TNA IMPACT 05 08 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 8th, 2008 (Taped: April 29)

Jim Cornette and the “Egotistical Eight”: Jim Cornette said there have been some problems since last week, and called out the people he has named the “Egotistical Eight” – Matt Morgan, Kip James, BG James, James Storm, Robert Roode, Booker T, Sting, and Amazing Kong. Jim Cornette said every participant, except for Sting (thanks for that), has been phoning him all week long demanding to know who their partner would be. Cornette said the teams would be drawn at random throughout the night. Cornette first drew Sting’s name out, and then Sting drew the name of “Cowboy” James Storm. Sting and James Storm will team up in the Deuces Wild tournament. Storm got in Sting’s face saying he was never a Stinger fan and didn’t want to be his tag partner. They started to fight, so Jim Cornette said the teams that are drawn tonight would each wrestle each other in no disqualification matches!

Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Petey Williams & Rhaka Khan + Kurt Angle: Jeremy Borash interviewed Scott Steiner about his match when Kurt Angle showed up in a second limo. Angle made a deal with Steiner to beat up Joe so they can wrestle each other in a singles match for the TNA World title at Sacrifice.

Jimmy Rave (w/Christy Hemme & Lance Hoyt) defeated Petey Williams (w/Rhaka Khan) and Johnny Devine and Shark Boy and Curry Man and Consequences Creed: Jimmy Rave nailed Curry Man with the “Move that Rocked the World” finisher after some outside interference from Lance Hoyt and Christy Hemme.

Jeremy Borash & “The ICON” Sting: Sting said he and James Storm were going to beat each other up until they work out their issues so they can be a team at Sacrifice and become the TNA World Tag Team titles.

Jim Cornette & The TNA Knockouts: Jim Cornette said the Knockouts have been whining and complaining so he’s created an immunity match where the winner is immune from having her head shaved this Sunday at Sacrifice.

Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage & Rhino + Team 3-D + LAX: Christian said he and Rhino have known each other over half their lives, and that means they have the advantage over all the guys who have never teamed together. Team 3-D showed up and bragged about being twenty-time World tag team champions and they started a long backstage brawl! LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) joined in and Hernandez gave Christian a Border-toss onto the concrete floor! (Actually it was dark and gimmicked)

Gail Kim defeated Velvet Skye and Angelina Love and Tracy Brooks and Jackie Moore and Salinas and Christy Hemme and Roxxi Leveaux and ODB: The object of the match was to climb the pole and retrieve a set of barber shears. The winner of the match would earn immunity from getting her head shaved at Sacrifice. Gail Kim grabbed the shears so she will not get her head shaved at Sacrifice no matter what.

Crystal Louthan & Samoa Joe (with Kevin Nash): Samoa Joe said Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner forgot about one thing when they came up with their plan to eliminate Joe from Sacrifice – Kevin Nash. Joe said he will DIE before he gives the TNA World title up, and tonight he won’t go into battle alone.

“The ICON” Sting defeated “Cowboy” James Storm with the Scorpion Death-drop:

Jeremy Borash & Kip James: Kip James said nobody is on the same planet as “The Megastar” Kip James. Kip said he’s taken three difference partner to tag team gold, and also claimed he made DX. Kip said whoever he is paired with should thank God for the opportunity to team with him.

Jim Cornette: Jim Cornette drew the name of Matt Morgan out of the bowl, and Morgan pulled Kip James out of the bowl – so they will team up for the Deuces Wild tag team tournament at Sacrifice. Matt Morgan told Kip James to “Suck it!” and they started to brawl and Jim Cornette declared “LET’EM FIGHT!”

“The Blue Print” Matt Morgan defeated Kip James with a Knockout!:

Crystal Louthan & BG James: BG James concluded that his best chance at Sacrifice was to be paired up with Awesome Kong in the Deuces Wild tag team tournament.

Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner & Petey Williams & Rhaka Khan: Scott Steiner said he and Kurt don’t like each other but they have to beat the crap out of Samoa Joe for a common purpose. Angle and Steiner started argueing and Petey Williams stepped in to make peace, saying all they needed was ten minutes to take out Samoa Joe.

Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner defeated Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash: Scott Steiner whacked Kevin Nash with the lead pipe and scored the 1-2-3. Kurt Angle was not impressed with Steiner stealing the spotlight and attacked him after the match. Angle locked Steiner in the Ankle-lock and wrenched it in as the show went off the air.