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  • May 21, 1985 – Owen Promotions 60th Anniversary Show in Portland, OR at The Memorial Coliseum: Cowboy Lang b Little Tokyo, Mega Maharishi (Ed Wiskowski) b Billy Two Eagles, Jerry Grey b Rocky Venturo, Karl Steiner b Steve Simpson, Bobby Jaggers and Ricky Vaughn b Timothy Flowers and Chris Colt, Sgt. Slaughter b Kendo Nagasaki, Roddy Piper b Buddy Rose, Larry and Curt Hennig b The Road Warriors by DQ, Rick Martel b Mike Miller to retain the AWA World title, Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs Billy Jack Haynes ended in a 39:00 draw.
  • January 21, 1986 – Superstar Extravaganza in Portland, OR at Veterans’ Coliseum: Scott Doring b Ole Olson, Nick Kiniski b Timothy Flowers by DQ, Billy Two Eagles b Gary Royal, Billy Jack Haynes and Brady Boone b Moondog Moretti and Karl Steiner, Steve Pardee b Rip Oliver by DQ, Jerry Sampson b Chris Colt by DQ, Little Mr. T b Little Tokyo, The Road Warriors and Magnum TA b Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Timothy Flowers, Tom Zenk b Bobby Jaggers to win the PNW Heavyweight title, Ric Flair b Dusty Rhodes by DQ to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title.

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