TNA IMPACT 09 04 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 4, 2008 (Taped: August 25-26)

Kurt Angle + Booker T & Sharmell: Kurt Angle said he and Booker T are good examples of what a real World champion should look at, and said that Samoa Joe was a disgrace to the TNA World Heavyweight title. Booker T said Sting spoke the truth last week talking about the new generation being a bunch of spoiled brats who want everything but have earned nothing. Booker T called himself and Kurt Angle, “two distinguished champions.” Christian Cage came out to the stage and predicted that he would qualify for the Four Ways To Glory match tonight. Christian said that while Booker T & Kurt Angle are distracted he (Cage) will becoming a three-time World champion. Booker T said Christian should be rolling with them, and basically tried to recruit him into their faction of bitter veterans. Christian asked Booker T if it was really about respect or if he was just afraid of losing his spot? Kurt Angle asked Christian if he wanted to do it the easy way or the hard way? Christian asked what the hard way was. Christian started to fight with both Kurt Angle and Booker T until A.J. Styles ran down to break it up and help Christian Cage! Jim Cornette came out and said if either Kurt Angle or Booker T interfere in the main event they will lose their spot in the Four Ways To Glory match at No Surrender.

Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe said Kevin Nash always told him not to lose his temper, but last week Nash lost his temper and it cost him a match. Joe said Sting is going to preach the fans tonight, and told Sting that if he wants respect from him then go out and earn it! Joe said Sting takes money out of the pockets of the fans, who pay to see him wrestle – not preach!

Consequences Creed: More about Austin Creed, focusing on his life at University and reaction of friends and family when he debuted in TNA.

Lauren & Sheik Abdul Bashir: The Sheik said it takes a lot of guts for Lauren to talk to him in the tone she was using. The Sheik talked about giving Lady America more than she has given back to him. The Sheik said an act of cowardly terrorism that he had nothing to do with a few years back took everything away from him. Now the Sheik wants to take back what’s his, and he doesn’t mind torturing some innocent civilians on the way.

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Consequences Creed: The Sheik initially won the match by cheating, but the fans filled the referee in on what happened and he restarted the match – seriously, when does that happen?! One minute later, Consequences Creed pinned the Sheik to earn a shot at Petey Williams and the TNA X-Division title at No Surrender. After the match, the Sheik protested to referee Shane Sewell and slapped him across the face! Referee Sewell went berzerk and knocked the Sheik out of the ring. Shane Sewell is clearly a trained wrestler.

Jeremy Borash & Kevin Nash: Kevin Nash said he was trying to motivate Samoa Joe last week and get the job done and fractured a six-month relationship. Nash said he doesn’t think Joe is going to listen to him, but maybe he will listen to Sting.

Lauren & Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode w/Jackie Moore) + The Prince Justice Brotherhood: Robert Roode said he and James Storm will be characters in the new TNA Impact video game coming out next month. Storm said he drinks too much to play video games. Roode said it means they will get money from royalties on the game. Super Eric, Curry Man, and Shark Boy came in and blah blah blah blah blah – starting a big fight.

Lauren & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky w/Kip James): The Beautiful People announced that next week they would have a very special challenge for Taylor Wilde. They said that they don’t just want to beat Taylor, they want to humiliate her too! Velvet Sky said that Angelina Love and Taylor Wilde will face off in the first ever Beautiful People beauty pageant – talent competition, evening gown contest, to a swimsuit showdown.

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore) defeated The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy & Super Eric): Shark Boy had to step in for Curry Man because he disappeared, but cameras found him being “seduced” by Christy Hemme backstage as the match was starting. A few minutes later, they showed more video from backstage where Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave were beating up on Curry Man! Beer Money won the match, and they were chased off by LAX’s Hernandez afterwards. Homicide (with eye patch) snuck up from behind and pushed Roode & Storm back into the ring where LAX got a small measure of revenge on them!

Abyss vs. Johnny Devine ended in a No Contest: Last week Abyss issued an open challenge and insisted that he was rehabilitated now. Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) accepted the challenge on behalf of Johnny Devine for a Hardcore match. It was obvious that Johnny Devine was not in on that plan. Devin hit Abyss with a cookie sheet but he didn’t flinch. Devine hit Abyss with a trash can but it had zero impact. Team 3-D kept distracting Abyss while Devine went to get more weapons. Devine whacked Abyss with a chair and hurt him a little bit. Abyss punched the chair into Devine’s face and gave him a Choke-slam! Abyss picked up the chair, but was very conflicted about using it. Abyss hesitated, and Team 3-D attacked him until Matt Morgan made the save!

Lauren & ODB: Lauren tried to do an interview with ODB while she was sitting on the toilet (through the stall door). ODB compared Saed and Kong to whatever she flushed. Classy.

Lauren & Sting: Lauren greeting Sting in the parking lot and asked him what he was going to say tonight but he blew her off and walked past her without speaking.

ODB defeated Raesha Saed: After the match, ODB tried to unmask Raesha Saed, but Saed escaped several times but ODB kept jumping back on her! ODB tried with all her power to get the mask, but Saed kept getting away! ODB chased Saed backstage, and then came back and held up the mask! Awesome Kong ran out and attacked ODB from behind while Saed returned to get her mask back on. Cut to commercial. Awesome Kong spent several minutes destroying ODB until Roxxi Laveaux hit the ring to put an end to it. Roxxi and Kong swung chairs at each other until Saed knocked Roxxi down from behind! Kong then beat up Roxxi and then viciously Awesome-bombed her on top of a folding chair!

Lauren & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky w/Kip James): Preparing for the Beautiful People Beauty Pageant next week – I really could have done without this segment.

Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles he was an idiot for listening to Sting again, and he payed for it because Sting knocked him down from behind! Styles said he helped TNA get to where it is today, so Kurt Angle & Booker T should be thanking HIM! Styles said they should call his wife and thank her because she’s been there along the way. Styles said there is one wrestler who he actually respects, and that is Christian Cage. Styles said he would beat Christian tonight and at No Surrender he will become the World champion!

Christian Cage defeated A.J. Styles: Late in the match, Frank Trigg ran down and whacked A.J. Styles with a kendo stick! Christian Cage did not see what happened and hit the Unprettier on Styles for the win and qualifies for the Four Ways To Glory match at No Surrender.

Sting + Samoa Joe + Kevin Nash: Sting said he thought for sure he would be booed out of the building last week but he was surprised that he was cheered by the fans. Sting thanked the fans and said he knows that the fans want to bring respect back into the wrestling business too. Sting said without the fans there is no TNA and there is no Sting. Sting remembered Victory Road when there was a percentage of fans who wanted to see Booker T taken out by Samoa Joe and at Hard Justice the same percentage wanted to see Kurt Angle taken out by A.J. Styles. Sting said last week there was a percentage of fans there in Orlando who wanted to see A.J. smash him with the baseball bat! Sting said if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything – so where do you stand? Samoa Joe came to the ring and said in a minute he will be standing on Sting’s thoat. Sting gave Joe his baseball bat and turned his back, begging him to take a shot. Joe gave the bat back and said just like Sting’s respect, he doesn’t need the bat either. Joe said when you turn your back on your future, you will live to regrete it, and pulled out his own weapon. Kevin Nash interrupted before Joe could go on the attack. Nash said it doesn’t have to be like this and told Joe if he was going to do it, do it man on man without the weapons. Sting suddenly cracked Joe with a bat and put him down with the Scorpion Deathdrop! Jeff Jarrett’s music played and Sting did the “cut the music” sign. Sting said “okay Jeff you got my attention, maybe next week we can talk, Jeff – I’m ready!”