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  • May 19, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Brian Anthony’s Birthday Bash in Bridgeport, Connecticut: Furio Falcone vs. Mark Malibu ended in a 10-minute time-limit draw, Mr. Williams b Andy Sweet, Dick Seamans introduced the Fitness Challenge with “Purty” Kurt Adonis, Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” answered the challenge, Brian Anthony w/Joey Bricco b Lukas Sharp with assistance from Joey Bricco, Joey Bricco celebrated Brian Anthony’s birthday party (Chris Battle interrupted the celebration), Chris Battle b Joey Bricco, Tookie Tucker b Kurt Adonis.
  • June 23, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Tookie Tucker’s Truckin’ Barbecue in Bridgeport, Connecticut: Andy Sweet b Mr. Williams and “Stiff” Biff Whitman and Lukas Sharp in a 4-WAY Elimination Match, Dick Seamans issued another Fitness Challenge with “Exotic” Kristian Frost, Kid Mikaze answered the challenge, Kid Mikaze b Kristian Frost, Brian Anthony came out for the BEST INTERVIEW SEGMENT EVER and was presented with the CCW Northeast Championship by Joe Lachance and can defend the belt in PGW, Furio Falcone b Mark Malibu by Countout after Mark Malibu was hit with a soccer cleat, Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” b Cory Xyde, Mario Mancini and Furio Falcone came to the ring to challenge Tookie to a tag match in July, Bobby V b Steve Zapf, The ArcAngels (Chris & Anthony Battle) b Brian Anthony & Joey Bricco (After the match, Chris Battle was strapped to the ring ropes and Brian Anthony hit Anthony Battle with two one-man con-chair-toes).
  • July 21, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Fan Appreciation Day in Bridgeport, Connecticut: Andy Sweet b “Stiff” Biff Whitman by Submission then refused to release the hold (Mr. Williams charged the ring to make the save), Kristian Frost b Lukas Sharp (Lukas then grabbed the microphone and berated the fans and tore up a fan in the front row’s sign (Lukas turn)), Kid Mikaze b Kurt Adonis, Chris Battle b Brian Anthony in a Non-title match after Joey Bricco inadvertently grabbed Brian’s leg (After the match, Brian hit Bricco with a chair – Brian turned on Bricco – Bricco face turn), Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” & Mr. Williams b Mario Mancini & Furio Falcone by DQ when Furio struck Tookie with the cleat (Mario challenged Tookie to a match against Furio at the September 1st show).
  • September 1, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Tookie Tucker’s Last Supper in Bridgeport, Connecticut: Lukas Sharp & Andy Sweet b Mr. Williams & “Stiff” Biff Whitman (BMT Brendan Michael Thomas challenged Lukas Sharp to a match on October 13th to earn the title “Connecticut’s Next Big Thing”), The ULTIMATE Mark Malibu b Eddy Latham in under 2 minutes and challenged Furio Falcone to a match on October 13th, Chris Battle b Kid Mikaze by DQ to earn the CCW Northeast Title #1 Contender’s spot when Brian Anthony hit Chris with the belt, Brian Anthony b Joey Bricco by referee stoppage of the match, Frankie Arion b Bryce Andrews, Tookie Tucker w/the ULTIMATE Malibu b Furio Falcone w/Mario Mancini (With the victory, Tookie earned the right to face Mario Mancini in a Texas Deathmatch).
  • October 13, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – BATTLEFIELD:FAIRFIELD in Fairfield, Connecticut: “Saturday Night Special” Jason Blade b Bryce Andrews, “Stiff” Biff Whitman came out to talk to the fans (Whitman was attacked with a chair by Lukas Sharp), Lukas Sharp b BMT Brendan Michael Thomas (Andy Sweet came down after the match and Lukas and Andy doubleteamed BMT – Mr. Williams came down for the save), Mr. Williams b Andy Sweet in a Taped Fist Match, Sr. Official Jason Snyper b Eddy Latham with Dick Seamans as special referee (Seamans was knocked out and Snyper counted the 3 with Seamans’ hand), Jose Perez b Kurt Adonis and Kid Mikaze and Kristian Frost and Joey Bricco in a 5-Star Elimination match to become the new #1 contender for the CCW Northeast Title, Brian Anthony b Chris Battle in a Ladder match to retain the CCW Northeast Title when Joey Bricco hit Chris Battle with a steel chair (After the match, Brian and Bricco hugged in the ring – Bricco turn on Brian), Furio Falcone b the ULTIMATE Malibu with his feet on the ropes, Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” b Mario Mancini in a Texas Deathmatch.
  • December 8, 2007 – Power & Glory Wrestling – The Fight Before Christmas in Fairfield, Connecticut: “Pinnacle” Paul Lombardi b “Everyone Wants To Be Like” Bryce Andrews to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, Mark Mason b Furio Falcone in an “I Quit” match with the ankle lock leg grapevine, Lukas Sharp was presented with the “Connecticut’s Next Big Thing” trophy with a motley crew of Andy Sweet & Eddy Latham & Kristian Frost & Dick Seamans, Lukas Sharp & Andy Sweet & Eddy Latham b Mr. Williams & Jason Snyper & BMT w/Ariel in a 6-Man Mayhem (Controversial finish where it appeared Snyper kicked out, yet still called down), Kurt Adonis b Kristian Frost to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament (Kristian Frost lost a coin flip between the two. PGW Officials came out and changed the match), Kurt Adonis b Ron Zombie in an Impromptu match with powder to the eyes and a roll-up with a handful of tights to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, “Saturday Night Special” Jason Blade b Kid Mikaze to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament (Both men shook hands after the match), Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” b Kevin Landry to advance in the PGW World Title Tournament, Brian Anthony came out with the Christmas Elf Joey Bricco (They exchanged gifts and berated the fans until Chris Battle interrupted), Chris Battle b Joey Bricco in a “Falls Count Anywhere” match after Brian Anthony tried to give Bricco a brick, Brian Anthony b Jose Perez with a low blow to retain the CCW Northeast Title (After the match, Brian & Bricco attacked Perez until Kid Mikaze came out and cleared the ring. Brian and Bricco ran to the back and Kid Mikaze issued a challenge to Brian for the Northeast Title. Brian Anthony hasn’t accepted the challenge yet).
  • February 9, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Big Trouble in Little Fairfield in Fairfield, CT: Brian Anthony was named the 4th competitor in the Four-way PGW World Title match due to Jason Blade’s injury, Bryce Andrews b Frankie Arion, Dick Seamans, wearing a shoulder sling, and his lawyer issued a restraining order against Ron Zombie, Mr. Williams b Eddy Latham w/ Dick Seamans, Kristian Frost w/ Dick Seamans b Brendan Michael Thomas w/ Ariel, International Triple Threat: Furio Falcone b Dan Barry & “Spirit of Scotland” James Wallace, Career vs Title Shot: Kid Mikaze b Brian Anthony by DQ after the ref reverses the pinfall decision, No Holds Barred: Jose Perez b Joey Bricco, Chris Battle b “CT’s Next Big Thing” Lukas Sharp, Andy Sweet w/ the Sweet Tarts b Jason Snyper, PGW World Title Match: Kurt Adonis b Paul Lombardi, Brian Anthony & Tookie Tucker to become the first ever PGW World Champion.
  • April 12, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – The Great Collision in Fairfield, Connecticut: Eddy Latham b “Stiff” Biff Whitman, “Wild Boy” Billy King b Bryce Andrews, 2PrettyInPink (Brendan Michael Thomas & Ariel) b Kristian Frost & Amber in a mixed tag, Anthony Battle b Joey Bricco, Chris Battle b Frankie Arion, Tookie Tucker “The Wrestlin’ Trucker” w/Mr. Fuji b Paul Lombardi in an Open Road Revenge match, Dan Barry b Furio Falcone, Kurt Adonis (w/Dick Seamans & Marvin Swinestien) b Jason Blade to retain the PGW World Title, Mr. Williams & Jason Snyper b CT’s Next Big Thing (Lukas Sharp & Andy Sweet), Brian Anthony announced he will no longer defend the CCW Northeast Title in PGW and unveils the new PGW North American Title, Kid Mikaze b PGW North American Champion Brian Anthony by DQ after Joey Bricco attacked the referee (Brian Anthony retains the title – After the match, Chris & Anthony Battle came out to save Kid Mikaze, but Anthony Battle attacked Chris with a chair, thus joining the Brian Anthony Army).
  • June 7, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – Chaos at the Carnival in Bethany, Connecticut: Anthony Battle w/Brian Anthony b Mikey Chase, Lukas Sharp & Eddy Latham b Billy King & Mr. Williams, Jose Perez b Andy Sweet, Paul Lombardi & Bryce Andrews b Brendan Michael Thomas & Jason Snyper, Dan Barry b Kristian Frost, Chris Battle & Ron Zombie b PGW Champion Kurt Adonis & PGW North American Champion Brian Anthony (w/Anthony Battle & Dick Seamans) – Notes: After the match, Zombie & Battle took Dick Seamans to the Dunk Tank and had Seamans dunked.
  • June 21, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – The Last Resort in Bridgeport, Connecticut: Ron Zombie and Tookie Tucker were declared winners of the “Park City Rumble” when the referees said both their feet hit the ground at the same time, Frankie Arion b Kristian Frost and Dan Barry in a 3-WAY, Brendan Michael Thomas w/Ariel b Eddie Kingston, “Park City Gangsta” Mr. William b “CT’s Next Big Thing” Lukas Sharp, Billy King & Jason Snyper & Jose Perez & Nocturne b Paul Lombardi & Andy Sweet & Eddy Latham & Joey “Cena” Bricco, Brian Anthony (w/Joey Bricco & Anthony Battle) b Chris Battle in a STEEL CAGE MATCH to win the PGW North American title, Kurt Adonis (w/Dick Seamans) & Marvin Swinestein b Ron Zombie & Tookie Tucker in a STEEL CAGE MATCH to win the PGW Heavyweight title after Dick Seamans dragged Kurt through the cage door as Tookie and Ron tried to climb over the cage – Al Snow w/Head b Bryce Andrews in the main event.
  • August 31, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – The Curse of Zombie in Branford, Connecticut: PGW Heavyweight Championship Match w/ Special Guest Referee Bulldog Blanski: Ron Zombie b Kurt Adonis by controversial pinfall to become the NEW PGW Heavyweight Champion; “Wildboy” Billy King b Kristian Frost; Jose Perez, Dan De Man & Jason Snyper b Andy Sweet, Lukas Sharp & Chris Mooch. After the match, Sweet attacked Perez with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker with a towel choking Perez; Loser Leaves PGW Match: Chris Battle defeated Joey Bricco by pinfall. Joey Bricco has lost his career in PGW; PGW North American Title Match: Mr. Williams wins by disqualification over Brian Anthony (c) when Anthony Battle interferes. After the match, Brian and Battle whip Mr. Williams with a leather belt.
  • October 4, 2008 – Power & Glory Wrestling – BATTLEFIELD: FAIRFIELD II in Fairfield, Connecticut: PGW Heavyweight Title declared vacant after controversy in Branford, whoever scores the pinfall in the main event becomes the new champion; “Mr. Spotlight” Jeff Starr b “Exotic” Kristian Frost; “Lethal” Eddy Latham b Dan De Man; BMT & Ariel b Eddie Kingston & Taeler via submission. After the match, Kingston clotheslined Ariel; Andy Sweet w/ Chris Mooch b Jose Perez; The 5-Star Elimination Match ended in a no-contest after going into overtime due to a double pinfall. Order of elimination: Jason Snyper, Lukas Sharp, “Wildboy” Billy King, Mikaze & Frankie Arion by time limit draw; PGW North American Title Match: Brian Anthony b Mr. Williams to retain in a Falls Count Anywhere No DQ match after hitting the flying elbow drop through a table; Chris Battle b Anthony Battle; Main Event Tag Team match with Special Guest Referee Stevie Richards: Brian Anthony was named Kurt Adonis’s mystery tag team partner. Kurt Adonis scored the pinfall on 99.1 WPLR’s Magilla after Stevie Richards kicked Magilla in the groin and pulled Adonis over Magilla. Kurt Adonis is the New PGW Heavyweight Champion! After the match, Ron Zombie confronted Richards about his actions, and received a Stevie Kick.

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