Ultimate Pro Wrestling


  • April 25, 2001 – UPW – It’s On in Los Angeles, California: Ballad Brothers b Urban Outlaws, Hardcore Inc. b Definition of Pain, Manilla Thrillas b Los Cubanitos and Hi Impact in a triangle match, Ultimate Army b Gorgeous and Young, Donovan Morgan and Super Destroyer 2000 (APW) b Big Time, Tony Jones b Smelly, Keiji Sakoda b Billy D, Victoria b Molly Holly, Edge and Christian b Evolution (Nova and Frankie the Future), Samoa Joe b Tommy Dreamer to retain the UPW title.
  • August 15, 2002 – UPW – Shockwave in California: Hardcore Kidd promo, Horshu and Al Katrazz and Smelly b Solo Snuka and Skulu and Keiji Sakota when Sakota turned on Snuka, Frankie Kazarian b B-Boy and Spanky in a 3-WAY to win the Light Heavyweight title (This was a two falls match for two different titles; Spanky won the first fall to retain his International title), In the Pit with Roddy Piper, Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan vs The Pitbulls (Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes) ended in a Double DQ, The Predator b Tony Jones, The Outlaws vs The Ballard Brothers, Tom Howard b Keiji Sakoda with help from Hardkore Kidd, In The Pit with Piper guest Lil Nate and Big Chris (Masters).
  • October 17, 2001 – UPW in Santa Ana, California: Scott Lost b Ultra Hott, Al Katrazz b Jack Bull, Urban Outlaws b Mikey Henderson and Vincenzo Massaro, Dan Faviano b Drunken Irishman, Smelly b Ruckus, Paul London b Keiji Sakoda, Native Blood b Horshu and Hollywood, B-Boy b Funky Billy Kim, Road Warriors b Hardkore Kidd and Justin Sane, Los Cubanitos b Prodigy and Spanky, Sylvester Terkay b Samoa Joe-DQ, Ballard Brothers and Cheerleader Melissa b Nova and Frankie Kazarian and Looney Lane.
  • November 6, 2002 – UPW – Home of the Brave in California: Kid Vicious b Matrix and Tommy Drake and Derrick Neidkirk in a 4-WAY, The Urban Outlaws (Hollywood and Mike and Marshall Knox) b The Thrillaz (Funky Billy Kim and Scott Lost and Joey Ryan), Keiji Sakoda b Solo Snuka with help from Smelly, Skulu b Smelly, The University (Shawn Riddick and Tommy Wilson and Andrew Hellman) b The Unholy Alliance (Ruckus and Goth and Bison Smith), Hardcore Kidd b Al Katrazz in a “Respect” match after Katrazz passed out, Savvy won a Vixen Rumble (Included: Rio Storm, Looney Lane, Savvy, Anni King, Terri Gold, Erika, Melissa Coates, and Nikki Fuller), Steve Carino b Steve Corino, The Ballard Brothers w/Looney Lane b Native Blood (Navajo Warrior and Ghost Walker), Frankie Kazarian b B-Boy to retain the Light-Heavyweight title, Shinjiro Ohtani and Masato Tanaka b Tom Howard and The Predator by DQ, Steve Corino promo (Called out Tom Howard and thanked him, only to turn heel and attack him).
  • April 25, 2003 – UPW in Anaheim at the Grove before 500 fans: Solo Snuka b Keiji Sakoda, Lil Nate won three-way over Genio and Drunken Irishman, Kenny King (TE2) b Mizz (from Real World) due to interference from former coach Chavo Guerrero, Native Blood and Hawaiian Warrior b Hollywood and Derek Neikirk and Mike Knox, Jack Bull b Big Chris, Andrew Hellman won lightweight lunacy match, Erika Porter b Saavy Sasha (of HLA fame), Hardkore Kidd and Al Katrazz b Ballard Brothers in a tables match, Frankie Kazarian b Mikey Henderson, Big Chris won 22 man Battle Royal.
  • July 11, 2003 – UPW in Anaheim before 400 fans: Chris Mordetzsky b Keiji Sakoda, Adam Pearce b Skulu (King Adamo), Steve Masters b Sabbath, The Miz (from MTV’s Real World) and Lil Nate b Tony Stradlin and Kid Vicious, Samoa Joe won three-way over B-Boy and Frankie Kazarian, Mike Nox and Marshall Nox and Derrick Neikirk b Navajo Warrior and Ghost Walker and Makoa, Erica Porter b Sara del Rey, Hardkore Kidd and Al Katrazz won three-way over Shane and Shannon Ballard and Scott Lost and Billy Kim, Pearce b Mordetsky to win vacant UPW title.
  • January 10, 2004 – UPW in El Segundo last night before 75 fans: Tony Stradlin b Lil Nate, Tommy Wilson b Lionheart, Under Pressure b Super Natural, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan b Supa Badd and Drunk Irishman, Andrew Hellman b Shawn Riddik, Miz b Antonio Mestre, Ballard Brothers b Frankie Kazarian and James Lukash, Skulu (King Adamo) b Mikey Henderson.
  • February 7, 2004 – UPW’s Show at its gym in El Segundo before 100 fans: Tony Stradlin b Tommy Wilson, The Miz b Andrew Hellman, Apollo Khan and Ryan Drago b Antonio Mestre and Lionheart, Under Pressure and Super Natural b Supa Badd, Makoa b James Lukash, Ballard Brothers won over Hardkore Kidd and al Katrazz, Lil Nate and Shawn Riddik, and Sabbath and Skulu (King Adamo), Stradlin b Miz to win Mat Wars title tournament.
  • February 20, 2004 – UPW 5th Anniversary Show at The Grove in Anaheim, California: The Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes and Ricky Romero and Puma) b The Outlaws (Mike and Marshall Knox and Derek Neikirk), Erica Porter b Ivory to retain the Women’s title, Navajo Warrior and Ma’Koa and Sabbath and Skulu and King Dabada and Solo Snuka b The Miz and Shawn Riddick and Tony Stradlin and Tommy Wilson and Andrew Hellman and Lil’ Nate, Jimmy Snuka b Adam Pierce, Rick Bassman b Pete Doyle to win 100% control of UPW, Vince McMahon wished the promotion a happy birthday via video, Christopher Daniels and Tom Howard b Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, The Ballard Brothers b Hardkore Inc in a TLC match to win the Tag Team titles, Ken Shamrock vs The Predator went to a No Contest, Frankie Kazraian b Jerry Lynn and Evan Karagias in a 3-WAY to retain the Light-Heavyweight title, Rick Bassman announced that UPW would be on national TV by September.
  • March 13, 2004 – UPW in El Segundo, CA: Babi Slymm b Under Pressure, Supa Badd and Shawn Riddick b Tommy Wilson and Billy Kim, Lil Nate b Antonio Mestrel, Adam Pearce b Andrew Hellman, Ballard Brothers b Scott Lost and Joey Ryan, Frankie Kazarian d Tony Stradlin.
  • April 10, 2004 – UPW in El Segundo, CA before 90 fans: Babi Slymm b Chris Cole, Lil Nate b Jason Creed, Antonio Mestre b Lionheart, Navajo Warrior and Makoa b Kjel Hansen and Human Tornado, Good Guys b Shawn Riddik and Supa Badd, Valentina b Desire, Adam Pearce b Shannon Ballard, Joey Ryan and Scott Lost b Andrew Hellman and Tommy Wilson, Frankie Kazarian b Tony Stradlin-DQ.
  • May 1, 2004 – UPW in Torrance, CA before 100 fans: Vansack Acid (Zero-One) won Battle Royal, Funky Billy Kim won three-way over Tommy Wilson and Kjel Hansen, Lil Nate and Jason Creed b Antonio Mestre and Lionheart, Kohei Sato (Zero-One) b Andrew Hellman, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan b Supa Badd and Human Tornado, Erica Porter b Valentina, Frankie Kazarian and Ballard Brothers b Skulu and Makoa and Sabbath, Tony Stradlin b Vansack Acid.
  • May 15, 2004 – UPW in El Segundo: Good Guys b Supply and Demand, Joey Ryan b Babi Slymm, Off Da Hook b Jason Creed and Charles Mercury, Valentina b Morgan, Ballard Brothers b Adam Pearce and Eddie, Native Blood b Scott Lost and FBK, Lil Nate won three-way over Lionheart and Antonio Mestre.
  • June 12, 2004 – UPW in El Segundo: Tony Stradlin and Tommy Wilson b Frankie Kazarian and Andrew Hellman-DQ, Antonio Mestre b Babi Slymm, Sabbath b Eddie the OC Kid, Good Guys b Charles Mercury and Johnny Paradise, Joey Ryan b Lil Nate, Hardkore Kidd d Kazarian, Ballard Brothers vs. X Foundation vs. Supply and Demand vs. Off Da Hook has no winner when Kazarian and Ryan interfered.
  • July 17, 2004 – UPW in Torrance, CA: Tony Stradlin and Tommy Wilson b Supa Badd and Shawn Riddik, Lil Nate b Andrew Hellman, Good Guys b Supply and Demand, Antonio Mestre b Lionheart, Native Blood b Skulu and Makoa, Valentina won three-way over Erica Porter and Michelle Morgan, Scott Lost and Joey Ryan and Tommy Williams b Frankie Kazarian and Ballard Brothers.
  • October 30, 2004 – Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Las Vagas, Nevada at Buffalo Bills drew an estimated 2,000 fans: Sinner b Navajo Warrior, Lionheart and Lil Nate b Tommy Wilson and Johnny Riggs, Erica Porter b Looney Lane, Apocalypse and Darkness b Team Savage, Ballard Brothers b West Coast Cartel, Tom Howard b Oliver John to keep UPW title, Predator DCOR Sean O’Haire, Diamond Dallas Page b Adam Pearce, Konnan and Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis b Andrew Hellman and Shawn Riddik and Antonio Mestre, Sean O’Haire won Battle Royal, Rikishi and Skulu b Jack Bull and Hollywood Yates.
  • February 23, 2005 – Ultimate Pro Wresting in Santa Ana, California before 350 fans: Human Tornado b Drunken Irishman, Marshall Knox b Makoa, Antonio Mestre and Shawn Riddik b Tommy and Johnny Vandal and Quicksilver and Scorpio Sky and [INSERT] in a 4-WAY, Apocalypse b Oliver John, Daniel Puder issued a $1,000 challenge to anyone who could last a minute with him. Tank Abbott was in the crowd as a spectator and this was a perfect angle (but it was actually totally unplanned). As a fan, he hit the ring, but security had to hold him back. Puder beat 3 guys, they did some weird gimmick with Puder vs. Lil Nate when they announced the stopwatch broke at 59 seconds as Nate was going to last a minute, to build the new main event. Kenny King, the original planned opponent for Puder, didn’t come so they made change something like No. 3 or No. 4 in the last three or for days. Ricky Reyes b Jason Riggs, West Coast Cartel b Babi Slymm and Under Pressure, Scott Lost b Andrew Hellman and Lionheart in a 3-WAY, Tom Howard and Predator b Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo, Lil Nate b Frankie Kazarian to win the UPW title. Rick Bassman praised Kazarian after losing and they did officially announce his signing a WWE contract.
  • July 20, 2005 – Ultimate Pro Wresting in Santa Ana, California at the Galaxy Theater: Scott Lost b Antonio Meistre and Andrew Hellman in a 3-WAY, Native Blood b Hardkore Inc., Joey Ryan b Oliver John, Shawn Riddik and Tommy Wilson b Human Tornado and Lionheart and The Good Guys in a 3-WAY, Hardkore Kidd b Skulu (King Adamo from Japan), The Ballard Brothers b Babi Slymm and Under Pressure, Sumie Sakai b Nikki, Lil Nate b Davey Richards with Frankie Kazarian as referee, Tom Howard b Horshu. Chris Masters did a Masterlock challenge and Rob Van Dam was there and did a promo.
  • October 8, 2005 – Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Empire Wrestling Federation – Hurricane Katrina Clean-up Benefit in San Bernardino, California: Kid Vicious b Andrew Hellman, Mr. Nitro2Go b Max Martin, Lil Nate b Shawn Riddick to retain the UPW Lightweight title, Syrus and Jason King b Bino Gambino and Dan Kobrick, Los Chivos b Plague and T.J. Perkins, Big Babi Slymm b Chance Montana, Antonio Mestre (UPW) b Vizzion (EWF).
  • March 25, 2006 – Ultimate Pro Wrestling in San Clemente, California: Skulu b Disco Machine, Joey Ryan b [INSERT], Tommy Wilson and James Prentice b Mario Auezada and Hector Canales, Chris Bosh b Andrew Hellman, Puma b Kid Vicious, Predator b Big Babi Slymm, Lil Nate won six-way to retain the Light Heavyweight title.
  • May 13, 2006 – Ultimate Pro Wrestling in San Clemente, California: Kid Vicious b Peter Goodman, Skulu b American Balloon, Andrew Hellman and Evan Jelic b Bino Gambino and [INSERT], Joey Ryan b Rick Tathey, Human Tornado and Johnny Goodtime b Scorpio Sky and [INSERT], Lil Nate b Frankie Kazarian, Babi Slymm b Westies, Ballard Brothers b Scott Lost and Chris Bosh.
  • January 27, 2007 – Ultimate Pro Wrestling in San Clemente, California before 160 fans: Shawn Riddik b Tommy Wilson, Dante b Peter Goodman, [INSERT] b Johnny Goodtime, Kid Vicious b Mike Bell and Tommy Kim and Mario Quezada in a 4-WAY, The Ballard Brothers b Joey Ryan and Dick Rick, Lil Nate b Lionheart by DQ, Lil Nate and Johnny Goodtime b Lionheart and [INSERT], Human Tornado b Al Katrazz.

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