TNA IMPACT 06 12 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 12th, 2008 (Taped: June 9)

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe defeated Kaz to retain the TNA World Heavyweight title: After the match, Booker T came out and congratulated Samoa Joe and claimed that Joe screwed him at Slammiversary. Booker T said Samoa Joe would never have won the King of the Mountain match if it wasn’t for referee Kevin Nash putting his hands on him during the match. Booker T said his dressing room door will be open all night, and he wants Joe to show him what kind of champion he really is.

Lauren & Kurt Angle: Lauren said Karen Angle helped A.J. Styles defeat Kurt Angle at Slammiversary and some people think Kurt got exactly what he deserves. Kurt said Lauren was only there because SpikeTV thinks that hot chicks equals ratings. Kurt said he got a FedEx from TNA banning him from laying a hand on Karen Angle. Kurt said that he has put a hit out on Karen’s head, adding there was a locker-room full of TNA Knockouts ready to cash in.

Jeremy Borash & Shawn Daivari: Shawn Daivari will be the World X-Cup captain of “Team International,” which will include himself (India), Tyson Dux (Canada), Alex Koslov (Russia), and Doug Williams (UK).

Team TNA (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Team Japan (Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi):

Jeremy Borash & Karen Angle + The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) + A.J. Styles: Jeremy Borash congratulated Karen Angle on becoming a contracted member of the TNA roster. Karen Angle said things have gone too far with Kurt and asked JB to talk to Kurt and diffuse the situation. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love showed up to harass Karen Angle, and tried to put a paper bag over her head. A.J. Styles showed up to defend Karen and told the Beautiful People to go tell Kurt Angle that if anybody wants to get to Karen Angle they will have to go through him first.

Lauren & Kevin Nash: Lauren asked Kevin Nash his opinion about what Booker T said earlier concerning Nash helping Samoa Joe win the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. Nash tried to avoid the question, but Samoa Joe hit the ring and told Kevin Nash to come out and say whatever he has to say to his face!

TNA World champion Samoa Joe & “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash said instead of complaining, maybe Samoa Joe should be thanking him for saving his title at Slammiversary. Joe turned it around and said Nash should thank HIM for letting him (Nash) ride his coat tails for months. Kevin Nash got personal and said Samoa Joe can’t beat Booker T, citing that Booker is already inside of Joe’s head after only fifteen minutes. Samoa Joe told Nash to shove his opinions and predictions up his ass and walked away.

Jeremy Borash + Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner & Petey Williams & Rhaka Khan: Jeremy Borash found Kurt Angle in a conference room with Steiner’s posse, specifically talking to Rhaka Khan – but Scott Steiner slammed the door on JB’s face.

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero) defeated Robert Roode & “Cowboy” James Storm w/Jackie Moore to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles!: Salinas was away on a TNA photo-shoot. James Storm wrapped a leather belt around his boot with the buckle positioned on the bottom. He then super-kicked Hernandez and Robert Roode scored the pinfall – thus making Roode & Storm the NEW TNA World Tag Team champions!!! Hector Guerrero protested throughout the commercial break, until referee Shane Sewell reversed the decision and restarted the match. A minute later, LAX won the match and retained their championships. After the match, Robert Roode smashed Homicide, Hernandez, and Guerrero with chair-shots and then he, James Storm, and Jackie Moore hand-cuffed all three members of LAX to the turn-buckles and whipped them repeatedly with leather straps!

Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky: A backstage brawl that spilled out into the iMPACT Zone for their scheduled match. After Gail Kim won the match, she got some payback by giving Velvet the “brown paper bag treatment” (putting the paper bag over her head to humiliate her)..

Lauren & Robert Roode & James Storm & Jackie Moore: Robert Roode said LAX only got a small taste of what’s in store for them and begged Homicide & Hernandez to retaliate. James Storm said they have the two things that make the world go around – money and beer!

Alex Koslov (Team International) defeated Curry Man (Team TNA) with a top rope splash:

Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe & Booker T: Samoa Joe said he has never run from anybody and doesn’t intend to start now – so he gave Booker T his title shot at Victory Road.

“The GURU” Sonjay Dutt defeated Consequences Creed: Before the match, Sonjay Dutt dedicated the match to So-Cal Val. Dutt then said after he wins his match the only thing left is for So-Cal Val to come down and seal the deal with a kiss! Moments after Dutt scored the victory, Jay Lethal attacked Sonjay Dutt as So-Cal Val cheered him on.

Kurt Angle defeated A.J. Styles: Tomko, Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Christian Cage, Rhino, and Matt Morgan were acting as Lumberjacks for the match. Frank Trigg (a member of Kurt Angle’s camp) joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary. Eventually the Lumberjacks started to scuffle, and Team 3-D took Rhino out with a 3-D on the floor! A.J. Styles had Kurt Angle pinned, but Brother Ray distracted the referee and Angle nailed an Olympic Slam to win the match! Kurt Angle, Team 3-D, and Tomko set up two tables in the six-sided ring and assaulted Christian, Matt Morgan, and A.J. Styles. Abyss (wearing a white jump suit and mask) showed up and choke-slammed Tomko through a table and then helped Morgan and Cage beat up Team 3-D on the floor. Meanwhile, in the ring, A.J. Styles placed Kurt Angle on the second table and jumped off the top rope, but Angle moved, sending Styles crashing through the table! Angle then applied the Anklelock on Styles until Karen Angle ran down and pulled Kurt off. Karen dared Kurt to hit her, knowing he was not allowed to do so. Suddenly, TNA Knockout’s champion Amazing Kong (w/Raesha Saed) hit the ring and demolished Karen Angle as Kurt watched on grinning.