vinny Massaro b John Martin, Timothy Thatcher b J.D. Bishop, Mike Hayashi b Mother Truckin Otis, Adam Thornstowe b Brian Cage, Mike Rayne b Virgil Flynn, Chupacabra & Rik Luxury b Scoot Robertson & Dante.. [reported by Joshua Littell]

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